OUI! Merci Bouquet Wedding Style Guide ~ Autumn 2015

Autumn Style… there’s certainly something about the changing colour of the leaves to inspire creativity and new designs. For us at Merci Bouquet, Autumn is all about rich tones and delicious textures. It’s almost as though we bring Mother Nature into your hands on your wedding day! And how wonderful is that! Take the time to talk to your florist about how to bring a little bit of Autumn into your bouquet and wedding flowers; the results will be stunning, timeless and unique.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas to inspire your Autumn wedding…

1. Autumn leaves in brown and orange create a perfect ground coverage.

Autumn Wedding Merci Bouquet

Raoul Tackleburg

2. Rich colours, textures and shapes make a showstopping statement.

Autumn Wedding Merci Bouquet
Artsnic Photography

3. Different colours in the same rich red palette work with striking effect.

Autumn Wedding Merci Bouquet

Artsnic Photography

4. Stronger shades of purples and pinks are balanced by the softness of pastels. 

Autumn Wedding Merci Bouquet

Dig It Photography

For more wedding inspiration, please download OUI! our Merci Bouquet Wedding Style Guide for Autumn here.  We will release a Style Guide every season full of our own designs, ideas and information on us (and of course, flowers!)


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Ms Chinoiserie says: What a great idea this is! Check this out for some very useful information and beautiful images to inspire your wedding and create something that is uniquely ‘you’.

Jennie of Merci Bouquet says: My passion is creating beauty through flowers and making life that little bit more beautiful for everyone. Flowers are indeed food for the soul. With Bec as our dedicated Wedding Co- ordinator and me as Creative director overseeing all of our weddings, we know we will make your wedding day dreams come true!

Pre-Wedding Jitters Or Cold Feet?

Image by Nina Claire Photography via Afternoon Engagement Shoot In Homebush

No two relationships are the same and no two people experience love the same, and it’s this fact that most people don’t realise during the early stages of their relationships.

We’ve all experienced the ‘honeymoon’ period and have our doses of butterflies, endless back and forth text messages and the all consuming thoughts of our object of desire, however when the lust starts to subside and real love begins to develop is when most of my clients seek out my services.

Why? Because real love can be scary.

Don’t assume it’s only woman who have pre-wedding freak outs, because I can testify that nearly half of my clients are men experiencing them too.

The most common anxieties and fears that I hear from my clients surrounding their wedding (and relationship) focus on questions such as:

* What if they aren’t the one?
* What if they’re not my ‘soulmate’?
* Why don’t I get excited as much anymore?
* What happened to the butterflies?
* I want the ‘spark’ back
* Do I love them enough?
* What if one day I don’t find them attractive?
* What if I ‘fall’ out of love?
* Have I made the right choice?
* What if they change?

and so much more

Any of these sounding familiar to you? Rest assured you are not alone if they do because it’s completely healthy (and normal) to have these questions roaming through your mind when you’re going through one of life’s biggest transitions.

Part of my job is to listen to how people really feel in the lead up to their marriages and allow them to feel that way without being embarrassed, ashamed or even guilty.

I focus on relationships because it has come to my attention that most people don’t feel comfortable talking about how they truly feel in the lead up to their wedding day. This may be due to fear of the potential response, fear of judgement, fear of having to explain their feelings to friends/parents and their partner (when they might not even understand them themselves!), fear of having to let go of old beliefs and the biggest fear of having to surrender ones need for control.

Getting married is a big deal! It is letting go of single hood, letting go of yourself and entrusting your goals, dreams, ambitions and your heart into that of one person – forever. It is without a doubt (in my opinion) a time when you are expected (and most certainly allowed) to experience moments of doubt and hesitation.

If you are one of the men/woman experiencing pre-wedding jitters or engagement/relationship anxiety please remember you are not alone, and it’s a lot more common then you think.

Ms Gingham says: Hugely normal at many big occasions in your life as a couple. Communication (which is harder than we sometimes think) is the key.

Megan Luscombe of Starting Today Coaching has just launched a workshop specifically designed for these women who might be experiencing what’s essentially a normal reaction to a major life transition. These seminars will take place nationally with the next one occurring in Melbourne on July 27 at the Rydges Melbourne.

Good Reads: The Business Of Being Creative

Polka Dot Wisdom is all about the wedding business- whether it’s insights from wedding professionals, behind the scenes at industry events or connecting with each other and making our businesses better.

One thing I want to share with you are some of the amazing pieces of writing I read, enjoy and find useful in my everyday work at Polka Dot Bride.

The Business Of Being Creative is a blog aimed at wedding professionals (or really anyone in the creative industry) by business consultant Sean Low. Sean is amazing mind who has previously worked companies like Preston Bailey. He’s based in New York City but as with most good business advice- you don’t need to live near him to get the benefits of his words.

I constantly pull nuggets of gold from Sean’s posts, from a good hard look at what we’re doing and where we’re going to something that helps me get past a particular problem. I always walk away with a seed implanted in my brain ready to take another step- the next step in making a fantastic & fufilling business.

You can read The Business Of Being Creative here.