As Tash looks back on her beautiful bright fiesta wedding, she chats to us about the importance of not letting the little things (and they really are little things in the end!) get to you; all that is important is the love that you and your fiance share!

“All the bickering and arguing (and there can a lot…over the most stupid things!) about the planning and the payments, the invites and everything else…on the day, it doesn’t mean anything.”

“All those stupid little things you stressed about, they all work out. On the day, the only thing that matters is the two of you, and everyone you love. It’s all worth it.”

“Also, brides try to wear hook earrings! I wore post-earrings, and after 120+ hugs from family and friends, the posts were jutting back into the area behind my ear leaving me a little sore and sorry. Plan ahead!”

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Images by Fiona Hoy

In Love With My Flowers - Emily

I’d had my heart set on our florist, Alicea from Lilygrace Flowers, pretty much since the day we got engaged. Flowers, to me, were probably the most important part of our charming rustic country wedding.

I absolutely love flowers and always have, so it was pretty important to me that the florals were right. I thought she would be booked out because she is so amazing, I just had a feeling she wouldn’t be available. However, I was delighted when I found out that she actually was available for the date! I booked her straight away.

When you have had your heart set on something for so long you don’t question it. Alicea took the stress out of choosing my bouquet. Because I had had my heart set on her for so long and loved everything she did, I literally told her to do what she thought. And she absolutely blew me away. The bouquets were more than I could have asked for. They were just amazing. And she got my favourite flower, roses.

Images by Keepsake Photography

Inspired Words - Lizzie

At times, planning your wedding and getting caught up in all the tiny details can be very overwhelming and stressful. Following the old adage, it’s often hard to “see the wood for the trees” Lizzie chats to us about organizing on her classic Bather’s Pavilion wedding.

“Try to enjoy the process of planning the wedding. There were times when we felt like our lives had been taken over by what we termed “wedmin” (wedding admin) but it all goes by so fast, so you have to remember to stop and enjoy it!”

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Bridesmaids in robes
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Entrance to St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point
Beach wedding photo Sydney

Images by Paul McMillan, Illustro Photography