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Claudia and Rhys’ Elegant Cricket Ground Wedding

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


elegant cricket ground wedding0043

Claudia & Rhys

One might say today’s venue is slightly unusual but that’s why I love it! Claudia and Rhys chose an elegant cricket ground wedding for their big day in the Hunter Valley. Their venue so large that they married with the backdrop of the oval, the score board later lighting up with a congratulatory message for the newlyweds. Close friend of the groom Matt of Matts Photography  was there to capture it all.

elegant cricket ground wedding0001

elegant cricket ground wedding0010

elegant cricket ground wedding0011

Claudia chose the Johanna Johnson – Odetta  wedding gown with matching hand chain. Her bridesmaids wore silk, floor length Zimmermann gowns in porcelain.

elegant cricket ground wedding0012

elegant cricket ground wedding0014

elegant cricket ground wedding0015

elegant cricket ground wedding0017

Dianne Bischoff of Peter Herd Floral created soft pastel floral arrangements for the day.

elegant cricket ground wedding0018

Claudia and Rhys chose Wandin Valley Estate  for their wedding, noting, “Wandin Valley Estate is an amazing vineyard in the Hunter Valley. It’s spacious and beautiful to look at. The Ceremony was outdoors. We wanted a pretty theme with a happy vibe. Our florist decorated some trees (with muslin & metal hearts) that formed our arch, placed beautiful flowers in bottles onto shepherd hooks and created the perfect aisle for me to walk down.”

elegant cricket ground wedding0020

elegant cricket ground wedding0025

Claudia remembers, “The entire day was special, it sounds like a cliche but to spend such an occasion with family and friends was really one of the best days ever. Walking down the aisle with Dad was a highlight. I am a bit of a daddy’s girl and it was special to see him so proud that he was about to hand me to the man of my dreams. Dad and I were talking as we were walking and his smile was ear to ear. There was so much emotion in such a tiny fragment of time.” Claudia walked down the aisle to City & Colour  “We Met Each Other In The Dark” after her bridesmaids walked to Angus & Julia Stone “Mango Tree”.

elegant cricket ground wedding0028

elegant cricket ground wedding0029

elegant cricket ground wedding0030

elegant cricket ground wedding0032

elegant cricket ground wedding0034

elegant cricket ground wedding0035

elegant cricket ground wedding0037

elegant cricket ground wedding0038

elegant cricket ground wedding0040

elegant cricket ground wedding0044

elegant cricket ground wedding0045

elegant cricket ground wedding0052

elegant cricket ground wedding0053

Of their photographer, Claudia notes, “We chose Matt Streatfeild from Matts Photography. It was an easy choice really. Matt is part of our extended family. Rhys has known Matt for over 14 years so naturally we were very comfortable around him, we could just be ourselves. We also love his photography, his relaxed nature and we knew he could deliver a really great photographic experience not just for us but for everyone else involved in the wedding.”

elegant cricket ground wedding0055

elegant cricket ground wedding0056

elegant cricket ground wedding0057

elegant cricket ground wedding0058

elegant cricket ground wedding0060

elegant cricket ground wedding0066

“The indoor reception was amazing. We did the styling ourselves. We hung fairy lights from the truss beams and had vine and orbs with flowers hanging above our table with rope. Wandin Valley is so big it has its own Cricket Oval, they customised the scoreboard with a congratulations message to Rhys and I! ”

elegant cricket ground wedding0068

elegant cricket ground wedding0069

Hello Naomi created a simply elegant two tier wedding cake.

elegant cricket ground wedding0070

elegant cricket ground wedding0072

Guests received homemade jam as wedding favors. Claudia remarking, “We self styled it, came up with the ideas for what we wanted it to look like. We had some of Rhys’ mates helping him set up the reception venue with decorations, installations. We shared our vision with vendors who we worked with like the florist who gave us exactly what we were after.”

elegant cricket ground wedding0073

elegant cricket ground wedding0075

elegant cricket ground wedding0076

One of Claudia’s favourite memories happened during the speeches, she remembers. “One of the best stories of the day, was when the Best Man (Chris) gave his speech. He and Rhys have known each other for years, he was giving his speech and telling the usual stories that a best man can get away with telling at his wedding. He then went on to tell a story about a time he and Rhys got in trouble off the police when they were kids and got locked up for a night in Byron Bay. All of our friends knew the story, Rhys family (especially his mum) naturally had no idea. There is a photo that captures the moment perfectly, Rhys is loosing it in laughter, his mother mortified, me – well I was unsure whether to laugh along with Rhys (as it was hilarious) or laugh with caution because of his mum’s expression. It was priceless and I am so glad a picture captured it. Still a couple of months on and this story has not surfaced with family once…”

elegant cricket ground wedding0080

elegant cricket ground wedding0082

Of their first dance, Claudia remembers, “We had a three piece band (MasterBlaster) and they played Magic by Coldplay. We had dance lessons for 6 weeks leading up to the wedding! Our photographer Matt and a few others at first thought the song was a playback by Coldplay themselves. It took them a few moments to realise it was the band playing it live. They played and sang it pitch perfect. It was amazing!”

elegant cricket ground wedding0083

elegant cricket ground wedding0084

Congratulations Claudia and Rhys! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Matts Photography for sharing today’s wedding!

