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Naz and Diana’s Canberra & Central Coast Engagement Shoot

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Naz and Diana

Naz and I met in 2007 when we were both living overseas. We started out as good mates and after 10 months of being just friends, he had the courage to tell me that he really liked me. It wasn’t the perfect timing though because I was offered a job in Australia. But if you feel that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of life with, distance is no hindrance. After countless emails, phone calls and love letters, Naz moved to Australia in 2011 and proposed in 2013. We decided to have the wedding in the Philippines where we met, but wanted our family and friends to have glimpse of our life here in Australia.

We wanted an engagement shoot that shows what we love doing as a couple, just ordinary things but photographed in an extraordinary way. We are also obsessed with architecture and scenic landscapes. Sydney has both, but we wanted something that our wedding guests hadn’t seen. I had scouted for different locations until I stumbled upon an instagram photo of our photographer friend Tago Fabic that was taken at Hotel Hotel of the New Acton Precinct in Canberra.


This photo started the collaboration between us and Tago Fabic. We’ve agreed on a few more locations in Canberra to take our casual photos on our wedding day and then to finish the set at Port Stephens.

Location: Penny University Cafe – Kingston, ACT

Location: Newcastle Art Gallery – Newcastle, NSW

Location: James Turrell’s Within Without at National Gallery of Australia – Canberra, ACT

Location: Hotel Hotel at New Acton Precinct – Canberra, ACT

Credits to Katrina Sulit for my hair and make-up for our Canberra shoot.

Location: Stockton Sand Dunes – Port Stephens, NSW

Credits to  Mara Chua for the green gown that I wore for the Port Stephens shoot.

I’m so thankful to have a very supportive partner that allows and supports my crazy ideas! I’m also lucky to have found the most talented photographer (and friend) that translates my ideas into reality.

Images by Tago Fabic

Ms Gingham says: Those shots on the sand dunes are just magical!

Diana says: My name is Diana and I am set to marry my partner (and everything else!) Naz. We are a true testament that long distance relationship works as long as the couple are committed to one goal (and one goal alone) ~ to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bonnie and Luke’s Vintage Wedding In Fremantle

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vintage wedding2336

Luke and Bonnie

It all started in 2010 one Wednesday night at the Raffles Hotel Applecross. After that came a year of dating. Then a busy and stressful year building a home together. Followed by the most romantic proposal in Hoi An – Vietnam on my favourite bridge. Luke had secretly been meeting up with my god father who is a jeweller as he got him to make the engagement ring for him. After a year of planning for our big day and thanks to all of our amazingly generous family and friends came the Honeymoon of our dreams in Singapore, Sri Lanka and The Maldives! The honeymoon was a complete surprise to me as I didn’t know where we were going. Luke had secretly planned it. All I knew was the date I had to take off work. Even once we arrived in Singapore I still didn’t know where we were heading next. Since returning from our honeymoon Luke and I are just enjoying married life. We seem to love having something on the go and since the wedding have purchased an investment property and have also booked our next 2 trips Asia in February and USA in June.

All our beautiful make up was done by Sam Enticknap. Sam was absolutely fantastic and did a great trial for me as well as my makeup for my hens night. I cannot recommend her enough. My makeup was more than perfect and exactly how I asked and how I love my makeup. I found my dress at Hobnob Bridal. I wanted a completely backless dress so I had to have 5 fittings to have the dress totally altered. My gold shoes were from Zomp and I kept them on all night so comfy! The bridesmaid dresses were made by Paula & Jo. On my first meeting with Paula I found this beautiful blush pink silk and knew it would be the perfect colour. I picked the material then we worked out what design the girls preferred. I wanted two different necklines. The girls wore a darker shade of pink shoe from Nine West. As my gift to the girls I bought them a pair of Mimco earrings each.

vintage wedding2325

There’s a bit of a story behind my blue Lapis Tiffany and Co Bracelet. I bought myself the Blue Lapis necklace and braclet set when my beautiful granny passed away. I wanted something that I would keep forever and that would remind me of her and which I could also pass onto my children one day. I thought it perfect to wear a bracelet with such meaning to it as well as it being my something blue.

vintage wedding2305

I found a great girl to do the Bouquets, Boutonniere’s and Brides hair piece Rebecca from Fox and Rabbit. They were exactly what I wanted. My dads only job the morning of the wedding was to pick my beautiful flowers up from Fox and Rabbit… oh and spend the morning chilling out with me of course. :) My Mum made me my favourite ham and cheese croissant even though I felt too nervous to eat.

vintage wedding2308

vintage wedding2332

My bridesmaids were my older sister Lauren and my great longest friend Kelly. Luke had his best mate Mitchell who have been friends since they were kids and his great friend Kaleb. Luke and I bought his suit a good 7 months before the wedding. We wanted a specific blue and had seen it at Jack London so we had to buy it straight away. The groomsmen wore Jack London also. Their brown vintage leather shoes are from Aquilia.

vintage wedding2318

vintage wedding2346

vintage wedding2342

vintage wedding2347

I am very much a perfectionist and a stress head and I like things to be absolutely 100% how I want them. Luke is much the same but with the wedding, Luke was a little bit more relaxed being a guy he wasn’t really as fussy as me. Being a girl you dream about your wedding day your whole life and you want it to be just right.

