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Sareh Nouri Spring 2016 Bridal Gown Collection

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


Sareh Nouri0373

The Spring 2016 collection from designer Sareh Nouri is positively dreamy and the photos that go along with it are so beautiful to curl up with a cup of tea and dive into.

Sareh is known for her traditional gowns with a modern twist and her Spring 2016 really highlights her talent in bringing this to the fore. Ballgowns with elegant beaded sleeves, sparkling silver details, a deep inky blue gown with a ruffling skirt, trains that are as dramatic as they are beautiful, sleeves that sit off the shoulder complimenting an otherwise classic neckline.

When it comes down to it though, what holds Sareh’s collections together is one thing – romance. Each gown embodies that romantic foundation that is so present at a wedding. Refined elegance that combines her love of all things traditional with not the most sparkle, or the most intricate of designs, but the most romantic of gowns, and that, is where Sareh truly shines.

Sareh Nouri is available in Australia at Brides Of Beecroft.

Sareh Nouri0009

Sareh Nouri0019Sareh Nouri0022

Sareh Nouri0033Sareh Nouri0046

Sareh Nouri0055

Sareh Nouri0070

Sareh Nouri0071Sareh Nouri0072

Sareh Nouri0096

Sareh Nouri0114Sareh Nouri0124

Sareh Nouri0131Sareh Nouri0138

Sareh Nouri0175

Sareh Nouri0176Sareh Nouri0181

Sareh Nouri0184Sareh Nouri0185

Sareh Nouri0190

Sareh Nouri0205

Sareh Nouri0212Sareh Nouri0214

Sareh Nouri0216Sareh Nouri0217

Sareh Nouri0220

Sareh Nouri0227

Sareh Nouri0233Sareh Nouri0237

Sareh Nouri0241

Sareh Nouri0246Sareh Nouri0247

Sareh Nouri0271Sareh Nouri0272

Sareh Nouri0274

Sareh Nouri0276Sareh Nouri0277

Sareh Nouri0309Sareh Nouri0311

Sareh Nouri0315

Sareh Nouri0319Sareh Nouri0321

Sareh Nouri0327

Sareh Nouri0328Sareh Nouri0331

Sareh Nouri0338

Sareh Nouri0343

Sareh Nouri0345Sareh Nouri0347

Sareh Nouri0356

Sareh Nouri0360Sareh Nouri0361

Sareh Nouri0369

Sareh Nouri0371Sareh Nouri0372

Bridal Gowns and Veils: Sareh Nouri / Select Laces: House Of Sophie Hallette / Photographer: Laura Gordon / Hairpieces: Jennifer Behr / Hairpieces: Maria Elena / Hairpieces: Erica Elizabeth Designs / Flowers: Holly Carlisle for Rosegolden Flowers / Makeup Artist: Nicck Townsend / Hairstylist: Alison Sileo & Mark Sileo
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Vendor of the Week – Coombe – The Melba Estate

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday Dotties! Did you have a lovely weekend? I am full of beans at the moment and loving every second of Winter!

Another Monday and another chance to highlight, spotlight and show off the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.  We have Celebrants, we have Wedding Planners, we have Bridal Gowns, we even have Flowers! Our vendors are eager to give you the wedding of your dreams – contact them – they love what they do and will be happy to assist you!

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Yarra valley Wedding Venue


Photo one by Blumenthal Photography Photo three by Daniel John Bilsborough

The former home of Dame Nellie Melba, located in the Yarra Valley in Victoria – Coombe – The Melba Estate is available for weddings and events. Set in seven acres of magnificent gardens, with a 180 year old English oak, this wedding venue offers the historic clock tower restaurant and estate grown produce, Coombe farm wine and a myriad of photograph opportunities all wrapped up in an elegant and very unique bow.

We asked Georgia of Coombe – The Melba Estate five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite after five drink?

I will never be able to pass up an Expresso Martini but of late I’m partial to Vodka, soda with a slice of lime and mint leaf.

Your favourite weekend getaway?


Favourite restaurant?

Chin Chin! I don’t care about the line, I don’t care they don’t take bookings – I am never disappointed and their Kingfish sashimi is worth the wait!

