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They don’t call us “Showtime” for nothing!
It’s one thing to roll out a red carpet, but for a real dose of “movie magic” check out some of our top tips to inject that Hollywood sparkle from our favourite wedding movies.

The Wedding Planner

Oh if we had a dollar for every time one of our girls was referred to as J-Lo!

Complete with her trusty earpiece, clipboard and of course killer heels, your dedicated Wedding Producer sure knows how to pull together one-hell of a party!
Like the one-and-only Ms Lopez, your coordinator knows every trick in the book and can handle any “disaster” with the calm and grace we all know and love.
She’s handpicked for her passion *cough* obsession, knowledge and expertise in all things weddings and will happily hold your hand through every hurdle and decision (white or eggshell?) along the journey.

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Father of the Bride

For every J-Lo in the world, comes the Fronk!

Guilty! We do tend to ooze a little of the fabulousness, but hey we can’t help but be excited by your big day! However, unlike the OTT Beverly Hills budget, we can promise not to cause Dad a mild stroke with the total bill! We completely pride ourselves on our transparency and flexibility with all of our pricing and inclusions. Your parents’ (very important) opinions are valued and trusted. And we absolutely adore the involvement of all your loved ones in such an important day!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

On the topic of parents; no family is too crazy for us to handle here at Showtime HQ!
We unconditionally embrace and adore all cultural traditions, quirks and requests! Plate smashing? YAY! Drummers on entry? Bring it on! Asian Banquet? Yum Yum!
We live in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, so why not celebrate all the best bits and show your heritage off to its fullest potential!

Windex bonbonnieres welcome!

The Wedding Singer

When it comes to the DJ vs band debate, the lines can get a little fuzzy! It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your crowd and the vibe you want to create!

Cue our little black book of Melbourne’s most trusted and sought after entertainers.

Whether your vision involves some mellow acoustic tunes, old school funk on vinyl, or some roof raising crowd pleasers, we can point you in the right direction (and happily steer you clear of the wrong one!)

Image by Aleksandar Jason Weddings Photography

Sex and the City Movie

If we have learned anything from Miss Bradshaw over the years, it’s that details matter! There are sooo many subtle ways to infuse some glamour into your day.

The obvious choice would be a pair of statement stilettos to show off whilst tearing up our dancefloor!

Or perhaps we go for the girl’s signature drink, with our drool-worthy Cosmopolitans on arrival. Sipping from martini glasses overlooking the sparkling Yarra, how very Carrie!

Or it could be as simple as some iconic quotes scattered throughout! “It wasn’t logic it was love” scrolled in lipstick on a bathroom mirror; or “Some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies…” written on the back of your menus.

A respective nod to the cultural phenomenon that shaped a generation.

Bride Wars

As we are absolute pros at ensuring every single couple feels like the ‘Stars of their Show’ (and so they should!) many couples are completely oblivious that we have a simultaneous wedding running just a few meters down the wharf in our sister property Cargo Hall.

Like Marion St Claire, we man our stations with our entire squad of professionals, all experts in their respective fields! Our tried and tested methods and years of collected wisdom guarantees that every guest experiences the true VIP treatment.

Although – unlike the Plaza ballrooms, our brides are yet to enter the wrestling ring – knock on wood!

Image by Aleksandar Jason Weddings Photography

Love Actually

Our Cargo Hall feature mezzanine level is absolutely screaming for a rendition of the iconic “choir scene” from Love Actually.

With the ability to host stunningly intimate ceremonies onsite, we couldn’t think of a more special way to surprise your other half, than a re-creation of “All You Need is Love”.

If a pop-up orchestra is a little too left of field for your nuptials, our raised level definitely comes in handy for your photographer to get those oh-so-magical aerial room shots! No drones necessary!

Ms Polka Dot says: After reading this you get another perspective on wedding planners! And I do think you need to make the most of the mezzanine level at Cargo Hall – that scene from Love Actually is our favourite – and your guests could be involved too!

Karinda of Showtime Events:  Karinda is one of the dream-creators at Showtime; producing and nailing weddings for a living! She lives and breathes all things events but what really gets her blood pumping is the creative and styling. Life motto, “any excuse for a theme!” Days are fuelled by foodie blogs, Edamame beans, sparkles, chardonnay, and trashy reality TV.

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With our venues located in the country we naturally love classic weddings inspired by nature.

Both Cleveland Winery and Bellinzona are surrounded by pure natural beauty. Cleveland Winery is surrounded by a gorgeous vineyard, lake, rolling ranges and backed by beautiful cottage gardens. Bellinzona on the other hand is set within lush mature gardens and the beautiful Wombat State Forest as its backdrop.

When your backdrop is natural beauty, couples have a wide variety of colour tones to choose from to theme their dream wedding to. From rich hues to pastel tones, you know their wedding photos will always be timeless.


Image by Dijana Photography

Image courtesy of Bellinzona

Cleveland Winery

Image by Elk and Willow Photography

Image by Turbo360 Productions

Image by Ateia Photography

Ms Polka Dot says: With the beauty of nature there is always inspiration and the most beautiful photographs.

Sharon of Cleveland Winery and Bellinzona: To us, it is important that this highly anticipated and significant event in your life is not hustled through but instead making it a weekend to remember with plenty of time to share and cherish the moments with family & friends.

The right hair accessory for your big day should make you feel special. Whether you opt for a bridal comb, wreath, pin or veil, your choice will individualise your look and make it truly yours.

We feel so very lucky at La Belle to have the opportunity to handcraft unique bridal hair accessories that help our beautiful brides pull their vision together for their wedding. It’s an honour to play such an important role in one of the most significant days of their lives.

Every bride is different, but generally, the right hair accessory chooses itself.

Whether it is Swarovski encrusted or adorned in fine lace and pearls, the right piece will naturally complement your dress, hairstyle and your personality.

It’s never too early to start looking for the right piece for your wedding and we hope these four tips give you no doubt which style will suit you.

  1. Buy your dress first: From our experience, choosing your hair accessories after you have chosen your wedding gown helps to tie your overall look together. We love creating unique and versatile pieces using a mixture of top quality materials, colours, and styles so you can find the right look to elegantly complement your dress. However, there’s no harm looking for your favourite hair pieces before you find the right dress – it just adds to your overall inspiration for your special day.
  2. Choose your hairstyle: It’s not essential to have decided upon your hair style before choosing your hair accessories, however having an idea of how you would like your hair to be styled – elegantly down or in a beautiful up-do – will make your choice easier.
  3. Choose your metal right: When it comes to choosing between a gold, rose gold or silver headpiece, opt for a metal finish that suits the tone of your dress and skin and use the same choice for your jewellery.
  4. Stay true to yourself: Your choice should always come down to who you areIf the style of hair accessory that you choose isn’t a natural fit for your personality, it will really stick out in photographs and on the day. Be true to yourself and the right piece will follow.
  5. You can wear a veil and a headpiece: We have many brides who decide to change it up by wearing a silk veil with a beautiful headpiece, creating a unique and individual style that looks absolutely stunning. If you simply can’t choose, then why not have both?

We hope this advice puts you on the path to finding the right piece. If you’ve browsed our extensive range of gorgeous hair accessories and need some more advice or help to find the right style for you, please don’t hesitate to leave us a question in the comments.

Ms Polka Dot says: Such pretty accessories  add a delicate touch to your wedding dress – it will be hard to choose.

La Belle The Label: I am the designer and maker over at La Belle. We specialise in handcrafted bridal accessories. We have been in business for over 6 years and would like to share our experience with brides to be to make the process of choosing bridal accessories a bit easier.

Photographer: Jon Cu Photography