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What Would They Know? Vicki and Jacques of Snowflake Creations

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Snowflake Creations

Photographers are a creative bunch of people. Photographers create with images, and just as an artist creates a whole painting with brushstrokes, all the images from the wedding day create that painting. Jacques Van As and Vicki Fletcher of Snowflake Creations love to capture the details, without anyone realising they are photographing them, creating surprises that capture the essence of the wedding day. The light, the shadows, the tender gestures – all create your painting. And just like any great painting, it is the emotions that it captures, that remain with you forever.

Why include the word Snowflake in your business name?

Every couple is different, and your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are as individuals and as a couple. We believe that your wedding photography should reflect this, capturing who you are on the happiest day of your life. Snowflakes are uniquely beautiful, and so too should be your memories captured.

Snowflake Creations Wedding Photography 1

You’ve both travelled a lot. What has this bought to your photography?

We both love travelling and capturing life and beautiful landscapes wherever we can. Jacques grew up in South Africa and landed in Sydney via London, we’ve both travelled through Asia and Europe quite extensively, so we’ve been lucky enough to capture some spectacular sights. Travelling has really taught us to look up and take in the details that surround us, which definitely comes into our wedding photography, capturing the finer details in the day. Documenting things as they happen too, on the road and in a wedding you rarely get a second chance at that perfect moment. Landscapes are also a big part of both travel and wedding photography for us – we love the great outdoors.

Where are you based? 

We’re based in Sydney, but regularly travel around NSW and further afield to photograph too. We’ll go wherever you ask us, whether it’s down the road or halfway around the world in Scotland!

How do you describe your photographic style?

We shoot in a relaxed, natural style, going with the flow and capturing moments as they happen. We like to capture energy, emotion and we love good light!

Snowflake Creations-4a

Do you both have a similar style of photography?

We do. Jacques came into photography from an audiovisual background, so he is very technical, and his experimenting with big ideas always ends with a successful shot. Vicki photographs more on her intuition and ideas. Our different aspects combined with a shared vision bring our relaxed, light-filled style together nicely.

What do you find most satisfying about ‘creating’ with images? Is it the process or the end result?

We both love being out in the fresh air photographing, especially when there’s a lively, animated and in-love couple to focus on. We always give each other a little high-five at the end of the night for doing a good job! While sitting at our desk editing all day can drive us a little nutty and in desperate need for a good run, seeing the end result in our photos is such a wonderful feeling too. But I think the best part is that we get to do it together!

You do lots of photography in other areas, but what is it about wedding photography that you enjoy?

We get to spend a whole day doing what we love, while sharing the happiest day of a couple’s life – does ‘work’ really get any better than that? We don’t think so!

Snowflake Creations 1

Do you let the wedding day unfold naturally or do you direct to get the shots you want?

We like to step back and let the day unfold naturally, and we capture the moments as they happen. We find that couples and families are always more relaxed when they’re focusing on each other and enjoying the day rather than our lenses, so we like to blend in sort of like another friend or family member there to help. We always ask couples to let us know if they have any specific photos they want and we step in and direct when necessary. That’s another reason it’s good to have two of us, one can organise while the other quickly snaps so no one gets bored waiting around!

How do you ensure you get the ‘hero’ shots – is it being able to anticipate, or experience, that enables you to be in the right place, at the right time?

We always work as a team, which means we have a pretty good chance of capturing those special moments when they happen – if one of us gets caught with moving guests on one side of the room, the other usually captures it beautifully. I guess you could say we act a little bit like paparazzi, because we tend to shoot without people even realising we’re there. This is really what allows us to get some of our best shots, because the couple is totally oblivious to the lens. We keep an eye on little details and people all throughout the day too, so often couples will receive their photos and see things they didn’t even realise had happened on the day!

As most of us are not used to having cameras around all day, how should a couple prepare themselves to be photographed on the wedding day?

The one thing I (Vicki) always say to a bride when I arrive is ‘Try to forget I’m even here. Enjoy this time as it goes all too quickly. If I need something, I’ll ask.’ I then do my best to document exactly as the day unfolds. Jacques has a similar approach and becomes one of the boys, and the groomsmen always relax with him, making for some really natural shots.

Do you have any advice for the bridal couple on their wedding day? 

It can be difficult to let go, as you want everything to go just as you imagined it to be. The one thing we would say is that it really is so important to relax and enjoy the day as it unfolds, as it doesn’t happen twice. You want to remember a happy day, not an anxious one. When we finish our shoot between the ceremony and reception we normally tell the bride and groom to grab a drink and go and enjoy a few minutes together on their own and just take in the magic.