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Teenie & Howie’s Classic Butleigh Wootten Wedding

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Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0041

Teenie & Howie

A classic wedding at Melbourne’s beautiful Butleigh Wootten for you today. The art deco decor of this incredible historic building, the sparkling chandelier and a beautiful love story makes this Tuesday a little more special. The newlyweds chose Blue Print Photography to be there to capture their day.

Of how they met, Teenie tells, “We originally met through a mutual friend in university in Canada, and first impressions weren’t…impressive. Over a year later, both single, we found ourselves in some of the same classes: he asked me to play racquetball, we ate pizza, drank coffee and flirted mercilessly for weeks… until our first kiss on Halloween. After graduation we moved to Toronto together… and eventually Howie convinced me to tag along to Australia, where we’ve been ever since.”

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0002

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0004

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0005

Once he and his groomsmen were ready for the big event, they headed to Baranows Lounge where a humidor from his bride to be was awaiting the groom – filled of course with his favourite cigars.

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0006

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0007

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0009

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0012

Floral Palette created green white and orange floral arrangements for the day.

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0013

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0016

Teenie wore a gown by designer Mariana Hardwick.

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0018

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0019

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0021

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0023

Teenie & Howie chose Butleigh Wootton for their wedding, noting, “Our entire day – from ceremony, to cocktails, to dinner and reception – were at the lovely Butleigh Wootton in Kew. After visiting over ten venues throughout Melbourne, our first viewing – and ultimate first choice – was this fantastic mansion. The garden and marquis were perfect, the house was wonderful, the food was amazing, and the staff were the best we could ask for.. and not to mention a central location for all our guests… made for a seamless, perfect day.”

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0024

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0025

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0026

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0027

Tennie loved the song she walked down the aisle to, remembering, ” ‘O’, from Cirque du Soleil. It was a piece we instantly loved, and was played beautifully by our four-piece strings group Lilium Strings .”

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0028

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0029

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0030

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0031

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0032

Seline Cardamon-Cairns performed the ceremony, the bride telling, “Marrying my best friend; my heart and soul, partner in everything – was the most amazing feeling. Even after being together for 17 years, the feeling was unexpected. We wrote our own vows and tailored our ceremony with our celebrant Seline, making it all even more personal.”

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0034

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0035

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0036

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0037

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0039

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0040

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0042

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0043

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0044

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0045

Of their photographer, Teenie remembers, “Chris Bekos from Blueprint Photography was amazing. We had met with five potential photographers, and Chris stood out by far. We had seen his work online, and when we met him in person, he was warm, thoughtful, and had great ideas. On the day, Chris was invisible – Howie and I and our bridal party felt comfortable just being ourselves, without worrying about angles, posing, or being people we aren’t.”

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0046

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0047

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0048

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0050

Teenie recalls, “We did most of the wedding details ourselves, with the exception of the flowers. I’m a firm believer in details – some of our favourites were: The wedding programs, created in Publisher, multi-paged and layered, printed on ivory paper and held together with painstakingly-tied ribbon. The bonbonnieres were pocket-sized books detailing ideal marital bliss in the 1800s, stamped on the inside with our seal, and accompanied by bookmarks we had hand-made, thanking our guests for being part of our day. There were glass jars spread throughout the venue, decorated with rich ribbon detail, holding photos of us on our travels around Australia, Asia and North America.”

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0051

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0052

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0053

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0054

The couple chose Bruce Harrison  to not only DJ their reception but also act as MC. Teenie notes, “Bruce Harrison was DJ and MC for our reception – and we cannot recommend him highly enough. Bruce is laid back, conscientious, and aware of his surroundings… he read the room perfectly when it came to hosting, and the music he chose left the floor was rarely empty. What a contribution to the party!”

Classic Butleigh Wootton Wedding0055

Of the first dance, which they learnt from Charisma Dance Centre Teenie remarks, “Our first dance was simply choreographed. The song: ‘No one’s gonna love you..’ (Band of Horses) isn’t a typical wedding song – but it speaks a lot about the underlying love you have for each other – particularly in tough times.”

