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Kat and Courtney’s Whimsical Yallingup Wedding

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Kat Bridge

Katney Booth

Kat and Courtney

Courtney and I were married on 28 February 2015, at his family home, The Red House, in Yallingup, Western Australia. It was really important that our wedding was in a place that was meaningful to us. We have celebrated many Christmases and holidays at The Red House, and we feel very connected to the place.

From the start, we really wanted our wedding day to feel fun and relaxed and to be a reflection of us as a couple. Our whimsical stationery with a sweet cat and owl illustration was designed by Mitchell & Dent.

Invite One

My hair was done by Lisa McIver whilst Sophie Farrar and Jessica Bridge did my make up; I was so happy with the result!

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-27

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-73

I wore a custom-made wedding dress by Elvi Design, silk flower crown by Olive Farm Designs and Hobbs Shoes.

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-75

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-184

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-33

Courtney wore a Country Road suit and tie and shoes from Hype DC.

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-21

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-2

We decided pretty early that we wanted to share the experience with our friends. Our bridal party, which we called our ‘bridal crew’, totalled seventeen people! We booked two houses for everyone to stay in, and it turned out (by pure coincidence) that these two houses were right next door to The Red House! In the days leading up to and after the wedding, we had around thirty people staying close by. I know it sounds crazy, and it is definitely not for everyone, but this made it so special for us. It was one of the best things we did for our wedding.

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-275

The home provided us with a lot of inspiration and it allowed us to create the wedding of our dreams. The colour palette we selected was green turquoise, watermelon and grey. These colours were the base palette for the bridal party, the invitation, the blooms, some styling items and the dessert table. We felt these colours had a sweet, fun and playful feel whilst also complementing the colours of The Red House.

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-259

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-87

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-79

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-44

The Red House was already so beautifully furnished so any additional details we selected were neutral, with a rustic feel, allowing the style of the house to shine through. We loved the look of bunting, so this was a feature when we were deciding on the set up. Bunting looks beautiful by day and can be transformed by strings of lights at night.

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-83

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-88

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-89

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-229

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-330

Stunning bush land surrounded us and we wanted blooms that would complement this. So naturally we selected mostly native plants and flowers as well as King Proteas (because I absolutely love them!) We had been given many different jars in all shapes and sizes and we used these as vases.

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-59

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-71

Our ceremony took place on the western side of the backyard, surrounded by trees and bushland. During the ceremony, the sun was at a beautiful spot behind us. My Dad and I as well as my eight ‘bridesmates’, two flower girls and our dog Maddie walked down the aisle to the Crystal Fighter’s song ‘At Home, which was remixed by one of our friends especially for the wedding day. It was a very moving moment for everyone and there were many happy tears.

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-65

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-122

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-147

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-123

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-183

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-114

Emma Dickson conducted the ceremony. We both wrote our own vows, which was very special. They meant a lot to us. Our wonderful friend Amaya delivered a beautiful reading which she wrote herself, based on song lyrics from some of our favourite artists. Neither of us had heard it before the day, which made it even more special and exciting!

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-157

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-142

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-167

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-181

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-194

We decided to ask our mothers to witness our marriage. It was a great way to honour and acknowledge the important role that they both play in our lives on the day.

As The Red House is located in the South West of Western Australia it has a wonderful holiday destination feel. We were lucky enough to have our wedding on a long weekend, which meant our guests were able to extend their stay. It is such a pretty part of the world and of course provided a beautiful backdrop for our wedding photos, taken by Gordon Becker Photography.

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-289

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-318

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-323

We also made and set up many of the elements ourselves, including the bunting, the flowers and styling, the dressing of the trees (which were draped in white fabric), the ceremony area including a candelabra covered in blooms, the photo booth and the dessert table (with some help from Heavenly High Tea – thank you Peta!)

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-288

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-334

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-332

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-295

Courtney’s dad and uncle even built a new area of decking before the wedding day, which became the stage for our speeches. We were so lucky to have so many creative and capable family and friends helping us with our wedding. The best thing about having the wedding at The Red House was that we were able to bring in many things that would not have been possible at a wedding venue, including a caravan for the photo booth backdrop!

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-200

Kat & Courtney Bridge 28-02-2015-383

We were also able to celebrate well into the night, which was a huge bonus – we didn’t want it to end! We had such a wonderful time at our wedding. Both of us have never felt so much joy ever before in our lives.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Kat and Courtney; what a fun wedding! Love the caravan backdrop for the photobooth!

About Kat: Hi, I’m Kat! I am a newlywed from Perth, Western Australia. We were married on 28 February 2015 at my husband’s family home in Yallingup (down south Western Australia). It was the best day and I am so pleased I have been able to share it with you!

