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Picking The Right Live Band For Your Wedding

by | Entertainment Wisdom, Wisdom


Funkified Entertainment, Funkified Entertainment Pty Ltd
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Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to go with a live band for your wedding day! Not only will a live band provide an infectious energy, they’ll take song requests, interact with the audience and will do everything to ensure that you and your guests have a night you will never forget!

Not only that, live entertainment can dedicate songs to special people in the audience, bringing an excellent combination of warmth, energy, and just a bit of traditionalism to ensure everyone has a good time. The energy of the band members can also bring about a positive change in people, such as encourage guests to get up and get dancing! This is because they are there to perform and can be seen, not just heard. They’re up there to entertain everyone. They show it in their bodies, their movements, attire, equipment and props.

So how do you pick the right live band to play at your wedding? Here are some good points to consider:

1.What genres are you interested in? Think of what kind of audience they’ll have, the space, location, and theme of your wedding and reception. The music should be an accommodating sound that amplifies the good vibes and romance that is filling the air.


2. What is their practiced repertoire? Do you have certain songs you’d like them to play? Do they have enough time to rehearse these songs? If you have any specific songs in mind for your wedding but aren’t sure your band can play them, go ahead and ask! If you give them enough notice they are likely to be able to learn them for your big day.

3. Have you heard them play before? It’s best to ask for a sample of their music so you can get a feel of their sound to see if they will work well with the audience and what you want.

4. What do you need them to play for? Is it just the wedding, or also the reception?


5. How long can you book them for? Do they have another event that same day that may interfere or hinder their performance for your wedding?

6. How much equipment will they bring? What is the space needed to fit this equipment? Do you have enough space to accommodate it all? Have they practiced in the space allocated to them?

7. Will they also MC the reception? Are they willing to MC? Do they have MC experience? Do they have the right humour, professionalism, and charisma that you’re looking for in an MC to keep your wedding entertaining?

8. Will you be hiring one live band, or a couple on rotation?

Once you have picked the right live band for you, start thinking of the songs you would like played throughout your big day and start writing them down so you don’t forget! Closer to the wedding you will be asked to create a schedule or a running order for you day (your event or venue planner will likely be able to help you with this). Once complete, ensure you get a copy over to your band members so they can clearly see how the day is planned to unfold.

At the end of the day, booking a band is one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding. Just ensure that you follow the steps above and preferably see the band live before you book; you can then enjoy watching your guests dance until their feet hurt on your big day!

Images via Funkified Entertainment


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Really helpful advice to ensure you book the band that’s right for your wedding; seeing the band before you book is an absolute must!

About Funkified Entertainment: Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so naturally you want everything to be perfect. When it comes to finding the right music for your special day, Funkified Entertainment can take care of everything, eliminating the stress so you can simply enjoy the celebration. Whether you want people on their feet dancing, laid back grooves, or sophisticated strings, we can match you and your partner with the perfect wedding entertainment.

What Would They Know? Matthew Evans of Matthew Evans Photography

by | Photography Wisdom, What Would They Know?, Wisdom


Polka Dot Bride

Matthew Evans Photography

The magnificent landscape of Queensland just exudes drama and romance. Whether it’s on a tropical island, on a beach or in amongst the cane fields the photo opportunities are plenty. Matt of Matthew Evans Photography photographs weddings all around Queensland and beyond, and uses the landscape to create atmosphere in his stunning wedding photographs. There’s nothing like seeing yourselves against a sunset dwarfed by the vista beyond – yet somehow, you are still the focus of the image. Seeing magic – and capturing the magic for posterity, is Matthew’s love and passion.

What or who encouraged you to take up photography as a profession?

Growing up my mum was the family photographer. When I was 10 our family travelled Australia in a caravan and I was gifted my mum’s old Canon AE1. I loved taking photos of absolutely everything, then seeing the developed shots several weeks later.

We finished our travels in Cairns and my parents bought a business called Paronella Park. Paronella Park is a magical, photogenic location and during my years working there as a Tour Guide I was inspired to take beautiful nature shots. I then studied a Multimedia Degree to further my photography knowledge. In 2010 my sister asked if I would photograph her wedding and from there the business took off.

