Magnus Agren Photography

Look closely and you’ll see that each photographer has a subtly different style, even though they each photograph the story of your day. Magnus of Magnus Agren Photography has a love of nature – the vastness of a mountain backdrop, the detail of a field of yellow daisies, the craggy rocks at the seaside. Setting you in amongst this magnificence, he highlights the importance of your relationship as part of the world we all live in. Just as nature is ever changing and a world to be explored, your wedding day is just the start of your new adventure together.

Where are you based?

Southern Highlands NSW.

What keeps you inspired as a photographer?

Living in the highlands, we really are spoilt with four distinct seasons, so I feel inspired constantly by nature. I love that no two couples are the same, and being able to bounce off their energy celebrating the most exciting day of their lives is contagious. And the more adventurous the better!

Magnus Agren Photography 1

How would you describe your photographic style?

Relaxed, “not in your face.” I love encouraging the couples to embrace whatever their day brings, with their adventurous spirit to go off the beaten track to get amazing shots, and add to memories of the day!

What do you enjoy about wedding photography?

Not only do I get to capture couples’ wedding day, but I get to hang out with them too, through the pre wedding nerves, to the elation of the “I now pronounce you husband and wife” to the adventure of the location shoot, and then the fun and hilarity of the reception and its shenanigans. I arrive as the photographer, and leave with new friends.

Magnus Agren Photography 3

How does your background inform your style of photography?

Initially starting as a landscape photographer I feel naturally drawn to nature and love capturing the beautiful locations couples have chosen to celebrate their day. I also love the adventure that the location shoot can bring, and here in Australia we are spoilt for choice with coastland, bushland, farmland and cityscapes all at our fingertips.

The landscape and light seem to be an important part of your photography. Is this ‘sense of place’ an important part of the story you are telling?

You say “the story you are telling” but it is the couple’s story that they tell to me, I am merely documenting it and facilitating the telling of THEIR story. The couples choose the venue and where they decide to celebrate reflects their personality, style, and character.

A lot of your photographs seem quite ‘textural”. Is this an important element of your photo compositions?

Absolutely! I love putting the soft delicate wedding dress and prettied up people against something that’s quite the opposite. If brides are happy with me taking them into mud and dirt then that’s where we’ll go!


Magnus Agren Photography 4

How do you get the best shots – with lots of direction or just letting day unfold naturally?

Letting it unfold without a doubt! I don’t want to be forcing moments to happen, I want couples to enjoy their day as they want. You’re not going to get their personality if you’re telling them what to do the whole day, that’ll just be what you’re forcing on them. It’s the moments when they don’t know I’m taking a shot that I find the most special. One of my favourite moments is after they have signed the marriage certificate and their witnesses are signing and they have their first moment together as husband and wife, it’s the secret smiles to each other then that I find beautiful.

How do you ensure that the personality of the couple shines through the images?

I think the previous question helps with that heaps! Letting the day unfold lets the couples relax and be themselves and I just get to encourage them on that path and we run that same path together. I also find it helpful to encourage them with things they would like to do no matter what. Like if a couple have a vision for how their day was planned to be, then I encourage them to go for it rain, hail or shine! Wet weather should never dampen the day, some of my favourite shots are when its pouring!


Magnus Agren Photography 2

Do you travel all over Australia and overseas to photograph weddings?

I absolutely do! The more random the place the better. I love doing real outback country weddings or just authentic relaxed non city ones.

How do you go about scouting for wedding shoot locations in a place you don’t know well? How much time do you need to prepare?

This is part of what I like to do. I love places that I haven’t been and having to think on my feet. Even some places that you do scout, the light can be completely different on the day and it’s not going to work, so you still have to think on the spot. So I like to have ideas of nice places but not having to be tied to them. I think spontaneity lends itself to creativity.

How would you like your couples to feel when looking at their photographs in five year’s time?

I’d love them to remember the adventure that was had on the day and for those photos to transport them back to the emotion, excitement and love that they had for each other on that day.


Magnus Agren Photography 5

Wedding photography is a labour intensive business. How do you ensure a work/life balance?

Without a doubt! And I don’t think I have found that good balance yet either. As living on a farm I’ve got work to do there, but I guess that sort of runs into the next question too. But rumour has it I need to set work hours and have days off.. I’ll get there 😉

What do you like doing for relaxation?

I enjoy adventuring in the bush and going camping and things outdoors with my family. Our favourite days off are spent in the veggie garden with our son Bud and our border collie Joey. Nature is where I like to be!

Thank you Magnus for sharing your story. Such beautiful images to treasure for a lifetime and beyond. To find out more about Magnus Agren Photography visit the website.

