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Vendor’s Favourites – Way Up High

by | Vendor's Favourite, Wisdom


Way Up High
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1. Helen English

Love, love, love Helen’s designs! I wore one of her gowns for my own wedding and the whole experience from the minute I walked in to the store was fantastic! Cannot recommend her highly enough! Image via Helen English

2. Super8 Film

I love our Super8 camera!! It brings such a feeling of warmth, nostalgia and fun to film making. I get pretty excited when our brides ask for this to be included on their day!! Image via Way Up High

3. Big Love Photography

Cristina is an amazing photographer and a real inspiration!! She brings enthusiasm, fun and boundless energy to every wedding she shoots. Image by Big Love Photography

4. The Style Co.

Based in Melbourne, this team works wonders! My dream wedding team! Image by Louisa Bailey

5. Words

The words couples choose to say on their wedding day have a huge impact on me. I laugh, I cry and I know I’m in the right job. Image via Way Up High


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such an inspirational list of favourites – I love the Super8 camera too!

About Way Up High: Hi, I’m Kara from Way Up High! I love weddings! Working with my husband, Brad, our filming style is handcrafted to each and every wedding we shoot. Our inquisitive, cinematic approach helps us enhance the fun, emotion and beauty of your special day.

From Clown to Celebrant in One Fun Wedding

by | Behind The Scenes, Wisdom


Klara McMurray

Step 2 E & J

The date is January 2014 and it’s a few days before my very first job as a celebrant! The bride and groom to be, Emily and Josh, and I are ‘rehearsing’ in their living room. Rehearsing is a generous word; what we’re really doing is giggling our way through perfecting the smoothest transition from a children’s clown show to their wedding. The costume change from kids’ party gear to elegant wedding outfits within the confines of a tiny home-made change tent has us all in stitches! Josh is wondering if he can put his pants on in time and Emily is reconsidering the high heels she bought online due to the fact that she can’t actually walk in them.. but they match the dress, so they’re staying! And together, we all wonder if we will indeed pull off this ambitious act in only a few days time…..

The next thing I know is it’s Australia Day – and Emily and Josh’s wedding day has arrived. It’s really hot – especially since I’m dressed in two layers of clothes (I’m hiding a tailored ‘celebrant’ dress under my clown suit!!!) We’re all on Herring Island in the middle of Melbourne’s Yarra River but as far as the landscape, and the heat, are concerned, we could be in the African Savanna! The band have been given their cue.. which was difficult considering I couldn’t tell them what it was for and the parents are all reluctantly watching the clown show even though they’d rather be sitting in the shade sipping a glass of wine! I have no doubt they’re all wondering why the clown insisted they watch the “balloon tying” show but they’ll see… they’ll see…In the meantime; the kids are loving it!

Singing clown

The adults are starting to move away and talk amongst themselves  so I introduce the ‘ring disappearing’ trick which was the planned seg-way between the clown show and the marriage ceremony. I ‘lose’ the ring and then I ‘find’ the ring and announce that we should choose two people to get married, just for fun. Falling quickly off the loose script, two children volunteer and it takes all my wit and quick-thinking to divert that situation and choose the only two adults I know out of the crowd: Emily and Josh! Success!

I send the couple with a suitcase in hand into their make-shift little tent and they emerge in all the appropriate wedding outfits. We then dress up three flower girls and I ask the guests if they know of any celebrants. As predicted, no one does, so I announce that ‘I’ve got this one covered’ and take off my sweltering clown suit to reveal my tailored red dress. Voila – Klara McMurray, the celebrant, appears!

Step3 E & J

Step4 E & J

Trying to convince the guests that I was in fact a qualified, legal celebrant was greeted with laughs all round. They couldn’t quite believe that the ‘clown’ entertaining their children only three minutes prior was now marrying their friends. As the shock subsided, the tears started to flow … in a good way!

Step 5 E & J

Step6 E & J

Thank you Josh and Emily; your innovation and bravery were are pleasure to be part of! And now I wait patiently for a request to top that….

