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Spanish Wedding Catering

by | Food & Catering Wisdom, Wisdom


Miguel Cuevas of Flavours of Spain

flavors of spain 2 Spanish Wedding Catering

Spain has many regions separated by mountain systems so historically ingredients and food have been very different across the country. Luckily most of our famous dishes are of a festive nature so in your wedding you can have the best of each region.

Spanish cuisine has evolved into a more modern approach to tapas and also bigger dishes that can be shared on special occasions. These can be integrated into any wedding by having the best of each region all gracefully combined into an excellent Spanish menu that offers variety and originality.

Imagine having not only only tapas but also a leg of ham and a master slicer cutting it thin and long for maximum taste. Fresh pears stuffed with melted blue cheese and nuts, 6 or 12 month cured Manchego cheese boards with Spanish quince. How about porterhouse bites with rock salt finger tapa-sized, Spanish meatballs with Romesco sauce and rocket salad. Top it all off with the star of them all, a huge paella pan with a variety of fresh seafood or chicken and chorizo or even better a mix of them all! Paellas are always a winner because they have the visual impact, you can see the chef cooking them and even better your guests can smell the amazing ingredients as they are cooked onsite!

flavors of spain Spanish Wedding Catering

In some weddings in Spain you can find all of the above tapas as finger tapas for guests cooked onsite to eat fresh and warm while they are standing. The paella is served as a main followed by some tasty Spanish cakes for dessert. In other weddings in a more formal setting it will be served as a sitting down option.

Some parties will only have one type of entrée i.e. a master slicer cutting Jamon Serrano for everyone all the time and perhaps Manchego cheese for the vegetarians and then the paella as a main.

Whatever you choose you are assured to have a treat of the colours and flavours of Spain on your palate!

Buen provecho (enjoy your meal)!

swirl large1 Spanish Wedding CateringMs Gingham says: Ok, now I’m hungry.

Miguel Cuevas of Sydney Spanish catering company Flavours Of Spain is the ambassador of the Paella in Australia by Wikipaella and he will also travel with a team of Australian chefs to Sueca in September this year representing Australia in the International Paella Championship 2014 in Spain

The Secret To Looking Great In Photos

by | Photography Wisdom, Wisdom


corey256, Beautiful - Corey Rankin Photograpy

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”Don McCullin

kd1 550x396 The Secret To Looking Great In Photos

Image by Corey Rankin Photography

The purpose of wedding photography is for you to relive and share the joy, tears and laughter of your special day. So apart from trusting that the photographer you hired for the occasion is going to deliver, how can a bride make sure they have a beautiful wedding and at the same time want to look at the photo album again and again? Here are a few tips.

  • Be your best self. Being your best is something you can take beyond the wedding day to the rest of your life, but for now, if you’re fuming at your maid of honour for not holding your dress when you exit the car then you’re going to look like a grump in the photo. Beauty lies not in your features but in your expression. As a photographer, my best photos are of people who are expressing themselves without caring what others may think. It’s their true self shining through, and in the art of photography this shining self is the subject par excellence. Be your best self no matter what, not only for the joy of looking good in the photos, but because it will make the whole day that much more fantastic.
  • Ignore the photographer. That’s right, while you trust in them to take great photos, don’t let them tell you what to do. It’s your day, so everyone else better deal with it. I’ve seen too many weddings that look more like a photographic fiasco than a sacred ceremony, and the more photographers you’ve got, the more of a circus your wedding becomes. A good photographer takes a great photo without you realising they’re doing it. Sure, let them pose you for the location shots and smile towards the camera every now and again, but have them work around you and don’t let them interfere with your ceremony. Your wedding day is a one-off special event, so don’t stress out for the sake of a photo and ruin this unique experience.
  • While you’re at it, lay down the photographic law. You’re paying good money, so make sure the photographer knows how you expect them to behave at your gig. What if you hire someone and half-way through you don’t like the way they’re working? I’ve seen paid photographers jump in the bride’s face and make stupid animal noises in the hope of getting some kind of reaction out of the stunned bride. Assign someone to talk to the photographer during the day to iron out any issues. The last thing you want is to get into an argument with any of your suppliers, and as photographers tend to have fragile egos, let your dad, brother, aunt etc handle them while you stay detached from any drama and have a wonderful day.
  • Don’t be concerned with the weather affecting the photos. If there’s a chance of rain, make sure someone’s got an umbrella for you. Maybe the same if it’s forty degrees. If the photographer is any good they will be able to take beautiful photos in any light or conditions. Consult them during the day if you are worried the weather will ruin the shots, and they should be able to have a plan you can work with. Whatever happens, be calm, be happy, and enjoy whatever the day brings, because that’s the secret to looking great in photos.

