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SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

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Ms Chevron

The first of May brought with it the inaugural Wedding Showcase held at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) and hosted by Vellum Studios. The canapés were sitting pretty and bottles of sparkling were ready to be popped as over 20 of Brisbane’s finest wedding vendors awaited the arrival of 180 excited brides (and a smattering of grooms!)

YES FB Wedding Showcase 96 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

YES Lolly Wedding Showcase 2 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

YES SLQ Wedding Showcase 100 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

I spoke with Vellum Studios about how the Wedding Showcase came to be:

What made you decide to put on this Showcase?
We wanted a way to Showcase our photography work as well as the beautiful work of the other local vendors in a setting that was relaxed and comfortable.

What made you choose SLQ as the venue?
It is such a beautiful space and unfortunately not many people in Brisbane are aware that you can hold events there, so we thought it was the perfect place to host our Wedding Showcase.

How did you select which vendors attended?
We carefully selected vendors that were all about quality, client service, and specialised in weddings. We wanted to ensure that the couples coming to the Showcase were able to speak directly with and see and experience products from some of the best wedding vendors in Brisbane.

YES Table Wedding Showcase 118 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

YES Table Wedding Showcase 117 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

YES Flowers Wedding Showcase 7 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

Rebekah Godbold is the Venue Hire Manager for SLQ. She echoes this sentiment, “The Wedding Showcase was a great opportunity to highlight our unique venues – which really have to be seen to be believed! When we saw the proposed list of vendors, we knew that they would complement the modern and sophisticated look of State Library of Queensland (SLQ).

SLQ offers a range of ceremony and reception venues with striking city views. But what really sets our venues apart are the unique architectural and quirky elements – whether it be a 6 metre high mirrored ceiling, a wall of tea cups, or a timber floor that appears suspended over the river – which our couples just love.”

YES Ceremony Wedding Showcase 1 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

YES SLQ Wedding Showcase 31 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

YES SLQ Wedding Showcase 57 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

Sarah-Jane from Cake That gave me an insight into her involvement in the Showcase and life as a cake artist, “I chose the [three] cakes I displayed because I like to make those type of cakes… whilst the styles are popular and engage most brides, I find it equally important to showcase and produce designs that also excite me.

It was important to me to be involved in this particular Showcase as I was surrounded by like minded vendors who I admire. Each week I get to see the best in the industry consistently producing fantastic products and services for their clients – so to be collectively under one roof was a magnificent atmosphere for those potential clients to meet their potential vendors.

My clients are always surprised about how much I ask them about their wedding and its details – colours, theme, gown, bouquet, and their personalities all play a huge part in the design I create for them. My clients value the fact that I want to know the tiniest details so that their cake can fit into their reception and make the statement that best suits their needs.”

YES Cake That 550x412 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

YES Wedding Showcase 15 550x366 SLQ Showcasing The Best Of Brisbane

Sarah-Jane summed it up beautifully, “People have a misconception that everything in this industry is about competition – to me it’s not. I have wonderful friends from the industry… each of us have our own style which won’t suit every client, but each of our clients will choose us because of how we fit with them.” Fantastic to see a collection of industry professionals working together!

Images by Vellum Studios

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Top Wedding Styling Trends For 2013/2014 Weddings

by | Styling Wisdom, Wisdom



What are the top styling themes of this year? A renowned Sydney wedding planner who has brought to life the beautiful weddings of the likes of Australian personalities Ada Nicodemou, and Guy Sebastian – Anthony Del Col gives us  the lowdown of what the top three wedding themes are for the 2013/2014 wedding season.

ADelColBlack and White 1 550x824 Top Wedding Styling Trends For 2013/2014 Weddings

Black and White

Choose either black or white as the main tone for the styling, think flowing white draping and pristine white tablecloths, with white flowers to add adds softness and romance to the whole look and keep in with the light-hued theme. While other bridal decorative features like black chairs and dark wall features lend drama to the overall look, you can add on splash of colour to light fixtures, chandeliers and table settings. The end result with be sophistication-central. Black accompanied with white always is – it’s fail-safe.

AdelcolWHITE1 550x412 Top Wedding Styling Trends For 2013/2014 Weddings


All White

An all white wedding theme can give an air of serenity, whimsy, and can be a thing of beauty to behold on your special day. Go classic, vintage, or modern and/or contemporary – it all comes down to how the elements are put together. Incorporating stunning clear vases with a variety of white flowers adds a truly breathtaking look to all that white space. The all-white wedding is making a large comeback with brides, likely as more couples want their wedding theme to reflect their style of living: simple, uncluttered, pared down, classic… and ultimately timeless.

