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Inspired Words – Rhea

by | Inspired Words, Weddings


Ms Chinoiserie

elopement ceremony

Celebrating her love and commitment to her fiance – and really just wanting to be married – were the things that mattered to Rhea as she looks back on her sweet mountain top elopement with Joel.

“What’s all the fuss about? The day should be about the bride and groom. Enjoy the small things in life.”

elopement bubbles

elopement first kiss

garden elopement in queensland

green garden elopement

intimate elopement

sweet elopement

Images by Artography

A Tribute to The Baths Sorrento

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Mrs A


In the wake of the fire a few months ago at The Baths in Sorrento, there has been tremendous outpouring of sadness from the public about the devastation of the situation. I agree, it is devastating, especially the loss of a beautiful venue as well as staff suddenly out of employment and ruined wedding plans for many couples. However, I think The Baths deserves to be remembered for all the joy and happiness it has brought into the lives of so many people.

I’m going to write about how The Baths made the best day of my life a reality.

My now husband and I always wanted to have a very casual wedding; not much fuss, good food, one big party and most importantly no lengthy, boring speeches. I must say The Baths was not the first venue we visited, but it was the last. As soon as we stepped through the door, we fell in love with the open design, the beautiful view of the beach and attentive staff.

Faith, our wedding organiser at The Baths, was very much a motherly figure which was actually what we needed. Our ‘big party’ idea wasn’t exactly realistic. Guests expect certain formalities at weddings, such as ‘thank you’ speeches and other acknowledgements. By the time we had finished meeting with Faith, we had locked in a ‘thank you’ speech (as short as possible), a first dance (as short as possible) and a time for cake cutting (in a location as inconspicuous as possible). Luckily, we found a suitable date six months from the date we met with Faith, as a couple had cancelled due to pregnancy. Hooray for babies! Not so hooray for cramming wedding planning into a short six month period though!

At least we found our ceremony venue easily enough in Mornington, the Dalywaters Rose Farm. Our ceremony had to take place in the morning and The Baths happily agreed to start our reception earlier than usual at 5:30pm. Yes it’s true, we took up all of our 115 guests’ entire day to celebrate with us. But no one complained.








The next important point was the food. My husband used to train as a chef, so food quality was high on our priority list. We brought our family down to try the food at a lunch tasting. During the lunch, I got on my bridezilla/Masterchef high horse but actually could not find any fault in the food. It was absolutely amazing – the duck melted in the mouth and fish was cooked to perfection.

The accommodating nature of The Baths extended to the wedding day itself. They were happy for us to decorate their room to my ‘rustic’ aspirations, with many ideas taken from Pinterest. My husband rolled his eyes every time he heard the word ‘rustic’. But my dreams were fulfilled – little straw hearts were hung along the wooden poles, soil and flower filled half globes hung from the ceiling and of course a ladder and hessian table runners also joined the scene.



My family and I were able to decorate the room after the restaurant had shut the evening before to set up our decorations from Stylish Weddings Melbourne. While we were there, The Baths also let me take a sneak peek at the wedding cake I had ordered. I received the shock of my life because my rustic cake actually did not look rustic at all! The Baths must have seen my pale, green face, and offered to speak to the florist to rescue the disaster. Low and behold, crisis averted with fresh blooms! The cake was beautiful and in fact actually tasted delicious.



The Baths kept their arms open, by allowing our florist Hummingbird Blooms to go in early on the day and decorate the room in advance. Our photographer from The White Tree was also able to go into The Baths before the reception to take photos of the venue, the band had ample time to set up their gear and the photobooth company, Little Black Booth, had plenty of time to set up prior. And when last-minute apologies occurred for guests who could not make it, it was no issue to put the money paid for them towards extra alcohol behind the bar!





Our big party went ahead without a glitch on the night. I think this is purely because of the hard-working staff at The Baths and their organisation beforehand. There was plenty of alcohol, full stomachs and lots of laughing and dancing. We could not have asked for a better venue.

