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How To Match Your Wedding Band To Engagement Ring

by | Jewellery Wisdom, Wisdom


Jenny Wescott

How to Match Your Engagement Ring to Your Wedding Ring

Choosing a complementary wedding band for your engagement ring can be a tricky task. After all, you want it to stand out, but it still needs to look the part sitting next to your engagement ring.

Fortunately, there are a couple of tricks of the trade you can employ when it comes to finding the perfect partner for your engagement ring. Read on to find out more:

Two of a Kind

Picture of two rings on a leaf & petal

Image courtesy of Seth Lemmons

Is your engagement ring made from soft metal? If so, then it’s a good idea to choose a soft metal wedding band too. This is because hard metal rings can rub against soft metal rings and damage them over time.

It’s also a good idea to match the colour of your wedding bands. If you’ve gone for a platinum engagement ring, opt for a platinum wedding band. Not only will your rings look they were meant for each other, they will also wear at the same rate, so you won’t have one ring looking brand new, whilst the other one is looking a little tired!

Head to Sparkle Central

A Matching Platinum Wedding Ring and engagement Ring

Image courtesy of The Diamond Ring Company

Another effective way of matching your rings is to incorporate the same gems on each ring. This can tie two designs together very effectively, as well as making your finger extra sparkly!
Including gems on both rings will also help mask any scrapes and scratches a plain wedding band might obtain over the course of a lifetime. Make sure your gems match by following the same cut, clarity and carat specifications of your engagement ring.

Make Room for The Perfect Fit

Custom Design wedding bands

Image courtesy of Seth Lemmons

Have you considered a custom designed band to shape around your engagement ring? This can be a totally bespoke design and is a nice way to complement an awkward-shaped engagement ring.
You can, of course, purchase wedding band sets, where the engagement ring and wedding band are designed as a pair. However, more people are employing the skills of master jewellers to turn their designs into reality.

Don’t Upstage the Wedding Ring

Dont Upstage

Image courtesy of Chris Williamson

Depending on the type of engagement ring you have chosen, you will need to be very careful when it comes to looking at the width of your wedding band. Engagement rings run the risk of overshadowing delicate wedding bands. However, if you ensure your wedding band is slightly wider, it won’t be dominated by your engagement ring, regardless of how sparkly it is!

Ring Twins

Image by Moreland Photography via Style Me Pretty

Don’t forget, you can always match your wedding ring with that of your significant other. Why not get the same inscription on both of your bands? Or how about the date of your big day?
You could also think about including the same type of gem from your engagement ring into the groom’s wedding band too. Although this is fairly unusual and will depend on the groom’s style. Spend plenty of time conducting research and utilise the help of your friends and family to get their ideas on how you can find the perfect partner for your engagement ring.

Don’t be shy and dismiss any ring styles or diamond cuts that you hadn’t previously considered. It’s fine to experiment. After all, this is huge purchase! However, it’s not wise to head for anything too trendy. Bear in mind, this is a piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life, with a range of outfits! Yes, it needs to be original and meaningful, but it should also be timeless and something you are proud to wear every day.

Ms Gingham says: Plenty of things to consider here and lots of opportunity to really customise this important piece of jewellery.

Jenny says: I am passionate about all things related to love and romance. I love to read write and share anything to do with the big day ;)

What Would They Know? Jeffrey Xiong of In A Maze Films

by | Cinematography Wisdom, What Would They Know?, Wisdom


Polka Dot Bride

Jeffrey of In A Maze films exudes a passion for his chosen career. With a childhood spent in Japan immersing himself in fine arts and calligraphy, Jeffrey showed prodigious talent in these areas and had his first exhibition in his primary school years. This talent is now being channeled into producing incredible wedding films that, in his words, take you to “a world filled with happiness and some teary moments that take your breath away. ” Add another view of your wedding day through a filmmaker’s lens. “You will find yourself engulfed in its sheer bliss” as you re-live your memories of the day.

What inspired you to start in the cinematography profession?