 IMG 8260 550x310 Top Wedding Styling Trends For 2013/2014 Weddings

Splashes of colour

The new modern bride loves colour. I often ask the bride and groom to pick four colours from a colour palette, and I incorporate these choices within elements of the styling, such as the flowers, wine goblets and table settings. As this theme is bright and summery, it is often used for outdoor weddings, tea party-style weddings, or for a bride who wants that wow factor when her guests walk into the room. And who doesn’t?

These themes will be in display at this year’s Ultimate Wedding Planning Party on May 8, Sydney Opera House.

Anthony Del Col says:I truly look forward to explaining these three top themes, incorporating the event’s theme for the year: classic and vintage. I will also be sharing my top wedding planning tips and tricks, based on 15 years experience styling dream weddings”.

Images courtesy of Anthony Del Col

Swirl divider5 Top Wedding Styling Trends For 2013/2014 Weddings

Ms Gingham says: Interesting trends that are coming our way. It’s still worth noting that your wedding should reflect who you are, so think about incorporating trends rather than following them religiously!

About Kim: “The producer of the annual Ultimate Wedding Planning Party – a glam bridal planning event showcasing all the best of Sydney’s wedding suppliers and designers. The UWPP is held annually at the Sydney Opera House!”

Vendor’s Favourites – Luke Going Photography

by | Vendor's Favourite, Wisdom


Luke of Luke Going Photography
Find me on Ms Polka Dot's Directory

Favourite Wedding Vendors1 Vendors Favourites Luke Going Photography

1. Shark Pig – These guys are the raddest videographers on the planet. I would have liked to have promoted an Australian videographer here (which there are plenty to choose from, La Lune being my fave) but I just couldn’t overlook these mad geniuses. Their use of old school videography with newschool technology creates a surreal energetic montage of sound and imagery. THIS is what wedding videography should look like. I have tried to find an equivalent in Australia, but have had some trouble locating such original talent. I think there is a BIG hole in this market with HUGE opportunity for anyone with the goods!

2. Wil Valor – I met these two strapping young lads at a wedding fair recently and was very impressed by their take on style, fashion and masculinity. Wil Valor is made up of Mark and Vish and are the best tailors in Australia. These guys seem to be leading the way in men’s fashion and not just on the wedding scene. Their eclectic range seems to attract the groom who is looking for something edgy and Stylish (Style with a capital S). Drawing on past and current trends, I get reminded of the old-world European charm of pre-WW2 glamour, with the men looking sharp and dapper trying their best to charm the ladies, dressed to kill in their elegant and feminine couture.

3. Kari Celebrations – At #3 my favourite celebrant, Kari. Words cannot express what a presence Kari makes at a ceremony. With the compassion of the spiritually devoted, her heartfelt ceremonies evoke an acutely wise truth that lies at the centre of all relationships. Love, respect and commitment. There isn’t a dry eye in the house when Kari is weaving her magic. Photographer – Marion Jonkers Photography

4. Dan O’Day Photography -  There are a handful of photographers out there who I could have chosen as my faves for this feature. There is so much unbelievable talent out there, just in Australia alone. But, it is Dan’s work that inspires me just a little more than the others. I love how he approaches a wedding as a fine art photographer, rather than a wedding photographer. An artist who shoots weddings. And without sounding too pretentious, this is what I also strive for when I shoot a wedding. To get in my OWN zone and create images that evoke something in ME (and just hope that the clients see where I’m coming from). Dan’s perspective is one of a true craftsman. He carves beauty from the shadows just as much as the light and transforms a simple composition into a moving landscape of emotion. Photographer – Dan O’Day

5. Weddings At Tiffany’s – I have been shooting at this venue since I first started shooting weddings, and I can’t speak more highly of Tiffany’s. Not only is it one of the finest venues on the Sunshine Coast to get married (and I would even say one of the best in QLD.. Australia.. THE WORLD!!), but the folks who own and run this wonderful place are the most friendly, professional and welcoming people I have met during my time in the industry. And I think that I can speak for all of the couples who have married here too, as I only hear glowing reports. I really look forward to shooting a wedding here as it is like visiting family, so warm and hospitable. And do I even need to point out that it is one of THREE venues that has this billion dollar view??!! I don’t think so. Photographer – Luke Going Photography

6. Jennifer Gifford Designs – Jennifer’s one talented lady. Her savvy and sophisticated eye, fashions the very threads of every bride’s perfect dress (one too many puns there I think). Her dreamy elegance upholds all that is beautiful in the feminine archetype of our imagination – Sensual, Sexy & Graceful. Photographer – Feather & Stone 

Swirl divider1 Vendors Favourites Luke Going Photography

Ms Gingham says: Some of my favourites here too!

About Luke Going: “If I let myself write a descriptive breakdown of all the things that made up ‘me’,  you would be bored by the second line. Because.. does all that really matter to anybody but me? I’d love to discuss all the cool things that make us unique over coffee sometime. That’s what I’m into!”

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