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Behind the Door With….. Canary Jane’s Flowers

by | Behind The Door With ..., Wisdom


Amelia Waddell Of Make Your Day Wedding Styling
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Everyone loves beautiful flowers and this week I’m taking you Behind the Door of Canary Jane’s Flowers in Hawthorn, Victoria. Located in a cute little shopping strip on Burwood Road, you can’t miss the bright yellow shop with a white picket fence and a bicycle out the front! This is not your average florist, it’s a vintage paradise for flower lovers and anyone looking to brighten up their day!




Canary Jane’s is the creation of Rebecca Stacey who was inspired to design “a fifties style kitchen that sells flowers” in her cute shopfront space three years ago. A checkerboard floor, vintage kitchen cabinets and even a pink sink evoke an old school charm that is perfectly complimented by the fresh blooms. Rebecca tells me that after many years of working as a florist it took a bad car accident to push her to follow her dream of opening her own space. “Things like that make you evaluate your life” says Rebecca, “I thought it’s now or never”.


The name “Canary Jane’s” came from Rebecca’s love of the movie Calamity Jane and the original cowgirl it was based on, Martha Jane Canary. Once she opened the shop, Rebecca quickly realized she needed some real canaries to go with it and that’s how Bill and Doris became her shop birds. Perched in their vintage white cage, Bill and Doris keep Rebecca company as well as sing to any customers who might be visiting.


Rebecca likes to stock only seasonal, locally grown flowers and tends to favour colour and textural blooms in particular. Her favourites are anemones and she likes to feature a “flower of the week” on her chalkboard wall with a written meaning and a big bunch of the blooms underneath. There are beautiful fragrant posies, big arrangements and a wall of colourful blooms that Rebecca can turn into whatever sort of bunch a customer might be imagining. You can expect the unexpected at this florist, a bouquet might include a surprise apple or a ceramic rabbit may become a vase. Canary Jane’s Flowers also stocks an interesting selection of cards and gifts. Quirky items like kewpie dolls and vintage brooches make a statement amongst the more delicate soaps and candles.




Like many of the spaces I visit there is also a less glamorous side to the business – the workroom – which is located behind the shop counter. This is where Rebecca and her staff store vases, clean flowers and wash buckets (every florist’s least favourite job!) but also where beautiful wedding flowers are created.


When it comes to weddings, Rebecca loves designing garden style bouquets and finds her brides are often looking for something a little different. She loves an interesting colour scheme and creating custom bouquets for her brides. Appointments are held in the shop which means there are often fresh flowers to look at and brides get a feel for Rebecca’s quirky style.  “I never set out to focus on weddings” says Rebecca “it’s something that happened naturally and through word of mouth”. There have even been a few hens flower workshops in the store.


It’s the community support that Rebecca loves most about her store. Sometimes customers will bring her a coffee from the cafe next door or some treats for the canaries. If she needs some roses to open up, the shop across the road will “babysit” them in their warmer space and she might grab them some lunch to share. It’s really the people who make the shop such a happy place to work says Rebecca, and the flowers just complete the feeling!


Images  by Rebecca Stacey and Carly Elizabeth Photography 

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a gorgeous “sunny yellow”  florist shop; all those beautiful blooms will definitely brighten anyone’s day!

About Amelia Waddell of Make Your Day Wedding Styling: I’m a wedding stylist and proud store owner who loves to chat weddings with everyone and anyone! I love to talk shop with other business owners (particularly over some chocolate cake!) and am the first to try and have a sticky beak behind the scenes of any event. My free time is spent ‘investigating’ new cafes, stores and events. Make Your Day Wedding Styling is my creative outlet and I love nothing more than that ten minutes just before the guests enter the wedding reception, it feels like a special sort of magic!

What Would They Know? Emily Revell of Huxby Haberdashery

by | Fashion Wisdom, What Would They Know?, Wisdom


Polka Dot Bride

Huxby Haberdashery

There’s something really special about handcrafted items of clothing. Attention to detail, colour matching, pattern co-ordination – all lead to a unique look for the groom and groomsmen. The team at Huxby Haberdashery are experts at helping you create a look that reflects the groom’s personality, perfectly co-ordinating ties, pocket squares and bowties with the colours and patterns you’ve chosen for your bridesmaids and flowers. I suspect that most grooms and groomsmen would feel just a little bit special putting on a handmade bespoke tie and pocket square on the wedding day – even if they don’t openly admit it! Go on – spoil yourself and feel like a million dollars!

What is the dream for Huxby Haberdashery?

To get grooms Australia wide wearing hand crafted ties! Our dream is for more couples to personalize their groom and groomsmen attire for their weddings, to reflect their own sense of style and personality. We would like to grow the custom made side of the business over the fashion retail range.