Swirl divider6 The Secret To Looking Great In Photos

Ms Gingham say: The best photos are always the ones where you are having a blast and have no idea that someone is taking your picture. Such great advice by Corey. Enjoy the moment and your photos will be joyous!

About Corey Rankin: “For me its about quality rather than quantity. I’ve seen photographers hold the camera up in the air and take fifty photos in the hope that they will get one good one. I just take one good one”

Pre-Wedding Jitters Or Cold Feet?

by | Good Reads, Wisdom, Wise Words


meganluscombe, Starting Today Coaching

Favorites Web 51 550x366 Pre Wedding Jitters Or Cold Feet?

Image by Nina Claire Photography via Afternoon Engagement Shoot In Homebush

No two relationships are the same and no two people experience love the same, and it’s this fact that most people don’t realise during the early stages of their relationships.

We’ve all experienced the ‘honeymoon’ period and have our doses of butterflies, endless back and forth text messages and the all consuming thoughts of our object of desire, however when the lust starts to subside and real love begins to develop is when most of my clients seek out my services.

Why? Because real love can be scary.

Don’t assume it’s only woman who have pre-wedding freak outs, because I can testify that nearly half of my clients are men experiencing them too.

The most common anxieties and fears that I hear from my clients surrounding their wedding (and relationship) focus on questions such as:

* What if they aren’t the one?
* What if they’re not my ‘soulmate’?
* Why don’t I get excited as much anymore?
* What happened to the butterflies?
* I want the ‘spark’ back
* Do I love them enough?
* What if one day I don’t find them attractive?
* What if I ‘fall’ out of love?
* Have I made the right choice?
* What if they change?

and so much more

Any of these sounding familiar to you? Rest assured you are not alone if they do because it’s completely healthy (and normal) to have these questions roaming through your mind when you’re going through one of life’s biggest transitions.

Part of my job is to listen to how people really feel in the lead up to their marriages and allow them to feel that way without being embarrassed, ashamed or even guilty.

I focus on relationships because it has come to my attention that most people don’t feel comfortable talking about how they truly feel in the lead up to their wedding day. This may be due to fear of the potential response, fear of judgement, fear of having to explain their feelings to friends/parents and their partner (when they might not even understand them themselves!), fear of having to let go of old beliefs and the biggest fear of having to surrender ones need for control.

Getting married is a big deal! It is letting go of single hood, letting go of yourself and entrusting your goals, dreams, ambitions and your heart into that of one person – forever. It is without a doubt (in my opinion) a time when you are expected (and most certainly allowed) to experience moments of doubt and hesitation.

If you are one of the men/woman experiencing pre-wedding jitters or engagement/relationship anxiety please remember you are not alone, and it’s a lot more common then you think.

Swirl divider8 Pre Wedding Jitters Or Cold Feet?

Ms Gingham says: Hugely normal at many big occasions in your life as a couple. Communication (which is harder than we sometimes think) is the key.

Megan Luscombe of Starting Today Coaching has just launched a workshop specifically designed for these women who might be experiencing what’s essentially a normal reaction to a major life transition. These seminars will take place nationally with the next one occurring in Melbourne on July 27 at the Rydges Melbourne.

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