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Desperately Seeking – October

by | Desperately Seeking, Weddings


Polka Dot Bride


It’s been a busy month of queries at Polka Dot Bride HQ~ So many plans are underfoot! While we did our best to respond to most of these via email, we know the Polka Dot community knows secret venues, places and recommendations that we certainly don’t! So we’re putting them out there hoping to help our couples even more with their queries and searches!

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Maid Of Honour #1 is looking for great locations for hens parties that come in at $50 a head. The bride is simple, elegant and beautiful so this wonderful maid of honour is looking for something that reflects her bride’s personality. She’s happy to do a package without drinks if feasible. Do you know anywhere suitable?

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Bride #1 is looking for a polka dot on polka dot ivory tie to match her wedding gown- she wants one with large polka dots and for the groomsmen, a polka dot cobalt blue/purple tie. Have you seen any?

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Bride #2 is looking for a venue in Melbourne that would allow her and her fiance to celebrate with plenty of children! She’s thinking of a festival style wedding so is looking for venues to accommodate this style while being child friendly.

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Bride #3 is traveling from overseas to be married in Australia and is looking for a beach that they can marry on and have a reception on or close by She has a guest list of 50 and wants something stunning and simple!

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Bride #4 is marrying on a cattle farm that is a five hour drive north west of Brisbane and four hours south of Rockhampton. She is trying to find a caterer who is willing to travel, manage the food preparation and assist with styling on the day.

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Bride #5 is looking for an old barn, hall or shed for her wedding reception in South East Queensland or Toowoomba.

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Bride #6 is searching for an outdoor space for her wedding in Melbourne where a marquee isn’t a necessity. They’re looking at a guest list of 150-200 people and want to do as much DIY as possible.  The wedding will be during the day, so the space can’t only be accessible after business hours!

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Bride #7 and her fiance are students, so they’re looking for a feasible option for their wedding reception! They’re after a barn style venue in Melbourne, Geelong or even Canberra and the surrounds. They’re wanting a blank space where they can bring in their own furniture, crockery and decor.

Phew! So much a hunting going on! Can you help any of our lovely brides or maids of honour? Know of a secret venue? A community hall? Leave a comment!

Behind The Scenes Of Flavia Kelson and Ricardo Pintato’s Wedding: The Understated Reception Dinner

by | Inspired Plans, Weddings


Polka Dot Bride

In part three of our behind the scenes series of Flavia Kelson and Ricardo Pintato’s Wedding (see part one here, or part two) captured for Vogue Weddings, we learn about the couple’s understated reception dinner.

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Our Love Story

by | Engagement Shoots, Inspired Engagements, Weddings



Our love story began when I met Adrian at a career’s day back in 2006. 600 students in the Perth Hills area gathered to listen to motivational speakers talk about their working life and take part in tasks that would prepare them for entering the “real world”.

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Personal Image

I was a senior at the time so I was chosen to mock-interview the students as though they were applying for a job. I was caught off-guard when a tall, dark and handsome Italian guy stood before me, awaiting his interview. I took this as an opportunity to find out more about this gorgeous guy with a ridiculously long exotic last name. I veered off track a little and I asked him about his personal interests instead of his ambitions for the future, which came as a relief to him. We flirted innocently for a few minutes however the romance was short lived, as he had to move on to the next task.

As the day drew to a close, I still had the amazing Italian guy on my mind. He was charming, kind and so funny. I had to get his number but I was already running late for school camp. As I walked out of the Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre, I kept telling my friend how amazing he was. I needed to find him again! She told me she would run outside and stall the bus until I found my dream man.

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So, off I went on my own pursuit of happiness. I walked back into the building only to find 600 heads milling around, most of which were taller than I. I searched frantically until I saw the gorgeous Italian guy walk into the men’s room. However inappropriate it was, I felt a certain urge to follow him. As I walked in, I realised how desperate and ridiculous I was being so I took a less forward approach and waited for him outside the bathroom.

