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C2 Films Heartfelt Stories – The Nature Of Love

by | Heartfelt Stories, Wisdom


In the first of his heartfelt stories, Marcus from C2 Films remembers the beautiful wedding of Angus and Atwa.

“Such is the nature of love.

I know these two; I know them as if we have been friends for a lifetime. We have shared joys, broken bread and held each other tight in times when there seemed to be no other.

The irony is that I had never met them before. My first glimpse, my first hello was on the day of the wedding. You see Angus and Atwa have a nature that is all encompassing.

They speak to you and not at you.

They look at you and not through you.

It is no wonder that they discovered each other, for something so alike cannot stay apart. They say opposites attract and I’m sure this may be the case, but beauty only wants more of itself, more completion, more wholeness.

Such is the nature of love.”

Image by warrenphotography via C2 Films


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About C2 Films: We set ourselves up to become the premier film studio in Australia for truly exceptional wedding videos. Founded by Marcus Theodor, C2 Films was born out of a passion for storytelling and connecting to the human spirit. With over 20 years in the industry, Marcus has never lost his sense of wonder when he witnesses the celebration of true love.

The History Of Wedding Traditions

by | Wisdom


Melissa Cornwall Marriage Celebrant
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st_kilda_backyard_ wedding04Image by It’s Beautiful Here via Virginia & Troy’s Charming St Kilda Backyard Wedding

A marriage ceremony carries so many traditions and most of the time, we don’t even question them because we’re so used to witnessing them. But when a recent couple decided to buck with tradition and wear their wedding rings on their right hands, I decided to do some homework. Here are some long-held traditions explained…

Wedding Rings
Why do we wear our wedding band on the ‘ring’ finger of our left hand? We have the Romans to thank for this one. They believed that a vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger) of the left hand ran directly to your heart. This vein was known as ‘vena amoris’, which is Latin for the vein of love. It sounds so wonderfully romantic but scientists say it’s not quite accurate – it turns out all our fingers have a similar vein structure.

Rings - Fun-brisbane-garden-wedding044-550x367Image by Deep Grey via Arianna & Blake’s Fun Brisbane Garden Wedding

The Best Man
More often than not, the groom’s best man is his best mate. But back in the day, the groom would choose his strongest, toughest friend as his back-up just in case he was forced to kidnap his would-be wife from her disapproving parents. During the ceremony, the best man would stand beside the groom so he was well positioned to defend the bride.

Best Man - Yarra-Valley-winery-wedding007-550x367Image by  It’s Beautiful Here via Megan & Josh’s Flower Filled Winery Wedding

The Bride’s Maids
These days your bridesmaids are the all-important girls (and guys) in your life whose job it is to support you in and on the lead-up to your wedding day. In Roman times, their role was a lot more serious. Brides would have ten witnesses (or maids) dressed identically to them who would act as decoys to prevent evil spirits trying to harm the bride. They were also there to confuse any jealous ex-lovers who might try to kidnap the bride!

Bridesmaids - Modern-Art-Gallery-Wedding045-550x36B7Image by Nicola Lemmon via Deena & Nick’s Queensland Modern Art Gallery Wedding

The Wedding Veil
To cover or not to cover your face with your wedding veil? Most modern brides opt against it but there was a time when brides had no choice, because it was the only way of hiding the bride from evil spirits. The theory was if these spirits couldn’t see the bride then they couldn’t curse her.

Veil - classic-urban-wedding0018-550x367Image by Simon Peter Taylor via Kayla and James’ Classic Urban Wedding

Where To Stand?
Traditionally brides stand to the left of their groom (with their backs facing their guests) so the groom can act as their protector. The groom would hold his bride’s hand with his left hand, leaving his right hand free to draw his sword if anyone tried to kidnap her. And would you believe most of the time the kidnappers were the bride’s own relatives? Back then, it was common for brides to have been ‘stolen’ from their families.

Stand - Elegant-Backyard-Wedding038-550x367Image by Steven Cheah Photography via Keren & Mat’s Elegant Backyard Wedding

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: A wonderful explanation of traditions – and each one has a sensible purpose! Goodness me, all the kidnapping that went on!!!

About Melissa Cornwall Marriage Celebrant: I love weddings and I love what I do. As a celebrant, my job is getting to know couples and crafting memorable marriage ceremonies – and that’s always such a pleasure and privilege.

What Would They Know? Graeme Dean of Dream Wedding Insurance

by | Wedding Planning Wisdom, What Would They Know?, Wisdom


Polka Dot Bride

Graeme of Dream Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance, in Australia, is a relatively new concept that is not often thought about. But with the detail and cost of today’s weddings it would seem a sensible approach to consider this, and factor the cost into your wedding budget. With such a happy celebratory day ahead of us, it seems unthinkable that something could go wrong, but it can, and sometimes does. So when the unexpected happens how can we protect our substantial investment in this day as much as possible? Today we speak to Graeme Dean, co-founder of Dream Wedding Insurance on all things insurance for your wedding day. Definitely food for thought and an important aspect of your day to consider!

