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As Kerry looks back on all the wonderful memories from her modern garden party wedding – particularly sipping champagne as the golden sunset cast its magical glow – she remembers that the time spent alone with Jaxon was the most special. “On the day take a moment by yourselves to take five and just enjoy

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When making decisions about your wedding – whether they be about your dress, the location or the styling, Lisa looks back on her family filled Whale Beach wedding to James and remembers that her choices were indeed made very simple by following a few words of good advice – “always follow your heart.” Images by Infinity

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As Lisa looks back on her romantic long lunch winery wedding, she remembers that it was important to relax and enjoy the day. “Don’t stress the small stuff; no one notices and you won’t even care on the day, let alone remember it several years down the track!” Images by Simone Addison