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10 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

by | Bride, Engagements


It’s no secret that every where you turn at this time of year, someone has just announced their engagement. So with love so very definitely in the air, and the prospect of so many weddings on the horizon today I have 10 tips for newly engaged couples who may be slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of the months ahead!

1. You can enjoy being engaged without planning a wedding for as long as you like

I bet one of the first questions you were asked when you announced your engagement was “What’s the date?”. There can be so much excitement around having something set in stone, but honestly, take your time, soak up the engagement bliss! You don’t have to decide anything quickly!


Photo by Nicolle Versteeg Photography via Jasmin & Alex’s Relaxed Waterside Engagement

2. It’s helpful to create a wedding mission statement

This is the fun part, sit down with your beloved and a good glass of your favourite something and dream about your wedding day. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Who is there? What is the most important to you? What do you not care about? Write it down!

By creating a mission statement, you keep your focus and can eliminate stress when things go awry. If something comes in over budget, or someone asks you about a tradition you don’t care about, your mission statement will be able to guide you towards the decision that works for you.


Photo by Juddric Photography via Brooke & Alan’s Sweet Paddington Engagement Photos

3. Your own personal likes and loves as a couple are the best place to start.

Our biggest love at Polka Dot Bride, are seeing weddings which reflect the couple. Take your life together and look at what you love. Do you spend your weekends at a favourite cafe? Do you adore a certain restaurant? Can you always be found on a farm? Do you eat cake or prefer wine and cheese? Do you always have fresh flowers? Do you love a certain food? You can include each of these elements in your day!

If you are a city loving couple who loves nothing more than roaming the urban streets – then look towards the city for your wedding venue. If you hate going out at night and adore long lunches, maybe a lunch time wedding is the style for you. Everything about a wedding style, theme and location is as negotiable and flexible as you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be yours.


Photo by Florido Weddings via Elzee and Luke’s Whimsical Thailand Engagement Photos

4. Talk money first

Money is always a difficult subject, but it’s also a grown up one (there’s a reason why wedding planning can be stressful!) so before you get close to setting the wedding date, it’s a good idea to talk to everyone involved and figure out your wedding budget. Whether you are paying for the wedding yourself, or family is helping you, setting this out from the beginning can avoid that awkward moment of not really knowing how much you can allocate to things.


Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography via Anna and Scott’s Australian Farm Engagement Photos

5. Collecting inspiration is a good idea. If you know when to stop.

Figuring out what you want can be overwhelming, so reading wedding blogs and magazines, looking at Pinterest, pinning pictures, tearing out pages is a great way to start getting a idea of what’s out there.

But it’s also a good idea to stop once you’ve made your decisions. Settle comfortably into the decisions you’ve made knowing they are the right ones for you and don’t let yourself become overwhelmed and feel like you have to keep adding this and that. Know when to stop.


Photo by Laki Sideris via Kendall and Zach’s Romantic Golden Sunset Engagement Photos

6. The best vendors for you are the ones you get along with

Can you imagine being with someone you just don’t really like that much for twelve hours on what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life? The best wedding vendors for your wedding are ones you get along with and can put your full faith in.

By this token, it makes sense to meet them (especially your photographer, cinematographer and planner as you’ll be with them the most) in person or via Skype to figure out whether you gel. Be sure to really know what you want (or don’t want) as you meet with your vendors, the best vendors will make you feel special because they’ll ‘get you’ and your vision for your day.


Photo by Lucas & Co Photography via  Maddi and Matt’s Golden Meadow Engagement Photos

7. It’s okay to ask for help

Isn’t this a sentence that seems to follow us all anywhere? There is so much that goes into wedding planning and there is no medal if you do it all on your own. Make sure you ask for help when it gets too much – whether that is from a friend or family member or a wedding professional. You might not want to put weight on others, but chances are they’ll also be more than willing to pitch in.

I am a huge advocate of wedding planners (even if it’s just for the day) – you still get freedom to come up with your own ideas and you still have to do plenty of things, but planners can take over the minutiae of confirming vendors, setting up things on the day, solving issues as they come up, and bringing your wedding to life. DIY is always more of a headache (in terms of your own time, skill and even cost) than  hiring professionals, so really evaluate your priorities.


