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Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration

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Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration008

With the Autumn chill in the air, there seems to be no better time to showcase this beautiful Winter bride inspiration shoot than this very day!

Hyggelig Photography drove one very cold afternoon to the stunning Lake Mountain where together with models Liss, Clint and Manda, florist Cakes & Vases and hair & makeup artist Iridis Cosmetics, along with gowns from Gwendolynne, hairpieces from Richard Nylon Millinery, jewels from Ironstone Jewellery and cloaks from Katie Makes A Dress created a stunning shoot to inspire the Winter bride.

Photographer Janet remembers, “Our gorgeous models are both also photographers (and mums!) and using all of our brain power on the day we ended up with some absolutely breathtaking images. Shooting in the snow sounds fun, and it was, but it was also a little (a lot) crazy. We had no idea what the conditions would be like at Lake Mountain until we were actually in the resort – would we have perfectly fluffy snow or dirty and melting slush? Relying on Mother Nature is a very tricky art as all wedding photographers know – but adding in the element of snow weather was crazier than we anticipated. Thankfully Mother Nature smiled brightly on us that day – it was a little windy and our models were pretty cold, but we didn’t have any rain and the snow conditions were still great considering we are coming out of winter. But we DID it… it was cold and fun… and the ladies looked amazing!”

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration001

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration002

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration003

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration004

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration005Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration006

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration009

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration010Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration012

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration014

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration016

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration017

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration018Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration020

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration024

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration028

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration029Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration030

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration032

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration033Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration035

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration036Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration037

Sparkling Winter Bride Inspiration039

Photographer: Hyggelig Photography / Gowns: Gwendolynne / Hairpiece: Richard Nylon Millinery / Jewellery: Ironstone Jewellery / Hair & Makeup Artist: Iridis Cosmetics / Flowers: Cakes & Vases / Cloaks: Katie Makes A Dress / Model: Liss / Model: Clint / Model: Manda / Location: Lake Mountain
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Vendor of the Week – One Wedding Wish

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Happy Monday Dotties! We’re jam packed for the week ahead, though I am hoping for more red leaves on the trees on my street – it is my favourite time of year after all!

Sunshine, sudden rainy spells, wind and cold snaps – that’s the unpredictable nature of Autumn. A wedding ceremony outside under the autumn trees, a forecast of a perfect day of sunshine, but the rain showers down – have a back-up to put into action so your carefully laid plans are not spoiled by the changeable weather. Meanwhile, it’s time to take a break in wedding planning while we take some time out as we highlight and show off the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.  We have Jewellery, we have Photobooth Hire, we have Photography and Venues – we even have Bridesmaids Gowns and Celebrants! We have a Directory full of wonderful vendors who are super talented in their chosen fields, ready to help you achieve your vision.

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Photo One Daniel Sheehan Studios, Photo Two & Three Gavin Luu & Goldsmith & Co., Photo Five & Six Gavin Luu & Field of Vision

As both a wedding planner and stylist Joanie of One Wedding Wish has all your bases covered. With a passion for weddings, Joanie’s talent in styling and organisation shines through in perfectly planned weddings with styling that is beyond the ordinary. Not only is she able to translate all the ideas you bring into a cohesive whole, she is able to add those special touches only someone with an eye for the unique, the stylish and the beautiful can see, to add that special something.

We asked Joanie of One Wedding Wish five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite after five drink?

My favourite after five drink is whatever I share with my 2 year old daughter when I get home. It might make her an organic orange and mango smoothie or we’ll head out for a fluffy babycino with lots of chocolate!

Your favourite weekend getaway?

I adore Daylesford. I always make sure I book high tea and massage while I’m there. Otherwise for a staycation in Melbourne city, nothing beats funky Crown Metropol – a massage and facial at Isika followed by dinner at one of the fine restaurants downstairs, is my idea of heaven.

Favourite restaurant?

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but you will almost always find me tucking into Japanese food. Orita’s degustation in Toorak is lovely, as is Shira Nui’s Omakase in Glen Waverley. Our mid-week Japanese food fix is a very authentic little place called Kenji’s in Camberwell.

Where can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Chez Dre in South Melbourne, or Mr Hendricks in Balwyn.

Your favourite wedding story?

