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Mik and Phil’s Relaxed Beachside Winter Wedding

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Mikaela Heard


Mik and Phil

Phil and I had our wedding on the Central Coast of New South Wales, alongside Wamberal Beach and on top of Kincumber mountain. We both wanted to create a day where we and our guests felt relaxed and cozy with good food, good music and a laid-back vibe.


Avoca beach


During the process of getting ready, we both loved being able to chill out, and enjoy the company of friends and family on the morning of our wedding. Phil and his mates hung out in the shed in their backyard and the girls and I laid around the house for the morning. Having people I knew to do our hair and makeup was awesome – they understood my vision of keeping things nice n breezy.; I didn’t want someone I didn’t know being part of my intimate morning.








The ceremony was held at EV Church in Terrigal. Phil’s grandpa married us and Phil’s dad performed the sermon which made the day very personal for us both. We had a big cheese platter, honey buzz cake from the local bakery and coffee for afternoon tea for all our guests that came to be there for us.







Our photographer, Daniel Ferris, decided to take us up to Kincumber mountain for our photos; he had us trekking into the middle of the bush (barefoot) for some of our photos, we had a ball of fun!











We also were lucky enough to have a full moon at our wedding! (unplanned) So we took that opportunity and went down to our local beach for some full moon beach shots with family.





Our reception was on the same beach at Wamberal Surf Club. We had a cocktail celebration but we tried to provide enough couches, bar tables and cafe seating for everyone. We had a local band, The Soul Traders play at the reception; they played soul music and Motown classics that everyone had a big boogie too. Dresses were hitched, ties came off and everyone had a big boogie. The dance floor was definitely a highlight and created a very relaxed, low-key, get silly vibe. Our cake was banana cake, and was made by an awesome lady who has known me since I was born. Keeping friends in the planning of our wedding made it super easy and heaps more personal!








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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Mik and Phil; your laid back vibe created a fun wedding filled with love!

Photographer: Daniel Ferris / Ceremony Venue: EV Church / Reception Venue: Wamberal Surf Club / Band: The Soul Traders

Inspired Words – Megha

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Ms Chinoiserie

 Inspired Words Megha

As Megha looks back on her waterside Indian Australian wedding, she remembers how it important it was to make her day about what she and her fiance Adam wanted.

“Don’t feel pressured by others’ expectations – you don’t have to provide alternate main meal choices, you don’t have to have chair covers, you can even tailor a religious ceremony to make it relevant to you. Focus on the things that matter to you.”

“And when you focus on the things you want, make sure it’s things you both want. We had wedding meetings in the preparation phase – with just the two of us – I chaired and Adam took minutes. Seriously! This is what happens when you have two strong willed engineers organising a wedding! Although this was half a joke, it actually helped us write down what we each wanted for the day and to make our individual needs clear. You don’t want one of you to emotionally opt out of the process because they don’t feel like they have a say.”

“Finally, don’t worry about the things that aren’t perfect on the day. You won’t remember any of the hiccups later  – if your guests are as wonderful and clever as ours were you won’t even know about them! The main thing is that you get married and you’re happy.”

Michelle Kiddie Photography

Michelle Kiddie Wedding Photography

Michelle Kiddie

Bride and groom

Images by Michelle Kiddie Photography

Why Our Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Was A Great Decision

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Katherine Begbie


Think about a bride’s never-ending “to do” list. Flowers, dress, cars  – check. Photographer, honeymoon, makeup  – check. Now add in the fact that we live in 2016, with the ever-growing social media train of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and all of a sudden brides have a few more decisions to make. #exhaustion. Yes, welcome to the 21st century were I’m still trying to figure out if social media is indeed friend or foe.

When I got engaged back in December 2014, I immediately started to receive advice and opinions from friends, family and people I’d never met about our wedding. ‘Make sure you don’t skimp on the flowers’. ‘Hire two photographers, it makes for better pictures’. ‘Don’t get married in Summer, way too hot’. The majority of the time, I nodded politely, making a mental note to ensure our wedding would be done our way. But then one person mentioned to me about having an unplugged wedding and the fact it was the greatest decision we made.

Now pardoning my ignorance, I raced to my most trusted source, Google, to find out exactly what an unplugged wedding entailed and all of a sudden, I was hooked. It seemed simple enough. “An unplugged wedding is when you ask your family, friends and guests to turn off their phone, ipads, cameras and other digital distractions during the ceremony.”


In a world where we are within an arm’s length of technology, was asking people to remain digital free for 20 minutes really that bad? I think about a typical work day for me. I wake up to my iPhone alarm, I scroll through social media on my iPad over breakfast, until I arrive at work where I answer emails on my laptop. If you think about it, you probably never go more than 1 hour from being switched on. So what was 20 minutes?

After meeting with our celebrant, I voiced my desire to have an unplugged wedding. Apparently it wasn’t as unique as I had first thought. So by adding some simple wording into our ceremony and our wedding programs, I was on my way to having myself an unplugged wedding and I can’t recommend it to other brides highly enough.


When I walked down the aisle, instead of being met with flashes and mobile devices, all I saw were my family and friends beaming faces. I honestly felt like I had waited 18 months for this day and every single person was experiencing this moment through their eyes rather than through the lens of a camera. I didn’t have to worry about the first pictures of us as a married couple being from bad angles or unflattering sides plastered all over social media. I was able to share our first picture from my account later that night. We had hired fantastic photographers from Heart & Colour, who captured our wedding day perfectly and we happily shared these images with our friends and family.

I’m not saying I don’t love to share pictures of weddings I attend on my social accounts, after all it’s such a happy occasion to be invited to, but at the end of the day an unplugged wedding was perfect for us. As a marriage celebrant myself, it’s definitely an option I like to provide my couples with. And if there is one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that there are no rules. Your wedding day is a reflection of who you both are and what works for you.

Images by Katherine Begbie

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Wonderful advice on the importance of remembering the moment with your hearts rather than being distracted with technology!

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