I had one massive MUST for our wedding and that was that none of the bridal party, my mum or dad, family or anyone would have to run around setting things up, picking things up and generally stressing. I wanted everyone to be relaxed and just enjoy the moment with one and other and just cruise through the day and enjoy the time together. It was always a huge concern for me thinking of how I was going to get the ceremony and reception set up exactly how I wanted it. I worried about this for a long time and then one day, when looking through millions and millions of posts on my favourite wedding blog Polka Dot Bride (as you do when your getting married) I came across the AMAZING Jess Butcher – Butcher, Baker, Stylist and Creator. I had seen her work on a few different weddings and I knew I HAD to have Jess set up my wedding. Once Luke and I had a meeting with Jess and I actually met her and saw how amazing she was there was no other option but to have Jess set up our wedding. She is amazing, she really listens to what you want. Everything we were coming up with was perfect and the exact style I wanted. She just seemed to get me and get what we wanted our day to be. After booking Jess I felt a sense of relief I knew that we were in such good hands, I did not have to worry one bit about the set up of the ceremony or reception.

Our wedding ceremony was at Bicton Quarantine Park. We wanted views of the river as Luke and I are both summer, boat, water, beach lovers. A must for me was the mantle as ceremony backdrop and the mismatched natural wooden and white chairs all hired from Pretty Willow Prop Hire which of course Jess Butcher organised for me. We also had two really really close friends Rhys and Jo do readings at the ceremony as we wanted them involved in our big day.

vintage wedding2319

We wanted a vintage wedding feel with a hint of glamour and a nice relaxed and intimate ceremony. We wanted a celebrant that really connected with us and could connect with the guests. We met with one celebrant and one celebrant only and there was no question. We HAD to book Dru Soltys then and there. Dru was absolutely AMAZING!!! He asked heaps of questions about Luke and I separately and together and came up with such a personalized ceremony that really reflected our relationship and personalities. We still have guests commenting on how great he was as a celebrant and how it was the most beautiful ceremony they have attended. We can definitely see why Dru was awarded celebrant of the year!!

My Mum was born in Glasgow Scotland and moved to Australia when she was 8, so my granny and Grandad were very scottish. My Dad’s Dad was also born in Glasgow Scotland and I love the sound of bag pipes. We kept this a secret for our families no one knew we were having a piper at the ceremony. I found an amazing piper Viv Riley. He played at the ceremony for us and played some of my grandads favourite songs.

vintage wedding2330

vintage wedding2331

Our amazing photographer Ella from Layla & Associates Photography. She is amazing. Ella took us for a pre wedding photo shoot and we scouted out some beautiful spots which was great because it made the photos on the day so much quicker as we didn’t have to find locations. I don’t like having photos taken and don’t like photos of myself so my one request was to make it quick!!!!!!!!! I didn’t want to head off for hours and hours having photos. I wanted to get partying haha.

vintage wedding2312

vintage wedding2335

vintage wedding2314

vintage wedding2320

vintage wedding2333

Our reception was at Moore and Moore Cafe Fremantle. We absolutely love this venue and the eclectic furniture they have. It had the courtyard for the relaxed outdoorsy type feel we wanted incorporated but then could go inside to the two front rooms for formalities after some nibbles in the courtyard. This venue just fitted perfectly to what we were wanting our wedding reception to be. We didn’t want a structured formal reception that just isn’t Luke and I. (we are both party animals ha-ha). Plus really you didn’t need to do much to this venue as it was all already there. Jess just put her little touches to it – Jars with flowers, tea lights, some furniture but not much, a few signs, toolbox wishing well and a few more goodies. Also Luke and I both grew up in the Fremantle area so it was just perfect as we love it and spend most weekends there.