Photo by Christine Lim via Paulina and Adam’s Cosy Garden Engagement Photos

8. You may be pretty emotional & overwhelmed

I’m really not sure there is such a thing as a no stress wedding. No matter your decisions, there are a lot of elements coming into play. Your own wishes for the day, what your partner wishes for the day, your families’ thoughts, endless decisions (even for simple affairs!), friends input, all tied up with this day that has been “the day” projected onto us since we were little. It’s okay to be emotional, it’s okay to feel a little rocky at times.


Photo by iZO Photography via Nicole & Josh’s Romantic Bell Rapids Engagement

9. Don’t forget life goes on after the wedding

So often couples are told “this is your one day” and “ignore everyone else and make your own decisions!” and while I am completely on board with this day being about you and your beloved, unless you are eloping, family and friends will be involved.

Sometimes we get so swept up in one day that the decisions we make, which seem innocuous at the time, can have long lasting effects. If you really hurt your mum’s feelings because you tell her blatantly her opinion on something doesn’t matter, or you leave mum and dad or a best friend out of something like buying your wedding dress,  if Great Aunt Allison has been hoping for an invitation since you were born and you decide that no, she isn’t getting an invite. The decisions you make may cause hurt and pain, or friction that will not stop just because the wedding day is over.

Your family and friends are going to be very invested in your day, especially your parents. Making decisions that honour both yourselves and the people important to you can be difficult, and it’s a touch challenging balancing it all. But it can be really important to remember when a decision is a cut and dried ‘no’ to you, that there may be more to it for someone you hold dear.


Photo by Dan at All Grown Up Weddings via Belinda and Dean’s Arboretum Engagement Photos

10. You don’t have to be different, just be yourself

If you start to ever feel pressure to plan things a certain way, that the venue, the flowers, the dress you chosen aren’t unique enough, different enough, pretty enough. Stop. The only people you need to be, on your wedding day, is yourself.

Don’t wear a ballgown if you’re always in love with beautiful sheath dresses. Don’t marry in a country barn if you’ve never set foot outside the city. Or do – but do it in a way that is all about you and your partner and not expectations, or other’s judgements. A wedding is not a competitive sport, it’s just about you and your beloved.


Photo by Kylie South Photography via Rachel & Paul’s Adelaide Hills Orchard Engagement

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Ashleigh & Griffin’s Classic Fremantle Wedding

by | Australia - Western Australia, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Classic Fremantle Wedding063

Ashleigh & Griffin

Ashleigh and Griffin wanted a traditional, vintage feel for their classic Fremantle wedding. Ashleigh noting, “Traditional, vintage, romantic, personalised. Our inspiration was a rustic vintage theme that was traditional but not overly formal.” The couple chose Tanya Voltchanskaya to capture their day.

Ashleigh tells the story of how they came to be. “Griffin and I are high school sweethearts who met on the first day of Year 8 in High School. By the end of Year 8 we had started dating and the rest is history. This month we have been together for 11 years.”

Classic Fremantle Wedding009

Classic Fremantle Wedding010

Classic Fremantle Wedding012

Classic Fremantle Wedding023

Ashleigh chose a Mia Solano gown from Luv Bridal, explaining, “Early in my engagement I fell in love with a Watters gown that was not available in any of the dress stores in Perth for me to try on. About three months into our engagement we went on a 7 week trip to Canada, the UK and Europe and while I was in London, I went dress shopping with a girl friend who lives over there now, specifically to try on the Watters gown. I tried it on and absolutely fell in love but it was a little bit out of my price range.

My plan was to get a dress maker in Perth to make me a similar style once I was home. After arriving back in Perth I went Bridesmaid dress shopping with my maid of honour one afternoon and we went into Luv Bridal to have a look for her. While she was trying on bridesmaid dresses she asked me to just try on a few wedding dresses.

I tried on my gown (which was completely different to the Watters gown) and fell in love. I went back a couple of days later with my mum, two of my other bridesmaids and my aunty and they convinced me it was the one and I so bought it. This was all still around 18 months out from my wedding!”

Classic Fremantle Wedding029

The bride finished her look with a string of pearls her father had given her mother on their own wedding day.

Classic Fremantle Wedding031

Classic Fremantle Wedding046

Ashleigh and Griffin chose Point Roe Park, Mosman Park for their ceremony.

