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Inspired Words – Claudia

by | Inspired Words, Weddings


Ms Herringbone

whimsical garden wedding064 Inspired Words Claudia

Remembering to soak up your big day, and staying true to you as a couple is often a challenge when planning the details – there are so many ideas, options and opinions to take in! Bride Claudia shares some fantastic advice after her Whimsical Garden Wedding, with a particular emphasis on keeping what is important to you close to heart, and enjoying the day to the fullest!

“Planning a wedding is a challenge for even the strongest relationships. Don’t stress if you have a blow up every now and then – it is totally normal – but try and be as kind to one another as possible. Don’t sweat any of the stuff. Big or small. Your guests won’t notice. The most important thing is the ceremony – it’s where you vow to one another how you’ll approach this relationship for the rest of your life. Get that right. Make things as relaxed as possible. If you don’t enjoy sitting down for three hours eating a three course meal while people make long speeches, don’t make your guests do it! Forget tradition if it doesn’t suit you. Make new rituals that are important to you.”

whimsical garden wedding041 Inspired Words Claudia

whimsical garden wedding021 Inspired Words Claudiawhimsical garden wedding026 Inspired Words Claudia

Images by Samara Clifford.

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Inspired Words – Hayley

by | Inspired Words, Weddings


Ms Herringbone

Delightful Dunsborough Wedding039 Inspired Words Hayley

With so many fabulous places to draw inspiration from when planning your big day, it can be hard to edit your ideas down to just a few! After her Delightful Dunsborough Wedding, Bride Hayley shared some great words of advice for anyone struggling with choosing a theme, or looking for tips on how to prepare for the event in general!

“Don’t get too set on an idea or theme, things may come up along the way that you may like better.. being too stuck on a certain look or idea can make things harder than needed. Get plenty of sleep the night before! On the big day relax and enjoy the company of your new husband and your family and friends! Expect the budget to blow out and just go with it. ”

Delightful Dunsborough Wedding049 Inspired Words Hayley

Delightful Dunsborough Wedding066 Inspired Words Hayley

Delightful Dunsborough Wedding0551 Inspired Words Hayley

Images by Gavin Wyatt Photography

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Inspired Words – Fran

by | Inspired Words, Weddings


Ms Herringbone

sweet Terindah Estate wedding019 Inspired Words Fran

Some fantastic advice today from Bride Fran, after her Sweet Terindah Estate Wedding to Groom Duncan. Perfect wisdom for those who like to be in control of their own day!

“Spend the money on the things that you love. We wanted to cut a cake, but as we were serving desert we didn’t need this cake to be anything huge. So I went to a fabulous French patisserie and bought the yummiest chocolate brownie cake, which we all enjoyed the next day. Don’t let anyone laugh at your spread sheet. I’m not a very organised person naturally, so having everything in one place really helped – it also kept tabs on the budget.  ”

sweet Terindah Estate wedding037 Inspired Words Fran

franduncan jasminepettersen 042 Inspired Words Fran

Images by Jasmine Pettersen.

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