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Camilla and Marc Bridesmaid Suite Launch

by | Event Reviews, Fashion Wisdom, Wisdom


Ms Filagree

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0001

Women all over the world dream of the day they will select the dress for their big day. They dream of the colour, the cut, the fabrics and the experience itself. The white lounges, the private space, the champagne and the women closest to you all together. Women all over the world know that dream well. But what about selecting the bridesmaid’s dresses?

Horror stories of rude sales people immediately come to mind, but so do tales of brides being unsure which styles will suit all their bridesmaids. Unless you’ve got a stylist in your mix of ladies, it can be quite tricky and a less than glamorous time. Wanting to make the selection of bridesmaid dresses a more beautiful experience; Camilla and Marc have created a truly unique offering to make your wedding planning all the more enjoyable (and fashionable!)

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0012

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0002

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0004

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0010

Nestled in the heart of Fiveways Paddington is the light and ever so chic boutique to one of Australia’s favourite designers, Camilla and Marc. Developing a brand synonymous with luxury and sophistication, the design duo has launched a luxurious experience for brides and bridesmaids to be everywhere.

When arriving at the Paddington Boutique after having made an appointment for your private Bridesmaid showing, you will be escorted upstairs to Level two where you and your party will receive premium service whilst being shown through the collection by one of the senior Camilla and Marc stylists.

The collection is a chic assortment of key colours that have been consistently favoured by brides to be. With multiple styles in each colour way, Brides have the option of seeing which style suits their bridesmaids best, or opting for a different style for each maid, all in the same colour though. This highly coveted option of having varied styles in the same fabric is beautifully displayed at the Bridesmaid suite with differing designs across all colour ways. Also creating a selection of white gowns for a less traditional look, the bride will also have the opportunity to view these bridal options as well.

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0006

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0007

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0009

With dressing rooms also on the Bridesmaids Suite level, your party will have complete privacy while viewing and trying these beautiful pieces. Mothers of the Bride can also join in the fun and luxe experience with a Camilla and Marc stylist hand picking pieces for their viewing from the main collection. A perfect day for all the women closest to you.

This collection encompasses the quality and style that you have come to love from the Camilla and Marc brand and truly makes selecting a bridesmaid dress all the more enjoyable. With new collections arriving seasonally, there will also be mid-season drops of additional styles. Something for every season and every style.

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0011

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0013

camilla and marc bridesmaids suite0015

What Would They Know? Kate Forsyth of Good Day Rentals

by | Styling Wisdom, What Would They Know?, Wisdom


Polka Dot Bride

Kate of Good Day Rentals

Have you found the perfect venue but need furniture to bring your vision to life? Kate of Good Day Rentals has sourced the most gorgeous retro and vintage chairs, tables and lounge furniture, and even wedding arches for hire. With a love of all things vintage from a young age, Kate has gone on to expand her passion into furniture and styling it for weddings and events. There’s something so ‘genteel’ about velvet covered chairs and wooden tables, or a special area set up for guests to lounge in with velvet covered lounges and a brass drinks trolley laden with spirits. Can’t find what you need on the website? Talk to Kate and she may just be able to source it for you.

What was the catalyst for your interest in vintage and retro furniture, and making a business of event furniture hire?

My vintage love dates back to my early teens when I discovered recycled jeans – oh how I fell in love with vintage Levi 501s. Each pair was different and unique and that got me into my life long hunt for excellent vintage items, which later in life when I had some cash, became a hunt for great vintage and retro furniture pieces.

I decided to make a business out of it when I was planning my own wedding in 2013. I wanted vintage furniture but couldn’t find anyone who hired everything – chairs, tables and lounge furniture – so I started buying it myself, with the idea of turning it into a business.

How and where do you find such gorgeous pieces?

eBay all the way! I have always has a love affair with the online auction so it was an easy choice for me. We’ve also picked up a lot of items in country and rural towns via vintage shops and op shops. The prices are great in the country! I lived in Canada for a couple of years and the vintage furniture was off the hook, so at great expense and stress to my mother who had to collect it, I shipped a lot of stuff back and some of it is part of our collection.

But we are not picky, we have even gotten chairs out of a dumpster, and our legendary friends and family are great look outs – I’ll often get emails or texts with pics of cool stuff that we just MUST have.

Good Day RentalsOFD_8

Image by Bridgette Cole

Do you have to restore the pieces you find?

Some yes – but many no. A lot of the treasures we find have been sitting in formal dining rooms for 40 years (praise the formal dining room!) and are in pristine condition.

We do a lot of general care to the things we pick up – fabric cleaning, re-varnishing, polishing and tightening chair legs, and the occasional item goes to our trusted upholsterer for some professional TLC.

What sorts of items do you offer for hire?

We can help you with mismatched dining chairs, wooden trestle tables, sweet lounge furniture and wedding arches. Plus some other goodies like planter boxes and dressers.

Do you have a favourite piece?

Look, I love all my chairs equally, but at present my favourite item is our newest member – a hand crafted copper wedding arch! I designed it and had it created and frankly it’s damn good looking. Such a sweet piece to marry under and it can be styled in so many ways.

Good Day Rentals Wedding Arch Detail 1

Image by J not Jay Photographer

Do you offer furniture hire packages for weddings?

We have a bunch of packages for common combinations on our website so that you don’t have to do the pesky calculation yourself. Check them out here.

What are the maximum number of guests you can offer your furniture for? 