Step7 E & J

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What a wonderful surprise for Emily and Josh’s guests; such an original ceremony full of fun and laughter!

About Klara McMurray: Hey there…I’m Klara McMurray and I believe wedding ceremonies should be fun, relaxed, a little bit quirky and something special for both the couple as well as their guests! I’m passionate about creating something that people talk about for years, and laugh about for even more!

A Bride’s Letter to Her Mum….

by | Wisdom, Wise Words


Melissa Cornwall Marriage Celebrant
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Dear Mum,

The day has finally arrived – the day I’ll marry the love of my life. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling as you wake up this morning. I’m guessing you’re bursting with love, happiness and pride (I know I am!), but part of you also wants to burst out crying for just a few minutes because your little girl is all grown up. Take a deep breath. Smile. This is going to be one amazing day! I know how you love writing lists, so I’ve made one for you with love on my wedding day:

1. It’s OK to cry but try not to cry too much in front of me. I hope that doesn’t sound selfish, but believe me, if you start sobbing with joy, I’ll be following your lead. And puffy eyes are not a good look for me or you!!!

PDB Pop and Scott Workshop Wedding

Image by Goldsmith & Co. via Maddy and Dave’s Pop & Scott Workshop Wedding

2. Keep being my Mum and protector. I know you feel emotional but your role as my Mum hasn’t changed even though I’m the bride today. If it’s possible, try to shield me from the chaos or anything I probably don’t need to know about. And please make sure we both actually eat something as we’re getting ready, when we’re not sipping on champagne of course!

PDB Three Day Yallingup Wedding

Image by Merge Photography via Amy and Rhett’s Three Day Yallingup Wedding Celebration

3. Be calm and cool, please Mum. There may be times when I snap at you today because I’m feeling stressed. I’m sorry in advance. Please don’t take it personally  – I’m excited and emotional and I know that you are too.

4. Please help me get dressed! Yes, I’m guessing this may be the last time I make this request. But I’m going to need a hand getting into my gown and fastening all those buttons. That also means you’ll be the first person to see me all dressed up on my wedding day, so remember deep breaths and not too many tears – for the both of us.

PDB Somerset Dam Wedding

Image by Samantha Shannon Photography via Ali & Lachlan’s Somerset Dam Wedding

5. Give Dad a loving pep talk before he walks me down the aisle. I know he’ll be feeling nervous so please remind him I need a hug and kiss and his future son-in-law needs a handshake.

PDB Sally and Garnett

Image by Natalie McComas via Sally and Garnett’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding

6. Save Dad a seat beside you – make sure you’re sitting together during the ceremony. Don’t take any photos, just relax and enjoy it.

7. Speaking of photos, let’s make sure we get plenty of happy snaps together. Everyone tells me the day will fly and I want to make sure we capture every special moment.

PDB Hailey and Mick

Image by Love, Katie and Sarah via Hailey and Mick’s Surprise Melbourne Wedding

8. I know I probably won’t be able to catch up with everyone on the day so do you mind doing some mingling and thanking on my behalf? In between the champagne and dancing of course!

9. Don’t forget to enjoy the day Mum – savour every moment and remember, you have helped make it possible. I want this to be a wonderful day for the both of us.

PDB Claire and Brad

Image by Lilli Waters of I Got You Babe via Claire and Brad’s Elegant Rainy Day Wedding

10. And finally, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you and Dad have done and everything you will do for me. I’m the bride today; at the end of it, I’ll also be a wife – but I know I’ll never stop being your daughter.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: What beautiful words – I need a tissue to wipe my eyes. Such a touching insight into the loving, emotional bond between a bride and her mother on her wedding day!

About Melissa Cornwall Marriage Celebrant: I love weddings and I love what I do. As a celebrant, my job is getting to know couples and crafting memorable marriage ceremonies – and that’s always such a pleasure and privilege.

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