What was the catalyst for starting Dream Wedding Insurance?

My business partner and I have worked in the insurance industry for over a decade. When a close friend of ours was let down by her caterer just days before her wedding, it gave us a great idea for an insurance product. We quickly discovered that couples in the UK and US had been insuring their weddings for years…there just wasn’t anyone offering it in Australia.

We partnered with the largest insurance market in the world, Lloyd’s of London, and hired the best developers in Australia. Within 12 months, we’d created a fantastic insurance product and a platform to enable couples to purchase online, in just a few minutes.

Why should a bridal couple consider wedding insurance?

The average Australian wedding costs almost $40,000 – the cost of a new car. There are any number of potential disasters when it comes to your wedding, and wedding insurance gives you peace of mind in the very costly lead up to the big day.

Imagine if you got a call from the venue a week before your wedding advising you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, they had to cancel your booking! Or if you or a family member suffer injury or sickness and you have to reschedule everything. If the unthinkable happens, wedding insurance protects all of your deposits and payments as well as the additional expenses to reschedule your wedding at a later date.

Hopeless bride crying outside a church after being stood up on her wedding day

What items are covered in an insurance policy?

As well as cancellation and rescheduling costs, wedding insurance provides coverage against supplier failure, failed wedding transport, lost, stolen or damaged wedding rings and gifts, damaged or stolen wedding attire, marquee damage, damaged hired equipment and personal liability.

Are couples able to tailor the policy to their needs and only insure for certain items?

Dream Wedding Insurance policies are ‘pre-packaged’ and provide coverage against all of the aforementioned instances. We packaged the policies this way for two reasons. One, to ensure that our customers have maximum protection against the unexpected, and two, to keep the process incredibly simple. Couples can purchase a policy at in less than five minutes.

For Dream Wedding Insurance 2

Are there different levels of cover?

Yes. We offer four levels of coverage for couples to choose from, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level provides the same benefits but with varying limits. A Bronze policy, for example, costs $215 and provides a cancellation benefit of $5,000. Our Silver policy costs $445 and provides cancellation coverage of $10,000. All benefit limits increase with the cost of the policy. The only exception is personal liability coverage, all four levels provide $5,000,000 personal liability coverage.

What are the factors to take into consideration when choosing the level of cover?

Most of our customers choose their policy based on the cancellation and rescheduling limits. If your wedding budget is $25,000, then your policy needs to provide $25,000 coverage in the event of cancellation.

How far in advance should a couple insure to ensure the wedding is covered?

As soon as you have a wedding date, you can, and should, purchase a policy. You can buy wedding insurance up to 18 months before the big day, we also have ‘last minute’ customers that buy just 4 weeks before. Your wedding date needs to be at least 30 days away in order to buy a policy.

Are couples insured only for weddings taking place within Australia?

Dream Wedding Insurance covers weddings taking place anywhere in the world. We’ve noticed a real increase in destination weddings over the last 12 months and we’re covering over 100 destination weddings in April alone.

For Dream Wedding Insurance 3

Are same-sex couples able to insure their commitment ceremony and reception?

Yes, absolutely, we cover commitment ceremonies.

If the wedding is called off, what circumstances allow a claim to be made on the policy?

Dream Wedding Insurance will pay claims under the cancellation benefit for instances such as, cancellation by the venue (due to damage, closure etc), sickness or injury to the bride, groom or an immediate family member, severe weather and more.

We’ve seen the horrific vision of marquees collapsing under the weight of a downpour – and ruining the décor and the reception, bridal and guests’ attire. Is there a policy to cover this event?

Yes and no…Your wedding insurance will certainly cover damaged wedding attire, this includes the bride, groom and the bridal party…but it won’t cover damage to the guests’ attire. Wedding insurance will also cover damaged hired equipment, rings and gifts in this scenario.

What happens when something goes wrong – what are the steps to take to action the claim?

Our claims process is really simple.

  1. Lodge your claim online at
  2. Upload any supporting documents (receipts etc)
  3. The claim is assessed and generally paid within 7 days.

Wedding picture of happy bride.

We all know that we should take special care to ‘read the small print’ when taking out a policy. Are there any other words of advice you can give a couple when taking out a wedding insurance policy?

We’re really open about what is and isn’t covered and our policy wording has been designed to outline the coverage very clearly. It’s important to us that our customers understand what they are purchasing, that’s why there are over 25 links to the policy wording on our website.

We get so many enquiries from couples that are already facing issues with their wedding, asking if we can provide coverage. Unsurprisingly, if you purchase a policy after something has gone wrong, there is no coverage for that particular instance. That’s why it’s important to purchase a policy as soon as you’ve locked in the wedding date, that way, if you run in to trouble on the lead up to the big day, we’ve got you covered.

Thank you Graeme for sharing your story. This is definitely worth consideration in the light of the many things that may go wrong! To find out more about Dream Wedding Insurance visit the website.

Headshot and images with permission of Dream Wedding Insurance.

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