Right now we can do about 100 guests, however we are moving this very week into a premises that gives us huge amounts of space to grow. So I will be hitting up my happy place – eBay – soon to grow our range.

Good Day RentalsOFD_1

Image by J not Jay Photographer

What ideas should a bride and groom come to you with, when discussing their plans with you?

I do love a chat so I would say give me a call at any stage of your preparations. It’s useful to know what your venue allows as that will shape your furniture decisions.

Do you help a bridal couple to decide how to style the furniture for the ceremony and reception?

Yes – I am a lover of styling décor so it is my pleasure to help out with ideas for styling. I also find it’s great to get another opinion when making your plans as I might have just the very thing you need to pull it all together. And as we are always getting new stock, some items might not have made their way onto our website yet so I can often suggest addition things that will really bring your wedding to life.

Good Day RentalsOFD_2

Image by J not Jay Photographer

Is styling a wedding a little like styling your home? Do you use similar principles?

Good question! I have never thought of it like that. Some elements are the same – for instance, I am always looking for ideas and inspiration for weddings and when I am setting up home, I do the same thing – my eagle eyes are constantly on the look out and I relish finding an object and using it for a completely different purpose than was intended. I have quite the collection of crystal vases and recently it came to me to turn them upside down to use as candle holders for pillar candles. Gosh was I pleased with myself.

And having a brief or theme is key to either a wedding or a home. If you are not clear on what you are trying to achieve you will get grey hair and tears will eventually fall out of your eyes.

Are you able to have furniture made for a particular purpose, if it is required? 

It’s possible! As I mentioned, we got the copper wedding arch customer made and we are in the process of making another arch from mint green vintage architraving (the boards that go around your doors etc) – so it will look like a picture frame. With our new premises, we will have much more space to build, so bigger tables are the next on the list. In any case, ask us!

Where are you based, and what areas of Victoria do you service?

We are based in Preston and service Melbourne city, Geelong area, Mornington Peninsula, Daylesford area, Yarra Valley. We are open to road trips and have been as far as Warrnambool so far!

Good Day RentalsOFD_5

Image by J not Jay Photographer

Do you have a favourite place to re-charge your batteries?

Bed. I am pregnant so that is my special place of late. But other than that I adore taking a weekend to go to Warburton East in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. We stay at the same little quaint place and have a fire and watch the birds and just relax and forget about everything.

What do you love about Melbourne?

I love how not boring it is. There is always something going on – fashion, sport, music, culture, food. I live in Footscray in the inner west and I love the vibrancy of the many cultures that have made it their home. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their fantastic foods. It is a high quality problem to not be able to choose which excellent place to eat at!

Thank you Kate for sharing your story. To find out more about Good Day Rentals visit the website.

Headshot courtesy of Good Day Rentals.

Ole Henriksen Bloggers Breakfast

by | Event Reviews, Hair and Beauty Wisdom, Wisdom


Ms Filagree

ole henrinksen0005

7:30am in Sydney CBD is a beautiful time. A time where people are only just emerging to quietly go about their days and stores remain dim and silent, all except for one. On February 26th, Sephora; the makeup and skincare mecca for women all over the world was already abuzz with some of Sydney’s most stylish influencers all eagerly awaiting the breakfast presentation from the top selling skincare brand in Sephora US, Ole Henriksen.

Directed up the Sephora stairs, I was warmly welcomed by the Ole Henriksen team and had the chance to mingle with Ole himself before the presentation. It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Ole, a man who started from humble beginnings and created a skincare empire. While sipping on a vegan green smoothie (which was delicious), we were introduced to the brand by Ole Henriksen’s CEO Suzanne Dawson, whose portfolio includes an enviable array of elite skin care brands. Detailing the ingenuity of the brand, we were all on the edge of our seats (figuratively) to hear from the master himself.

ole henrinksen0003

When Ole stepped onto center stage, his vivacious energy and passion about what he does shined brightly from him, mesmerizing his audience. He spoke of the global love that has evolved for the brand, all which stemmed from home made products in Los Angeles. Opening a clinic in LA to meet the demand for the results based products that not only felt great but also smelled divine, the Ole Henriksen brand became a favourite amongst Hollywood A-listers including Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Charlize Theron.

With a growing celebrity fan base, the love of the products has continued to grow as the formulas evolve. Always being 10 steps ahead of other skincare brands, the Ole Henriksen range is now renowned for their potent yet gentle formulas that are rich in vitamins and minerals to brighten, even and hydrate your skin.

ole henrinksen0001

I was lucky enough to leave the event with a to-die-for goodie bag of Ole Henriksen products to test. That evening I experimented with the African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, the Three Little Wonders pack and the Power Peel. Having sensitive skin myself, I am always cautious about using new products as I’ve had previous bad experiences. But, after hearing from the team and being shown through the products (which the gorgeous girls at Sephora can do with you too) I was ready to try these out!

ole henrinksen0002

I started with a regime of cleansing, the Power Peel, then the Three Little Wonders AM/PM (Invigorating Night Treatment, Truth Serum Collagen Booster and Sheer Transformation Hydrator) and have now been using these products for almost a week. I am hooked! The products are brightening my skin, creating a more even complexion and minimizing my pores. I can’t wait to see how these products will revitalize my skin in the coming weeks.

It’s your turn to have the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

As Ole said, “we want women to embrace who they are… we are all special.”



ole henrinksen0004

Ms Filagree attended the Ole Henriksen & Sephora breakfast as a guest of Ole Henriksen & Sephora in accordance with our disclosure policy.

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