There he was, giant brown eyes and gorgeous long hair. I stared at him for what seemed like forever until he began to look awkwardly at me. I found it in myself to say something however the words that fell out of my mouth were less than smooth. “My friend wants your number” was the pick-up line I used to rope him in but my stupidity turned to shock when he actually gave me his number.


There I was, sitting at the back of the school bus with a phone number that was supposedly for someone else. I decided to send Adrian a message to let him know that it was in fact me who wanted his number, in the hope that he wasn’t too freaked out by the girl that waited for him outside the bathroom. I was hoping that he would appreciate my honesty, as all good relationships are built on trust.

We hit it off and were texting on our Nokia 3315’s all week! The girls in my dorm room got as little sleep as I did as my phone light flickered all night. They wanted an update on every message that was sent and I carefully constructed my replies with their help.


When I returned to the city from camp, Adrian and I went on our first date. It was around Valentines Day and I remember he was as perfect as he was when I first saw him.

We fell madly in love and were together for a while before I made the decision to end things, which I came to regret instantly. We were so young and I wanted us to experience life independently. Our break was inspired by the old adage – if you love something, set it free.


4 years on I was worried that he would never come back to me. I was still contacting him as a friend but he had clearly moved on. His best friend was my inside contact and would tell me their plans for the weekend so I would “coincidentally” bump into them looking my finest. He still wasn’t interested.

One night we were both on Facebook and I decided to lay it all out on the line and tell him how I honestly felt. It was very Gen-Y of me but I figured it was better than having my phone calls rejected, yet again!


I asked for one last chance because I felt as though we had so much more to give and experience together. He told me that I had broken his heart but he would be willing to try again again on the proviso that I went camping with him and his friends that weekend. He wanted me to understand how much he had changed in the time we were apart. He said if I was still happy to see him after the weekend, then we would take things slow. What better way to bond than with a long commute and no shower for three days?

I am more of a hotel dweller and the thought of drop holes and sleeping underneath the stars gave me chills but this was my last shot at happiness! So, I did what any girl would do. I got a spray tan, went to the hairdresser and packed my tinted moisturizer to make sure I looked the part all weekend. I was ready for my adventure.


It turns out that sleeping under the stars with an old flame is the perfect way to rekindle the romance! Within a month we were back together officially! 3 weeks after that, we decided to open up a joint account to save for a house and 8 months later, we bought a block of land and started building our first home.

On our 2 year anniversary, Adrian took me to my favourite place… Margaret River! He surprised me with accommodation at a 100- year-old stone manor called Basildene Manor.

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On our anniversary evening, he told me to dress up for an early dinner. As we walked out of the Manor, he guided me in another direction saying he wanted to take a walk through the gardens. He led me down the path to a gorgeous gazebo, overlooking a lake. Very Nicholas Sparks!!! There was a table set up with Moet and strawberries and I couldn’t help but wonder; could this be the moment I had waited for my entire life?

After taking what felt like 10 minutes to pop the champagne and pour two glasses of bubbles, Adrian began to say the most beautiful words to me and finished up on one knee, asking if he could have the honour of making me his wife.

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Not only had he planned this romantic proposal, my Mum had organised a photographer to capture every single moment. We then had a 1-hour photographic session with Jacqui from Soul Photography and she took some stunning shots while the sun was setting. It was perfect!

As cheesy as it sounds, every girl wants to be swept off her feet and I am so excited to be marrying my best friend. Fairytales do exist! The hardest challenges in life seem manageable with this amazing man by my side. I could never get mad at him because he knows how to send me into fits of laughter. Adrian makes me feel as though anything is possible and I can’t imagine life without him in it. Whether we are doing the dishes or sky diving, every day is just as wonderful.

We have set a wedding date for next July and couldn’t be happier. To be continued…


Images by Soul Photography

Ms Gingham says: Oh this is so sweet!! Thanks for sharing your story Lauren!

Lauren says: “I am a hopeless romantic who is a lover of all things “I do”! Everything from the whimsical music to the chic styling of a monumental event. Call me old fashioned but I think there is nothing more beautiful in this world than watching two people vow to spend the rest of forever together. My dream of finding “The One” has now become a reality. It’s our turn! I am marrying my high-school sweetheart.”

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