Classic Fremantle Wedding033

Classic Fremantle Wedding034

Classic Fremantle Wedding035

Classic Fremantle Wedding037

The bride chose Yellow by Coldplay for her walk down the aisle. She remembers, “I remember getting to the end of the aisle and seeing Griffin waiting for me. My dad and I stopped for a moment for me to take it all in before walking the last few steps. I had been dreaming about walking down the aisle every time I heard Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ for years and now it was finally happening!”

Classic Fremantle Wedding038

Classic Fremantle Wedding039

“We loved seeing Griff’s Nan with a tear in her eye after she saw the chalkboard sign we had set up with a quote and photos of our grandparents who couldn’t be there but who we knew were watching down over us. We also loved having our mums act as our witnesses when we signed the marriage certificate – they were both so touched.”

Classic Fremantle Wedding040

Classic Fremantle Wedding041

Classic Fremantle Wedding042

Classic Fremantle Wedding043

Classic Fremantle Wedding045

“I’m glad we had a big wedding! There were a couple of times during the wedding planning that I couldn’t believe I was organising a wedding for 180 guests and honestly just considered eloping. But now I am so glad that we had a large wedding. It meant I had to cut other things out of my budget to keep the guest list so big but it was so worth it! It was so fantastic to have all of our loved ones in the one place, celebrating with us. I wouldn’t change that for anything!”

Classic Fremantle Wedding047

Classic Fremantle Wedding048

Guests enjoyed afternoon tea and garden games after the ceremony.

Classic Fremantle Wedding049

Classic Fremantle Wedding052

The couple hired a tram from Fremantle Trams to get around on the day.

Classic Fremantle Wedding054

Classic Fremantle Wedding056

Of their photographer, the bride remembers, “Our photographer Tanya Voltchanskaya was amazing! It felt like having an extra friend with us during the bridal party picnic as she was so easy to get along with we felt so comfortable with her. The photos we have seen look amazing and have the artistic look to them that we were hoping for.”

Classic Fremantle Wedding057

Classic Fremantle Wedding062

Classic Fremantle Wedding064

Classic Fremantle Wedding060Classic Fremantle Wedding067

Lua Leuca styled the bridal party flowers for the day.

Classic Fremantle Wedding068

Classic Fremantle Wedding070

Classic Fremantle Wedding071

The reception celebrations kicked off at Fremantle Town Hall, Ashleigh telling, “I was looking for somewhere that allowed us to bring in our own caterer and alcohol to try and keep our costs down and that also seated up to 200 guests. It also needed to be somewhere that matched our rustic/vintage theme and the Fremantle Town Hall is such a breathtaking old heritage building that it was an obvious choice.”

Classic Fremantle Wedding072

Classic Fremantle Wedding073

Classic Fremantle Wedding074

“One of the biggest DIY projects I undertook was making 180 jars of salted caramel popcorn about a week before the wedding (with the help of my family and some beautiful friends). I also made the table runners, all stationery including invitations, menus, table names and place cards, the seating chart and all of the wooden and chalkboard signs.

I also sourced 100 mismatched jars and vases, around 80 hardcover vintage novels and around 50 tea light candle holders from op shops over the course of our engagement to use as centerpieces and to hold flowers. Rather than throw out or try and sell all of the props and décor I have collected, I am now starting up a wedding décor hire business in the Peel region called Little Vintage Hire Co.”

Classic Fremantle Wedding075

Lisa Rossi from Design Your Day ensured everything ran smoothly on the day, “Lisa Rossi from Design Your Day was absolutely worth her weight in gold. She came in the day before the wedding with her husband and kids to start helping us set up the hall. She had had a horrible week personally but she did not let that affect her professionalism and efforts. On the night she was incredible. Everything ran more smoothly than I could have expected and she made sure Griffin and I (and the rest of the bridal party and our parents) had everything we needed all night. I could not recommend her more!”

Classic Fremantle Wedding076

Classic Fremantle Wedding084

“When we arrived at the reception. The Fremantle Town hall has this cute little back stage area with couches a coffee table, fridge and dressing room. Our amazing wedding coordinator had some drinks and an antipasto platter ready for the bridal party so that we could chill for 10 minutes while the guests were being seating in the hall.

