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The Wedding Expo Experience – How To Make The Most Of It!

by | Wedding Planning Wisdom, Wisdom


Candice of Mackenzi Creations
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 picture 018 550x366 The Wedding Expo Experience – How To Make The Most Of It!

 Eynesbury Homestead

You’re engaged, congratulations! But you just don’t know where to start when it comes to planning your wedding. Bridal expos – like the Eynesbury Homestead Wedding Expo on Sunday 24th February – are a great place to start, but can be a little bit overwhelming.

My name is Candice Schkurat, director of Mackenzi Weddings and I am a wedding planner who has been planning her perfect wedding since the age of four. My fiancé Alex and I will be tying the knot at Eynesbury Homestead in February 2014. I thought I’d offer some tips from an industry expert on how to make the most of the expo experience.

Why is it important to attend wedding expos in your local area?

You should definitely go to as many wedding expos in your local area as you can! They are a great way to meet many different suppliers in one place at the one time. Attending expos can save you lots of research time and allows you to meet the supplier face to face, have a chat and get a feel for their work.

Wedding expos also offer lots of value; not only do they save you time, they also save you money, as many have specials and discounts that you can take advantage of on the day of the expo.

They also give you the opportunity find inspiration and gather new ideas!

IMG 6508 550x825 The Wedding Expo Experience – How To Make The Most Of It!

Image by Andre Elhay via Mackenzi Weddings

What should you prepare before you go to an expo?

The beauty of wedding expos is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve never even opened a Bridal book and don’t know where to start – THIS is the best way to begin!

If you’ve just started planning your big day, just go for a wander, chat to people and collect information and ideas – enjoy a bit of sightseeing of suppliers! Get a feel for what’s out there and that’ll help you decide how, when and where you’d like to get married.

However, if you’ve got some plans in place then single out the particular suppliers that you need to book. Chat with them to see if they are right for your style and budget. Take their information home and look over it a few days later – if it still feels right, then book them!

It can be a tiring experience at bridal expos – what are your tips for having a fun day?

Why not make a day of it? Ask your Mum and bridal party to come along, have some lunch at the venue and take your time to take everything in. Sample the taste testers, drink a little champers and ask your group for their thoughts. If a supplier you’re interested in is busy chatting to another bride, grab their card and pop it in a safe place, you can always do a second lap or give the supplier a buzz after the expo.

Should you take your fiancé?

Ask your fiance if he would like to come with you. If he says yes, great, but if he says no don’t be offended! If he doesn’t want to come let him know that’s okay and ask if there are any suppliers (like cars) that he wants you to keep an eye out for, then make a day of it with the girls. You can always gather all the info from the suppliers, jump onto their websites and facebook pages with your fiance at home.

Any other advice for brides planning their big day at a wedding expo?

Organisation, thorough planning and an open mind is the key to a seamless and stunning day. Refer to your checklist timelines, research and above all ENJOY IT, have fun and stay true to heart!

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Ms Gingham says: Great tips from Candice! 

About Mackenzi Creations: Mackenzi Creations Wedding & Event Planning are here to wave the magic wand to create the PERFECT Wedding day you have always dreamed of.

One Fine Day Sydney

by | Event Reviews, Wisdom


Ms Herringbone

IMG 3482 550x366 One Fine Day Sydney

After a weekend filled with gorgeous displays, gowns and creative-folk, I’ll be hard-pressed to find anything filled with so much whimsy as One Fine Day Sydney.

I made the leap from Melbourne to Sydney for the weekend, with much anticipation based on the beautiful images from last year’s event, and impressive list of unique vendors. On entry into the aptly named Sun Studios, I was not disappointed. Although the weather outside was miserable, inside it certainly was One Fine Day.

There was an over-arching theme of romanticism, with greenery and glass the look of the day, both on tabletops and in displays. Pastels and whimsy were in, with an almost French Chic quality to many vendors’ offerings.’

IMG 3851 550x366 One Fine Day Sydney

Catering for creative couples to gain inspiration from unique vendors in the planning of their big day”, the One Fine Day team offered a bevy of beautiful sights, which could be found in the following sections:

THE ATRIUM: This amazing space full of natural light offered up creative photographers, stationers, stylists, florists and furniture hire, buzzing with bodies and beautiful table arrangements. We loved seeing talented photographers Milton GanStudio Something and John Benavente, stunning floristy by Justine Rose, and dazzling displays from Events by Heidi and Kate, and Decorative Events. 

IMG 3016 550x366 One Fine Day Sydney

IMG 3469 550x366 One Fine Day Sydney

THE BEAUTY PARLOUR: Adjoining the Ladies dressing room, the Beauty Parlour hosted the talented make up, hair artists and bridal accessories, including Makeup by Megan, accessories by Kristi Bonnici and sumptuous bites by Sharon Wee Creations.

IMG 4022 550x825 One Fine Day Sydney

IMG 3784 550x366 One Fine Day Sydney

THE LADIES DRESSING ROOM: With it’s exposed brick work and intimate surrounds, this space lends itself to the perfect backdrop for stunning bridal gowns, including showstoppers from Savvy Brides and Sarah Alice Andrews.

IMG 3923 550x825 One Fine Day Sydney

IMG 3925 550x825 One Fine Day Sydney

STYLE MARKET: Situated adjacent to the atrium, the style market was a gorgeous space housing creative vendors such as celebrant The Asking, the always fabulously decked-out display from Sugarlove Weddings, the very cute High Tea Films and a lovely looking White Magazine.

IMG 3463 550x366 One Fine Day Sydney

IMG 3059 550x366 One Fine Day Sydney

I came away from the day inspired and energised by the experience, and particularly excited by the weddings that we will see that involve the fabulous vendors from One Fine Day Sydney.  The future is looking just gorgeous!

Images courtesy of One Fine Day Sydney

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Vendor’s Favourites – Deliciously Decadent Cake Design

by | Vendor's Favourite, Wisdom


Taya of Deliciously Decadent Cake Design
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Vendors favourites Vendors Favourites Deliciously Decadent Cake Design

1. Skye Collections Cake toppers!!! -  Amazing couture cake toppers with a difference, made by Skye Harrison who is a bridal and race facinator designer, she also whips up some ‘to die for’ cake toppers (not to mention amazing feather heels and bags!!!)

2. White Ivy – Our most favourite florist in the whole wide world is White Ivy, stunning doesn’t even begin to describe Janine’s work!!!

3. The House Of Glamour -  Our favourite wedding makeup artist has to be Byron at The House of Glamour, her airbrush makeup is everything a bride would want on her special day.

4. Motion Art – And who can you trust to capture the most memorable day of your life to video? Geoff from Motion Art that’s who!!

Swirl divider1 Vendors Favourites Deliciously Decadent Cake Design

Ms Gingham says: Love these vendor’s recommendations so much!

About Deliciously Decadent Cake Design: Deliciously Decadent Cake Design is renowned for its fresh, funky and vibrant approach to cake design. We have been described as ‘a breath of fresh air among cake designers that have gone stale’ Don’t order a stale cake for your big day, order a fresh funky and vibrant creation that will be remembered well after the crumbs have settled!

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