Photographer: Gordon Becker Photography / Videographer: Wedding Video Masters / Bride’s Dress: Elvi Design / Silk Flower Crown: Olive Farm Designs / Bride’s Shoes: Hobbs Shoes / Hairstylist: Lisa McIver / Makeup Artist: Sophie Farrar and Jessica Bridge / Groom’s Attire: Country Road / Ceremony Officiant: Emma Dickson / Flowers & Decor: Yelverton Protea Farm / : Zest Flowers / Invitations & Stationery: Mitchell and Dent / Cake Baker: Heavenly High Tea / Catering: Supper Rd.

Toni and Tom’s Bow Ties and Fascinators Engagement Party

by | Inspired Engagements, Weddings


Toni Petersen

IMG_5860Toni and Tom

My lovely fiancé Tom proposed to me in November 2014 and I instantly began making and creating for our wedding. However a few months into 2015, when someone asked me whether we were having an engagement party, I knew it was time to stop and put my energy into the planning of another wonderful event!

We had a simple garden engagement party at my parents’ Brisbane house that was made all the more special with just a few DIY touches and a dress code of bow ties and fascinators.



My parents have a very long driveway and I wanted guests to feel completely immersed in our theme straight away, so we spent hours spraying these gorgeous butterflies and stapling them to the fence.


I also made a DIY photo booth with a gorgeous tissue paper flower backdrop. Guests enjoyed being able to jump behind the big frame and take pictures with their friends.


The entire garden was filled with little DIY decorations aimed at improving the atmosphere of the event. The biggest project was the 70 origami cranes I folded. On the morning of the event my Maid Of Honour and her husband  threaded each one onto the branches of a tree.


My favourite DIY item however was the colourful woollen pom poms that my girlfriends and I made when camping one night. The colourful balls dotted the clear sky, and the moment they were put up it was clear we had thrown something spectacular together.

We also ensured our guests couldn’t possibly get bored by having heaps of games and activities to keep them entertained whilst they sipped on their bubbly and shared in our merriment. We had croquet, boules, jenga (which my amazing brother measured and cut two days earlier), table tennis and a big group game.




To end the day my fiancé’s father threw some dry ice into our swimming pool and amazing smoke billowed off the surface, making for some spectacular pictures.

IMG_5892Images by Ty Walker

Tom and I had the most perfect day; thanks to my lovely family for hosting, as well as every single one of our wonderful guests who made our day special. We can’t wait for our wedding day in August!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a bright and happy engagement party; love all the DIY details, especially the paper butterflies and the origami cranes!

About Toni: I am an English teacher with a love for writing. I am a DIY bride and my friends keep telling me that I am the calmest bride around. I recently found out my wedding venue had been double booked with a music festival. Instead of turning into a half-dinosaur creature, I now have some great live music that will play while our bridal party photos are taken. I refuse to let anything ruin our perfect day!


Toni and Tom’s Sunrise Proposal

by | Inspired Engagements, Weddings


Toni Petersen

IMG_1853Toni & Tom

My partner Tom and I had been together for about three years when the topic of weddings first came up, but my love for travel kept interrupting the finances required for ring purchasing! I was happy to wait, but it turns out after five and half years, my gorgeous man couldn’t stand it any longer!

He began by leaving notes all over the house, although he claimed it was in fact elves leaving the pink envelopes behind! Each one had a little message inside telling me to keep a certain dress clean or to be available on a particular day. The final envelope said to open it at 3:40am, so I set my alarm for that time and went to sleep. When we woke in the pitch black morning, Tom was so sleepy he actually forgot what was going on and tried to go back to sleep! After reading the final note which told me to get dressed and put on a blindfold, I shook him awake and he guided me to the car.


For fort five minutes our favourite romantic songs played while he drove us to Redland Bay. When we arrived, he led me to a beautiful breakfast picnic and began to pour champagne so we could toast the amazing sun rising over the bay.


I finally figured out what was happening when I spotted a mutual friend hiding in the bushes with her camera. I immediately burst into tears when he finally took his grandmother’s ring out of his pocket and slipped it onto my eagerly awaiting finger.


We have since had a spectacular engagement party and are looking forward to celebrating our wedding with family and friends in August.

Photos by Lucy Heywood, a wonderful friend of ours!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a romantic proposal Tom; the sun rising over the bay with a glass of champagne would have been so magical!

About Toni: I am an English teacher with a love for writing. I am a DIY bride and my friends keep telling me that I am the calmest bride around. I recently found out my wedding venue had been double booked with a music festival. Instead of turning into a half-dinosaur creature, I now have some great live music that will play while our bridal party photos are taken. I refuse to let anything ruin our perfect day!

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