Keepresin Rounded WLC_Almost Black Resin Pot and Small Stand_$275

With so many gorgeous brands and contemporary ranges available, styling your home has never been so much fun. With so many striking designs, we’re celebrating neutral colours and simplicity – so on trend for your home!

Keepresin is so unique and precious. Their contemporary range of hand crafted homewares can be styled anywhere. With indoor plants so on-trend, style the round resin pot in the corner of any room, or next to your couch. Fill it with a hanging plant or succulent to add life and colour and lift the space. This will not only clean your indoor air, but will bring life inside making you feel more connected to the outdoors.

WLC_Keepresin Large Jug in Pale Grey Resin_$200


Blacklist Studio – If you are looking for affordable art prints that will lift your home, I love everything that Blacklist Studio offers. Style their prints leaning on a side table with other decorative ornaments, or hang them on the wall amidst other prints or on their own. ‘All You Need is Love’ is so perfect for a gift on your wedding registry to remind you about your love for one another.

WLC_Blacklist Studio All You Need Is Love Gold Foil Print with Black Frame_$250


In The Sac bed linen – Never underestimate the power of a good quality sheet set! For texture and coziness, linen sheets provide that just slept-in natural look. I like them in neutral colours, then you can add colour with decorative pillows and fitted sheets. Perhaps even a pattern. Keep the quilt cover and sheets neutral though – perhaps in a grey or light green. White is always a great option too. These are so divine to sleep in – perfect for when you start your married life together.

WLC_In The Sac Bed Linen_$425


Images via Wedding List Co.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Fabulous tips and advice – love the neutral colours; so on trend for styling your first home as a married couple together!

About Wedding List Co.: Injecting fun and ease into choosing and purchasing gifts with unparalleled personal service, Wedding List Co, with its contemporary and on trend product selection, is one of Australia’s finest online gift registries.


Of the many, many choices brides have to make while planning their wedding, one of the most visible is ‘what are you going to wear on your head’? As with everything else, there are squillions of options, so I thought I’d (hopefully) help some of you ladies out by giving you a visual guide to how different wedding head piece accessories look and also change the feel of your wedding and your gown.

Now I’m certainly no fashion expert, and if you’ve met me, you know this is true (I march to the beat of my own drum when it comes to fashion). So please take my ahem, opinions, with a grain of salt. Also, go with something YOU love, don’t worry about what anyone else wants or says. It’s your wedding day, your way. Also, apply that advice to the rest of your wedding – you only get to do it once. You can thank me later for that morsel of excellent advice.

Let’s talk about some of the wedding head piece options (sounds like a matrimonial trip to the orthodontist haha!) out there for brides.

The Cathedral Veil
Ok, I admit, I love a good cathedral veil. Traditional, beautiful, timeless, and boy do they look wonderful in photographs. All hail the cathedral veil! Of course, these beauties don’t go with everything. Best suited to a long dress, and you may want to remove it by the time the reception rolls around and replace with a comb or other hair piece. Cathedral veils can be worn over the face (traditional) for the ceremony entrance or simply at the back of the head. Other considerations may be the length of your hair. Long hair is best, but be sure to try it on at the hair trial to see how it’s going to look on the day.


Chapel, Waist and Elbow Veils
If a cathedral veil is not for you, you can still go for a shorter length veil to compliment your dress. There are various lengths shorter than cathedral (who knew right?), the most popular seems to be waist length. After all they are pretty versatile and can be worn in tiers with or without blusher (the bit that goes over your face), beaded or with lace, and will work for both garden and chapel/church ceremonies.


Hat Veil
Are you a little more into the vintage look? Then perhaps a hat and veil combination is more your style. I thought Katie-Marie chose the perfect accessory to compliment her peach ballgown dress for her retro vintage themed wedding.  The hat was easily removed too as it was on a headband. Genius!


Head piece
The term headpiece is reallllly broad when it comes to wedding accessories. There is so much to choose from! Flowers, combs, diamantes, halos and lace are just a few things that can be incorporated into a head piece. The one thing that has to match is the style. I mean if you are having a vintage wedding then you might consider a small birdcage veil or diamante comb. The style can completely make or break your overall look.



So what if you can’t decide? I have another option for you. You can mix and match! One of my fave brides Sarah is a self-confessed head piece freak, so when she couldn’t decide she opted to wear a different head piece for each part of her day, and it totally worked. Sarah wore a veil for the ceremony, a flower crown for part of the location shoot, and a diamante head piece for the reception. All went beautifully with her mermaid tail dress, and made for some wonderful and different photos throughout the day. Problem solved!


So there you have it. Many options and many choices for wedding head pieces. You just have to find the right one for you. Some of my favourite suppliers and websites for more inspiration are Julie Herbert Millinery, Fletcher and Grace, Grace Loves Lace and Bohemian Brides – I love these guys’ work!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks Wendy for your great advice on headpieces – I love the idea of a different one for each part of your wedding day!

About Wendy Maley Photography: Hi, I’m Wendy. Yep, the one that takes the photos.  I’m a Gold Coast wedding photographer. I’m also a wife, a mumma and a pocket rocket. I don’t have a team of photographers. When you book me you get, me. Here’s what I love: Snowflakes, they are cool (hehe). Romance. Tutus. Props. Oh and hats with ears. I like them too!


1.Unusual forms of wedding transport. Choosing a slightly different form of transport can provide a little bit of extra fun for the bridal party and will look great in the photos. Think arrival by boat, a classic London style bus, an American yellow school bus or a horse and cart. Image by Lovers Lane Photography

2.Signature cocktails on arrival. A signature cocktail is always a great party starter and the bar will be able to work with you in the lead up to make something you both love that you can name yourself. Refreshing, fruity and often sweet, cocktails make for delicious drinks in the warmer months while something dark and moody can provide a little warmth and comfort in the cooler months. They’re a great little conversation starter and once everyone has had their welcome drinks they can move onto celebratory champagne, wine or beer. Image via Popsugar Food

3.Unconventional bridal waltz songs. We love it when couples choose something a little different that they feel best represents them as a couple. We recently had a couple choose a Calvin Harris song for their first dance and it really got the party started, it set the mood for the evening and in no time at all everyone was up on the dance floor! Image by Jana Williams

4.Music. You’ll be surprised at the range of music your band actually knows how to play, and it’s an amazing sound to hear a string quartet play the music of your favourite Chet Faker song. If you have a song that’s special to you but you don’t think it’s within your band’s genre, just ask them; often they will be able to play an alternative version of it for you that’s suitable to the instrument set they have for your wedding! This can be a great idea for cocktail hour or the period of time the guests arrive at the reception before the bride and groom arrive as it slowly sets the tone for what’s to come and gets people in the mood to kick off the party! Image via Funkified Entertainment

5.Cheese cake. If you’re not a massive sweet tooth, a cake made of cheese could be your perfect alternative to cake! Image by O’Malley Photographers


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a fun list of favourites – love the ideas for wedding transport!

About Funkified Entertainment: Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so naturally you want everything to be perfect. When it comes to finding the right music for your special day, Funkified Entertainment can take care of everything, eliminating the stress so you can simply enjoy the celebration. Whether you want people on their feet dancing, laid back grooves, or sophisticated strings, we can match you and your partner with the perfect wedding entertainment.