While we were waiting I had a peek through the curtains behind the stage and it was overwhelming to see our 180 guests filling up the hall. Around that time I had been thinking how quickly the day was flying by and it was such a nice moment to realise that we still had a whole party with all our loved ones ahead of us! It was a surreal moment.”

Classic Fremantle Wedding085

Classic Fremantle Wedding081

Of the first dance, Ashleigh and Griffin remember, “We chose Romeo and Juliet (cover) by the Killers – it was at the beginning of the reception in front of all our guests at the town hall.  Griffin had torn the ligament in his left ankle about three weeks before the wedding and we thought he was going to need to be on crutches all day. It was amazing that I was finally dancing with the man I have loved for over a decade on our wedding day – and not even a torn ligament could stop us!”

Classic Fremantle Wedding086

Classic Fremantle Wedding087

Classic Fremantle Wedding090

Classic Fremantle Wedding091

“There were so many highlights from reception! The food was amazing, I got so many comments from guests saying how absolutely delicious it was. The catering company did a fantastic job, the wait staff were so attentive – our drinks were never empty! Our DJ was amazing and ensured the dance floor was full all night from the moment the mains were finished. The speeches – people are still commenting about how funny the Best Man speech was, and both our dads and my maid of honour did a great job as well.”

Classic Fremantle Wedding096

The reception was a much talked about event thanks to vendors like Brad Jenkins from Spectacle and Jacob Ferreo from Creative Catering , the bride noting, “Brad Jenkins from Spectacle music made sure the dance floor was full all night and also does some amazing acoustic work. I would definitely recommend him to future brides as he is very versatile.

Jacob and his team at Creative Catering also need a mention. The food was incredible and their wait staff were so professional and attentive. Nothing was too much to ask. When we started to run out of beer just before the mains were served (as we provided all the alcohol and didn’t buy enough beer – oops) my mum and Dad were going to catch a cab to the bottle shop to buy more. When the maître de realised this she wouldn’t let them – and sent two wait staff to go and buy more instead. It was little things like that that we really appreciated and helped to make the night so enjoyable.”

Classic Fremantle Wedding097

Classic Fremantle Wedding100

Congratulations Ashleigh and Griffin! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Tanya Voltchanskaya for haring today’s wedding with us.

Photographer: Tanya Voltchanskaya / Day of Wedding Coordinator: Lisa Rossi from Design Your Day / Bride’s Dress: Mia Solano / Bridal Salon: Luv Bridal / Bride’s Shoes: Modcloth / Bride’s Jewelry: (Earrings) Mia Solano / Bride’s Jewelry: (Necklace) Borrowed from bride's mother / Groom’s Attire: Tarocash / Groom’s Shoes: Tarocash / Groomsmen Attire: Tarocash / Bridesmaid Dresses: Forever New / Bridesmaid Dresses: Review / Bridesmaid Dresses: Love Honor / Bridesmaid Accessories: Etsy / Bridesmaid Accessories: Urban Outfitters / Hairstylist: Doo Wop Hair, Fremantle / Makeup Artist: Doo Wop Hair, Fremantle / Florist (bouquets, buttonholes and corsages): Julia Foulsham from Lua Leuca / Florist: (ceremony and reception décor flowers): Claudia Gorton from Blomma Society / Invitations & Stationery: Bride / Ceremony Venue: Point Roe Park, Mosman Park / Ceremony Officiant: Brad Joss (Bride’s cousin) / Reception Venue: Fremantle Town Hall / Prop & Furniture Hire: Emma Donkin from Turtle and The Pelican / Prop & Furniture Hire: Tanya Locke from Little Love Story / Band: Brad Jenkins from Spectacle / Favors: Homemade caramel popcorn made by Bride and family / Catering: Jacob Ferreo from Creative Catering / Cake Baker: Steve from Dewsberry Café, Mandurah / Cake Topper: Willow Tree / Wedding Rings: Mazzucchellis (Bride) / Wedding Rings: Andrew Ralph Diamond Jewellers (Groom) / Transport: Fremantle Trams

Fiona & Anthony’s Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding042

Fiona & Anthony

I love every bit of Fiona and Anthony’s gorgeous restaurant wedding. From the bride’s tea length dress, the biggest smiles, the hot pink reception decor, the watercolour effect invitations – it all comes together to create a beautiful, modern celebration captured by Alison Mayfield.

