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What Would They Know? Kara Melick & Team from Soda Films

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Soda Films What Would They Know? Kara Melick & Team from Soda Films

Why have a film made of your wedding day? Those stolen looks, those tender gestures that you thought no-one but you had noticed, the speeches, all recorded in a moving image, captures the essence of your day as eloquently as being there. There’s such a different feeling to seeing your day on film – that ‘fly on the wall’ aspect where nothing was missed and everything was noticed, no matter how small. Antoine, Kara, Hannah, Marcus, Doug, Jaime, Craig, Shane and Chloe are the dynamic team that make up Soda Films. They make beautiful films of your wedding day, honouring the momentous occasion that it is.

Soda14teamRS What Would They Know? Kara Melick & Team from Soda Films

How long has Soda Films been in existence?

Soda Films has been operating for over a decade now – and still loving it!

What is your film making philosophy or style?

Our philosophy is what sets us apart. Our aim on the day is to remain in the background to allow the couple and their guests to feel comfortable and relaxed. With this in mind, we don’t direct the couple at all, allowing the photographer to direct the action while we shoot alongside them. This is how we get such beautiful, natural footage. We also try to keep our equipment to a minimum, it is a wedding after all, not a film shoot!!

Do you feel you have a recognisable style?

Natural and emotive is how we would describe our style. On the day we capture our footage unobtrusively and we are always on the lookout for those special moments, from the look on the parents’ face when they first see their daughter in her dress, to the first kiss as husband and wife, to the crazy antics on the dance floor- they are all great moments to capture on film.

Each cinematographer has their own personal style, but what comes across through all of our footage is sincerity and authenticity.

What skills do you each individually bring to the business?

Antoine, our fearless leader brings us coffee in the morning! He is also a master at our Arthouse style!

Kara the Studio Manager sets everyone at ease and makes sure everything runs smoothly!

Hannah our Production Manager juggles amazing edits with keeping jobs on track!

Marcus constantly strives for perfection in both filming and editing and demands it from the rest of the team!

Doug is super cool and calm under pressure, keeping everyone grounded!

Jaime has a strong background in events and corporate video, bringing a different set of ideas to the crew!

Craig is an amazing story teller and works exclusively on our premium Le Cinema projects, and an all round nice guy!

Shane is super creative. He is also the jokester in the team J

Chloe is a master with the steady cam! She may be small but she knows her business!

Soda04RS1 What Would They Know? Kara Melick & Team from Soda Films

Why is investing in a wedding video equally as important an investment, as investing in wedding photographs?

If for nothing else, to have your vows recorded and to hear the emotion in each other’s voices as you say them is reason enough! This is something that photography can’t provide.

We feel honored to know that we will be providing our clients with a beautiful memory to keep and share with their family, friends and one day, with their own children.

You are wedding destination specialists. Is there some ‘healthy discussion’ as to who goes, when a lovely destination wedding is booked?

Absolutely! Kara (Studio Manager) hasn’t yet figured a way to get herself over to a destination wedding, but she is working on it!

As well as your Australian office, you now have a European office. What is the best approach for a bridal couple to make to you, if planning a European destination wedding from Australia?

Yes, our Europe studio is going from strength to strength! Marcus is now based in Europe and covers wedding throughout the continent. Our Managing Director also spends time there filming for the European season.

It is as easy as getting in touch with the studio here and we can arrange everything for the day. The benefit being, you can still have Soda cover your day without the costs of international travel.

If a couple based in Europe wishes to engage your services, how do they get in touch with your European representative?

For couples based in Europe, it is best to contact Marcus direct at

Do you offer packages? What is your most popular package, and what does this include?

We have packages that start at as little as $1500 but our most popular packages are between $3500 and $4500. Typically the package includes a short film as well as the complete footage from the day. We are always happy to work with couples to customize a package to suit.

What are some favourite destinations you have visited in the course of your work?

In Australia, Byron Bay for its stunning beaches and rainforest hinterland, and the Southern Highlands for its changing seasons. Overseas, the list is endless!! Taormina, Sicily and Bagnols, France were real standouts J

How does the team celebrate the end of a working week?

In this business, there is no end of the working week!! When we can, we love to get together for a bite to eat and a drink nearby in Double Bay, sometimes ending in an epic karaoke session… good times!

Thank you Kara and the team from Soda Films for sharing your thoughts. To find out more about Soda Films visit the website.

Videos and images courtesy of Soda Films.

Choosing Your Wedding Shoes And Dress

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Zephyr Productions
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web 226 550x825 Choosing Your Wedding Shoes And Dress

Image by Nectarine photography via A Cheeky Little Wedding – Part 1

Today, I want to talk about choosing your wedding shoes.