Congratulations on your marriage Teenie & Howie! Thank you for sharing your day with us, Thank you also to Blue Print Photography for sharing today’s wedding with us!

Photographer: Blue Print Photography / Bride’s Dress: Mariana Hardwick / Bride’s Shoes: Alan Pinkus / Bridesmaid Dresses: Hanni / Bridesmaid Shoes: Alan Pinkus / Hairstylist: Carla at Forever Flawless / Makeup Artist: Layla at Forever Flawless / Flowers & Decor: Rebecca Mallard at Floral Palette / Invitations & Stationery: Elma at Simply Letterpressed / Venue: Butleigh Wootton / Ceremony Officiant: Seline Cardamon-Cairns / Ceremony Musicians: Lilium Strings / DJ: Bruce Harrison / Cake Baker: Kat's Cakes / Wedding Registry: Free Gift Registry / Dance Lessons: Charisma Dance Centre

Romantic Bridal Boudoir Photos

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride, Inspiration Shoot


romantic bridal boudoir shoot0005

The dreaminess of these romantic bridal boudoir photos is something a little different. Photographer Amelia of Pictures and Hearts wanted to capture what is such an intimate photography experience in a very positive way. Using a sheer tulle skirt, cathedral length veil and lace top from Karen Willis Holmes and a professional makeup artist (Danielle Snashall), the shoot set out to create dreamy, fine art feel with a touch of the ethereal.

The shoot in a simple room with plenty of natural light had a playful touch with the fluffy ball skirt and beautiful cathedral length veil, the softness adding to the romance of it all.

Of model Priscilla, Amelia notes, “When shooting this, I wanted to celebrate women. I wanted to reflect Priscilla as a woman beyond her beauty. She is not a bride (yet!), but she is a true reflection of a truly beautiful woman. She is feminine, strong, intelligent, sophisticated, free and sexy. I love how the soft and fluffy tulle skirt from KWH brought about a sense of mysterious prettiness, and with the full skirt, we were able to add a touch of playfulness!”

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0042

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0001

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0035

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0002

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0036

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0012

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0037

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0015

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0016

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0017

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0040

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0039

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0023

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0026

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0038

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0027

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0041

romantic bridal boudoir shoot0034

Photographer: Pictures and Hearts / Makeup Artist: Danielle Snashall / Veil, Dress & Top: Karen Willis Holmes / Venue: Mariott Pier 1

Vendor of the Week – Christian Marc Photography

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday Dotties! Another week, albeit a short one is ahead of us and packed full of exciting wedding inspiration! With Autumn well and truly here, the candles are here, the scarves are on and cups of coffee are flowing!

Before we kick off our own week of happy wedding inspiration it’s time to highlight, spotlight and show off the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.  We have Entertainment, we have Bridal Gown Services we have  Celebrants we even have Favours & Decor Accessories! We work really hard to get vendors on board who are lovely – they’re excited to share a cup of tea and help you plan  the best wedding day possible!

Check out Ms Polka Dot’s Directory for wedding vendors who will love your wedding as much as you!

Christian Marc Photography

Being passionate about your chosen profession must surely be one of the great gifts of life. Christian of Christian Marc Photography loves his pictures to tell the story of the couple, the wedding day and the stolen moments. His passion for capturing the authentic, vulnerable and special moments is evident in the images – they are a moment in time, behind which there is always a complete story. We’re proud to have Christian as this week’s vendor of the week!

We asked Christian of Christian Marc Photography five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

I go “all out” with a wild cup of Peppermint or Liquorice Tea!

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Anywhere surrounded by trees, nature and my beautiful wife! The Dandenong Ranges in particular keep drawing me back time and time again.

Favourite restaurant?

The Veggie Bar in Brunswick, Melbourne – LOVE the variety of Vegan options on the menu and the cool vibe on any night of the week.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

A delicious Tofu Scramble with Avocado with a big banana/date and spinach smoothie to wash it down… mmmm – dates!

Your favourite wedding story?

Still one of the very first couples I photographed. Their meeting was such a beautiful love story. He was Italian barely speaking a word of English, she was Aussie and kept smiling at him from across the room in the local Italian Cafe where he worked. When he finally plucked up enough courage to make contact their relationship commenced with many a text and Google translation! Just months later they set their mid-week wedding date and I was honoured to not only be able to shoot their day but be included in such an intimate gathering of family and friends from 2 countries – the love was clear through the day. I now see this couple every now and then still working at the same Cafe but now with 2 beautiful children – I can’t help but feel connected to their lives.

Visit Christian Marc Photography‘s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Christian Marc Photography is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

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