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Ask Ms Polka – Toowoomba Barn Weddings

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Polka Dot Bride


Hi there,

I have recently gotten engaged and I am looking for the perfect reception venue. I have looked at all the suggestions on your website however, I am looking for an old hall/bard/shed within SE QLD or Toowoomba. Do you guys know of anything?

Please help!

Biddeston Hall, Biddeston

handmade wedding030 Katie and Joshs Handmade Queensland Wedding

Photo by Matt and Katie Photographers  from Katie and Josh’s Handmade Queensland Wedding

Boomerang Farm

Location011 550x825 Sian and Brendans Rustic Barn Wedding On The Gold Coast

Photo by Bella Amante from Sian and Brendan’s Rustic Barn Wedding On The Gold Coast

Kenilworth Homestead

australian barn wedding039 Michelle and Daves Australian Barn Wedding

Photo by David Ferguson Photography from Michelle and Dave’s Australian Barn Wedding

Jodaryn Woolshed

Brisbane Woolshed Rustic Queensland Wedding Venues

Eco Wedding Fair Brisbane

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Whilst I admit, I am not the most eco-conscious person, I am definitely interested and fascinated by the broad range of unique, less commercial options the wedding industry has to offer. On Sunday the 25th August, one of my bridesmaids, Kate, and I accompanied our friend Kristy, who promotes a greener, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, to the Eco Wedding Fair Brisbane.

The fair, which showcased eco-friendly and sustainable products and vendors, was hosted by Eco Brides Magazine and held at the iconic Old Museum in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I benefited from engaging and insightful conversations with the exhibitors and was inspired by their creative and innovative ideas. From eco-chic vintage inspired stationary to pedal powered smoothies!

The Eco Wedding Fair was a rewarding day and inspired me to ‘think outside the box’ when developing concepts and investigating suppliers.

Photos by Kristy Robinson (follow @greenerliving on instagram)

Ms Gingham says: What a great spin on a wedding fair. Bicycle powered smoothies? Interesting!

Pippa says: I am passionate about dance, teaching, travel and DIY projects. Blessed to be marrying the love of my life, Beau. Our wedding journey is exciting and providing many opportunities to share special experiences with others.

My Letterpress Wedding Invitations

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Candice of Mackenzi Creations
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Wedding invitations say so much more than just where the wedding is and what time everyone has to rock up. Your invitations are the first impression to the glorious event that will be your wedding day, they set the tone and style of your day and likely something your guests will hold onto as a memento.

If you haven’t discovered Letterpress wedding invitations yet then you’re in for a treat. Letterpress is an old style of printing dating back to the 15th Century where the design is pressed into the card. Once the design is finalised templates are made for each design and each colour. The colour is hand mixed and then the printing process begins. I was lucky enough to step behind the scenes with Preface Films to see my very own wedding invitations being printed by the wonderful Mickey Loves Jacqui. And so we step into the world of Letterpress –

Traditionally Letterpress design was mostly lettering but the great thing about being in the 21st century is that you can have the best of both worlds. I worked closely with the dear Carla from Peppermint Press to design an invitation suite that kept the essence of  tradition but also included some modern twists.

You want your wedding invitations not only to reflect the wedding day but your personalities as well. You can have fun with the design, add in personalised monograms, change up the wording and you can even be really playful and add things like personalised sketches. With our wishing well card I created a poem saying

” The best gift you could give us

Would be time spent together

Away from all the distractions

Somewhere with beautiful weather”

As my fiance would love to think he is Batman and myself being a children’s fairy entertainer for most of my life I had Carla sketch Batman and a Fairy with a little thought bubble of a deserted island. The heading was kept in the same traditional style but the sketch really adds our own touch to it so when our guests see it they will have a bit of a giggle and smile.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 2.55.37 PM

Depending on your location you may or may not need a map. If your ceremony or reception venue is a little tricky to navigate to or if the grounds are quite large and your guests may not know exactly where to go then include a map.

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs 4 months before your wedding you should really have the design finalised so if you are having something custom made you can start the process sooner rather than later. There are some limitations with Letterpress but nearly anything is possible so don’t be afraid to explore options and have a little fun with it.

In this very virtual world we live in something hand made with an elegance of tradition is really special. Imagine your guests opening your wedding invitation, feeling the texture and knowing your wedding day is really going to be a special one.

The time that goes into making a letterpress invitation is very substantial and compared to the digital prices letterpress can seem a bit out of the budget but how can you really put a price on something so unique and beautiful. You only get one one chance to have your dream wedding day, one chance to give your guests the first impression of your day and with a letterpress invitation your impression will surely last for years and years to come.

Many thanks to Carla from Peppermint Press  Michael & Jacqui from Mickey Loves Jacqui and Rochelle & Dean from Preface Films

Ms Gingham says: How fantastic to see the work that goes into creating these invitations! I can feel your excitement in this film Candice and I’d be jumping with excitement too!

About Mackenzi Creations: Mackenzi Creations Wedding & Event Planning are here to wave the magic wand to create the PERFECT Wedding day you have always dreamed of.

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