I started Fine Arts and Chinese Calligraphy since I was young. My mastery over art making gained me noteworthy attention in Japan where my work was showcased in an exhibition just when I was in primary school. My background in art making and film production fuelled my passion in this field and motivated me to take up a career in multimedia design and filmmaking in Australia. I have gained tremendous experience working with major brands in Sydney and worldwide. After gaining valuable experience in design and film making, I finally found the right direction for my passion. By capturing the intense, blissful moments of a wedding and producing artistic and emotional wedding films through that, I would like to give couples a wonderful, cinematic experience and allow them to relive their magical moments through these films.

In A Maze is an unusual name for a business why this name?

Everything is fresh, new and vibrating with life. And in all this confusion and emotion, you have to make a decision. A decision that has the power to change your life forever. This is what happens when you’re in a maze. Your life might give you two alternating path, but one of them can change your destiny forever because that one path offers you something that can fill your life with wonderment; it offers you the promise of one true love.

This is what you will feel when you help us reconnect you with your journey and the promise of hope renewed. You will find love and expectations and surprises and emotions. The film will be a roller coaster ride for you. We will take you through the beautiful moments that will put in a maze but at the end of it you will find your path entwined with your loved one. In a maze re-scripts your destiny for you and presents it in the most incredible way possible. This is why we call it ‘in a maze’ because nothing dazzles you more than seeing your life journey through someone else’s eyes. The bliss you feel when you see a perfect ending for yourself. The joy you experience when you have a partner for life. And the happiness that courses through you when your journey comes to a wonderful end. It’s all depicted beautifully in a maze!

How long have you been a cinematographer?

7 Years.

Why do you especially enjoy wedding cinematography?

I can feel the love around, meeting awesome people and places. To discover their beautiful stories.

How would you describe your film style?

Artistic, Natural and Emotional.

What can a cinematographer give a client that differs from a photographer?

We don’t normally shoot what the photographer shoots (except formalities), couples hire photographers and cinematographers for different purpose. The words people spoken, the reaction when the couple see each other at first time is unique. You never gonna get same reaction in two different weddings.

Do you plan the shots for the day, and/or do a look around the area before the wedding to plan for places to film the couple?

We always love to plan some shots and scout the location if we are not familiar with (it) to make sure we know what to do on the wedding day, and let our couples to enjoy the day.

Do you have two people filming on the wedding day, so that you dont miss a thing?

Most of our weddings are filmed by two people.

Typically when does the filming commence for the bridal couple?

We start early morning to film bridal preparations.

What are the first steps when a bridal couple contacts you? How do you get to know their particular style?

Everyone has different taste of how the film looks like. We ask what they like, which is their favourite movie, what music they listen to. Of course their love story.

Do you offer same day edits?

Yes. Our SDE has just won AVPA 2014 award.

Do you offer packages? What is your most popular package, and what does this include?

Our package is to cover all the important parts of the wedding, our signature package is not really a hourly based package. Telling  better stories by capturing every magic moment is way more important than asking our couple to extend our coverage on the day for extra $$$.

Creatively, where, and doing what, makes you feel most inspired?

Seeing people in love and put ourselves as part of the wedding to enjoy their celebrations. Apart from filmmaking, I love adventure and I travel around the world every year in search of invaluable stories that need to be showcased to the world.

What are some favourite destinations you have visited in the course of your work?

New Zealand.

In what ways do you regularly challenge yourself creatively with your film work?

We always challenge ourselves to tell better stories. As you can see, every new films we produced, you can tell there are always something fresh in it.

Do you always have a camera with you even on your days off?

Most time with my phone camera.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Travel, Music and enjoy everyday with my baby Lynette and families.

Thank you Jeffrey for sharing your story. To find out more about In a Maze Films please visit the website.

Headshot courtesy of In a Maze Films

A Darling Affair Hits Brisbane

by | Event Reviews, Wisdom


Ms Chevron

Brisbane felt the love this January when A Darling Affair landed on our heat-drenched ground for the very first time. With soaring temperatures and committed vendors, the wedding fair saw more than 1000 people through the doors. We got the latest scoop from Emma at A Darling Affair as to how the day went:

“We had three fashion parades on the day which was a huge success, drawing really large crowds and lots of interest from Brides & Grooms-to-be.”


