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Polka Dot Hot Spot – Involvement Of Family

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Polka Dot Bride

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Ah Polka Dot Hot Spot, the part of weddings I like to hide away from and cower in a corner. I’ m not one for awkward conversation, but weddings? They make awkward conversation happen on a daily basis! So let’s talk family involvement.

How much are your family involved in your wedding day? Are they cooking the reception meal? Are they creating all the decorations? Are they running the day? Or have you decided to outsource wherever possible?

This is been a hot topic in the Polka household lately – the interesting debate between asking friends and family to help, or the couple choosing instead to hire professionals and have everyone be a guest.

In my own experience, there is always someone running the show – whether it be the wedding planner you hire, your mum who gently guides people to the  wedding space and looks over the centrepieces to make sure they’re set up just as you wanted them, your friend who might be cooking dinner for your 100 guests as a wedding present or you. My question is, did you kick back and have your family and friends perform that role or did you insist that that job, be one that you pay for?

Unique Wedding Ideas

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Karen Hardy


Photo by AJ Photography

The only thing I remember laughing about on my wedding day was my cake toppers.

That may sound a bit dramatic but in wedding reality there will be drama, tears and acceptance that some things, including last minute no shows and guilty latecomers – are out of your control. So you really need something that resonates the love you two share. Something unique and that little bit magical that really shows guests the real you.

Mine was my cake topper idea. For some reason, during our 18 month courtship my husband and I called each other by the nicknames Peanut (for him) and Carrot (for me). I don’t know how this started exactly, but basically during our day long adorableness and hilarity that only us two really “got”, we decided to use nicknames, which of course we found adorable and hilarious. This lead to the idea of the cake topper. We both figured that we needed something fun and fresh in our very big black and white room of our parent’s ideas – something that was “us.”

Our cake toppers were a peanut and a carrot. With faces. With giant googly eyes and smiles as wide as ours when we saw them. Such a fresh idea amongst all the tradition of the day.

Unique wedding ideas are plentiful. They can be a wedding favour of your favourite sauce with a cute recipe on the label or a painting you love hung up at the reception to name a couple. Sit down with your partner and make a list of a few things that are really important to you both. Soon you will have found something unique and that little bit magical that really shows guests the real you.

Inspired Words – Eleanor

by | Inspired Words, Weddings


Ms Herringbone

A refreshing dose of advice from lovely Bride Eleanor, after her gorgeous Hamilton Island Wedding to Jason. Are you sweating the small stuff? Perhaps her words of wisdom will come in handy!

“It’s truly amazing how much I sweated over every detail and on the day I barely noticed a thing, and your guests will be the same! For example it was months before I finally committed to table centrepieces and then when I was sitting there looking at them, yes I thought they were nice, but they certainly weren’t worth the sleepless nights they caused, nothing was!

Eleanor adds “Also, don’t be afraid to make the day your own, we were amazed how opinionated some people got, it was our wedding, not theirs! So leave out whatever you want, particularly if it doesn’t mean anything to you, and add in also whatever you want, make your own traditions!”

Images by Wesley Beelders

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