Katherine’s ‘something blue’ for her wedding day was the bluest-of-blue skies in the Blue Mountains in Sydney. The weather made everyone happy, including our wedding cinematographer, who filmed countless beautiful scenes of Katherine and Guy in front of a breathtaking canvas of grassy fields and flourishing trees at Seclusions wedding venue in Rydal.

Of course, the backdrop couldn’t match the beauty of the bride, or the happiness of the day.

Ms ZigZag says: What a perfect blue sky day for the happy couple. I’m so thrilled that Katherine and Guy will be taken straight back to the emotion of this day every time they watch it! 

About Marry Me Movies: As wedding cinematographers we don’t just ‘video your wedding’, we capture priceless moments and memories. We use cinematic quality imagery combined with a documentary style of storytelling to create a spellbinding wedding film. A ‘forever film’ that will ignite memories and infuse magic into any moment of any day, for the rest of your days – allowing you to fall in love again and again.

When speaking with a lot of couples in the early planning stages of the wedding they often have the idea in their heads for a large wedding with 100+ guests. Whilst for some this is unavoidable, due to large extended families or big groups of friends, they just have to invite, it is interesting to see from the initial enquiry to the actual wedding just how many couples reduce their numbers.

Weddings are expensive affairs these days. Of course there are ways you can save a dollar and with websites such as Pinterest providing such amazing wedding inspo, it is easy to see why some people are going for the ‘back yard wedding’ options and looking after their own flowers, decor, favours etc.

However, when looking at the numbers for your wedding don’t just think about the costs, we would encourage you to think about who you really want to share your special day.

Long after you get married and when you think about those people who attended your wedding, there will likely be a small handful who still play a huge role in your life. Close family are in it for the long haul, but cousins you see once every ten years or work colleagues who you feel you ought to invite, but are ‘real’ friends perhaps shouldn’t make the grade? Weddings are expensive, but they are also a special day where two people should be surrounded by the people who mean to the most to them.

Our advice is write the guest list and then come back to it a few days later and really think about those family and friends who play a huge role in your life and most likely will do for many years to come – they are the ones you should have with you on your special day.

Images by Brooke Miles Photography

Ms Polka Dot says: We agree! Being really honest about who will be in your life in the future, and not being sucked into ‘inviting for the sake of inviting’, will make your wedding more personal as you share your day with the ones you truly love.

About Lure Abell Point Marina: If the thought of a sophisticated Whitsundays’ waterfront reception venue arouses your curiosity, we invite you to explore Abell Point Marina located in one of the most iconic destinations in Australia. Picturesque waterfront views overlooking the Whitsunday Islands encompass turquoise sea vistas by day, ever-changing hues of pink and orange at sunset and the twinkle of yachts on the water by night.

Image by Love Marie

This week on Behind the Door I’m visiting a stunning boutique bridal store, Love Marie, in Camden, NSW. Camden is less than an hour’s drive from Sydney and full of cute shops, interesting cafes and the perfect little side trip to go bridal gown shopping! Love Marie is owned by Amy Oram and named after Amy’s grandmother Marie. “I was very close to my grandma and she was always interested in my work” says Amy “So it made sense that I named my store after her”.

Image by Love Marie

Amy started in bridal six years ago when she created her couture headpiece label Teeki. “I started making headpieces in my mums lounge room” says Amy “then it grew to a studio space, but I’d always loved the idea of getting a store”. Noticing that many brides wanted to try on dresses, headpieces and veils in the same space and after following many overseas bridal designers, Amy decided to open Love Marie to create a full bridal styling experience.

Image by Love Marie

“I came across the perfect store almost by accident” says Amy “I was just walking past and saw the beautiful exposed brick, beautiful flooring and thought, this is it!”. With a fantastic base to work with Amy says setting up the store was more like accessorizing, adding shelving and racks herself to display the beautiful dresses and headpieces. There’s also a fantastic selection of gifts perfect for bridesmaids and brides to treat themselves or someone special.

Image by Love Marie

Image by Love Marie

The store is open by appointment only, so brides have the luxury of having the whole store to themselves during an appointment. “It’s a really special time”  says Amy “so it’s nice to be able to give the bride my full attention and create a relaxing, calm and quiet environment to try on dresses and headpieces”.

Image by Fortunate Fellow Photography

Image by Meghan Savage Photo

Amy has also recently been hosting workshops in the space which she tells me has been great for feeling part of the close knit local community and meeting both brides and other women interested in learning a new skill such as macrame. Lot’s of new workshops such as makeup and styling tips are planned for the future and I bet everyone loves hanging out in such a special space whether they are getting married or not!

Image by Love Marie

I ask Amy if she has any exciting future plans for the store and she tells me she’s really excited to visit New York next month to source new designers and dresses for next season. “I really believe that Australia is catching up to the rest of the world when it comes to on trend, quality bridal” says Amy “I love bringing beautiful worldwide designs to my little corner of the world”. What an amazing destination store Love Marie is!

Image by Love Marie

Ms Polka Dot says: There’s nothing like trying on your gown with a range of accessories all in the one place to choose the perfect pieces.

About Amelia Waddell of Make Your Day Wedding Styling: I’m a wedding stylist and proud store owner who loves to chat weddings with everyone and anyone! I love to talk shop with other business owners (particularly over some chocolate cake!) and am the first to try and have a sticky beak behind the scenes of any event. My free time is spent ‘investigating’ new cafes, stores and events.