vintage wedding2315

vintage wedding2316

vintage wedding2322

vintage wedding2321

vintage wedding2323

vintage wedding2324

Our main wedding cake that we cut into was made by my sister and owner of Lily Loves Cake. I would of had Lauren make all the cakes but being a bridesmaid I didn’t want to put that pressure on her. So we asked her to make the cake we cut into. We also had a selection of cakes at our cake station from Sherbet Cafe and Bake Shop. All the cakes were amazing and had everyone talking about them. Because there were so many to choose from we saw a few people returning to the cake station to taste all the flavours. Nothing but good reports on the cake situation. Our main cake had the Deer and Bunny cake topper so cute from MelaboWed and Jess Butcher sourced the animal cake toppers for all the Sherbet cakes. The crystal cake stand for the main cake was from Jess Butcher and the White Cake stands were from Hire Society.

vintage wedding2317

 Images by Layla and Associates Photography

Ms Gingham says:  I absolutely adore your backless wedding dress Bonnie. And how luck are you to have such a talented cake baker for a sister! Gorgeous wedding and beautiful work by everyone involved!

Bonnie says: My name is Bonnie I am 24 years old and I love all things vintage!!!! I come across shy and quiet to strangers but those who are close to me and those who take the time to get to know me get to see the loud, funny and straight to the point Bonnie. :) During our wedding planning time I turned to Polkadotbride for inspiration daily! It helped me come up with so many great ideas and I cannot wait to share my wedding day with fellow Polkadotbride followers!

Photographer: Layla and Associates Photography / Bride’s Dress: Hobnob Bridal / Stylist: The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist and Creator / Rental Furniture: Pretty Willow Prop Hire / Ceremony Venue: Bicton Quarantine Park / Ceremony Officiant: Dru Soltys / Flowers: Fox and Rabbit / Makeup Artist: Sam Enticknap / Bridesmaid Dresses: Paula and Jo / Groom’s Attire: Jack London

Irish Wedding

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Moira Hughes Couture
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moira hughes irish wedding australia

Waking up on a weekend my first thought is always a sigh of relief and a smile that my bride got the weather she was hoping for! Thankfully that happens more now I live in Sydney than designing in London! As a wedding dress designer I can’t help but become entwined in the organising and all the effort that goes into a bride’s wedding day. It is a strange relationship to be such a significant part of the last few days of ‘Miss’ and then our brides disappear into married ‘Mrs’ life.

When my cousin flew around the world with her new fiancee, stopping off in Sydney for a visit, it was like having my sister back! We were always close growing up with our Mums being identical twins. You can imagine the excitement when she revealed her engagement ring after a proposal at the top of Everest!

modern traditional wedding dress paddington

moira hughes wedding dress designer paddington

wedding dress paddington

After the squealing subsided, she declared I was to be her bridesmaid and asked with anticipation if I would design her gown! A few cocktails, a living room covered in threads and many swatches of silks scattering the floor we had it – the perfect wedding gown!

sydney wedding dresses

irish wedding sydney

irish wedding dress designer paddington

Roseanne chose a raw silk for her dress which we gathered into modern box pleats around the waist, falling into a full skirt and long luxurious train. It was important to keep the gown light so she could dance all night and enjoy the night with her 200 guests! With this in mind the dress was designed not to need petticoats or heavy hoops, but just fall and flow where it needed to be. We kept the gown clean and simple with a scooped ‘Audrey Hepburn’ neckline, dipped back and and the most sparkly French belt you have ever seen! The corset was light and sculpted her waist in all the right areas.

church wedding ireland

modern irish wedding

bride veil wedding dress

The biggest obstacle was distance – the gown was created in Sydney while the Bride lived in Ireland! Once precise measurements were taken over a Skype call, the rest was smooth sailing. The gown arrived in Ireland with time to spare, hanging patiently in the Wardrobe for 11th October.

church wedding ireland

paddington irish wedding dress designer

The morning of the wedding was a flurry of hair, make up, lipstick (hidden in the pockets of her wedding gown!) and laughs. The most relaxed bride of all time, she even had time to drop cards on the table of guests with upcoming birthdays!



paddington wedding dress designer moira hughes

naked wedding cake

Roseanne still gushes about her gown and says they wouldn’t change a thing about the wedding day! She loved the whole experience from the planning stages to the wedding day they are memories of the best day of her life. Congratulations the new Mr and Mrs Freeman!

Images by Katie Farrell Photography

Ms Gingham says: A beautiful wedding! We loved the images as soon as we saw them! Not to mention a divine wedding gown too Moira!

Moira of Moira Hughes Couture: “You can ask a woman of any age or nationality what her wedding dress looked like and 50 years later she will be able to tell you every detail. That’s why I love bridal, the whole experience. It is so special to be involved in making a woman feel more incredible than she ever thought possible.”

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