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Keeping ‘The Main Thing’ The Main Thing

by | Wedding Planning Wisdom, Wisdom


Ms Chevron


Over the years we have seen a shift in the choice of wedding venues and styling – it’s moved away from the classic elegance of a ballroom with red roses and candles, to a more unique setting in a rustic barn with flower-filled jars and bunting. The former had a focus on making a bold and beautiful statement, the latter has couples personalising their day with a pretty monogrammed details.


In both of these cases, the emphasis is on the ‘theme’ of the wedding. What greeted guests at the entryway, what went on the tables, what hung overhead. And whilst this emphasis certainly makes for a great first impression, I would beg to argue that it was not the most memorable part of the day.

Looking back over the weddings I’ve been to and the countless number I have coordinated, the most memorable part was the couple themselves. How he looked when he first saw her walking down the aisle. How she broke into a massive smile whenever he was around. How they laughed together and shared a kiss. After all, shouldn’t that be what the day is about? Celebrating a couple in love? Could it be that we have taken it too far in terms of perfecting the wedding ‘theme’ at the expense of the main thing?


With that in mind, I think we’re going to start seeing more of a minimal yet effective choice in venue and styling – where it’s not actually about the location or the details themselves, but more about how they reflect the couple and enhance their day. Below are my two tips when trying to keep ‘the main thing’ the main thing:


Choose a simple venue that has just one or two ‘features’. It may be a scenic view, a natural setting, or a sole focal point. Laura and Daniel, whose pictures I have included today, were married in an intimate chapel with a feature timber ceiling which ‘framed’ their vows. Their couple photographs were just the two of them in a boat on a lake. Their reception venue had floor to ceiling glass and an epic view. Simple, but breathtakingly beautiful.


Hannah McCawley from Lost in Wishful Thinking, photographer of Laura and Daniel’s wedding, suggests considering “a beautiful location with surrounding areas for photography… it will be a bonus and save on time in the long run – especially for a couple that are keen to get back to their guests.”



Once your location and venue are chosen, it’s time to style and thoughtfully consider every detail. Do your choices enhance your wedding in a subtle way or are they over the top? Do they fit with the surrounds? Do they detract from you as a couple? Beautiful styling should be well thought out and used to frame the couple, serving as a beautiful feature rather than pretty clutter.


Hannah also agrees with this ‘less is more’ approach to styling which doesn’t detract from the main thing. She suggests one way to thoughtfully style a ceremony is to use “a dramatic floral arch which brings focus to the front where the couple is standing”. Styling can still be on trend and appreciated, it just needs to not be every which way you look crowding out the most important people… the two of you.


So what are your thoughts? Have you chosen a simplistically stunning venue? Perhaps you’ve incorporated beautiful styling in a subtle and enhancing way? We’d love to know what tips you may have in keeping the main thing the main thing. Comment below and let us know!


Images by Lost in Wishful Thinking


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Above all else, it’s important to remember not to lose sight of the one reason why couples marry – love!

Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

by | Wedding Planning Wisdom, Wisdom


Nat Green

high country marquee wedding067

Image by Love Katie and Sarah via Lisa and Hugh’s High Country Marquee Wedding

Weddings take a great deal of time and effort, not least from the bride and groom. Just beginning the process of talking about the type of celebration you want can be exhausting, with family and friends to consider, locations to explore and timing to get right. Not to mention you’re probably doing all of this of an evening when you get home after a long day at work. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get your wedding planning started, but under control, is to hire a wedding planner. Even if you want to be hands on or have a set vision of how your day will be, here are four reasons to have a planner by your side.

Leave it to the professionals

The average bride will only plan one wedding in her lifetime, meaning she’s starting with no idea but perhaps some recommendations from her already wedded girlfriends. A professional wedding planner on the other hand does this daily. They know all of the ‘ins and outs’ of the industry, what needs to be secured first and what can be left until a little bit further down the track. They will also undoubtedly remember to organise things that you might not have even realised needed to be done, from big ticket items right down to the details.

whimsical sydney wedding16

Image by gm photographics via Stephanie and Barney’s Whimsical Sydney Wedding

Less stress for you

What bride wants to be running around doing last minute errands, making final payments, or leaving her groom to collect the cake and set up the venue on the wedding day? Even if you choose to plan the wedding yourselves, hiring a ‘day-of planner’ takes the stress out of your hands on your wedding day. They will organise guests, cake, flowers, set up, and deal with any vendors or questions that arise so you don’t have to. You and your groom are meant to be enjoying your day after all.

yandina station wedding033

Image by Studio Impressions via Rachel and Lai’s Stylish Yandina Station Wedding

They can save you money

Hiring a planner may cost you money initially, but in the long run they might just save you thousands. Professional wedding planners know a good price and a bad price, they know what products work and what don’t and they know how to get things done, fast. This especially comes in handy if you’re planning a wedding away from your hometown. If you’re tying the knot abroad for example, you might not know all of the options for available catering, but a local wedding planner does. This could mean the difference between paying for a wedding you’re not 100% happy with and saving money on the one that you love.

Hire one professional and get access to a handful

The wedding industry is a little bit like an extended family, as most vendors have a bunch of friends they like to work with and other excellent professionals they can recommend to couples. By engaging a wedding planner you connect with first, you will likely be able to get a list of photographers, videographers, florists and venues they know are great and who you can rely on. While you might not choose to go with one of their recommended vendors, it can save you a lot of time and effort researching and enquiring if you happen to find the right fit.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: With their expertise, a wedding planner can indeed save you a lot of time and stress – and ensure you are super relaxed in the lead up to your big day! 

About Nat Green: Nat Green is a woman with weddings on her mind. Not hers mind you, yours. Day in and day out Nat runs around the Pillingers office as the company’s Wedding Coordinator planning Sydney’s most sensational weddings. When she’s not busy organising the big day of your dreams she’s blogging on her experiences, loves and delights in relation to all things aisles, flowers, celebrants and ceremonies.

Accessorise Your Wedding Day Style

by | Fashion Wisdom, Wisdom


Silk and Style Bridal
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A bride will often really like a wedding gown but when I dress her up with a veil, headpiece and fur, she ‘loves’ it! I always say the dress is the centrepiece. Then you match everything to it.

The veil that you choose must suit your dress. I love a long veil  – it should go just past the train length of your gown. Of course the veil doesn’t stay on all night! After the ceremony and photographs, take the veil off and pop in your headpiece, hook your bustle up and it’s time to party!

Plume Jacket Snow3

Wedding fur rabbit

Images via Silk and Style Bridal 

Now let’s go back to the photographs for a moment. Another accessory that I love and was a hit at New York Fashion Week this year, is the fur. It tops off a glamour look and is also very practical in the cooler months when going outdoors for your photos. The fur is one item you can wear again after the wedding. So treat yourself to this luxury and wear it again and again, reliving the emotions of your wedding day every time you put it on!

Remember, have fun with your accessories! Perhaps even change your look through the day and night and keep your guests wowing!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: My favourite accessory is the veil too; with such dreamy lace, they are a romantic finishing touch!

About Silk and Style Bridal: Hi, I’m Jo! Silk and Style Bridal was born from a love of beautiful wedding gowns and a passion for joining a bride’s journey in planning their special wedding day. I wanted to provide other women not only with value, but also with high-end glamour, personalised service and beautiful gowns.

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