Polka Dot Sneak Peek

Hello sneak peekers! It’s Friday and sneak peek day which means I get nosey and dive into your wedding plans, wanting to share them all with you! Today we’re all about the ceremony! How are you decorating your ceremony? A big floral arch? Cascading bottles with blooms in them? Are you letting nature be your

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So it’s that time of the month, the day we start the ball rolling with talking about wedding plans. Mainly because I love to know every detail of a wedding, I pour over details and I will dive right in and gush along with the best of them. So today, with clearly a sugar hit

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  It’s Polka Dot Sneak Peek time and today it’s all about your bridesmaid dresses! Have you chosen them yet? Are you looking at long or short dresses? Evening gown or fun party frocks? Share your picks and your links in the comments below!