The rich, warm colour of Boodles Gin Prince of Orange cocktail definitely announces the arrival of autumn this Cocktail Friday; a delicious blend of blood orange mixed back with botanical gin and an added hint of coriander and lemon, it’s definitely on my list to try this weekend. Perfect as an arrival drink for guests, just the colour of the cocktails alone would be an absolute show stopper!


  • 60ml Boodles Gin
  • 20ml blood orange and coriander simple syrup
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 1 dash Angostura aromatic bitters
  • 2 – 3 mint leaves

Combine all ingredients into mixing vessel, shake and then fine strain into a large rocks glass. Garnish the rim of glass with mint sprig pulled through an orange peel. Serve in a large rocks glass with a cube of ice.

tea bag 15

Wedding favours are a tricky subject these days. You already have a lot of expenses associated with your big day and it can be easy to put your wedding favours on the back burner only to run out of budget in the lead up to the day.

You don’t want your guests to leave empty handed but you’re not about to run out and spend all your money on gifts for them. So what do you do? If you’re feeling crafty, these homemade tea bags with personalised tags and packages are a beautiful little gift that your guests can enjoy the next day… most likely while nursing a hangover!

tea bag 2

What you’ll need

Coffee filters
Stapler & staples
String (baker’s twine is best)
Printed tags for the packaging & tag

tea bag 3

What to do

Step 1. Cut your coffee filter into a rectangle.

tea bag 5

Step 2. Put a spoonful of tea in the centre of your filter paper.

tea bag 6

Step 3. Fold both sides over and get them to overlap (so that no tea falls out later on).

tea bag 7

Step 4. Fold the bottom edge over about 1cm, then fold it up, leaving 1 – 2cm of the top edge at the top.

tea bag 8

Step 5. Fold the top edge over and make it nice and neat.

tea bag 9

Step 6. Cut about 10cm of string and staple it to the top of your tea bag. Cut out two heart tags and glue them to the end of your string, back to back.

tea bag 10

Step 7. Print your package labels out in the centre of an A4 piece of paper and put your tea bag right in the centre.

tea bag 11

Step 8. Fold the paper over so that it overlaps in the centre.

tea bag 12

Step 9. Fold the bottom of the package up so there is a third of the paper left at the top, then cut the top of the page into a triangle to make it look like an envelope.

tea bag 13

Step 10. Use a sticker to hold the envelope flap in place.

tea bag 14

Make enough for all your guests and they’ll love the little treat the next day!

tea bag 16

Swirl divider

Ms Chinoiserie Says: I love this craft idea so much; so sweet and easy!


Freeland 1

An edgy, thoroughly modern font with a brushed quality – that is Freeland font. A little more masculine that other fonts, it has a strong appeal that would translate beautifully into a black and white invitation that is neither too formal nor too casual.


Freeland is available from My Fonts.