Snowflake Creations 3a

What is your favourite part of the wedding day:

Vicki – When the bride puts on her dress!

Jacques – Watching the reaction of the groom when he sees the bride for the first time and definitely the dancing towards the end of the night.

What are the big questions the bridal couple should ask their photographer?

How do they usually work?

Does the photographer let the day happen naturally or do they dictate shots when they want them?

Are they willing and able to direct a large crowd of people for a group or family shots if needed?

If you have specific shots in mind are they willing and able to take them?

What is their policy on paparazzi wedding guests?

Do they prefer you to ask guests to keep their phones away?

Snowflake Creations 2

What are your dreams for Snowflake Creations? 

Well, like every photographer, we really want to improve and grow as much as we can in this industry. We’d love to photograph more weddings internationally but also in more locations throughout Australia. We just love travelling and discovering new places, and getting to capture them is so wonderful. We want to keep creating unique memories for every couple we photograph and form lasting relationships with our clients.

How do you unwind from a busy work weekend?

One of our favourite things to do when we’re not photographing is to get out on the water and go fishing. It’s a kind of meditation really because there’s no point worrying about what you have to do when you’re on a boat in the middle of a lake. We have recently begun the pursuit of learning the dark art of film photography. In the name photography and understanding every angle we have purchased some old vintage cameras and play around with these and develop our own images from scratch. It’s a very therapeutic process.

Thank you Vicki and Jacques for sharing your story. To find out more about Snowflake Creations visit the website.

All images by Snowflake Creations

The Best Bustle for Your Wedding Gown

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Wedding Gown Specialists
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There are all kinds of bustles – from the French bustle to the Austrian bustle; even The Ballroom bustle! Your designer or dressmaker can help you choose the one that best suits your gown.  Whichever bustle type you choose, make sure you know how to use it! If you can, take the person who will be helping you on the wedding day to your last fitting so they can practice. The easiest bustle is the one with buttons or pearls at the waistline. Then you just have to start with the loop at the centre back of your train and match the right loops to the right buttons.

candlelit winter wedding0105Image by Leo Farrell via Tori and Dave’s Candlelit Winter Wedding

Sheehan_Phillips_Woodnote_Photography_woodnotewedding125_lowImage by Woodnote Photography via Liz and Tim’s Classic Australian Wedding

Designed to prevent your gown from sweeping across the floor, many bustles require you to match ribbons on the under side of your gown. Again if you begin from the centre back and work outward, it should not be very hard to match them properly. Sometimes gown designers use coloured ribbons or sew coloured threads on the ribbons so it is even easier to tie the right ribbons together. Or the designer may write numbers on the ribbons. Note: it’s best if the designer uses an indelible marking pen so the ink does not run when your gown is cleaned. For really complicated bustles, you will always need numbers to tie them properly–especially if your bustle involves so many ties that the skirt looks like a series of “pick-ups.”

For some gowns, such as a lace gown with a satin slip, you will also need to bustle your petticoat separately from the gown. The same rules as above will apply, and it is not likely you will forget because the petticoat will show if you forget to loop it up too!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thankyou Wedding Gown Specialists; a very helpful guide to choosing the best bustle. With so many to choose from, there is one for every style of gown!

Vendor’s Favourites – Way Up High

by | Vendor's Favourite, Wisdom


Way Up High
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1. Helen English

Love, love, love Helen’s designs! I wore one of her gowns for my own wedding and the whole experience from the minute I walked in to the store was fantastic! Cannot recommend her highly enough! Image via Helen English

2. Super8 Film

I love our Super8 camera!! It brings such a feeling of warmth, nostalgia and fun to film making. I get pretty excited when our brides ask for this to be included on their day!! Image via Way Up High

3. Big Love Photography

Cristina is an amazing photographer and a real inspiration!! She brings enthusiasm, fun and boundless energy to every wedding she shoots. Image by Big Love Photography

4. The Style Co.

Based in Melbourne, this team works wonders! My dream wedding team! Image by Louisa Bailey

5. Words

The words couples choose to say on their wedding day have a huge impact on me. I laugh, I cry and I know I’m in the right job. Image via Way Up High


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such an inspirational list of favourites – I love the Super8 camera too!

About Way Up High: Hi, I’m Kara from Way Up High! I love weddings! Working with my husband, Brad, our filming style is handcrafted to each and every wedding we shoot. Our inquisitive, cinematic approach helps us enhance the fun, emotion and beauty of your special day.

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