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Why Our Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Was A Great Decision

by | Inspired Words, Weddings


Katherine Begbie


Think about a bride’s never-ending “to do” list. Flowers, dress, cars  – check. Photographer, honeymoon, makeup  – check. Now add in the fact that we live in 2016, with the ever-growing social media train of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and all of a sudden brides have a few more decisions to make. #exhaustion. Yes, welcome to the 21st century were I’m still trying to figure out if social media is indeed friend or foe.

When I got engaged back in December 2014, I immediately started to receive advice and opinions from friends, family and people I’d never met about our wedding. ‘Make sure you don’t skimp on the flowers’. ‘Hire two photographers, it makes for better pictures’. ‘Don’t get married in Summer, way too hot’. The majority of the time, I nodded politely, making a mental note to ensure our wedding would be done our way. But then one person mentioned to me about having an unplugged wedding and the fact it was the greatest decision we made.

Now pardoning my ignorance, I raced to my most trusted source, Google, to find out exactly what an unplugged wedding entailed and all of a sudden, I was hooked. It seemed simple enough. “An unplugged wedding is when you ask your family, friends and guests to turn off their phone, ipads, cameras and other digital distractions during the ceremony.”


In a world where we are within an arm’s length of technology, was asking people to remain digital free for 20 minutes really that bad? I think about a typical work day for me. I wake up to my iPhone alarm, I scroll through social media on my iPad over breakfast, until I arrive at work where I answer emails on my laptop. If you think about it, you probably never go more than 1 hour from being switched on. So what was 20 minutes?

After meeting with our celebrant, I voiced my desire to have an unplugged wedding. Apparently it wasn’t as unique as I had first thought. So by adding some simple wording into our ceremony and our wedding programs, I was on my way to having myself an unplugged wedding and I can’t recommend it to other brides highly enough.


When I walked down the aisle, instead of being met with flashes and mobile devices, all I saw were my family and friends beaming faces. I honestly felt like I had waited 18 months for this day and every single person was experiencing this moment through their eyes rather than through the lens of a camera. I didn’t have to worry about the first pictures of us as a married couple being from bad angles or unflattering sides plastered all over social media. I was able to share our first picture from my account later that night. We had hired fantastic photographers from Heart & Colour, who captured our wedding day perfectly and we happily shared these images with our friends and family.

I’m not saying I don’t love to share pictures of weddings I attend on my social accounts, after all it’s such a happy occasion to be invited to, but at the end of the day an unplugged wedding was perfect for us. As a marriage celebrant myself, it’s definitely an option I like to provide my couples with. And if there is one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that there are no rules. Your wedding day is a reflection of who you both are and what works for you.

Images by Katherine Begbie

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Wonderful advice on the importance of remembering the moment with your hearts rather than being distracted with technology!

Inspired Words – Nikita

by | Inspired Words, Weddings


Ms Chinoiserie

Inspired Words - Nikita

When looking back on her beautiful relaxed country garden wedding, Nikita remembers that is important for her and Hugh to include others in the wedding planning and to accept help when it is offered!

“Please delegate and relax when the day comes. Mind you, we still had so much to do on the morning of the wedding – with setting up the reception space, finalising the bouquets, button holes and flower arrangements, mopping and sweeping the marquee flooring (due to excessive winds the day before bringing newly cut grass into the space!) and so much more.”

“The thing is, when the day comes, you know that you’re just about to marry your best friend, and have a huge party where everyone is there to celebrate with you! Enjoy it, because it does all happen pretty quickly. Take in the day. Get the photographs you need and want. Eat the great food. Carve up that dance floor. Do what it is the pair of you love, and do it with the people you love!!!”

Australian bride and groom

Australian wedding photos

Newlyweds entrance at wedding

Southern highlands wedding location

Southern Highlands dancing

Images by Silk Truffle Photography

Gemma and Adam’s Magical Port Douglas Wedding

by | Inspired Weddings, Inspired Weddings, Weddings,




Gemma & Adam

After leaving my home in the UK and travelling through South East Asia I landed in Melbourne. Working on a farm as a nanny, for my visa, got a little boring and I started using a dating app which was when I first started talking to Adam. Two months of constant chatting went by and, feeling like I already knew everything about him, we finally met at Adelaide Airport.



Not known for our patience, the following weekend we had booked to spend Christmas together in Port Douglas with Adam’s family. Adam’s charm, his beloved cat Jekyll and South Australia’s amazing wines resulted in me moving and calling Adelaide home. Picking me up from work on my birthday and telling me to pack a small bag, Adam then turned into the airport and surprised me with a romantic trip to Kangaroo Island. Popping the question in a gorgeous private villa looking out over the beach, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Within one year we had travelled around Europe and America together, met friends and family and had become engaged!



With our hair and makeup done by the talented Shae at Tropical Beauty, my bridesmaids and I spent the wedding morning at Niramaya Villas & Spa.




I am a complete daddy’s girl and seeing my Dad’s face when he turned and saw me in my dress for the first time was incredible. He was so proud and I could see how happy he was that I was marrying Adam knowing that I would be eternally happy.




I wore a beautiful David Fielden dress from Rapsimo Brides, and carried a stunning bouquet of flowers from Floral Edge. My bridesmaids’ flowers were created by Nine Blooms.




Holding Adam’s hands at the front of the chapel and taking in all of the emotions as our celebrant Melanie Serafin from Love for Life spoke was magical.




When you set eyes on St Mary’s Chapel by the Sea you cannot help but picture the most beautiful wedding. As we both love to travel and had our first holiday in Port Douglas, we decided it would be the perfect place for our wedding. The beach side venues allowed us to keep it formal for the ceremony and casual for the reception – a perfect blend. Uniting our families in Port Douglas allowed us to spend quality time with friends and family at the wedding.



Weather was the only worry of the day and we changed the layout two days before! It turned out the weather on the day was perfect and everything went off without a hitch.





We made a very careful and considerate decision when choosing your photographer, Blue Sky Photography; it’s important to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable with who you choose. They will be the ones capturing the special moments on the day and you only do it once!



Adam and I had a pretty vintage theme with lots of beautiful and interesting decorations from Port Douglas & Cairns Vintage Hire.



Being so far away and planning a wedding can be tough; luckily my mother in law to be was living in Port Douglas at the time and became our wedding planner and arranged all of our wonderful details!





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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Gemma and Adam: such a beautiful wedding in such a beautiful location!

Bride’s Dress: Rapsimo Brides / Hair and Make-Up: Tropical Beauty / Bride's Bouquet: Floral Edge / Bridesmaids' Bouquets: Nine Blooms / Ceremony Officiant: Love For Life / Photographer: Blue Sky Photography / Rentals: Port Douglas & Cairns Vintage Hire / Transport: Let's Take The Rolls / Cake: Cairns Wedding Cakes
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