A few years ago, I planned a wedding for a bride whose mum had passed away some 15 years ago. At the wedding, her aunt approached me and asked if it was possible to say a few words during the speeches. She took to the lectern and sang a beautiful song in her native language to the bride. It sounded like a lullaby a mother would sing to her child. It pierced my heart that these are moments in life where you miss the ones you love the most. There was not one dry eye in the room.

Visit One Wedding Wish’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. One Wedding Wish is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.

Snapshot Sunday – Closeness

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Wedding Photography

Image by David Henry Photography

Amanda & Blake’s Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement

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Lesmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 001

Amanda & Blake

I love the feeling of Amanda and Blake’s Lersmurdie Falls Perth engagement. It goes from romantic to this most beautiful dramatic, raw feeling with incredible Mother Nature playing a leading role. Amanda and Blake worked with photographer Steven Cheah Photography to capture their engagement.

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 002

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 003

Amanda tells their story. “In September 2011, Blake was an Australian study abroad student at my university in Minnesota. One evening after finding out he was cute and on campus, I placed myself strategically in the seat behind him on the bus (called TheLink) in hopes of striking up a conversation. That somehow went awry when he thought I was trying to make a move on his friend and we spent the rest of the semester as casual acquaintances.

In 2012, I spent a semester studying in Fremantle at Blake’s university, where we continued to run into each other and I continued to try and get his attention, but to no immediate avail. Months later, both of us back in our respective countries (and when Blake finally came to his senses), he began to woo me long-distance, and as luck had it, found out I already had a boyfriend.

In August 2013, our timing finally met on the same track and we began a long-distance relationship between Perth and Minnesota.”

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 004

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 005

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 006

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 007

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 008

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 009

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 010

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 011

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 012

” The funniest part of our relationship is just the fact that we’ve been “together” for two and a half years but have only been physically in the same place for 9 of those 29 months.”

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 013

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 014

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 015

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 016

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 017

On what she loves about Blake, Amanda tells, “I love that Blake prioritizes what’s really important. He’s taught me to never trivialize time spent with each other and how big of a role family must play in our lives. I also love that he always seems to get where I am mentally and emotionally. He constantly reminds me that he’s always here to support me and takes on my problems as if they were his own.”

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 018

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 019

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 020

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 021

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 022

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 023

The proposal was one to remember – with a blizzard, near death moments, a lettuce dinner and a very special poem. Blake dives in. ” A group of us drove through a horrendous blizzard to a friend’s cattle ranch in Minnesota. The weather was terrible, making what was supposed to be a 1hour drive 3 hours long filled with anxiety. I remember the tail-end of the car sliding out on the icy road on the way there thinking “this is how it ends. I didn’t even get to ask her”. Contrary to my fearful creative imagination, we arrived safely.

The host had prepared a steak dinner with all the hospitable trimmings. I enjoyed three leaves of lettuce in anticipation of the event follow; the steak was nice and I still feel bad to this day for not being able to eat any at the time. The dinner concluded and we began to go around the table and share a poem of their choice. This was a previously planned event, and I took advantage of it. As each person shared their words the nerves built within me. Amanda had no  idea.

It came to a close friend of ours who was sat next to Amanda. He began to introduce a poem nonchalantly that was in fact one that I had written for this occasion.

“It was cold on the Link, Fall, two thousand and eleven.

Not here did I think, Of this angel sent from heaven.

So parted we did, To my dismay.

In my thoughts I hid, Reliving that fateful day.

We next met down-under, And yet we could not be.

That was due to blunder, Of my immaturity.

Then our friendship grew, And we’d talk about our day.

The dreams I had for you, Of which I couldn’t say.

Communicating trapped in a screen, Ten thousand miles apart.

The most beautiful girl I’ve seen, Entrusted with my heart.

What more can I say, But get down on one knee. “

At this point i cut him off and continued “Amanda Gay, Will you marry me? She waited about 15 lonnnng seconds and nodded through teary eyes.”

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 024

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 025

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 026

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 027

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 028

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 029

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 030

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 031

On what he loves about Amanda, Blake tells, “I love Amanda’s unconditional compassion. She has a tremendous ability to love and I am grateful to be a recipient of that affection. She supports me unconditionally and doesn’t complain – too much – when I steal the covers in the night.”

Lersmurdie Falls Perth Engagement 032

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