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Brooke and Keegan’s Cedar Creek Winery Wedding

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Brooke Carter


Brooke and Keegan

Keegan and I started our forever journey at the young ages of 16 and 17. Keegan was born and bred in Noosa and we met in 2009 through a mutual friend while I was on holidays with my family. Sharing our first kiss on New Year’s 2009, at that point we both knew we had found someone special.

The wedding was the perfect day any girl could have asked for. Fairy tales really do come true no matter what anyone tells you. Having the most amazing support from your family and friends and of course our fun-loving, silly, big bridal party that helped us with so much along the way. I still can’t thank the bridesmaids enough for all they did for me. And I guess the boys too for organising Keegan’s wild, helicopter, jetboating bucks party.
But we did have some mishaps long the way! Lets start at the beginning of the week before our wedding…

Yes, things will go wrong, nothing is ever perfect no matter how hard you try. So just relax and let others help you work through it. Here are some of the mishaps I had before the big day.

After already having so much trouble trying to find brown suits for the boys, I ended up getting them made. When they arrived, seven days before the wedding, they fitted in some places but not in others! We managed to find a lady who was absolutely incredible and worked from home for an amazing price named Sabine at Heaps Cutting and Alterations. The suits were picked up the day before the wedding and any alterations still needed were able to be done right then and there. Cutting it close, I know!


Two days before our wedding, I got stuck in so much traffic on my way to a friend’s house who was arranging my flowers for me when my phone GPS died so I had no idea where I was going. Luckily I was smart enough to memorise the address and stopped into a service station to ask for directions. Actually it went a little along the lines of “I’m getting married in two days and… (started balling my eyes out) I need help finding Hanworth St.”

Needless to say I think I frightened the poor woman with my antics. I ended up being an hour late for my florist, Fern and Fig, but she was amazing and went out of her way to help me.


The day before our wedding was the worst of all!  But it wasn’t the day of the wedding so I was happy. We lost our dog. Our fur son. Our fur son that was in the wedding. Driving around for two hours while a storm was coming. Yelling out the car windows, until the rain got too hard that it was safer to go home and rest for a bit, wait until the storm died down, have something to eat then go back out and look for him again. Needless to say, Keegan and I were so stressed.

We found him. Locked in a room upstairs inside our house, safe and dry! There were about 20 people at the house that night and to this day everyone is saying they didn’t put him up here. Here’s the crazy theory. We went to the rehearsal and he was locked in the spa area outside the house that had a tall glass gate around it. There was hair and scratch marks on the top of the spa – he must have jumped it!

He then proceeded to push open the back screen door and make his way upstairs. My cousin said he did see it was left open a little when we left. He then would have walked into the upstairs bathroom where he was found and the wind blew the door shut.  Yep, that’s the story. Believe it or not but we have no other explanation.


Our wedding day arrived and it was perfect! It stormed the night before and rained the day after. Everything was a luscious, green and the sun was shining bright at Cedar Creek Winery, Mt Tamborine.

Getting ready in The Bartle House, I tried not to stress. I had done all my stressing the days before and was ready to relax and enjoy the big day. I honestly don’t think I had anything thing left in me to stress out and just wanted to have fun with the girls getting ready. I actually felt like a celebrity. Everyone was asking me if I wanted anything and what else needed doing and when and where they should do it. I had food and a glass of champagne and I just laid on the bed watching the girls get their makeup done reminiscing on our years of friendship.



The boys on the other hand had a few more beers than just one! Their gifts from us were personalised flasks with their favourite spirits in them. Although they were all on strict orders not to have too many!


We then travelled to the chapel at Cedar Creek winery where I rode down towards Keegan on a 18 hand high Fresian! Everyone was amazed when I rode down and it was a bit awkward when I got to 100 odd guests until I said ‘Hello everyone’, waved and lightened the intense mood. I think everyone was just in awe as we kept this part a surprise for most of the guests.



Our vows were perfect. We had a competition running to see who could recite the best vows. Keegan won for sure. There were tears followed by laughter followed by tears. They were perfect and everyone was feeling the love in the room. We also practiced our first kiss a lot before the wedding; that was so much fun, and on the day, was also perfect.



The love, hugs, tears, laughs, excitement and smiles that came when we were walking out of the chapel together as Mr and Mrs Carter were unbelievably dream like. We could not have asked for more deserving and lovable family and friends. They, together with Keegan’s grandparents who unfortunately were unable to make it on the day, have all shaped us into the fun-loving couple we are today.


The dancing and laughter started even before the speeches and dessert. We did have a break from dancing for the speeches that each one of our ten bridal party members made. The ‘mutual friend’ that introduced us back in 2009 stole the show as he made a 15 minute comedy sketch on how he introduced us and that all the guests should be buying him a drink from the bar because without him we wouldn’t be there on the day. Everyone in the room was literally in stitches especially Keegan and I because everything he said was true and allowed us to revisit the start of our relationship together.

