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Polka Dot Sneak Peek – Your Bouquet

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Polka Dot Bride

polka dot sneak peek1 Polka Dot Sneak Peek Your Bouquet

Happy Polka Dot Sneak Peek time!

You know I adore my flowers, I love the textures, the shapes and of course, the scents and today I want to know all about yours! What kind of bouquet are you having? What does it look like? Where did you find your inspiration? Or.. are you ditching tradition and not having one? Leave a comment, it’s open post, we want a sneak peek!

Hamish and Cassandra ~ How We Met

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IMG 3007 1 550x366 Hamish and Cassandra ~ How We Met

Image by Hanging House Photography

Hamish and I first set eyes on each other when he was nine and I was just seven. It seems like more than a lifetime ago, when the wide-eyed boy with great anticipation and some foreboding began life at Tudor House (a Preparatory Boys Boarding School in NSW), a life of challenges in the classrooms and in the paddocks.

We grew up making mischief together and Hamish was always the crazy rambunctious boy convincing me to partake in ‘boy’ activities and stealing my ‘homework time’ to play tennis, ride bikes, go swimming or play in the various paddocks the school had.

One day not long after Hamish started attending Tudor House the two of us, with a few ‘tag-along’s’ decided to go trudging through one of the paddocks when we found ourselves suddenly stuck in the mud. The mud claimed twelve gumboots and two bikes. This wasn’t the end, however, and a couple of us thought that seeing as they were already ‘dirty’, a little more mud wouldn’t hurt. One mud ball soon turned into fifty and before too long we were well and truly caked in mud. Imagine our fear and trepidation when after the skylarking was over, we headed back to the main part of the school bare-footed, caked in mud and presented ourselves to my Dad who was also The Deputy Headmaster. More the point, we were late for Dinner. What a sight! Life at Tudor House for this ‘boy’ had begun.

The adventures followed week after week; with me, ‘Miss Cassie’ often being the ‘ring leader’. Hamish soon learnt the art of returning from the paddocks just in the nick of time to change his clothes and be the last in line for the 4.45pm afternoon bus. By the time my tenth birthday arrived I was sporting a broken arm from a pillow fight having taken on a group of boys as the opposition. My horse riding lessons were brought to a halt as were my Tennis and Piano lessons. Never-the-less I continued with my outdoor adventures sporting pink gumboots and a plastic bag over the cast. Nothing was going to stop me.

Our lives took different directions when Hamish left for Secondary School and my family moved to the Mid North Coast of NSW. We remained in contact and were reacquainted a few years later when Hamish invited me to his 21st Birthday. All of a sudden I realized that he wasn’t ‘SO’ crazy anymore. He had grown into a man with great dreams and a HUGE smile. He was handsome, smart, passionate and talented! We wrote voraciously, and on Hamish’s birthday we officially started dating. As the saying goes: When I fell in love….. Hamish was there to catch me.

Swirl divider Hamish and Cassandra ~ How We Met

Ms Gingham says: The smile is on my face and the lump is in my throat. Such a beautiful story!

Cassandra says: “My name is Cassandra. I am 22 about to turn 23. I got married just after my 21st Birthday to the man who had been my best friend since I was eight. I am the owner of Jillian Boyd Weddings & Events, based in The Hills District of Sydney, NSW”

How Early Is Too Early?

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mindiadam091 How Early Is Too Early?

Image by White Fluffy Cloud via Sweet Country Picnic Engagement Shoot

My fiance Chris and I are terrible at celebrating anniversaries – in that we celebrate any potential anniversary that could possibly be celebrated! We have the date we first started chatting on RSVP (2 October 2011), our first date (6 October 2012), the date I moved in (16 July 2012) and the date of our engagement (26 September 2012) – and we’re about to add 21 March, our wedding date! We’re so obsessed that we celebrated Valentines Day as “one year, one month & one week” til the big day, and today is one year one month!  icon biggrin How Early Is Too Early? We did something special for every month anniversary our first year dating and even though my mum thought we were a little too nuts about it (Mum! It’s our ten month anniversary!), for a couple who had never found love before, never had a partner, and never really dreamed of falling into a committed relationship practically overnight (thank you RSVP!)  it’s great to celebrate the small stuff. icon smile How Early Is Too Early?

Oh dear, a tangent! I’m good at going off on those… anyway back to the point of this post. After we got engaged in September last year, we were quick to hunt for venues (or more correctly, my parents came over from New Zealand and did most of the legwork for us!) and easily settled on Harbour Room at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. My parent’s reception was at a yacht club, and my brother’s at a marina, so it just seemed fitting. Next we had to choose a date. We basically ruled out January and February as being too at risk for extreme heat (with many guests coming from NZ and not used to that, it was only fair), and early March as being at risk of collision with the Grand Prix. Practically by default we settled on 21 March 2014, even though it’s my brother’s birthday!

So… we ended up with an 18 month engagement – ironically six months longer than we knew each other before we were engaged. But of course I am always slightly anal-retentive when it comes to planning things – and incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to planning this wedding that seemingly popped out of the blue into my lap – and determined that I’d get onto things sooner rather than later! Hence, with a year and a month to go, our venue and photographer are already booked, and I have a folder full of florist, car, cake and other quotes that I’ll be taking home to NZ with my at the start of March.

But I keep getting these surprised exclamations from vendors when I tell them my date! And in fact I was glad when we ticked over to 2013 so I could finally say “next year”. How early is too early? Surely being of the super organised persuasion isn’t a bad then when it comes to planning such a complex event? And surely having more rather than less time up our sleeve can’t be bad? I’m going to be a lot happier when I know who we’re working with, even if we don’t sort out the finer detail til later in the year. Regardless, I’m keen to make sure everything possible is pinned down by Christmas, so we can enjoy our final three months as an engaged couple without me morphing into Bridezilla.

So I have to ask… how early is too early? Am I crazy to be planning this far out?

Swirl divider How Early Is Too Early?

Ms Gingham says: I don’t think you’re crazy Carly! There is no harm in being organized earlier rather than later that’s for sure! And I love the theory of being organized so you don’t turn into a Bridezilla. I think that’s very valid!

Carly says: “My “day job” is as a receptionist (hoping to get a new job soon!) but I also run my own pageant site – long explanation needed there but it brings me a lot of satisfaction, I’ve made some amazing friends in the US and was even blessed to have them donate two and a half grand to get me to Vegas for the show last year. icon smile How Early Is Too Early?

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