Huxby_Campaign_1 Credit Eddie New photography

Image by Eddie New Photography

Unusual business name with vintage origins – why this name?

Huxby is an old name in the family, who originally came from England. I have always like the charm of vintage English style, and so it always had a nice ‘old world’ sound to me. Haberdashery is the traditional name for a men’s outfitter of clothing including ties and bow ties, so I put the two together and Huxby Haberdashery just had a nice ring to it!

What are the items you offer the groom and his groomsmen?

We offer ties, bow ties and pocket squares. Since we custom make to order, the options and styles are endless. We can literally create pieces from scratch based on a couple’s style and wedding theme.

What fabrics can be chosen as the base for your ties?

We carry linen in stock as a base fabric, but if couples would like something different, we can always source other fabrics or they can BYO.

What colours are available?

That’s the best part – we can print or dye in any colour imaginable. We just need something from you as a reference to match to. It could be a swatch of fabric from your bridesmaid’s dress, a belt, flower, anything.

Credit Duuet Photography 1

Image by Duüet Photography

Are fabrics then custom printed on the customer’s choice of fabric?

Yes – once you’ve selected a pattern and a colour, you can choose to print on our base fabrics which come in white or sand linen.

Is the printing done in Australia?

Yes, everything is done in Australia. We print our fabrics in Melbourne, dye them in Sydney and sew them in Sydney too. It’s a very local operation which allows us to turn around custom orders in a short time frame.

Can a bride send you a fabric swatch to match up for colour, or a piece of fabric to make the ties from?

Absolutely – we encourage brides to send us anything they can to give us a colour reference. It will mean the ties will be an exact match to their colour scheme.

Are your ties and bowties made in Australia?

Everything is 100% made in Australia.

Do you offer self tie bowties as well as the pre-made version?

Sure do – clients can choose from pre-tied bow ties or a self-tie when they place their custom order with us. We also do little boys pre-tied bow ties for page boys.

What is the process for ordering ties, pocket squares and bowties?

First take a look at our info booklet on our website here. Then, send us an email with a bit of info on what you’re after. We can then organize for you to send us samples, and we can send you fabric samples as well. Once we’ve all agreed on a design approach, we’ll send you an order confirmation form, and once approved we’ll start making! You can expect to receive your items in 6-8 weeks.


Do pocket squares and ties/bowties have to match in pattern or just colour? Are there any rules?

There are no rules as such, but I recommend to coordinate rather than match exactly. It looks great when you have a common colour, but varying pattern, or plain tie with patterned pocket for example. Keeping one element consistent will bring the look together, without it being too “matchy”.

Are you able to give advice on different ideas for putting together a look for the groom/groomsmen?

I always recommend choosing one or two colours when dressing a groomsmen party. The groom should stand out from his groomsmen, so giving him a distinct set of accessories to the other lads works well. It’s a good idea to coordinate the group though, so having the groomsmen in a different tie/bow tie but in a coordinating pattern or colour works well. For example, you could have the groom wearing a patterned tie, with a plain pocket square, and then alternate with the groomsmen, dressing them in plain bow ties, with pocket squares in the same pattern as the groom’s tie.

Huxby haberdashery - Hack Photography1

Image by Hack Photography

What is the correct way of inserting/wearing a pocket square?

There’s a few ways, and a quick google search will give you hundreds of options. The most common is the standard straight fold (think Don Draper style). More adventurous dressers might like to have a puff, or even a twin or triple peak. Here’s a tutorial worth a look:

As far as styling is concerned, when should you choose a slim tie and when is a wider tie more appropriate?

Until not so long ago, slim ties were considered more for fashion, where as wider ties were for business. These days though, slim ties (about 6cm wide) are considered appropriate for any occasion. Extra wide ties (around 9cm wide) in my opinion should be left in the nineties where they belong, but standard width (around 7.5cm wide) are coming back in fashion.

When it comes to a wedding, if you want to be more traditional, then go for a standard width tie or bow tie. If you’re more of a modern couple then a slim tie will look fantastic.

Credit Emily Revell

Image by Emily Revell of Huxby Haberdashery

Do you see any trends emerging in pattern and colour in the next 12 months?

Pastels are becoming more popular for men’s accessories, which is great news for brides wanting to match their bridesmaids to their groomsmen. Also, the geometric patterns are here to stay for a while longer, which is a nice change from florals when it comes to wedding attire.

My favourite breakfast café is…..

A secret… because the food is great and you don’t have to wait for a table on weekends. I am very impatient when I’m hungry!

Thank you Emily for sharing your story. To find out more about Huxby Haberdashery visit the website.

Headshot by Duüet Photography.

