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When we caught up with Daina to chat about her seaside Sorrento wedding, keeping things in perspective and not getting worried about the small details as well as a love of DIY were the key things that made her day even more memorable.

“Keep it simple and don’t get caught up in the small details, it’s about getting married and having fun! My Mum kept saying to me along the way, it’s about the journey to the wedding as much as it is about the wedding day itself, so enjoy it and don’t get stressy!

If you’re a creative person or have a friend that is, you can save so much money on the things most people spend lots of money on including decorations (ebay!), flowers, hair, make-up! I am all about DIY!”

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I am very lucky to count Ellen Stanistreet of Lissom Yarn as one of my dear friends. I was even luckier because she agreed to make my wedding dress for our enchanting Woody End wedding despite moving interstate to start a masters degree. I flew to Melbourne for a toile fitting just before Christmas, and then we started the new year with four days madly sewing together over metres of tulle, silk and lace. It was a great privilege to work beside Ellen on my dress, discussing design decisions and finalising details as we went. It was everything I had hoped for and really reflected the organic, gentle feel that I wanted for our whole wedding.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such an elegant gown – the fabrics and design are just exquisite!

Inspired Words - Tiffany

As we chatted to Tiffany about her Melbourne art gallery wedding, she remembered that for and her and Aaron, it was important to not over think the planning; her best advice was to make decision-making easy and stress free by keeping things as simple possible.

“Keep it simple! I can’t recommend highly enough having your reception at a venue that is either already a restaurant or like Arc One Gallery where the restaurant is just next door. Cumulus Inc. and Arc One Gallery took care of all the table and floral arrangements, wait staff and the clean up. They also kept our cakes safe for us and presented them beautifully. The last thing you want on your big day is to have to worry about problems that might arise from caterers or returning things after the night. All we had to do was show up and enjoy the night!”

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