“We met in Sorrento over the Summer holidays.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding001Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding005

Janice Wu styled the bride and bridesmaid’s hair and makeup. The wedding style kicking off with a hot pink watercolour designed invitation created by the groom’s brother.

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding008Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding010

The bride chose Pamela Usanto  to make her wedding gown, explaining, “I have a dear friend by the name of Pamela Usanto who designed and made my dress. It was a bit of a mad rush, I kept putting off the fittings as I was so busy at the time. I think I ended up giving Pam 2 months to make the dress! I didn’t actually pick the dress up until the day before the wedding, but felt totally confident in Pam so wasn’t stressed. She is patient, sweet and incredibly talented. I would recommend her to anyone!

Being Winter, I wanted a dress appropriate for the season, yet wanted it to feel a little more relaxed and fun, hence the shortened length and cut-off sleeves.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding013Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding014

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding022

Fiona and Anthony chose Immaculate Conception Church Hawthorn  for their wedding ceremony, telling, “The Church was a really important element for Anthony and his family, which therefore made it important to me too! It was also convenient being Winter to have the ceremony indoors. Immaculate Conception Hawthorn was mainly chosen for its location, it was in close proximity for the guests to the venue, they just had to jump on a tram or get a five minute taxi.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding025Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding024

For her walk down the aisle, Fiona remembers,”I chose Lana Del Ray’s song Video Games, which was played on the organ. It sounded insanely good, really moody and powerful. Being a church, I thought an organ was the best option, but wanted to take it to the next level by having the organist play a modern song. He did a great job.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding027

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding029

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding028Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding030

“More than anything else, I wanted the ceremony to be as speedy as possible, I was really nervous about it! It was important that all guests feel welcome, whether they were religious or not. It needed to be from the heart and both Anthony and I preferred traditional vows. We included one reading as it is a requirement of the church, which Anthony’s beautiful sisters Anna and Jane read together.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding031Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding032

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding033

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding034Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding035

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding036

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding039

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding040Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding041

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding043

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding044

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding045Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding048

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding047

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding049Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding046

Fiona’s bridesmaid wore a navy dress from Life with Bird.

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding051Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding052

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding053

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding054Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding055

Of their photographer, Fiona remembers, “Alison from Alison Mayfield Photography was so lovely. We didn’t even know she was there most of the time, which is exactly what we wanted! We both felt quite uncomfortable by the idea of a photographer snapping us in every moment, but Alison did it so discretely. We didn’t make it easy on her, I think we gave her 30 minutes worth of time after the ceremony and that was it! She’s a gem!”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding056

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding058

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding059

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding065

The celebrations were held at Hellenic Republic. Fiona remarking” The reception venue was really important to me. I didn’t want it to be a function room, it needed to have character and warmth and most importantly, the food needed to be amazing. We always loved eating at Hellenic Republic and when I was on the hunt for our wedding venue, I was searching around for places that weren’t commonly used for weddings, I didn’t like the idea that guests may have been there before, I wanted an element of surprise. As soon as I checked out the space upstairs at Hellenic Republic, I knew it was it! Anthony trusted me and let me run with it from there.

Kelly and her team at Hellenic Republic, they were unreal! I could not say one bad word! When I went in the day before to drop off a few bits and pieces, the staff were hand-ironing my linen so there wasn’t a line in sight! I knew from that point I was in super safe hands and didn’t have a worry in the world.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding066Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding067

“I did do one special little thing for our parents. I stole a couple of shots from their wedding albums of when they were married, took them to a printing specialist and had them re-sized, lightened etc and then displayed them in gorgeous clear perspex Country Road frames alongside beautiful florals and candles on the night. I then gave it to them as a gift at the end of the night. We look up to our parents and respect how hard they have worked on their marriages and hope to follow in their footsteps.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding068

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding071Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding073

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding072

Of the wedding style, Fiona notes “It was gorgeous, tasteful, fun and happy! It was thoughtfully styled and planned out, yet the intention was for it to be relaxed and most of all fun! I am a bit of a girly girl, have a love for beautiful florals and with a background in weddings, I certainly felt a sense of pressure to create something beautiful for our guests.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding074Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding075

