Mint Green Bridesmaid Accessories
  1. 14Kt rose gold and Swarovski mint and white opal bracelet from Luxury Touch Creations 2. Mint satin robes from Bride Tribes 3. 6 mint green shawls from Yadi Mercier 4. Swarovski baroque crystal earrings from YJ Couture 5. Opal stone necklaces from Molo Rose Garden 6. Pure silk mint robe from Ivy and Matilda

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Barkers Of Geraldine

With Spring in the air (well, almost!!), this Cocktail Friday I’m starting to dream of warmer days and sunny afternoon soirees! Barker’s of Geraldine‘s Blackcurrant Tea Tonic sounds just too delicious – herbal tea mixed back with blackcurrants, honey, vanilla and mint is perfect for sipping underneath the canopy of a shady tree with friends! It’s just the thing too for a wonderful punch at a Spring wedding; how pretty would it look in a beautiful glass bowl garnished with fresh berries and mint…


2 cups water
2 Rooibos tea bags or 1 tbsp loose leaf Rooibos tea
¼ cup Barker’s Squeezed New Zealand Blackcurrants fruit syrup
2 tsp Manuka honey
1 tsp coconut oil
½ tsp vanilla powder or seeds
¼ cup mint leaves, torn

Barkers Of Geraldine

Bring water to the boil, add 2 cups of boiling water to Rooibos tea and allow to infuse for five minutes. Add tea to a small saucepan, add Squeezed New Zealand Blackcurrants fruit syrup, honey, coconut oil, vanilla powder or seeds and mint leaves. Bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes, then turn off the heat and allow to infuse for five minutes.

Strain and before serving, give the tonic a good mix as the coconut oil will naturally come to the surface. Serve with a few fresh mint leaves.


Macrame has been making a big comeback lately. It’s a little bit bohemian, a little bit whimsical and in my opinion, every bit chic. The best thing? It’s the most forgiving craft medium I’ve ever attempted. If you aren’t in the mood for exact measurements or don’t quite knot those pieces in the same spot? It doesn’t matter. I promise your creation will turn out looking perfectly imperfect and if anything, these discrepancies will add to the charm.

This tutorial outlines the steps to make a basic macrame plant holder, but with these skills there are no limits to what you can create. Once you understand the process of knotting, re-grouping and knotting again, experiment with different patterns, different sized yarn and different types of beads. These sweet little plant holders would be gorgeous bridesmaid gifts, or creating them could make for a super cute and crafty hen’s party activity.

What you’ll need:

To create one macrame plant holder

One ball of crochet cotton in any colour
One keyring ring (or any type of ring, around the diameter of a 20 cent piece)
Ruler or measuring tape
3M hook (or something to hang your macrame on while you are creating – an existing photo frame hook would work perfectly)
Assorted beads
A small pot (we found ours at Kmart)
Succulent or indoor plant


What to do:

Step 1. Cut four x 1.5 metre strands of crochet cotton. Repeat three more times until you have 4 groups of 4 strands – all 1.5 metres in length.


Step 2. Group all the strands together so they form one group of strands. Feed all strands through the ring until halfway through. Tie a knot approximately an inch from the ring.


Step 3. Now, section out four strands from the main pack and tie a knot approximately 1.5 inches from knot.

Step 4. Repeat this until you have eight individual groups of four strands, each knotted.


Step 5. Hold the first knotted group of four strands. Separate these four into two groups of two strands under the knot.

Step 6. Repeat Step 5 with the next group of four strands. You will now have four groups of two strands.

Step 7. Now, this is the only slightly complicated instruction. Once you understand this step, you will power through the remainder of the tutorial. Combine two strands from one group with two strands from the group next to it. Knot these strands together, approximately 1 inch down, to form a new group of four.


Step 8. Repeat Steps 5 – 7 until you have seven knots. There will be two separate groups of two strands at either end. Knot these strands together, approximately 1 inch down to form the final group of four.

Step 9. Repeat this process of separating groups of four, into two and then joining with a group of two next door. Knot approximately 1 inch down. Repeat until all new groups of four have been created.

Step 10. Gather all strands together and tie a big knot approximately 2.5 inches from the last knot you have tied.

Step 11. Thread a selection of beads at varying heights to the strands hanging below. Secure each bead with a knot.


Step 12. Place the succulent or small indoor plant into your pot. Position the pot into the ‘net’ you have created, arranging the strands to sit as evenly as possible.  Voila! A beautiful hanging piece to enjoy!



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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such an easy and pretty idea; perfect guest favours to match any wedding colour scheme!

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