I have my mum, my sister and Paronella Park to thank!

Matthew Evans Photography 1

Where are you based and what areas of QLD do you cover?

I am based in the Northern Beaches in Cairns. I shoot local weddings from Newell Beach, Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Mission Beach and everything in between. I also travel within Queensland and have photographed weddings in Townsville, Rockhampton and Maleny.

Do you travel to shoot weddings?

I always love to travel to new destinations for weddings, last year I shot a couple on the Sunshine Coast, one in Hawaii and also travelled for a wedding to Stradbroke Island. Shooting in new locations is one of the best things I can do as a Wedding Photographer as it really inspires my creativity and pushes me to create better work.

The surroundings play a starring role in the beauty of the images you take – the sky, shadows, water droplets. How do you ensure that the enormity of the surroundings enhance the shot of the bridal couple, rather than dominate it?

Most of the weddings I shoot are couples that have travelled to Tropical North Queensland for a destination wedding specifically for what the region has to offer. They’re here for an exciting and relaxing wedding in a unique environment with their friends and family. While I deliver a variety of photos to the couple, I find that it’s the big environmental photos that really capture people’s eyes. These are the images couples like to display in their homes.

Wedding photographs with amazing scenery work so well as the viewer’s eyes will always be drawn to the people in the image, the scenery really just enhances a picture of a beautiful couple. I use the environment I’m shooting in to my advantage to create a magical photo.

Matthew Evans Photography 2


You must have to get into some strange situations to take these shots – knee deep in water, in fountains etc. How much do you ‘sacrifice’ to get the shot you want?

I love shooting in the rain at night. If it starts raining during the reception, I’ll see if I can get the bride and groom outside for an amazing photo. Usually I’ll give them an umbrella and cover my flash with a plastic bag, but unfortunately I end up getting pretty wet.

I love low camera angles to mix things up, this used to mean lying on the ground and getting pretty dirty. Fortunately, the modern cameras I use now have flip out LCD screens which means I don’t need to do this anymore.

I do still take my shoes off every now and then to get that perfect shot from across the water.

Is there something about QLD that is different to other States as far as surroundings, light or other qualities?

Tropical North Queensland has some very unique venues for weddings. From tropical islands and sand cays to rainforest and beach. One of the great advantages we have is the perfect 25 °C days in the winter. This means couples and wedding guests can escape the cold of the south and combine a wedding with a fantastic holiday.

Matthew Evans Photography 4

What is it about QLD weddings that you love?

I love getting to meet so many lovely couples, they’re adventurous and want timeless photographs on their big day, they’re excitement is infectious.

I also get to work with great wedding suppliers, we’re a relatively small community so we all work together which has created some strong friendships.

How do you prepare for each wedding so that your shots don’t become formulaic?

My aim every wedding is to create unique images. In my down time I’m researching ideas and when I’m out shooting I’m looking for amazing light and genuine interaction. This makes the photos I deliver to the couple personalised and unique.

How do you use the vibe in a room to your advantage to take great shots?

Personalities make a big contribution to the images I take throughout the day. A relaxed and quiet group results in lots of experimental angles and techniques while a wild group results in lots of close up action.

How do you approach the first meeting with the bridal couple?

I like to ensure the couple know that I am all about them and what they want on the day, no wedding is the same and I don’t provide stock standard images, therefore I listen to what the couples expectations are and I tailor my style to suit.

The first meeting is always fun, I love to hear an excited couple sharing the details of their wedding from theme, colours, dress, suits, style etc.

Matthew Evans Photography 5


What do you offer as part of your wedding packages?

My base package offers 10 hours coverage and I deliver a USB with all the edited images. I also have album packages offering beautiful books from Seldex Albums.

Is photography a dream profession for you? What is it that keeps the dream alive?

Wedding photography is incredibly rewarding and most definitely a dream profession for me. I love working for myself and really enjoy the learning experience from every wedding I shoot. I think my passion for wedding photography and my clients love of my work is what keeps this dream alive.

