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Etsy Roundup – Summer Hair Flowers

by | Etsy Roundup, Made


Polka Dot Bride

Etsy Roundup1 Etsy Roundup Summer Hair Flowers

Summer Hair Flowers Etsy Roundup Summer Hair Flowers

1. Ivy, fern fronds, snowberries and peonies crown from thehoneycomb 2. Silky satin coloured flowers from HansHolzkopf 3. Ivory satin blossoms with pearl accents from gardensofwhimsy 4. Hydrangea flower crown from ManniaTitta 5. Vintage inspired floral hair comb from Jewelsalem 6. Silk lily of the valley on velvet leaves from serenitycrystal

DIY Paper Flower Crown Tutorial

by | DIY Tutorials, Made


Jane (emerald + ella)

I have always wanted to try my hand at making paper flowers and this DIY paper flower crown gave me the perfect excuse. The crown is a little bit Frida Kahlo inspired and would be so pretty on your bridesmaids or flower girls.

floral crown DIY Paper Flower Crown Tutorial

All you need is:

– Tissue paper in your choice of colours. I picked this up really cheaply at a $2 shop.

– Scissors

– Twine

– Thin green floral wire. I got this from a craft store.

– Ribbon

what you need1 DIY Paper Flower Crown Tutorial

Step 1

To make one flower, layer 8 sheets of tissue on top of each other. Cut into a 12cm square. If you are making these for little flower girls, you will need to make smaller squares so you get smaller flowers.

Fold the papers in a zig-zag pattern. Tie a piece of twine around the middle. Cut both ends of the paper to form petal shapes.

step1 DIY Paper Flower Crown Tutorial

step2 DIY Paper Flower Crown TutorialStep 2

Fan the paper out on of both sides of the twine. Start to pull back the tissue paper, one layer at a time. Complete one side before starting the other.

Repeat these steps 1 & 2 with different coloured tissue paper to create more flowers.

step3 DIY Paper Flower Crown Tutorial

step4 DIY Paper Flower Crown TutorialStep 3

Take a piece of wire and form it around the bridesmaid’s/flower girl’s head to get the correct shape. I decided not to go all the way around with the wire, and used an adjustable ribbon instead as this will accommodate changes in hair styles.

Wrap another 2 pieces of wire around the initial wire to strengthen it. Make sure you bend any sharp tips in. You can also cover these with green florist tape.

Bend the two ends of the crown back to form loops. Tie a length of ribbon to each loop.

step51 DIY Paper Flower Crown TutorialStep 4

Tie the flowers to the crown and trim the ends of the twine.

step6 DIY Paper Flower Crown Tutorial

The flowers will withstand quite a lot of fluffing and prodding so feel free to mould them to shape once on the head.

Images, twine and tutorial by emerald + ella

Swirl divider11 DIY Paper Flower Crown Tutorial

Ms Gingham says: How cute! So summery and festive!

I’m Jane Howard, the girl behind emerald + ella – an online shop and blog which encompass a world of beautiful, eclectic things. I’m also a recipe writer, food stylist, vintage collector, New Zealander, married to an Aussie boy, aspirational crafter, wine drinker, pulled pork sandwich lover and basically just a girl who likes pretty bits and pieces.

DIY: The Professionals! With Kamma Spring from Lorgie and Me

by | DIY- The Professionals, Made


Natasha Pavez

Kamma Spring DIY: The Professionals! With Kamma Spring from Lorgie and Me

I’ve had my eye on the beautiful handcrafted guestbooks at Lorgie and Me for quite some time – they’re beautifully unique with rustic charm. Naturally, I just had to ask Kamma to let us in on a few of her secrets, and she was kind enough to share them with us today! Read on to find out how Kamma started crafting her beautiful books, her inspiration and what her favourite wedding style is.

Nautical Wood Guest Book 550x439 DIY: The Professionals! With Kamma Spring from Lorgie and Me

What was your path to crafting handmade items?

After years of academic work I was itching to use my hands and the right side of my brain. I started off putting together little wooden children’s drawing books. After experimenting with a variety of timber books I discovered that there was a real demand for bespoke, modern wedding guest books and albums and my business has evolved rapidly from there.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find a lot of inspiration in the requests I get from my clients. I also find that ideas multiply quickly once I begin a process of design, so I may not create new products for a few months then suddenly I have 10 new designs within a week.

Jasper Madeline 550x439 DIY: The Professionals! With Kamma Spring from Lorgie and Me

What is the most common question you are asked by couples?

Can you engrave our custom wedding logo onto this book? Of course the answer is always yes – I love sneaking a look at the imaginative wedding logos and images that my customers have created.

What is your favourite colour palette?

Clean and simple whites, with touches of earthy woods and pops of rich blues and greens.

Do you have a favourite style of wedding (rustic, vintage, modern, classic etc)?

My favourite style of wedding to attend is the casual, out door variety, full of colourful, personal touches and an emphasis on great food and dancing.

petite 550x439 DIY: The Professionals! With Kamma Spring from Lorgie and Me

Share with us your top Etsy store pick!

My petite range of 6×9” engraved books are great for intimate weddings and are increasingly requested for Photobooths – there is just enough room for a photo and a simple message on every page.

What is your DIY advice for couples?

To focus on creating a meaningful ceremony with small DIY details unique to their past and future. Also to use the occasion to muster the collective creative energy of family and friends, turning the wedding into a bonding experience that stretches further than the day itself.

What is the one tool you can’t do without?

My trusty, slightly varnish splattered Mac Book and Adobe suite.

Ethan and Ella 550x439 DIY: The Professionals! With Kamma Spring from Lorgie and Me

Aren’t Kamma’s designs simply gorgeous! They’re a perfect memento for your perfect day. Want a closer look at what Kamma does? Check out her Etsy store here, or have a squiz at her website!

Swirl divider15 DIY: The Professionals! With Kamma Spring from Lorgie and Me

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