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ABIA: National Designer Of Dreams Awards

by | Industry Celebrations, Industry News, Wisdom


Ms Chevron

ABIA - Event Letters

In a time-poor age where friends and relatives find it increasingly difficult to come together, a wedding is one such event which brings everyone together on one special day to celebrate the union of two families.

The organisation and success of this one-off special event is contingent upon the creative skills of a group of professionals, known as V.O.W.S. or Vendors OWedding Services.

On Tuesday the 14th of March, Australia’s most creative and professional V.O.W.S. gathered at the Marriott Resort on the Gold Coast to celebrate the 2016 Designer of Dreams Awards. Hosted by the Australian Bridal Industry Academy, the Designer of Dreams Awards honour V.O.W.S. who have consistently delivered excellence every year for the past four consecutive years.

ABIA - Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose

Beautifully captured on film by Motion Reel Films, the evening commenced with the sweet sounds of harpist Naomi Terashima as culinary delights made their way around the room. Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose took our breath away with a wreath and dress made of fresh florals that not only looked incredibly beautiful but exuded a pretty scent too.

Le Rouge Beauty and Aurum Bride were on hand to touch up our makeup and hair, as guests chatted excitedly about what the evening held and who would be crowned the cream of the crop. Attendees were able to hop In The Booth for happy snaps, and print off their instagram creations with Click Tag Print.



Upon entering the room, my eyes fell upon a tablescape in blush, nude, and gold, with ruffled linen, floral adornments and Beauty and the Beast style candelabras. A collaborative effort between Turning Paige, Events by Nadia and Eufloria Florist had brought this vision to fruition. Around the room, giant illuminated letters from Event Letters spelt out the word ‘Awards’.

Chairs were directed towards an illuminated backdrop  and lights were dimmed as Anthony Pieters Artist burst onto stage, sketching and dancing to the music. Explosive Entertainment played DJ as the announcements of finalists and winners of each category of supplier.

ABIA - Utopian Fire

Intermission came and guests were treated to entertainment by Utopian Fire dancers.

Afterwards, they flocked towards the revolving six-tier cake by A Little Cake Place and Merivale Cakes & Crafts and then on to the dessert station featuring couture cupcakes from Petal and Peach and indulgent chocolates from Choco Barocco.

ABIA - Dessert Station - Petal And Peach - A Little Cake Place - Choco Barocco

ABIA Rotating Cake - A Little Cake Place + Merivale Cakes & Crafts

Over 96,000 newlyweds ranked, rated and evaluated the quality of product, quality of service, value for money and attitude of staff of 3,200 wedding businesses. A total of 249 finalists and 37 winners were announced at the Gala event.

The Chairman of ABIA, Mr. John O’ Meara, said that each business should be extremely proud of the accomplishment which honoured the pride, passion and professionalism in which they delivered their product and service to their brides and grooms. Congratulations to all involved!

ABIA - Couture Wedding Planning - No.1 Wedding Consultant

ABIA - Beautiful Weddings

Images by Adella Photography and Boy Burton

YouTube Preview Image

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a wonderful night of celebrations; congratulations to all of the very talented and dedicated vendors.

C2 Films Heartfelt Stories – The Nature Of Love

by | Heartfelt Stories, Wisdom


In the first of his heartfelt stories, Marcus from C2 Films remembers the beautiful wedding of Angus and Atwa.

“Such is the nature of love.

I know these two; I know them as if we have been friends for a lifetime. We have shared joys, broken bread and held each other tight in times when there seemed to be no other.

The irony is that I had never met them before. My first glimpse, my first hello was on the day of the wedding. You see Angus and Atwa have a nature that is all encompassing.

They speak to you and not at you.

They look at you and not through you.

It is no wonder that they discovered each other, for something so alike cannot stay apart. They say opposites attract and I’m sure this may be the case, but beauty only wants more of itself, more completion, more wholeness.

Such is the nature of love.”

Image by warrenphotography via C2 Films


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About C2 Films: We set ourselves up to become the premier film studio in Australia for truly exceptional wedding videos. Founded by Marcus Theodor, C2 Films was born out of a passion for storytelling and connecting to the human spirit. With over 20 years in the industry, Marcus has never lost his sense of wonder when he witnesses the celebration of true love.

The History Of Wedding Traditions

by | Wisdom


Melissa Cornwall Marriage Celebrant
Find me on Ms Polka Dot's Directory

st_kilda_backyard_ wedding04Image by It’s Beautiful Here via Virginia & Troy’s Charming St Kilda Backyard Wedding

A marriage ceremony carries so many traditions and most of the time, we don’t even question them because we’re so used to witnessing them. But when a recent couple decided to buck with tradition and wear their wedding rings on their right hands, I decided to do some homework. Here are some long-held traditions explained…

Wedding Rings
Why do we wear our wedding band on the ‘ring’ finger of our left hand? We have the Romans to thank for this one. They believed that a vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger) of the left hand ran directly to your heart. This vein was known as ‘vena amoris’, which is Latin for the vein of love. It sounds so wonderfully romantic but scientists say it’s not quite accurate – it turns out all our fingers have a similar vein structure.

Rings - Fun-brisbane-garden-wedding044-550x367Image by Deep Grey via Arianna & Blake’s Fun Brisbane Garden Wedding

The Best Man
More often than not, the groom’s best man is his best mate. But back in the day, the groom would choose his strongest, toughest friend as his back-up just in case he was forced to kidnap his would-be wife from her disapproving parents. During the ceremony, the best man would stand beside the groom so he was well positioned to defend the bride.

Best Man - Yarra-Valley-winery-wedding007-550x367Image by  It’s Beautiful Here via Megan & Josh’s Flower Filled Winery Wedding

The Bride’s Maids
These days your bridesmaids are the all-important girls (and guys) in your life whose job it is to support you in and on the lead-up to your wedding day. In Roman times, their role was a lot more serious. Brides would have ten witnesses (or maids) dressed identically to them who would act as decoys to prevent evil spirits trying to harm the bride. They were also there to confuse any jealous ex-lovers who might try to kidnap the bride!

Bridesmaids - Modern-Art-Gallery-Wedding045-550x36B7Image by Nicola Lemmon via Deena & Nick’s Queensland Modern Art Gallery Wedding

The Wedding Veil
To cover or not to cover your face with your wedding veil? Most modern brides opt against it but there was a time when brides had no choice, because it was the only way of hiding the bride from evil spirits. The theory was if these spirits couldn’t see the bride then they couldn’t curse her.

Veil - classic-urban-wedding0018-550x367Image by Simon Peter Taylor via Kayla and James’ Classic Urban Wedding

Where To Stand?
Traditionally brides stand to the left of their groom (with their backs facing their guests) so the groom can act as their protector. The groom would hold his bride’s hand with his left hand, leaving his right hand free to draw his sword if anyone tried to kidnap her. And would you believe most of the time the kidnappers were the bride’s own relatives? Back then, it was common for brides to have been ‘stolen’ from their families.

Stand - Elegant-Backyard-Wedding038-550x367Image by Steven Cheah Photography via Keren & Mat’s Elegant Backyard Wedding

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: A wonderful explanation of traditions – and each one has a sensible purpose! Goodness me, all the kidnapping that went on!!!

About Melissa Cornwall Marriage Celebrant: I love weddings and I love what I do. As a celebrant, my job is getting to know couples and crafting memorable marriage ceremonies – and that’s always such a pleasure and privilege.

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