The finishing touches were so important to Fiona, who explains, “One other little thing that was a must for me was hiring in some quality linen – from Allie at Table Art of course! It makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a space.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding076

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding077Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding078

Brett Currell styled the floral arrangements for the day, while Ab Fab Cakes created a two tier pale pink and metallic gold cake. “Brett Currell also did a gorgeous job with my flowers, as did Daniel with our stationery and Ab Fab with my simple yet pretty cake.”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding079Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding080

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding086

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding088

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding089

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding090

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding091

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding092

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding093

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding095

The couple chose not to have a first dance, the bride remembering, “We actually chose not to have a ‘first dance’ as such. Instead, we had our Garth Ploog and the band learn Johnnie Farnham’s song ‘Take the Pressure Down’ and had everyone join us up the dance floor for fun! Neither of us are slow dancing types and the thought of everyone watching us in that awkward moment just wasn’t us. It worked really well, so glad we did that. Garth and the band did such a great job!”

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding096

Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding098Gorgeous Restaurant Wedding099

Congratulations on tying the knot Fiona and Anthony! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you to Alison Mayfield  for sharing today’s celebration!

Photographer: Alison Mayfield / Bride’s Dress: Pamela Usanto / Bride’s Shoes: Fendi / Groom’s Attire: MJ Bale / Groom’s Shoes: Florisheim / Bridesmaid Dresses: Life with Bird / Hairstylist: Janice Wu / Makeup Artist: Janice Wu / Flowers: Brett Currell / Invitations & Stationery: Groom's brother/Best Man Daniel / Ceremony Venue: Immaculate Conception Church Hawthorn / Reception Venue: Hellenic Republic / Linen: Table Art / Band: Garth Ploog and his band / Cake Baker: Ab Fab Cakes / Wedding Rings: Larsen Jewellery / Transport: Range Rover Wedding Cars / Wedding Registry: Myer

Sam & Chris’s Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding030
Sam & Chris

Everything that could be romantic, is romantic in this romantic Cargo Hall wedding. From the bridesmaid’s reaction when they saw the dress, the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle, the special first look, the wonderful speeches. Every bit of the day fell into place just as it should be. Laki Sideris was chosen to capture it all.

Sam spills the details of how Chris popped the question. “We both returned to our hometown of Newcastle on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Every Boxing Day, I have drinks with a few girlfriends to celebrate the festive season. This particular Boxing Day, two of my best friends arrived early in the morning to kidnap, blindfold me, and drive 30 minutes to a spot by the lake that Chris had set up with flowers and petals to propose. Chris proposed, I said yes, and then we celebrated with champagne and a few close friends in the park! Little did I know he had been designing my ring with a local jeweler for over 3 months.”

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding013

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding017

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding022

The bride wore a gown from Rachel Gilbert, noting, “My dress was from Rachel Gilbert – It was part of their new collection and quite different to their other styles, but I absolutely loved it! Finding the perfect dress was a bit harder than I first anticipated as I was after something that wasn’t the traditional strapless, tulle number. My bridesmaids live in both Newcastle and Adelaide, so this made it even more difficult, with me putting deposits on two other dresses before I found the one. Even though I had a dress on order that the girls had all seen it still didn’t feel right.

One day I was out shopping by myself and stumbled across my dress and bought it on the spot (cancelling my other orders). I decided that it would be fun to keep my new dress a secret, and that I would surprise them with it the day before the wedding. I managed to keep them in the dark about it, only sitting them all down the day before the wedding to break the news. The fact I could hold such a big secret for such a long time was fun – the feeling when I could finally show them while we were all together was amazing! We all ended up in tears jumping up and down with excitement. Will never forget that moment!”

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding023

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding024

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding025

“Chris and I decided to break tradition and meet up before the ceremony. It was our little secret, with only the bridal party and photographer involved. We hung out on the rooftop garden for an hour or so drinking champagne with the bridal party. It was such a fun part of the day and helped nerves. By the time we were about to get in the car to head to the ceremony, I was ready to race down the aisle to be with him again!”

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding026

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding027

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding028

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding029

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding050

Sam remarks, “The vibe for the day was relaxed and laid back; it was more like a party than a formal reception. As for the theme, we liked to think of it as garden romance, with a bit of tequila thrown in!”

