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Vendor’s Favourites – Triple R Luxury Car Hire

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Triple R Luxury Car Hire
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Triple R Luxury Car Hire vendor's favourites

1. Yarra Valley and Mornington Winery Weddings. We just love the resurgence of the vineyard weddings. The Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula offer some of the most breathtaking locations to host a wedding ceremony and reception. Not only are the venues stunning with their rustic charm but the photos that can be taken on site will take your breath away especially with the warm glow of the afternoon sunset. With so many different venues to choose from in the Yarra Valley there is something for every budget, taste and wedding size. With the ceremony and reception taking place on the same property, it always allows your guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. With many options for accommodation around the area too many guests choose to stay in the Yarra Valley and make the most of the weekend spent away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Image by Triple R Luxury Car Hire

2. Autumn Weddings. There’s nothing more romantic than an autumn wedding. The beautiful warm afternoon sun and the rich orange and red colours of the trees make for a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. The weather may be a bit cooler than the summer months but we find it’s better to be a bit cooler than a sweltering hot 40 degree day. Although autumn weddings are not as popular as the summer weddings, we still think they offer a charm that will make your day stand out. Image by Eric Ronald Photography via Sam and Dave’s Relaxed Autumn Wedding

3. Mickey loves Jacqui.Wedding invitations and stationery don’t have to be boring and the husband and wife team at Mickey loves Jacqui are definitely not boring. They create some of the most interesting and beautiful looking stationery we have seen. Their fine graphic design skills and on trend creations (plus they are super great to work with) makes them our recommendation for wedding stationery. Image by Mickey loves Jacqui

4.Floretta By GraceWe love the floral work of Floretta! Although they have only been in business a short few years they have made waves in the industry and produced some of the most amazing work we have seen. The hard working team have impeccable attention to detail and create some stunning arrangements. Grace comes from a long career in graphic design and this is evident in the beautiful work she creates. Image by Qlix Photography

5. A Lavish AffairThe team at A Lavish Affair have organised hundreds of weddings and we have worked with them on countless occasions over the years. The dedicated team create some amazing weddings and events and are thorough and an absolute delight to deal with. Their experience lies with all different types of weddings no matter how big or small and they have worked with almost all of Melbourne’s top venues and locations. Offering a range of packages and involvement in the wedding planning process their years of experience shine through in everything they do. Image by Hilton Stone Photography


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Autumn weddings are amongst our favourites too – the colours are just spectacular!

About Triple R Luxury Car Hire: Let us provide the perfect car for your perfect wedding! Triple R Luxury Car Hire is Melbourne’s leading provider of classic European Wedding Cars. With over 35 years experience our family owned and operated business has provided unrivalled friendly and reliable service to over 20,000 couples.

What Would They Know? Penny Busch of Down The Garden Path Botanical Studio

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Polka Dot Bride

Down The Garden Path

Penny of Down The Garden Path Botanical Studio loves to create ‘wild and whimsical design’ letting nature do the talking. And talk it does – with blooms at the point of perfection, greenery spilling in seeming disarray from the arrangement, and colours and shapes in harmony. A lot of us see a bunch of flowers and they are just that – beautiful and a fleeting pleasure. But combined in unusual ways in the hands of a skilled person with an eye for the unusual and beautiful, something magical happens and a transformation takes place. From a tumble of leaves and flowers grows a work of art, worthy of any bride’s dreams on her wedding day.

Where is your store front situated?

In Freshwater Village on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.

What attracted you to Floristry as a profession?

I always knew I had to do something creative with my hands – I’m not a sit-behind-a-desk kinda person, so when a friend suggested it to me one day as we were walking past a florist shop I was instantly convinced – but the beauty of the flowers is really the main attraction – the colours, the shapes, the scent just pleases me and has always kept my interest. Even now after nearly 20 years in the industry I am still discovering amazing new flowers and foliage that I haven’t come across before.

Down The Garden Path 8

Image by Down The Garden Path Botanical Studio

Please describe a typical wedding work day?

I’m up early on the day of the wedding – all the wiring work has to be done on the day so I’m usually making flower crowns, buttonholes and corsages in my pyjamas at 6am. Then I’m just finishing off all the finer details, adding silk ribbon to the bridal bouquets, giving every single flower some love, be it picking off a bruised petal or prising a bloom open – I make sure they look perfect. Then I’m on the road delivering the bridal party flowers and setting up the ceremony/ reception flowers. I try to do as much as possible in the studio so that the set up runs as smoothly as possible.

How would you describe your floral/botanical style?

I was classically trained for several years then went on to work for a place where all the rules were made to be broken, so I like to think I can ‘do’ every style of floral design – but I am happiest when working with garden style flowers – big blousy roses, with layers and layers of petals combined with their heavenly scent, trails of jasmine, bundles of lilac and wild and wispy sweet peas – that is my happy place! I’m also a huge fan of the colour pink so a lot of my designs have a feminine and romantic feel to them.

We can all go into the garden and just pick flowers to plonk in a vase. But what is that special something that sets your style of ‘wild and whimsical’ apart from us ordinary flower pickers?

Being a floral designer – you are dealing with the same principals as an artist – form, colour, space, texture – every placement of every stem is carefully planned to show the flower in its best light. I am very particular about my colour combinations as well and always give a lot of thought to this element before I start each design.

How do help the bride decide on her floral style? How do you guide her decisions, allowing her to understand what you wish to create for her?