 Gown by Jennifer Gifford Designs, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke


 Gown by Begitta, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke


 Suit by Urbbana


Suit by Black Jacket Suiting, Dress by Anna Dutton Couture, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke


 Gown by Anna Dutton Couture, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke

“We also had a fantastic and very popular picnic/chill out zone in the gardens with lots of foodies filling bellies and some beautiful relaxed seating in the shade. We saw our guests chilling out, eating good food, and chatting about all the rad vendors they’d just met inside the fair.”

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-119 The Curious Caravan

 The Curious Caravan

ADA-BNE-2015-FS-292 Florido

Florido Weddings

ADA-BNE-2015-S2-052 Ryder Evans

 Ryder Evans

“We work extremely hard to keep the A Darling Affair brand to the high standard that it’s become known for. We carefully hand select the freshest and most creative vendors on the scene at the moment and we are always so proud of their hard work and at the incredible stalls they bring to life on the day of our fairs.  We like to put on a visual feast that leaves people’s jaws hanging open and we can proudly say that we achieved that again with our most recent Brisbane A Darling Affair Fair.”

 ADA-BNE-2015-S2-101 Perfectly Sweet

 Perfectly Sweet Lolly and Candy Buffets

ADA-BNE-2015-S1-056 Chase the Sun

Chase the Sun Calligraphy and Design

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-076 Fergus and the Cat

 Fergus and the Cat

We also spoke with some of the vendors to get their thoughts on emerging wedding trends for 2015:

There are some incredible food and beverage vans around at the moment and we were lucky enough to have some of them join us in Brisbane – The Curious Caravan, Chiptease, Yummi Fruit Ice-Creamery, I heart Brownies, Gathering Events, Pop Taco, Pizzacantica – our couples are loving the funky backyard vibe these guys bring to events. {Emma from A Darling Affair}

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-124 I Love Brownies

I Heart Brownies

This year we’re seeing a lot of copper and brass detailing coupled with cascading foliage and drop down pendant lighting. A winning combination if you ask us! {Natalie from Autumn Grove Events}.

ADA-BNE-2015-S3-043 Autumn Grove Events

Autumn Grove Events

I can definitely see more and more copper coming through to wedding stationery. {Ellen from Blushing Confetti}

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-008 Hansel and Gretel Cakes

Hansel and Gretel Cakes

We also saw the come back of the round reception table… except this time they are beautiful hardwood round tables which are a little smaller than your standard size and promote guest interaction. {Emma from A Darling Affair}

ADA-BNE-2015-S1-101 Lovestruck

Lovestruck Event Hire and Styling

It’s all about the Hamptons look with clean lines, crisp linens and lots of flowers and foliage. Bright, bold colours, with touch of geometric and a lot of interesting, creative light installations are also getting our creative juices flowing! {Amanda from Avé Events Wedding and Event Planning}

ADA-BNE-2015-S2-033 Hampton Event Hire

Hampton Event Hire


We are absolutely loving the trend for wild and unstructured bouquets that has begun to emerge over the last couple of years. It’s that boho type of bridal style paired with a statement bouquet in rich colours and luscious foliage that we just love! {Clare from Little Flower Company}


ADA-BNE-2015-S1-006 The Little Flower Company

Little Flower Company


I think that fresh, healthy and glowing skin; chocolate smokey eyes and soft lips; and romantic and effortless hair styles will be back for 2015. {Khesanh from The Beauty Case}



Gowns by Jennifer Gifford Designs, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke

But in the end, perhaps it’s as simple as taking the wise words from Lindsay Carroll, celebrant, “My advice on emerging wedding trends is to take no notice, buck the trends and craft your day so that it reflects what you and your partner are all about!”


Image by The Photo Booth Collective

So, if you’re planning a wedding in the sunshine state, then make sure you don’t miss the next A Darling Affair:

Night time wedding festival on Friday 29 May 2015 at the Gold Coast

Relaxed market style day on Saturday 29 August 2015 at the Sunshine Coast

Images supplied by A Darling Affair.

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