All images from Magnus Agren Photography.


What is your favourite wedding theme?

Hard one to answer as I am like a kid in a lollie shop when it comes to choosing but given that we are in Winter I guess a wildly colourful ‘fiesta theme’ – decorations, food, music & dancing!

What inspires you?

Every new day.

What is special about weddings to you?

They’re a time of happiness, joy and celebration.


Image by Laki Sideris via Kendall and Zach’s Beautiful Barn Wedding

What do you love about hospitality?

Behind the scenes it can sometimes be hectic and crazy, but working with a great team also is fun and at the end of a day very rewarding when couples are full of praise.

What is your favourite image of all time?

I have three – the first glimpses of my new born babies!

What book are you reading at the moment?

The Rosie Project.

What is your Number 1 tip for brides and grooms?

Sneak some time together on your day to keep and share forever.


Image by bride’s sister via Casey and Ben’s Rustic Providence Gully Barn Wedding

What is the one tool of yours that you can’t live without?

My rake – in Autumn ( not very high tech but excellent results!)

What is your resolution for this year?

Avoid New Year’s resolutions!

What are you excited about right now?

Just booked a weekend away with my girls.

What is a special personal talent you possess?

Finding new projects for my husband!

Where is your favourite place to escape to for downtime and why?

The beautiful Gippsland Lakes.



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Ms Chinoiserie Says: With such a gorgeous location as yours, it must be wonderful for you to share in so many happy wedding celebrations!

About Providence Gully: Nestled in a quiet copse of native gums, our venue is a carefully cultivated oasis for special occasions. We have reinvigorated the settler’s cottage, rustic barn and surrounding orchards with a careful eye to bring warmth and charm to this country property. Wander through the olive grove, apple orchards and vegetable gardens or sit in the shade and sip champagne whilst relaxing with guests and listening to the evening birdsong.


At A Little Bit Fancee, we believe the secret to creating the perfect wedding cake is finding the right cake designer. Today, it’s easy for couples to research cake designers online, read customer reviews and look at samples of wedding cake designs. Look for designers with plenty of positive feedback from past customers. Choose a number of designers who have received rave reviews from couples, and then visit their websites to see if they provide visual samples of their work.

How big should my cake be? 

A number of factors will determine this:

  • Number of guests
  • If you choose to have dessert sized serves or coffee sized serves. A great way to save a few extra dollars is to use the cake as dessert!
  • Will you keep the top-tier and serve the remainder to guests?
  • What does your budget allow? Ensure you tell your cake designer as they can offer a number of suggestions. Be realistic – it is important that you discuss budget at the beginning of the design process with your cake designer to avoid any misunderstandings; don’t feel pressurised into ordering a cake that is beyond your budget. Tiers, handmade sugar flowers, moulded shapes and metallic finishes all add to the price, so if you are trying to keep the cost low it is best to avoid or minimise these. You could consider decorating with fresh flowers or fruit for a less expensive but equally beautiful finish.

At A Little Bit Fancee, we design a computerised image of the sizing of your cake before we even start the design. This way you have a great visual idea of how your cake will look.


Cake flavours and finishes:

  • Don’t feel you have to settle for the traditional fruit cake, there are literally hundreds of flavours to choose from.  Coffee, white chocolate, dark chocolate and nut flavours have recently become popular as have citrus and fruit flavours.
  • It makes most sense to stick to flavours that match the season of the wedding – light, dainty flavours for a spring or summer wedding and rich, heavy cakes for autumn and winter weddings.
  • If you’re having different tiers you CAN have different flavours in each tier.
  • Ensure your cake designer can host a taste testing. A Little Bit Fancee runs ‘Cake Tasting Days’ every two months and ‘Cake Mail’. What’s better than coming home to a box of yummy cake on your door step?!
  • The final design will also depend on the type of wedding you are having. A traditional style wedding with a sit down dinner calls for a fondant finished cake incorporating your theme colours (perhaps colours that match your bouquet, table centrepieces or even bridesmaids’ dresses).
  • A small rustic style wedding in the garden calls for a buttercream finish with fresh flowers.
  • Don’t forget to ask your cake designer if they can provide a suitable cake stand too. A Little Bit Fancee also offers a large range to hire.
  • The design possibilities are endless!

 Images by A Little Bit Fancee

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Great advice to ensure you receive your ‘perfect cake’; I love the idea of different flavoured tiers – now, how many types of chocolate are there?!!

About A Little Bit Fancee: Hi, I’m Cristina! A Little Bit Fancee specialises in couture, bespoke designs of all things sweet and delicious! With immaculate care and precision – and a love of all things sweet – you know you are only going to get the best from me and A Little Bit Fancee!