After discussing all the details of the dresses, the location and the overall feel of the wedding I’m able to get an idea of what type of floral style will work. Our initial consultation lasts about an hour and it generally takes about a week for me to put together a quote for the couple as I include loads of imagery of the kind of thing I would like to create so they get a really good visual on what I intend to do. I always give my honest opinion on their ideas and make suggestions that will enhance the look they are trying to achieve.

Down The Garden Path 4

 Image by Down The Garden Path Botanical Studio

Are you all about using what is in season?

Absolutely – it just makes sense for everyone – in saying that, if there is a particular flower the bride loves or has a special meaning I will do my best to try and get it in for her.

What do you love about creating bouquets and ceremony/reception arrangements for weddings?

Everything! When you’re doing flowers for a wedding you want the flowers to be looking their absolute best on that day as opposed to bouquets for gifts or flowers for the home that you want to last a while – so roses should be fully open, peonies almost on the verge of shattering- no closed blooms allowed!

Weddings are such a joyous occasion – the room is filled with love and I am thrilled to be a small part of creating that love.

What is your main challenge or focus when planning and creating flowers for a wedding?

I would have to say timing – I always draw up a timeline of what needs to be done in the days leading up to the wedding, always allowing time to fix up any issues that may arise – you only get one shot at it so there really in no room for error. A key part of this is when to get the flowers so that they are in peak condition for the wedding day.

Down The Garden Path 7

 Image by Down The Garden Path Botanical Studio

Do you also offer a wedding styling service? How does this fit in with the floral side of your business?

I have done a lot of wedding styling in the past – it works really well for the bride as she only has to deal with one person for everything -I can source props, decorative items and provide a full set up on the day, taking care of all the little details that make up the big picture.

Does this ensure that the whole look throughout the wedding is cohesive – right down to the containers you use and finishing touches such as candles?

Exactly right ! All those little details are so important to the overall feel.

When you see your finished work just before a wedding is about to commence – do you pause a moment to take it all in – what do you feel?

It’s always a proud moment when you can stop and admire the scene – I breathe a huge sigh of relief and give myself a high-five!

What do you like to do with the flowers after the reception is over?

I always encourage the bride and groom to offer them to their family and friends at the end of the night – it’s a nice token for those people special to the couple, to have them afterwards.

Down The Garden Path 1

 Image by Down The Garden Path Botanical Studio

What are your dreams for Down The Garden Path?

For it to be successful – and by that I don’t mean “to make lots of money” – if I am happy, content and challenged in my work every day then I believe that is success.

Creating flowers for weddings is something I LOVE doing, so if can continue to do that then I’m so happy.

 How do you like to spend your spare time?

We are very fortunate to live right across the road from the beach so my down time in summer is spend there- reading, swimming, resting and rejuvenating.

I love scouring markets and vintage shops for treasures to put in the studio (or keep for myself if I can’t bear to part with it!)

And I’ve always got a crafty project on the go – wire sculptures, sewing, paper maché.

What do you love (and miss) about living in New Zealand?

My garden – Sydney is the first place I have lived in without a garden – and I didn’t realise how much of an important role it played in my daily routine – being in the garden, seeing things you have planted growing and flourishing is incredibly pleasing to me, it’s almost therapeutic.

And of course my family and friends!

Down The Garden Path 2

Image by Paul Tatterson

What have you discovered about living in Sydney that has been a surprise to you?

I love everything (besides the traffic) about living in Sydney! I feel incredibly lucky to have ended up here and feel very content calling Sydney home.

The beaches, the tropical feel in summertime, the friendly people, and especially the variety in the flowers year round is amazing!

Thank you Penny for sharing your story. Beautiful and magical flowers to perfume your wedding day. To find out more about Down The Garden Path Botanical Studio visit the website.

Headshot by Down The Garden Path Botanical Studio.

A Time To Celebrate At Karen Willis Holmes’ New Showroom

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Ms Filigree


It was with excitement that much of the wedding industry gathered at the newly opened Karen Willis Holmes flagship showroom in Alexandria to celebrate this exciting time for the iconic Australian bridal brand. Nestled in the heart of Alexandria (and just moments away from Max Brenner!) lies the new showroom which is warm, spacious and inviting for bridal parties of all sizes.



As you enter this gorgeous space, dark timbers highlight a beautiful array of white and ivory wedding gowns that are positively to die for! For the launch event, guests were treated to an up close view of a selection of gowns being paraded by models meandering throughout the showroom. As guests mingled amongst the gowns and models, they were entertained by the acoustic melodies of Tillee Music while enjoying delightful canapes and champagne.


As the night progressed, Karen took a moment to share with us her passion for what she does and all that is new for the brand. Working with key vendors in the industry and growing globally with a wonderfully dedicated team, the Karen Willis Holmes brand has firmly established its’ position for quality Australian bridal wear on the global market.



The gowns from Karen Willis Holmes are renowned for their quality and attention to detail which was plain to see throughout the evening. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and structured number, something a little boho or a beaded glamorous gown, there is something for every bride. The new showroom not only allows for privacy for you and your bridal party but also provides bridal parties the opportunity to mingle together – the KWH team will make your experience nothing short of perfect!


This is such an exciting time for the Karen Willis Holmes brand and we are certainly very excited to see what the future holds for this wonderful label! Congratulations to their dedicated team and all that they have achieved.



Images via Karen Willis Holmes

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations to the KWH team; such exciting times with a new showroom for your glamorous couture designs!

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