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What Would They Know? Summa Routledge and Nandy Gurr of 2celebrants

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Being a celebrant for such an important occasion is a huge responsibility, so the power of a team of two celebrants is just the ticket. Nandy and Summa of 2celebrants so obviously love what they do, and have so much fun doing it together, sharing ideas yet each bringing something quite different to a ceremony. Your new beginning celebrated with love, humour and care is the perfect way to start your wedding day.

How did you get into celebrancy as a profession?

Nandy was always interested and had a desire to be a celebrant. She was out running one day and her running partner told her that she was looking for a celebrant. That spurred Nandy into action! Summa is a teacher, but after having babies loved being at home with them. After seeing a fabulous young celebrant in action in Red Hill at a friend’s wedding, she then decided it was something she too could do!

Why did you decide to form a team?

When Summa became a celebrant we thought it would be fun to join forces and work together. Essentially, we share ideas and our marketing together. So in effect, our couples get the intellectual property of two different celebrants…. Yet we still work individually with couples to create ceremonies. We are so similar and have so much fun that we knew that working together was just another good reason to spend more time with each other!

The White Tree- 2celebrants

Image by The White Tree

What are the unique qualities you bring to wedding celebrancy – because you are a team?

We have the unique situation where we share our ceremonies with each other. We share new ideas, we proof each others’ writing and we network together.

Are couples able to choose one or other of you to conduct their ceremony?

Absolutely. If we are both available on their date then they can most certainly choose from one of us. We encourage that! Although, if that seems overwhelming to our couples we just delegate one of us to their wedding.

T-ONE photography - 2 celebrants

Image by T-One Image

How would you describe your individual styles?

Summa loves to think outside the box and create a ceremony that has a little bit of spunk and encourages her couples to include laughs. She loves to make her ceremonies personal and relatable. Nandy brings so much experience and has a very personal style. She’s amazing at getting to the core of her couples. Both of us are great at adapting the ceremony to ensure it matches the client’s vision perfectly.

What do you enjoy most about being a celebrant?

Both of us love to meet people! We are both huge sticky beaks and love to know juicy details about people’s relationships! Getting to know our couples is so much fun and we both love the ‘high’ of the wedding day.

What are your beliefs about how a wedding ceremony should be conducted?

We believe that while a wedding ceremony is a legal ceremony it can (and should) also be reflective of the couple.. regardless of our own personal views. If our clients want a formal and solemn ceremony then we will cater for that. If our clients want something that is fun, different, relaxed and will make their guests laugh and cry… then we will cater for that. It should be conducted with warmth and be made as easy as possible by the celebrant.

How do you ensure that the ceremony reflects the individual’s personalities and then the couple (as a whole)?

We get to know our couples! We like to meet our couples at least twice. On our second meeting we have questions that we ask both the bride and groom that they are able to answer individually as well as together. This usually gives us a good vibe for the traits that each person brings to the relationship and how they work as a couple.


Image courtesy of 2celebrants

Do you encourage and guide couples to personalize their ceremony – and what do you suggest in this regard? 

YES! Absolutely! We like to create a ceremony that will keep the audience captive and that is to make the ceremony as personalized as possible. People don’t want to hear a celebrant talk about themselves… they want to be able to hear about the bride and groom, the people that they are there celebrating. We suggest writing their own vows and provide resources for doing this. We also have a booklet of readings that we give to our clients amongst other resources. We encourage getting their loved ones involved in the ceremony and help them with ideas on how to do so! We have lots of great ideas (but we’ll keep them up our sleeve for now!).

Julianne Perara Photography 2 celebrants

Image by Julianne Perara Photography

What are the steps you take from when a couple first meets you to the actual ceremony?

Once a couple books one of us in we send them our resource packs (full of readings, vow inspiration etc) and we book in our initial meeting. At this meeting we begin to plan their ceremony and what it will look like. We also take the couple through a ‘questionnaire’ interview where they can tell their story, talk about what marriage means etc. Within 10 days of this meeting they will have their draft ceremony sent to them. From there, we can either meet and refine or email and refine. We strongly suggest a rehearsal (rehearsals are so much fun!) and ensure that we are there at least an hour before their ceremony on their wedding day. After the ceremony we usually mourn our couples!! But we will be in touch to make sure that they have a copy of their final ceremony and let them know when their marriage is registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

How many wedding ceremonies do you conduct each year?