But he didn’t take away from the others as they were all individually different, personalised, funny and tear jerking. My Dad, Keegan’s Mum and my pop who Keegan is very similar to also made speeches which touched our hearts and made us laugh with joy.


Then there was the father and daughter dance and then my first dance with Keegan. I could not have asked for a sweeter, better talk with Dad during our dance. The song I chose had everyone in tears and had me in tears multiple times in the lead up to our wedding day when I listened to it. Although Dad walked me down the aisle and gave me away I will always be forever grateful to him and as he said ‘I will always be his little girl’.



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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Brooke and Keegan; after all your mishaps, you enjoyed the most perfect day!

About Brooke: I’m 23 years old and have been with my husband since I was 16. He was my first true love. I still have the first ever rose he gave me on Valentine’s Day – and I just love my new last name.

Bride’s Dress: Wedding Dress Wonderland / Photographer: twelve08studios / Flowers & Decor: Fern and Fig / Suit Alterations: Heaps Cutting and Alterations / Venue: Cedar Creek Winery / Bride's Pre-Wedding Preparations: The Bartle House

A Glass Of Bubbles With…Gemma From Gemma Peanut Gallery

by | A Glass Of Bubbles With..., Weddings


Bec Lawrence

Gemma from gemma peanut gallery

You may recognise this lovely lady from her previous role on Australian drama Neighbours.  Maybe you have seen her prints or just like us maybe you love her blog. Gemma’s blog, Gemma Peanut Gallery, is a place I find myself glued. She writes about her adventures, love and style – all of which are accompanied with beautiful imagery. Recently Gemma headed to Thailand where she was married during a dream ceremony. Let’s sit down for a glass of bubbles and see how Gemma made her day so very special….

Tell us about you and your business/blog?

I am one of those creative creatures who refuses to be put in one self defining box. I’m a photographer, actor, lifestyle blogger and adventurer who also happens to sell typography prints.

Tell us about your wedding?

It was a dream. I’m still floating on cloud nine and wish never to come back down. The wedding was themed “A Midsummer Nights Dream Meets The Tropical Beach”. It was relaxed and moving with a sprinkle of wild.


What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)?

Gosh there are so many. Aside from the ceremony, the surprise fireworks (organised by my step Dad) were a definite highlight. As well as jumping into the swimming pool with my bridesmaids in all our wedding garb. The night went from being a laid back soiree to a spring break pool party!



If you could change one thing what would it be?
Absolutely nothing!

Who were your favourite vendors?

I loved my videography by The Story of Us. And the other greatest investment I made was in my wedding planner Alexa Champion. She brought my wedding dreams to life and made the whole process totally stress free and thoroughly enjoyable.


Who was your photographer?

I hired a local Thai guy on the island name Akaphon.


Images by Akaphon

What advice would you have for others planning their wedding?

Don’t do anything because “it’s what you do at weddings”. Write your own rules. Put your personal touches on your special day. Make it yours!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks Gemma for sharing your magical wedding day with us  – your beachside setting looked so romantic! Head on over to Gemma Peanut Gallery for Gemma’s digital diary of inspirations and musings of life through her lens. It’s definitely the place to quench your wanderlust thirst! 

Jenny and Craig’s Pittsworth Spring Wedding

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Jenny Sleeman


Jenny & Craig

Craig proposed after what was, to me, the best day ever. He began by picking me up and presenting me with a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers (my favourite colour). We drove to a very special bottle tree that is just outside of Pittsworth. This tree was planted on the day Craig’s grandfather was born, and has grown into a gigantic tree. This is the place Craig took me on a picnic more than four years ago, when he officially asked me to “go out” with him.

From there, we drove on to Queen Mary Falls. It was pouring rain, so we were the only living souls game enough to brave the trek to the lookouts. Unfortunately, my favourite track was closed – the one that takes you to the bottom of the waterfall. I had wondered at the start of the day whether it was going to be a special occasion, but when Craig didn’t propose at either the bottle tree or the waterfall, I thought that he had just planned a wonderful day for no other reason than to spend some quality time together – driving, exploring and laughing together.

From the Falls, I thought it would be a long drive home to Toowoomba, but Craig had other plans. We continued heading south, until we crossed the border into New South Wales. Both being red-blooded Queensland supporters, there are few reasons to head into “Cockroach” territory. Luckily, visiting Byron Bay was at the very top of my New South Wales list!

I have always had a fascination with lighthouses, so when Craig set up a picnic for us with prime lighthouse views, I could not have been happier! Or could I? We enjoyed a lunch that was reminiscent of our bottle tree picnic, then strolled along the lighthouse pathways. It was at the lookout directly below the lighthouse that Craig chose to get down on one knee, and pop the most important question anyone has ever asked – “Jen, will you marry me?” Cue the clapping from the onlookers who had gathered, as well as a resounding “YES!!!!” from me!





