Eyebrow Feathering

Do you know about the latest fashion? Women are getting tattoos on their faces! It is a fashion that is sweeping the world – and yes you read that right, women are tattooing their faces….with their eyebrows!

Your eyebrows are so important as they balance and define your face and frame your eyes, which are your most distinguishing feature. When people think tattooed eyebrows, awful images tend to come to mind of the awful old “block” solid brows.

But not any more. The new “Feather Touch Technique” or “Microblading” is a semi-permanent treatment, where tiny lines are made into the skin and pigment is deposited to simulate natural hair. They look natural so natural that no-one will know they are not real.

Beautiful eyebrows not only make you look more sophisticated and younger, they make you feel better about yourself, they are a real boost to your self-confidence. Feather Touch Cosmetic Tattooing will make such a difference to your eyebrows if you have over plucked them, you have gaps, no eyebrows or an old faded tattoo. It makes an amazing difference too if you have undergone medical procedure or simply want an updated shape.

Imagine not having to draw your eyebrows on anymore! Or worrying about what is going to happen to your eyebrow makeup when swimming or exercising! Your eyebrows will always stay on and always looking great in photos!

The entire process only takes an hour and a half. Firstly, a numbing cream is applied to the face to minimise any pain; most clients feel no pain or just a slight scratching feeling. The new design of the eyebrow is then created with powder or pencil and once you are happy with the design, the colour is chosen. The pigments are applied to the forehead so the perfect colour is chosen. These steps are always done in consultation.

You can expect the eyebrows to fade by up to 40% during the healing process, but there is no downtime, you can leave the appointment and go back to normal life!

Images by HiBrow EyeBrows


Ms Chinoiserie Says: Never having to worry about your eyebrows again is a big tick in my book! All the more time to spend on wedding planning!

About HiBrow EyeBrows: Hi, I’m Jane from HiBrow EyeBrows and in both my personal and professional lives, I like to surround myself with beauty and symmetry. I developed an “obsession” with eyebrows many years ago which led me to embark on learning the art of brow tattooing with leading brow artists. I left my corporate life behind and am now in demand as an expert brow tattoo in New South Wales.

1. I love Soda Films. Antoine and his team provided me with two stunning videos that perfectly captured my wedding in 2007 and have filmed many “Behind The Scenes” videos for my collection campaigns over the years. This is something very bride and groom should have. Image by Blumenthal Photography; bride wears Lisa Gowing ‘Leah’ gown.

2. For catering and wedding cakes, Simmone Logue is simply the best caterer in Sydney! With consistently delicious and plentiful food, her wedding cakes are both beautiful and scrumptious! Image by Blumenthal Photography.

3. You must try Chandeliers To Die For! This fabulous chandeliers shop sells and hires a glorious array of chandeliers for weddings. Image via Lisa Gowing.

4. Blumenthal Photography – this team of talented photographers led by Dan Blumenthal have photographed my wedding, my recent vow renewal and many gorgeous images of my two young sons over the years. When only the best will do.

5. Papier D’Amour – Phoebe Gazal creates just beautiful and affordable unique wedding stationery. Image by Papier D’Amour.

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a beautiful list of favourites; the emotions captured on film are so very special!

About Lisa Gowing: Trained in the intricacies of Couture dressmaking from a retiring industry expert, I only use the original Couture techniques mainly forgotten in today’s fashion. Working with beautiful, luxurious fabrics cut in elegant, feminine lines, each of my gowns are hand made in Australia and constructed in layers of silk and exclusive trims including European laces and crystal or jewel embellishments.

My inspiration is the love I share with my husband, and fellow Celebrant, Jamie Eastgate.

He is my soul mate, my best friend, my partner in business, life and puppy parenting.

I’ll never forget the magical moments of exchanging vows and saying ‘I Do’ which inspires me to wish that every couple experiences an amazing wedding ceremony in their own unique way.

I love our photos from our own wedding day, not the aesthetic ones I originally favoured, or the sunset shoot images, but instead photos capturing my parents’ extreme excitement. While my brothers were busily handing out fresh rose petal cones in preparation for our photographer to capture a rose petal shot, my Mum and Dad were too excited to wait and their impatience got the better of them as they threw a few sneaky handfuls of petals our way while laughing uncontrollably and beaming with happiness.

Images by Lia Edwards

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Exchanging vows with your soul mate is so very special; your parents’ excitement is so beautiful!

About Brisbane City Celebrants: Hi, I’m Cara from Brisbane City Celebrants; we specialise in modern, simple and meaningful, short, sweet and happy weddings.  With your choice of a female or male Wedding Celebrant, our brides and grooms describe us as warm, friendly and calming. We love being Marriage Celebrants and we LOVE celebrating love!