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding031

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding033

Sam and Chris wanted a garden ceremony and chose Fitzroy Gardens. “The Fitzroy Gardens were magical.”

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding035

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding036

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding037

For the processional, Sam tells, “We had been thinking about possible songs for quite some time, and then one Friday night we were out for dinner, and ‘Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd’ came on. Once we heard it, there was little decision making required. We never wanted anything that was a “traditional” wedding song or too gushing. I think that we got it spot on!”

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding038

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding039

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding040

Matt Finch officiated the ceremony and the bride? One of her favourite moments happened in the middle of it. She tells, “One of the funniest moments was on the wedding day when my my poor sister thought she had left my vows in the car. I had been asking her all morning if she had the vows (as I planned to read through them one more time in the car) and it got to the point where she quite animatedly told me in no uncertain terms that YES, she had the vows.

It was only when she was standing at the alter, and the celebrant made reference to the upcoming vows that she realized she had left them in the car. You can almost see that exact moment when her face dropped. A few panicked whispers and my bridesmaid’s husband realized something was wrong, and secretly made his way over and was told that yes – the vows were in the car. A mad 400m dash (in between each tree of course) and he returned just as the celebrant whipped out his ipad, much to the amusement of all three bridesmaids! Crisis averted. Still, Chris and I saw nothing!”

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding041

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding042

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding043

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding044

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding045

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding046

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding047

Kathleen from Wedding Dayz styled and organised the occasion, Sam remarking, “She created the most amazing ceremony and reception setup, and ensured the whole day went smoothly from a logistical perspective. She really made our day what it was, and we can’t thank her enough. I will never forget walking into the reception thinking I was in a Pinterest dream.”

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding048

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding053

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding054

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding055

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding056

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding058

Romantic Cargo Hall Wedding059

Of their photographer, Sam remarks, “Our photographer Laki Sideris was great! He was like a photography ninja! You wouldn’t even realise that he was there and before you knew it he had taken a whole host of snaps of the moment. Once we got the snaps back we were so happy with the results! Laki did a great job and all our photos are so natural and depict the day as it was! He was also one of the last people to leave the reception – I think that he wanted to party on!”

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“One of my favourite details was the gold glitter dipped feathers that my sister made. They looked amazing!! ”

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Sam and Chris chose Cargo Hall for their reception, noting, “The reception venue Cargo Hall, South Wharf was amazing! We moved to Melbourne two years ago and knew we wanted to get married in the city. We both walked along South Wharf many times, however, one day Cargo Hall had an open day. Once we saw the inside, we knew it was perfect!”

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Chris tells, “We weren’t going to have a first dance, but Sam decided last minute that we would so she could have a daddy daughter dance. Towards the end of the speeches, we sent the best man running to the DJ to pick a song. The DJ chose ‘Love me Like You Do’ by Ellie Goulding. This was the same song the girls had been playing as they arrived at the ceremony so Sam was pretty over the moon with that!”

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Congratulations Sam and Chris! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us! Thank you also to Laki Sideris for sharing today’s wedding!

Photographer: Laki Sideris / Cinematographer: Kaitlin Murphy / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Wedding Dayz/Kathleen O’Brien / Bride’s Dress: Rachel Gilbert / Bride’s Shoes: Windsor Smith / Bride’s Jewelry: Elly Lou (Mocha) / Groom’s Attire: New England / Groom's Shirt: TM Lewin / Groom's Bowtie: OTAA / Groom's Cufflinks: Clinks / Groom's Shoes: Stacy Adams / Groomsmen Attire: New England / Bridesmaid Dresses: Sheike / Bridesmaid Accessories: Samantha Wills / Bridesmaid Shoes: Tony Bianco / Groom & Groomsmen Barber/Grooming: The Barber Club / Hairstylist: Perfect Pout / Makeup Artist: Perfect Pout / Flowers: Floriography / Invitations & Stationery: Minted / Ceremony Venue: Fitzroy Gardens / Ceremony Officiant: Matt Finch / Reception Venue: Cargo Hall / Cake (Donut tower): Cobb Lane / Reception Decor: Wedding Dayz/Kathleen O’Brien / DJ: DJ Andy Kay Top Dog Entertainment / Wedding Rings: Wayne Lynch / Transport: Exotic Limo Hire
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