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Inspired Words – Anu

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Ms Herringbone

Sometimes, the most simple advice carries the most weight. After her gorgeous Modern Art Gallery Wedding to Joe, Bride Anu shared these words of wisdom that clearly worked for her fabulous multicultural celebration!

“Just have fun on your wedding day…really, just have fun! Don’t worry about the details because things will fall into place!”

Images by Our Labor of Love by Heidi Gelhauser

A Hannmaid Bali Wedding – Semara Uluwatu

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Mick and Hannah

Mick and I met back in 2004 in French class at the University of Melbourne. I remember Mick having long hair, wearing a scrunchy and thinking he was rather hip. We were friends for five years before we fell in love. It was Mick’s culinary skills and a few bicycle dates that swept me off my feet. We fell in love with Semara Uluwatu while staying at Mick’s parents house in Bali last year. I have always loved the beach so it was the perfect location for a Bali wedding and great way for us to meet Mick’s extended family who live in Indonesia. Mick proposed in Ha Long Bay Vietnam and chose a pretty Ceylon sapphire art deco ring himself.

In our travels, I was inspired to pursue my dream of studying textile design and enrolled into a course at RMIT upon our return. Throughout the course, I experimented with different ideas to enable me to launch my first design label. In 2011, Hannmaid was born. I wore a Lisa Ho dress for the ceremony and then changed into a Sass & Bide party dress for the evening. My good friend Viviana from Colombia did her hair and make up. She was amazing, it took her 20 minutes to do that beautiful braid! The groomsmen and groomswoman received a pair of Hannmaid cufflinks for their wedding gift and wore a Jack London shirt and short ensemble.

We chose the song La Vie En Rose – the Nataly Dawn version for our wedding song.

Our friend adapted the Dinosaur reading to reflect our relationship. Mick was the shy dinosaur and I was the colourful other dinosaur. Imogen adapted the beautiful song Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as a reading. The reggae band played a beautiful version of “Amazing” during the ceremony and all of our family and friends sang. Our friend Bob became a celebrant for the special day – he was perfect for the job. It was important to us to have someone who had known us for a long time to marry us.

Having both lived in Europe, we had friends travel from all parts of the world to our wedding. During the ceremony, our bridesmaids did an introduction in Indonesian (Selamat Datang), French (Enchante) and Aussie (G’Day). It was a nice touch for an international wedding.

Mick and his Dad sang a beautiful version of What a Wonderful World at the reception. Our wedding dance was quite modern and was a mix of three songs; 
Mazzy Star – the waltz, Eagle Rock – Rock and then La Bomba – salsa. We had a blast.

Images by Gusde Photography

Ms Gingham says: An idyllic tropical location, Bali has my heart. What a beautiful wedding.

Hannah says: “We are a city boy and a country girl who have ridden in tandem across the world. I fell in love with Mick’s passionate pursuit of the childhood nostalgia that comes with travelling by bicycle. He found a vintage ladies touring bike in England when riding in Europe for a Summer which he brought home to Melbourne. We shared our weekends together cycling along the banks of the Yarra with the sun’s warmth on our backs. In a time where contemporary city life kills you slowly on a daily basis, cycling acted as an ally to calm the mind and fill the void.”

Photographer: Gusde Photography

Stop And Smell The Roses – Planning The Perfect Wedding

by | Inspired Plans, Weddings


Ms Ella

Image by Mike Semple Photography

My partner Ben and I are having the time of our life planning the perfect wedding! However I know so many brides-to-be who are stressed, frustrated and not enjoying the process at all. I hate to see girls fall apart over something that should be all about fun and letting your creative juices flow.

Here are a couple tips to making sure you and your partner can make this a really fun and enjoyable time.

Give yourself plenty of time- Have enough time to put together the wedding you really want. Don’t rush it! Do one step at a time and lose yourself in each milestone. You will hopefully only do this once! Money is a huge stress point. Give yourself time to pay everything off without feeling the pressure.

Be open minded- Something you thought you wanted is too expensive or hard to find? Jump online (pinterest is a favourite of Mine) or pick up a magazine, and look at some ideas. I promise you there is an alternative out there that you will fall in love with just as much.

Set a serious budget and stick to it! –  You have set the budget for a reason. That’s what you can happily afford. So stay with it. A venue you love is a bit more than you wanted to spend? Keep looking. One you love for what you can afford is right around the corner. Go to wedding Expos and meet people! They are also a great way to pick up a great photography package or cake special. Splurge, it’s a special occasion! But stay within your means and keep your eyes open.

Enjoy your engagement ladies and gents 🙂 You deserve it.

Ms Gingham says: This is sound advice and actually true for all the milestones yet to be encountered in your lives together. Sounds like a good habit to get into! Love the image from your engagement shoot too Ella! Gorgeous!

About Ella: I’m a 24 year old mum of 2 beautiful boys. Obviously engaged 🙂 Dreaming of going to pastry school and running my own little boutique patisserie.

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