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A Time To Celebrate At Karen Willis Holmes’ New Showroom

by | Event Reviews, Industry News, Wisdom


Ms Filigree


It was with excitement that much of the wedding industry gathered at the newly opened Karen Willis Holmes flagship showroom in Alexandria to celebrate this exciting time for the iconic Australian bridal brand. Nestled in the heart of Alexandria (and just moments away from Max Brenner!) lies the new showroom which is warm, spacious and inviting for bridal parties of all sizes.



As you enter this gorgeous space, dark timbers highlight a beautiful array of white and ivory wedding gowns that are positively to die for! For the launch event, guests were treated to an up close view of a selection of gowns being paraded by models meandering throughout the showroom. As guests mingled amongst the gowns and models, they were entertained by the acoustic melodies of Tillee Music while enjoying delightful canapes and champagne.


As the night progressed, Karen took a moment to share with us her passion for what she does and all that is new for the brand. Working with key vendors in the industry and growing globally with a wonderfully dedicated team, the Karen Willis Holmes brand has firmly established its’ position for quality Australian bridal wear on the global market.



The gowns from Karen Willis Holmes are renowned for their quality and attention to detail which was plain to see throughout the evening. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and structured number, something a little boho or a beaded glamorous gown, there is something for every bride. The new showroom not only allows for privacy for you and your bridal party but also provides bridal parties the opportunity to mingle together – the KWH team will make your experience nothing short of perfect!


This is such an exciting time for the Karen Willis Holmes brand and we are certainly very excited to see what the future holds for this wonderful label! Congratulations to their dedicated team and all that they have achieved.



Images via Karen Willis Holmes

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations to the KWH team; such exciting times with a new showroom for your glamorous couture designs!

7 Things To Consider If You’re Planning A Food Truck Wedding

by | Food & Catering Wisdom, Wisdom


Here Comes The Truck
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There is an emerging change in the way couples are celebrating their weddings. As glorious as they are, we are no longer locked into the classic reception centre that hosts hundreds of weddings and witnesses far too many tragic dance moves. Hip couples are now looking for more creative ways to celebrate their love – ways that really reflect the way they like to party!

From the trendy urban warehouse to the relaxed country barn, a suburban bowls club, or perhaps a boho tipi wedding on a friend’s property, alternatives venues are becoming more on trend. Many of these locations are perfect venues to have your favourite food truck serve up tasty treats to your family and friends.

At Here Comes The Truck, we think that just because you want your wedding day to be relaxed and unique, it doesn’t mean that you have to skim on comfort, style or food. Should you decide to take the challenge and host your food truck wedding somewhere a little alternative, here are a few points to consider.

1.Food. It’s all about the food! (when it’s not about the two of you of course!) Sharing meals with your nearest and dearest is an expression of intimacy and none more so than the food you share on your wedding day. There is no better way to supply good food to chic venues than with your favourite food truck. Melbourne’s food truck scene is filled to the brim with suppliers of tasty food. Our suggestion would be to get out there and taste what those trucks can serve up! Make sure the food is inline with what you are after. It’s a tough challenge, but there’s no doubt you can do it!



2.Venue. When considering a venue it’s always an idea to think about whether it reflects your lifestyle. Think about the places you love to go with family and friends and consider whether the venue gives you a similar vibe. Remember you will add your own personal touches to the venue to create the mood you are after, so a good imagination is vital.




3.Bar. The drink selection helps to set the tone of your wedding. A swanky drink selection with a feature cocktail in the mix indicates an elegant night ahead, or perhaps a more relaxed feel is in order with a range of craft beers on tap. Whatever the case a mobile bar operator would be handy in providing staff to serve up the refreshments!


4. Style. Decide on the look and feel of your wedding and have a dedicated person bring this to life for you. Perhaps you may want to personalize the styling by making some items yourself, however another set of hands will make all the difference to your ability to relax and enjoy the day.



5. Staff. It’s always a good idea to consider other people to roll out the day for you. Wait staff and an onsite manager allows you, your friends and family to truly relax and enjoy the day. Having someone on site to run the ins and outs means that your closest friends (and granny) will be right by your side, busting moves on the dance floor!


Images by Here Comes The Truck 

6. Relax. The most important thing to remember is that everyone is at your wedding for you. They are there to celebrate your union and enjoy themselves. One thing is for sure that the more relaxed your vibe, the more fun everyone will have.

7. Dare to be different and create your ultimate wedding!


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such great advice – the tip about trying the different fare from food trucks is a great one; how about we start with nachos and go through to gelati?! Yum!

About Here Comes The Truck: We have aligned ourselves with Melbourne’s most popular and independent food truck vendors, offering a wide variety of cuisine ranging from Mexican to Vegan, to deliver you a ‘gob-smackingly’ delicious event! Matching awesome food with our mobile bar services, handcrafted styling, venue set up and management is what we do best, creating unique celebrations at almost any off-beat venue by trucking it in.

Behind The Door With…..Fiona Claire

by | Behind The Door With ..., Wisdom


Amelia Waddell Of Make Your Day Wedding Styling
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One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is picking out your dress, and this week on ‘Behind The Door With’, I’m chatting with Fiona from Fiona Claire, a beautiful boutique bridal studio based in Melbourne’s inner east.

Fiona has spent 15 years in the bridal, retail and fashion industries and tells me she has always loved the attention to detail involved in the creation of a wedding dress, from starting out in the bridal industry aged 20. Fiona then went on to work with many of Australia’s most famous brands, but always had an eye for bridal.


As with many of the businesses I chat to, Fiona started the brand designing dresses for friends, most of whom were looking for something more paired back and refined than the fluffy bridal gowns available at some stores. Fiona tells me that her mantra is to “wear the dress don’t let the dress wear you” and that she prefers to design dresses with a beautiful fit and an elegant, understated aesthetic.


There are nine gown designs in Fiona Claire’s new collection ‘Infinity’, and I love the modern shapes and sleek fabrics. I can imagine them fitting in perfectly at an elegant winery wedding or as a beautiful natural look for a garden ceremony.


“Dress shopping should be a celebratory time” says Fiona. “I want brides to feel empowered and confident in their wedding dress.” Fiona believes that this can be achieved through creating a respectful and collaborative environment at her atelier in Richmond.



The atelier is available by appointment only and Fiona meets with each bride to ensure that they feel comfortable and inspired for their wedding day ahead. Big couches are perfect for the bride’s family and friends and a rack of dresses in the finest silks sure catches your eye.

Next door is the studio where Fiona and her team design and fit dresses to ensure no detail is missed. Each gown is made to measure in the bespoke studio, which Fiona established in 2015. Fiona and team work closely with the highly skilled dressmakers, and together the team ensures that every stitch and cut is just right.



How refreshing to have a designer who cares not only about her brides look but also about how her brides feel in the dress!

Images by Charlie Payne Photography , Will Watt and Fiona Claire


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such beautiful understated and sophisticated designs; timeless with a refined sense of chic!

About Amelia Waddell of Make Your Day Wedding Styling: I’m a wedding stylist and proud store owner who loves to chat weddings with everyone and anyone! I love to talk shop with other business owners (particularly over some chocolate cake!) and am the first to try and have a sticky beak behind the scenes of any event. My free time is spent ‘investigating’ new cafes, stores and events.

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