Working as a wedding cinematographer over the past few years I have seen nearly every style of dress and shoes there are. This is the scenario I am met with countless times. It’s the morning of the wedding and time to slip into your dress. You have your mum and bridesmaids behind you helping to do up the back of the dress. The last button is hooked! A sigh of relief as you try to breath, but the dress is pretty tight! That’s ok though, you look like a princess. Alright time to try to get your shoes on. But you can’t bend over because of the boning structure in the dress, so your bridesmaids help you. You look and feel a million dollars but come a few hours later, will you still feel great?

Unfortunately this really isn’t an uncommon morning that I film. Of course these brides put on a brave face and power through the discomfort, wearing shoes that are brand new and stiff. Consider that you will most likely be in the same shoes for 16+ hours that day. By the end of the night I have seen brides too exhausted to leave the bridal table because they can barely move anymore. It seems a bit of shame to not be able to enjoy your own wedding day to the full doesn’t it?

With some careful planning though, you can avoid the agony of sore feet and still enjoy your day to the fullest. Some tips are;

  • Wear your shoes around the house for a few days before your wedding. This will help you to mold the shoes to your feet and you will get a sense of how long you can last standing up in them.
  • Bring a pair of flats to change into for your photography and reception (these can be great if you have a long dress as they won’t show). The more comfortable your footwear is the better your posture will be and you will be able to move with a lot more grace, which for me is why I am writing this article. I want you to look your very best in your wedding film.
  • Invest in some adhesive foot cushions like Party Feet to have with you on the day in case of emergency blisters.
  • If you’re going to be walking on grass, you will want to buy some heel discs like Solemates to prevent your killer heels from sinking into the dirt.
  • When choosing your dream gown, consider what your want to be doing on the day. A structured dress with rigid boning is best suited to controlled environments such as churches, hotels and urban surroundings (with plenty of paved walkways!). If you’re going to be on a beach or in a field, you’ll need more freedom of movement so you may want to look at a free, flowing design.

I was having a discussion with my girlfriend a few weeks ago, talking about weddings and clothing, everything I have discussed in this article and I turned and said to her “if you can’t run across a grass field in your shoes and dress you shouldn’t be allowed to wear it.” Of course this is a massive exaggeration but it is a great piece of advice to keep in the back of your mind as you are shopping for that perfect dress.

Here is a perfect example of my above thoughts. Bec and Scott’s wedding was on their family farm just out of Mansfield, and the dress and shoes that she wore on the day meant that come nightfall she was still partying and loving her day.

Swirl divider7 Choosing Your Wedding Shoes And Dress

Ms Gingham says: Some great tips! Many of us will endure torture for that pair of perfect heels but plan properly and you won’t need to.

About Zephyr Productions: We live and breath wedding videography here at Zephyr Productions. Being asked to capture and be a part of the most important day of your lives is a huge honour for us.

Spanish Wedding Catering

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Miguel Cuevas of Flavours of Spain

flavors of spain 2 Spanish Wedding Catering

Spain has many regions separated by mountain systems so historically ingredients and food have been very different across the country. Luckily most of our famous dishes are of a festive nature so in your wedding you can have the best of each region.

Spanish cuisine has evolved into a more modern approach to tapas and also bigger dishes that can be shared on special occasions. These can be integrated into any wedding by having the best of each region all gracefully combined into an excellent Spanish menu that offers variety and originality.

Imagine having not only only tapas but also a leg of ham and a master slicer cutting it thin and long for maximum taste. Fresh pears stuffed with melted blue cheese and nuts, 6 or 12 month cured Manchego cheese boards with Spanish quince. How about porterhouse bites with rock salt finger tapa-sized, Spanish meatballs with Romesco sauce and rocket salad. Top it all off with the star of them all, a huge paella pan with a variety of fresh seafood or chicken and chorizo or even better a mix of them all! Paellas are always a winner because they have the visual impact, you can see the chef cooking them and even better your guests can smell the amazing ingredients as they are cooked onsite!

flavors of spain Spanish Wedding Catering

In some weddings in Spain you can find all of the above tapas as finger tapas for guests cooked onsite to eat fresh and warm while they are standing. The paella is served as a main followed by some tasty Spanish cakes for dessert. In other weddings in a more formal setting it will be served as a sitting down option.

Some parties will only have one type of entrée i.e. a master slicer cutting Jamon Serrano for everyone all the time and perhaps Manchego cheese for the vegetarians and then the paella as a main.

Whatever you choose you are assured to have a treat of the colours and flavours of Spain on your palate!

Buen provecho (enjoy your meal)!

swirl large1 Spanish Wedding CateringMs Gingham says: Ok, now I’m hungry.

Miguel Cuevas of Sydney Spanish catering company Flavours Of Spain is the ambassador of the Paella in Australia by Wikipaella and he will also travel with a team of Australian chefs to Sueca in September this year representing Australia in the International Paella Championship 2014 in Spain

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