I am still not over how beautiful my engagement ring is. Craig designed a dainty ring that is perfect for me. He consulted various experts for design ideas, and then a master jeweller created the ring of our dreams. Just quietly though, I do think that the sparkling rocks on my finger took more than one design for Craig to be content. The fourth or fifth design was “the one”.

For Craig’s ring, we could not go past anything other than one of the many interesting and unique rings from Mens Rings Online. Nathan and Tess were great to deal with, and were consistently prompt at responding to our various queries. Thanks to their great service and willingness to help, Craig will always have his special ring to remember our promises to each other.


Craig and I had lots of fun putting together our big day. Of course we came across some challenges, such as black or charcoal for the suits, red velvet or caramel mud cake, and whether we should get the eight hour burn candles or the twelve! I like to think we embraced these challenges and simply kept reminding ourselves that this was our own adventure to choose. The weeks and months rolled by and before we knew it, the 24th of October had arrived.

Our special day started with a short drive from Toowoomba, through the picturesque countryside to a small town called Pittsworth. Craig’s extended family hails from this small country town, which allowed the guys and gals to get ready in the comfort of family homes, which were also conveniently either side of the church.

We have many talented friends, many of whom were able to make themselves available on the day to make it beyond incredible. Lisa from Champagne Brides applied her amazing make-up skills. Kylie from Clay Hair by Kylie was able to tame our locks into works of art. Paul and Bec from The Finches Photography captured our priceless photographs throughout the entire day. They were all amazing and made for a memorable day.







To help brighten and colour our day, my very talented Mum put together all of the flowers into wonderful arrangements. This included buttonholes, church arrangements, and reception flowers, not to mention bouquets for myself, and four bridesmaids – my two dear friends and two dear sisters. We agreed on variations of purple and pink lisianthus, gypsophila (baby’s breath), carnations, iris, gladioli and umbrella ferns. Craig’s clever Mum sewed the kerchiefs and bowties for Craig and his three groomsmen – his best mate (and honorary brother) and two younger brothers.



My bridesmaids were dressed in full length chiffon dresses, which were carefully fitted by the wonderful ladies at Wedding World, in Toowoomba. The Purple Storm fabric, which was quickly nicknamed “Cadbury Purple”, came out rather blue in most photographs, but I still could not have been happier with the gorgeous purple colour that my beautiful friends and sisters got to wear.

My dress also came from Wedding World. I could not describe it in exact terms, except to say that it was a full length gown, fully covered in lace, with a sheer back, and was sprinkled with beautiful beading, Swarovski crystals and sequins. It fitted me perfectly and it felt truly amazing to be wearing such a beautiful dress that I knew Craig would also love. Craig’s groomsmen were smartly dressed in skinny charcoal three – piece suits with black tux piping from Roger David. Their suits were complemented by an ivory shirt with the slightest polka dot pattern.








Whilst attending a christening in 2014, we both fell in love with an old Anglican church in Pittsworth, built from blocks with high, timber ceilings and finished with beautiful stained-glass windows. It just so happened that Craig’s Nana and Granddad were also married in this church. It didn’t take us long to realise that this is where we wanted to make our promises to one another in front of our family and friends. Thank you to St Andrew’s Anglican Church, and especially Father Garth Shaw for marrying us on a lovely spring afternoon.







From the ceremony we travelled back to Toowoomba, stopping at a couple of prearranged locations on our way to the reception venue. First stop was a stroll through a number of the graffiti covered alleyways that Toowoomba’s CBD has to offer, followed by Lake Annand and the surrounding parklands. Both of these locations allowed for a great contrast of photos for The Finches who captured all the fun that we were having with each other and our bridal party.








From here it was a short walk to our reception venue, Regents on the Lake, overlooking the fresh and lively gardens surrounding Lake Annand. Col from ME-N-U Catering created hearty meals and jaw-dropping desserts for us and our treasured guests, whilst also setting up the beautiful venue. Madonna from Elegant Weddings and Events provided a touch of class with the chair covers and sashes. Lucy from Sunshine and Buttercream created a scrumptious and beautiful cake for us to share with our family and friends.




After the big, happy, love-filled day that it was, we both needed some time to ourselves to enjoy the start of our marriage. Our honeymoon was spent at Salt Beach, which will always remain a special place for us and will be revisited time and again no doubt in the future.

Altogether, we could not have asked for anything more from our day. To celebrate our love for one another and make our promises with our special family and friends was amazing. We look forward to what life may bring, and are just excited to be able to start living life together now!


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Jenny and Craig on such a special day! I love the romantic colour purple that you chose..

Bridal Salon: Wedding World / Makeup Artist: Champagne Brides / Hairstylist: Clay Hair by Kylie / Ceremony Venue: St Andrew's Anglican Church, Pittsworth / Photographer: The Finches Photography / Groom's Ring: Mens Rings Online / Groom's and Groomsmen's Suits: Roger David / Reception Venue: Regents on the Lake / Catering: ME-N-U Catering / Styling: Elegant Weddings and Events / Cake Baker: Sunshine and Buttercream
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