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Fruits of Passion in Kensington, awesome coffee and the fiancée’s favourite, eggs benedict with hash browns instead of toast is to die for!

Your favourite wedding story?

A couple came to me with just 6 weeks till their planned wedding date as their venue had cancelled. Being able to help them and then watch their day unfold more perfectly than they could of imagined made my heart melt.

Visit Coombe – The Melba Estate‘s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Coombe – The Melba Estate is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Snapshot Sunday – Just Us Two

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Jerome Cole

Photo by Jerome Cole

Charlotte & Tom’s Sweet Autumn Engagement

by | Bride, Engagements


Sweet Autumn Engagement0001
Charlotte & Tom

I love a sweet Autumn engagement and Charlotte and Tom’s engagement photos are from photographer Gabriela Ana Weddings at Eagle View Escape. Charlotte and Tom wanted their photos to show their love of escaping for a weekend away together, somewhere that had an incredible backdrop while allowing them to be completely comfortable. I think they nailed it!

Sweet Autumn Engagement0003

Sweet Autumn Engagement0004

Sweet Autumn Engagement0005Sweet Autumn Engagement0007

Sweet Autumn Engagement0012

Of how they met, Tom tells, “We first met at a friend’s birthday dinner in North Sydney, at a restaurant called Had to Happen. I saw Charlotte arrive at the party and she caught my eye, but unfortunately she was seated at the other end of the table. As fate would have it she eventually ended up sitting opposite me when chatting to a friend. I had been deserted by my friends and saw an opportunity! As they discussed lady stuff (tea), I began to nod my head and say “mmhh…yeah totally!” with a cheeky grin (I had no idea what they were talking about!).”

Charlotte adds, “Tom was so sweet and had a boy-like charm. As cheesy as it is, I suppose you could say we felt a ‘spark’. We started officially dating a couple of months later.”

Sweet Autumn Engagement0014

Sweet Autumn Engagement0016Sweet Autumn Engagement0017

Sweet Autumn Engagement0018Sweet Autumn Engagement0019

Charlotte almost cottoned on to the proposal plans! She remembers, “Tom’s genuine nature and excitement about wanting to marry me meant he had trouble keeping the proposal a secret. I had figured out that his intention was to propose on an overseas trip we had booked. After realising I’d figured out his plan, he made up a story about the ring manufacture being delayed and that he wasn’t going to have it by the time of the trip.

About a week later, he took me to a nature reserve where we often walk. Mid conversation, he ducked down to his backpack, and when I turned around to see why he had stopped, he was down on one knee with the ring. He was so nervous! All he could manage was “Will you…?” Obviously, my answer was “Yes, of course!” ”

Sweet Autumn Engagement0022

Sweet Autumn Engagement0026

Sweet Autumn Engagement0027Sweet Autumn Engagement0028

On what she loves about Tom, Charlotte tells, “I love that Tom is a very genuine person. He is very honest, caring and supportive. I love that he makes me laugh a lot, and that we can completely be ourselves around one another. I love that we can talk openly and honestly about anything and everything.”

Sweet Autumn Engagement0029

On one of their relationship moments, “Tom’s younger sister Sarah had an 18th birthday a couple of years ago, with the dress-up theme of “I can’t believe you wore that to my party!”. Tom suggested dressing as a reverse couple, so I dressed as a male (or what looked like a bearded boy) and Tom dressed as a female (he wasn’t fooling anyone with his hairy legs, chest and facial stubble!). Upon arrival, Tom’s father was confused at the fact that I didn’t arrive with Tom. He was genuinely shocked that I was the “man” standing next to Tom. Our costumes were a huge success and resulted in some hilarious memories.”

Sweet Autumn Engagement0034Sweet Autumn Engagement0035

Sweet Autumn Engagement0040

Sweet Autumn Engagement0042

Sweet Autumn Engagement0043Sweet Autumn Engagement0044

On what he loves about Charlotte, Tom notes, “Charlotte is really sweet and kind. I can already see how much love she will give our future kids. I love her laugh. She is supportive, understanding and beautiful to boot. I love that I get to spend my life with her! ”

Sweet Autumn Engagement0047

Sweet Autumn Engagement0057

Sweet Autumn Engagement0062Sweet Autumn Engagement0067


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