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A Darling Affair Hits Brisbane

by | Event Reviews, Wisdom


Ms Chevron

Brisbane felt the love this January when A Darling Affair landed on our heat-drenched ground for the very first time. With soaring temperatures and committed vendors, the wedding fair saw more than 1000 people through the doors. We got the latest scoop from Emma at A Darling Affair as to how the day went:

“We had three fashion parades on the day which was a huge success, drawing really large crowds and lots of interest from Brides & Grooms-to-be.”


 Gown by Jennifer Gifford Designs, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke


 Gown by Begitta, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke


 Suit by Urbbana


Suit by Black Jacket Suiting, Dress by Anna Dutton Couture, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke


 Gown by Anna Dutton Couture, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke

“We also had a fantastic and very popular picnic/chill out zone in the gardens with lots of foodies filling bellies and some beautiful relaxed seating in the shade. We saw our guests chilling out, eating good food, and chatting about all the rad vendors they’d just met inside the fair.”

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-119 The Curious Caravan

 The Curious Caravan

ADA-BNE-2015-FS-292 Florido

Florido Weddings

ADA-BNE-2015-S2-052 Ryder Evans

 Ryder Evans

“We work extremely hard to keep the A Darling Affair brand to the high standard that it’s become known for. We carefully hand select the freshest and most creative vendors on the scene at the moment and we are always so proud of their hard work and at the incredible stalls they bring to life on the day of our fairs.  We like to put on a visual feast that leaves people’s jaws hanging open and we can proudly say that we achieved that again with our most recent Brisbane A Darling Affair Fair.”

 ADA-BNE-2015-S2-101 Perfectly Sweet

 Perfectly Sweet Lolly and Candy Buffets

ADA-BNE-2015-S1-056 Chase the Sun

Chase the Sun Calligraphy and Design

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-076 Fergus and the Cat

 Fergus and the Cat

We also spoke with some of the vendors to get their thoughts on emerging wedding trends for 2015:

There are some incredible food and beverage vans around at the moment and we were lucky enough to have some of them join us in Brisbane – The Curious Caravan, Chiptease, Yummi Fruit Ice-Creamery, I heart Brownies, Gathering Events, Pop Taco, Pizzacantica – our couples are loving the funky backyard vibe these guys bring to events. {Emma from A Darling Affair}

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-124 I Love Brownies

I Heart Brownies

This year we’re seeing a lot of copper and brass detailing coupled with cascading foliage and drop down pendant lighting. A winning combination if you ask us! {Natalie from Autumn Grove Events}.

ADA-BNE-2015-S3-043 Autumn Grove Events

Autumn Grove Events

I can definitely see more and more copper coming through to wedding stationery. {Ellen from Blushing Confetti}

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-008 Hansel and Gretel Cakes

Hansel and Gretel Cakes

We also saw the come back of the round reception table… except this time they are beautiful hardwood round tables which are a little smaller than your standard size and promote guest interaction. {Emma from A Darling Affair}

ADA-BNE-2015-S1-101 Lovestruck

Lovestruck Event Hire and Styling

It’s all about the Hamptons look with clean lines, crisp linens and lots of flowers and foliage. Bright, bold colours, with touch of geometric and a lot of interesting, creative light installations are also getting our creative juices flowing! {Amanda from Avé Events Wedding and Event Planning}

ADA-BNE-2015-S2-033 Hampton Event Hire

Hampton Event Hire


We are absolutely loving the trend for wild and unstructured bouquets that has begun to emerge over the last couple of years. It’s that boho type of bridal style paired with a statement bouquet in rich colours and luscious foliage that we just love! {Clare from Little Flower Company}


ADA-BNE-2015-S1-006 The Little Flower Company

Little Flower Company


I think that fresh, healthy and glowing skin; chocolate smokey eyes and soft lips; and romantic and effortless hair styles will be back for 2015. {Khesanh from The Beauty Case}



Gowns by Jennifer Gifford Designs, make-up by The Beauty Case, hair by Aleesha Darke

But in the end, perhaps it’s as simple as taking the wise words from Lindsay Carroll, celebrant, “My advice on emerging wedding trends is to take no notice, buck the trends and craft your day so that it reflects what you and your partner are all about!”


Image by The Photo Booth Collective

So, if you’re planning a wedding in the sunshine state, then make sure you don’t miss the next A Darling Affair:

Night time wedding festival on Friday 29 May 2015 at the Gold Coast

Relaxed market style day on Saturday 29 August 2015 at the Sunshine Coast

Images supplied by A Darling Affair.

What Would They Know? Petra Cremming of Pomp & Splendour

by | Flower Wisdom, What Would They Know?, Wisdom


Polka Dot Bride

Petra of Pomp & Splendour brings her own innate sense of style to wedding flowers and celebrates the natural world by bringing together the wild and the beautiful in botanicals, into seemingly just picked, casual arrangements. Preferring to work with local seasonal foliage and blooms, she lets the foliage and flowers dictate the final unique look – no tortured arrangements for her! And Petra also brings her ‘green’ aesthetic into her work preferring to use chemical free blooms  and an eco friendly ethos in her business – and don’t we love that for a principled and safe approach!

What was the catalyst for starting your floral design business?

I always liked the idea of working for myself. I had never been very good at having a ‘boss’, I’m far too independent and I really enjoy the freedom of dreaming up my own creations. After working in flower shops for the better part of the last 13 years, I knew it was time to do my own thing and just over three years ago I started Pomp and Splendour.

Image by Leo Farrell Photography

Why do we need flowers and nature in our lives?