Between 15 – 20 each.

How much time does it take to prepare each wedding ceremony?

We usually allow 5 hours to prepare all the legal documents, write the ceremony and refine the draft. This doesn’t include meeting the couple, the rehearsal or the wedding day.

What tips do you give to the bride and the groom prior to the wedding ceremony?

Ensure that they are surrounded by people that will make the lead up to their big day as relaxed and fun as possible. Try to be organized and listen to your celebrant J Smile during the ceremony and remember to pinch yourself. You only get married once (three times max….)!

Summa - 2 celebrants

Image courtesy of 2celebrants

What are some unusual, or particularly lovely ideas you’ve seen at your ceremonies?

We love when kids are involved, it makes for such a lovely ceremony. We also loved when grandparents are used as witnesses… grandparents are so proud and honoured to be involved. We’ve seen couples who have arrived together and greeted their guests as they arrived. Nandy also married a gorgeous couple in the caves at Mole Creek in Tasmania where the fire flies lit up the cave. It was extraordinary.

How do you celebrate the end of the working week?

G&T with our loved ones!

Thank you Nandy and Summa for sharing your story. Your wedding ceremony crafted your way by two people who love what they do. To find out more about 2celebrants visit the website.

Headshot by Emily Archbald Photography.

Vendor’s Favourites – Good Day Rentals

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Good Day Rentals
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1. Rainbows. Colour, colour, colour, I always say. And although this wedding is not exactly my style, this shot of the rainbow bridal party makes me super happy. Image by Helena and Laurent

2. Brass. Brass for wedding decor has my heart at the moment. My current favourite piece from our vintage hire collection is this beautiful brass tea trolley that I love styling as a coffee table. Image by J Not Jay Images

3. Grasses. Loving the textures, movement and dusty colours that you get from grasses such as pampas grass and purple fountain grass. Use them in bouquets for something different or in your table flowers. Image by Gui Jorge

4. Veils. Flower crowns are nice, but when else will you ever get to wear a veil? This is me at my wedding. I know many brides take off the veil after the ceremony, but I wore mine all night and it has the red wine stains to prove it, thanks to some overzealous huggers! Veil by Hannii. Image by Bridgette Cole

5. Potato Gems. I have loved potato gems since before the beginning of time. So I am pretty gosh darn pleased that they are trendy again and I can get them from my favourite local burger joint, Eat 8 Bit in Footscray. Here they are covered in delicious things like cheese and pickles. Image via Eat 8 Bit

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a fun list of favourites! Oh, I love potato gems too! May I have a big plate please?!

About Good Day Rentals: Hi, we’re Dave and Kate. Good Day Rentals specialises in vintage and retro furniture hire with a hand picked collection of mismatched dining chairs, wooden trestle tables and sweet lounge furniture. Whether you want to deck out your whole wedding or simply create a vintage cool ceremony, Good Day Rentals can create the wedding of your actual dreams.

Hannah and Konrad’s Captured Memories – Nathan Kaso Weddings

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Nathan Kaso Weddings
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At Nathan Kaso Weddings, I really enjoy shooting weddings, and by the end of the night I feel like I know the couple pretty well, and I’m genuinely happy watching them dance the night away. It’s a good feeling, and most of the time it doesn’t feel like work.

So when I get the opportunity to shoot the wedding of a couple of legends I’ve known for years, and I’m mates with nearly half of the guest list, it’s pretty hard not to have a good time! Combine that with a relaxed country wedding on the banks of the beautiful Murray River in Rutherglen and the result is a video that I’ll enjoy looking back on for a long time to come.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a happy and fun day captured so beautifully – the location is so special! 

About Nathan Kaso Weddings: Hi, I’m Nathan. I like going to weddings, and I like making videos. So now I do both! I believe wedding films should be fun, energetic, and reflect the couple’s personality and the mood of the day. Most importantly they should be real, not epic features that look like a Hollywood drama with a cheesy soundtrack to boot.

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