Get Married In Our Backyard – The Southern Highlands

by | Wisdom, Wise Words


Way Up High
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southern-highlands-spring-wedding0061-550x367Image by Cavanagh Photography via Alicja and Matt’s Southern Highlands Spring Wedding

Living in The Southern Highlands is a great privilege. Merely an hour and half from Sydney’s bustling city, we are blessed with some of the most breathtaking scenery in New South Wales. Although at Way Up High have only just made the move here, we have fallen in love with the place. There is something so great about living the country life – but knowing all the while that the city, and all of its delights, is just a quick trip up the motorway!

Here are five fabulous reasons why you should consider The Southern Highlands for your wedding;

1. It’s close, baby!  Planning a destination wedding from afar can be a bit tricky, most people having to rely on email and Skype to get the job done. With The Southern Highlands situated half way between Sydney and Canberra, it is easy to make a day trip to visit vendors, do site inspections and sort out all of the other little bits and pieces that go towards your fabulous day! As well as this, your guests can choose to travel home after the formalities on the day or stay and make a weekend of it!

southern-highlands-winter-wedding024Image by Magnus Agren Photography via Kirby and Mitch’s Southern Highlands Winter Wedding

2. The Seasons. Like turning the dial on an old TV, the seasons here seem to switch suddenly, and the beauty of the new season is all around you. As we moved through Autumn, the leaves on the trees turned and the colours were amazing. Reds, oranges, yellows and even purples grace every street and every garden. Through winter, I won’t lie, it is cold (by Australian standards anyway!) …but there is a magical look to the light in the afternoon as the mist rolls in, and the open fireplaces keep you toasty warm, adding a sense of romance to your day. Spring arrives in a burst of colour as the trees come back to vivid green and the flowing bulbs erupt all over the place. Summer brings longer days and mild temperatures- perfect for a wedding day.

beautiful-highlands-wedding046Image by John Benavente via Louise & Adam’s Beautiful Highlands Wedding

fairytale-wedding-inspiration020Image by Sarah Story via Fairytale Wedding Inspiration At Milton Park

milton-park-wedding135Image by MM Photos via Jennifer & Daniel’s Rainy Milton Park Wedding

3. The Produce. Locally produced wines, ciders, meats, vegetables…you name it! There is a strong paddock to plate culture developing in the Highlands, as it is a region that is abundant in natural water and good soil. Many of our local venues and caterers work with our local suppliers to create a menu revolving around our fabulous produce. This benefits the region, the environment and of course the customer.


southern-highlands-spring-wedding0053-550x367 Images by Cavanagh Photography via Alicja and Matt’s Southern Highlands Spring Wedding

4. The Venues. Talk about choice!! There are some amazing venues in The Southern Highlands, all of which offer something different. Modern, stylish, classic, foodie, rustic, garden, boho, whatever the style of your wedding, there is a venue to suit!! The Southern Highlands also have lots of beautiful holiday homes available, some of which cater for weddings. The historic houses and gardens throughout the area make it a pretty special place to visit, or to get married!

southern-highlands-spring-wedding0076-550x826Image by Cavanagh Photography via Alicja and Matt’s Southern Highlands Spring Wedding

Woddbyne 0005Image via Ten Secret Gardens In The Southern Highlands

rustic-wedding2437-550x825Image by Michelle Fiona Photography via David and Emily’s Gorgeous Barn Wedding

Country-Garden-Wedding008Image by Sugarlove Weddings via Lauren and David’s Country Garden Wedding

Secret-Gardens-Southern-Highlands-PeppersImage via Ten Secret Gardens In The Southern Highlands

5. Great Local Talent. Believe it or not- there is a vast number of super talented folk right here in The Southern Highlands, to take care of everything you may need for your day. From photographers to film makers (ahem-that would be us!!!) to stylists, florists, cake makers and caterers. Local (no travel fees), professional, personable and above all, lovers of weddings!!


Country-Garden-Wedding037Images by Sugarlove Weddings via Lauren and David’s Country Garden Wedding

fairytale-wedding-inspiration003Image by Sarah Story via Fairytale Wedding Inspiration At Milton Park

Affair-with-George4Image by Affair with George via What Would They Know? Michelle Van Eimeren of Affair with George

Affair-with-George12Image by The Follans via What Would They Know? Michelle Van Eimeren of Affair with George

So, there you have it; five awesome reasons to get married in our backyard (not literally though, it’s a bit small!)

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: The Southern Highlands, with its beautiful scenery and amazing venues, sounds like the perfect choice for an “out of town” wedding! I love the rich Autumn colours..

About Way Up High: Hi, we’re Kara and Brad from Way Up High! We love weddings – and we love The Southern Highlands too! Our filming style is handcrafted to each and every wedding we shoot. Our inquisitive, cinematic approach helps us enhance the fun, emotion and beauty of your special day.

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