Thank you to The Baths for all the memories that you have given not only to us but also to so many other couples. I do hope you rebuild and provide happiness to many more people in the future.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Mrs A on your wedding – and thank you for your heartfelt words about such a magical venue! We look forward to hearing about their re-opening date soon!

Bride’s Dress: Essense Designs / Bridesmaid Dresses: Sheike / Ceremony Venue: Dalywaters Rose Farm / Flowers & Decor: Hummingbird Blooms / Photographer: The White Tree / Reception Venue: The Baths / Photobooth: Little Black Booth / Decorations: Stylish Weddings Melbourne

A Glass of Bubbles With…Cazz From Nerd Burger

by | A Glass Of Bubbles With..., Weddings


Bec Lawrence

a glass of bubbles with cazz from nerd burger

On visiting the whimsical Nerd Burger blog you will instantly notice a pop of colour and a sense of quirkiness.  Here you’ll find a celebration of all things ‘nerdy’ and an infectious love of comic books. The lovely lady behind the business is Cazz and we were so excited to sit down and share a virtual glass of bubbles with her as she gushed over her wedding memories.

Tell us about you and your business/blog?

My name is Cazz, and together with my wonderful husband Liam, I run a blog, Youtube and jewellery shop called Nerd Burger. My goal is to get people reading comic books and give them a place to share their passion for all things nerdy. We have so much fun making videos and talking about everything from laser discs to comics every single week.

cazz nerd burger wedding

Tell us about your wedding?

Liam and my wedding was 100% us. We told guests to dress to celebrate us so we had Darth Vader and Anakin, tie dye, comic book shirts and roller skating bridesmaids. Liam and I are passionate about a lot of things – toys, comic books, Disney, Hanson, KISS, Spongebob…just to name a few. So we incorporated it all. We had a Spongebob themed gifts table, hung comics from the trees and played Disney soundtracks. Our first kiss as a married couple was to the soundtrack of Hanson’s ‘mmmBop’. The day was perfectly us from start to finish.



cazz cake

What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)?

As we were reading our vows my husband Liam was crying so much that his nose started to run really badly – with that yucky goopy stuff dripping down his face! I too was crying and then as I glanced around I could see all our guests were crying. We had to pause for everyone to blow their noses. It was hilarious.

cazz 3

The other moment I remember was when we took our photos before the ceremony. I wanted the first time we saw each other to be personal so we went to a cool café with our wedding party to take photos.  As I walked in the whole café turned around and I could feel their eyes on me. And then the room disappeared as I saw Liam; he was grinning from ear to ear!  He kissed me and whispered “You look beautiful. Did you want a cup of coffee?” It was magic.

cazz wedding

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I would not spend a year freaking out and acting super weird. I wanted everything to be perfect. I worried about everything from weather to food to decorations. On the day nobody cared. The only thing anyone noticed was how in love Liam and I were.

Who are your favourite vendors?

Most of the wedding was DIY from the felt bouquets to the table decorations. I spent all year getting creative and making every little element personal. The only vendor we used was Antons in Melbourne for Liam’s incredible hand crafted suit. We chose the fabric and the cut for the suit and shirt and they made it just for us. The shirt was an old sailor print including some very adult pictures of naked women, flowers and anchors. Up until we went to Antons we thought we would never find an outfit for Liam. Everything was so mundane and boring, but Antons really made our suit dreams come true.


Who was your photographer?

I was very lucky to have my friend Ben fly down from Brisbane to take our wedding photos. He is such a talented photographer who creates amazing scenes using toys. He knows us very well and likes comics and toys like we do so our wedding photos were perfect.

What advice do you have for others planning their wedding?

No matter how much money you spend and effort you put in no one really remembers any of it. Except for the part that you were both so in love. So focus on that. The rest really doesn’t matter.


Images by Big Fry

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks Cazz for sharing your wedding memories with us; such a fun and whimsical day! For the latest news in craft, comics and geek fashion, head on over to Nerd Burger for a bright and sparkly update on awesomeness!

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