Flowers and botanical materials always breathe a sense of life into things and can remind us that the vast world of nature is just right out side the window, outside the building, just outside the city….

How important is it (for you) to consider the environment in the course of your work? 

Right from the start I have had a focus on a more sustainable and environmentally conscious business practice. It makes perfect sense to have a respect for the environment when working directly with natural produce. More recently there has been a positive movement forward with florists and growers sourcing local and chemical free blooms. I try to encourage my brides and clients to opt for seasonal and local flowers over imported and pesticide laden blooms. In the studio all of our Green waste, plastics, recyclables get separated and we buy from lots of growers and foragers that share the eco friendly ethos.

Image by Lauren Campbell Photography

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature of course! The abundance of images on social media. Fashion. Art. Everything I rest my eyes on really.

How would you describe your style?

Carefree, spirited and a little wild. Beautiful but not too serious.

When you start to style a ceremony, bouquet or reception, do you let the flowers and foliage determine the flow of this, and how do you know when to stop?

No matter how much I plan, visualize and design before construction, the foliage, the flowers and the materials that I use all end up coming together in their own sweet way. You can never anticipate that special curve in a stem or the extra branch in a piece of foliage or the way in which a flower chose to open.

Image by Kate Berry Photography

To style a ceremony and reception, what do you like to use a lot of, for maximum impact?

Anything used en masse has tremendous impact, as does bright eye popping colour.

If I had a limited budget to spend on wedding flowers, how would you style my wedding?

I would suggest to keep the bouquets beautiful as they will be in most of the photo’s and can be reused somewhere again as a floral arrangement at the reception. There is a misconception that foliage is an inexpensive way to fill up a space, however these days we florists are spending around the same amount for a bunch of foliage as we do on a bunch of premium blooms. Plants are good as they can always be reused or given to guests to take home. If you are not fussy about flower type then seasonal abundantly available (still beautiful) blooms are the way to go.

What other botanicals do you use to add surprise to your arrangements?

The list is endless. Aside from the typical seed pod, berries, husks and fruits; succulents and stems of plants or leaves from less common plant species are always a beautiful addition to an arrangement. I’m loving Begonia and passionfruit vine at the moment. Last wedding season I was totally crushing on flowering herbs and Rosemary.

Do you see more brides following their heart, and how do you guide them to add the ‘wow factor’? 

I certainly see trends running through the inspiration of lots of my brides. Often it’s a popular colour palette or a style of bouquet, but each bride tends to want it to work in her own way. For me, meeting brides before their wedding is really useful for getting an intuitive sense of how the flowers can work for the individual. We go through all of the details, things like dress colours and style of the outfits etc, and by the time we’ve walked through the whole wedding, I’ve heard all the stories about the brides’ mum’s favourite flowers, or flowers that the grandmother had in the garden growing up etc. All of these elements bring out the uniqueness of every wedding.

Image by Lucy Spartalis Photography

What are the local seasonal flowers you most like to use?

Oh this is so hard!

Summer: beautiful garden roses, you just cant beat that smell!

Autumn: the colours in all of the deciduous foliage as it changes is stunning, especially Japanese Maple.

Winter: Daphne! Another smell you just can’t beat

Spring: My oh my…practically everything, but I have a soft spot for Lilac.

Image by cousin of the bride

What suggestions can you give us for disposing of the foliage and florals when you pack down a wedding?

Get all of the guests to take the flowers home. We can leave some brown paper behind for flowers to be wrapped up.

How do you sustain the pace during wedding season – early mornings, late nights and pressure to come up with the best for each wedding you do?

I often complain about being so tired and over worked, but I actually really thrive on the challenges, the fast paced nature of everything. I think I come up with my best innovations under pressure. I also have an awesome team of helpers that actually make it possible. And coffee. I always have coffee.

Image by LJM Photography

What do you love to do for relaxation?

Getting out of town and going for a beautiful cycle or a hike somewhere and ideally sleeping under the stars.

Thank you Petra for sharing your story. To find out more about Pomp & Splendour visit the website.

Headshot by Lilli Waters

A Rainy Wedding Day

by | Wedding Planning Wisdom, Wisdom


Chloe van der Werf

Image by Van Middleton

Rain, rain go away come again another day – just not on my wedding day!

Rain can be a real dampener (pun intended) on your wedding day, but if you are prepared you needn’t worry so much.

Some of my favourite images captured at weddings are those that are in the rain. Where the sky is dark and moody and the rain leaves puddles that bounce your reflection back at you. And if you’re lucky, thick fog will settle in on your venue and make it that little bit more romantic. Not to mention the quirky and coloured umbrellas that come out to play.

Here are a few pointers to help you prepare for the possibility of a rainy wedding day:

  • Umbrellas! Go a little wild and buy colourful and patterned umbrellas to match your colour scheme or theme.
  • A change of shoes. If you are planning on getting photos in longer grass and don’t want to ruin your shoes, a good option is Gumboots! Go colourful or patterned (I love polka dots) to add a little colour to your day and they always look so damn cute poking out from under your dress. Don’t forget gumboots for your bridesmaids too!

Image by Deep Grey

  • Waterproof makeup! There is nothing worse than your make-up running down your face. Ask your make-up artist to use waterproof products.

Image by Love Katie + Sarah

  • Check that your photographer is willing and able to shoot in rain. Some will not due to the risk of equipment getting wet. If they won’t shoot out in the rain, make sure you have an idea of other sheltered locations you would like.
  • Make sure your venue is prepared for rainy weather, especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony and reception.

Image by Love Katie + Sarah

As John Ruskin once said – Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

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