Matthew Evans Photography 3

What are your favourite places in QLD to have a wedding, or go for a short break?

One of my favorite wedding locations is Fitzroy Island, it’s never crowded and the water is always blue and clear, I can always create amazing once off images. It’s also a great spot for a short break.

I also love to shoot at Lake Tinaroo Resort, it has a picturesque country feel to it and the weather is fantastic.

A wedding photographer’s life involves a lot of weekend work. How do you ensure that you have plenty of balance in your life?

The main thing I think every wedding photographer should consider is not working Sundays. I’ll only work if I’m shooting a full wedding, other than that it’s a day with my wife, family and friends. Even just a meeting or 1-hour shoot can disrupt the day, and limit plans. Having a full day like this each week is essential to a good work/life balance.

Thank you Matthew for sharing your story. I love the grand views in these images – showcasing nature and the bride and groom in all their glory! To find out more about Matthew Evans Photography visit the website.

Images by Matthew Evans Photography.

Headshot by Jaypee Abraham of Coast Wedding Photography.

From Inside The Studio: Why Good Measurements Matter

by | Fashion Wisdom, Wisdom


Studio C Bridal
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One of the most iconic pieces of sewing equipment is the tape measure. A good dressmaker never goes anywhere without one! Mary Poppins used one to ‘measure up’ the children when she moved into Cherry Tree Lane, Mr Ollivander measured Harry for his wand in the shop in Diagon Alley, and even Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother had one, but what secrets does it hold? How do you make the most of it? And why do measurements really matter?!

The long and the short of it is, every single person is different. In Australia, we have ‘standard size’, though I’m personally not a fan of that idea. Suitable for mass manufacturing, but not so great for couture bridal. It’s less common to fit into one standard size than it is to be various sizes, in various stores, on various days! So instead of making to a standard size, then doing alterations, a couture dressmaker will be making something that fits your shape, right from the start!

The basic measurements are obvious – bust, waist, and hip. But even then, did you know there is a ‘high hip’ and a ‘low hip’? And, where are these measurements taken? If your wedding dress maker only takes these three, I’d be running for the hills. There is much more to it once you sew professionally – most couturiers will have a personalised list of anywhere between 15-50 measurements to take, and will customise those which are important based on the style of your dress and your body shape.


Each designer and dressmaker will work differently – for example, inches or centimetres, order of measurements taken, and even how they take them. Your bridal dressmaker will guide you through how to stand while your measurements are taken, as changes in your posture will affect the slope of your shoulder, your weight shifting will change your leg length, and if you’re busy looking at what they are doing, you won’t be standing as tall as you can! Keep in mind that no body is perfectly symmetrical, and in some cases left and right versions may need to be taken.

Many brides focus on eating healthily and exercising more in the lead up to their wedding day, and that’s great if you choose to do this, but you should never be pressured to do so. Never ask your dressmaker to ‘take the measurements smaller’ but instead inform them of your fitness goals, and make sure they realise your body may change shape. Starting point measurements always need to be taken, but as your body shape changes, so should your dress.


Images by Alister Buckingham Photography

From the first meeting with your dressmaker, you should also start thinking about your shoes and your bridal underwear, as these will also affect the overall look of your gown. Shapewear will do what you expect – by slimming your tummy or lifting your bottom – but this will change the way your dress sits! Don’t leave it as a surprise at the end!!

After deciding on your dress design, accurate measurements are the most important part of the sewing process. Then your dress can be something Mary Poppins would be proud to say – “practically perfect in every way”.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such insightful advice – ‘proper measurements’ are so important to achieving a wonderful result!

About Studio C Bridal: Hi, I’m Caitlyn and I have made gowns for award-winning, internationally recognised theatre/ film designers and actors. My expertise lies in the ability to flatter the body shape, not create a ‘standard size’ garment, through technical sewing and fabric knowledge. I have an eye for fine detail, and the ability to see the beauty in every idea. I started Studio C Bridal with a passion to create beautiful, original, one-off pieces.

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