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Nichole & Kade’s Sweet Elopement

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


sweet elopement0076

Nichole & Kade

There is much magic to be had in the quiet. In the moments where it is just the two of you, the lightness of your story enveloping it all. Nichole and Kade chose a sweet elopement for their nuptials. The bride and groom upon deciding they didn’t want a wedding, eloped two days after Christmas and two and a half months after their engagement with just their immediate family. A simple white dress, a wonderful photographer Lauren Campbell (who just happens to be the bride’s sister!) and the scene was set.

Nichole and Kade tell. “We have known each other for years before we started dating. We worked in shops next to each other for about 3-4 years. I was the girl in the video store & he was the boy at the game store. We would occasionally talk but nothing more than a “hey how are you?” But we slowly started to connect on a deeper scale and we eventually became great friends who helped and cared for each other, and fell in love.”

sweet elopement0009

The couple chose a morning celebration – the bride’s sister, also the makeup artist rising at 3.30am to get started! Nichole noting, “I love my other talented sister Keira who got up with me at 3.30am to make my make up look effortless. My hairdresser arrived before the sun to start my hair!”

sweet elopement0111

sweet elopement0112

Nichole and Kade  chose John Tucker Park, Patterson for their ceremony, noting, “We got married two and a half months after the engagement, we aren’t the kind of people who wanted to wait a year or two before we got married. We never saw the point. We were married In a beautiful and intimate ceremony first thing in the morning on December 27th, at John Tucker Park in Patterson NSW. It was absolutely gorgeous, an entire park solely to us, they sky grey but a light mist and dew in the air.  The park is a place that we often go for a nice calm relaxing picnic together AND was also the place where Kade proposed!”

sweet elopement0113

sweet elopement0017

Nichole remembers “I walked down the aisle to an original acoustic song written by my father in law Shane Pyers. Lead singer of the extremely talented “Mokobenj”. The song was magical and romantic and will forever be something special to us both.”

sweet elopement0115

sweet elopement0114

sweet elopement0116

sweet elopement0032

“Our rings were extremely special on the day also. Kade had chosen my wedding ring and I wasn’t allowed to see it until he put it on my finger, which was extremely exciting and made the moment a little more special. Kade’s wedding band was a unique rustic homemade band by the gorgeous couple from Rhodes Wedding Co. They travel across America making home made bands, that are each so individually made that they tell their own unique love story and are more then the standard gold band . Everyone adored it as it was not something anyone had seen before.”

sweet elopement0034

sweet elopement0040

sweet elopement0041

sweet elopement0042

sweet elopement0044

sweet elopement0046

sweet elopement0048

sweet elopement0050

sweet elopement0118

Of their photographer, Nichole remarks, “The photographer is someone very special and dear to both of us. The immensely talented “Lauren Campbell photographer ” from Canberra. Who just so happens to be my big sister. So not only was there some perks with having my sister do my photos, but we had no doubt at all that there would be a lot of love and effect put into making our photos magical for a lifetime!”

sweet elopement0056

sweet elopement0058

sweet elopement0120

sweet elopement0063

Jade Mcintosh Flowers created the bouquet for the bride and buttonhole for the groom, Nichole explaining, “Everyone adored my flowers. With organising my wedding on such short notice I was concerned that nobody would take me on. All I wanted was a bouquet for myself and a buttonhole for Kade. Being two days after Christmas as well I was getting turned down by a few companies which made sense. Until I came across “Jade Mcintosh Flowers”. Jade was happy to take me on and quick to come up with my perfect flowers with no fuss at all.”

sweet elopement0119

sweet elopement0070

sweet elopement0121

sweet elopement0122

Nichole and Kade had dinner with their family at Savannah’s, Morpeth after the ceremony, noting, “We had our “reception” at the elegant Savannahs in Morpeth, which we only just recently realised was the place we had our first date over three years ago.”

sweet elopement0123

sweet elopement0124

sweet elopement0091

sweet elopement0097

sweet elopement0103

sweet elopement0125

sweet elopement0107

Nichole notes, “We didn’t have a first dance as the reception was a simple breakfast with our guests and couldn’t really dance at a restaurant which is fine, but as corny as it sounds I think the first year of marriage is like the first dance. If I had organised to do a first dance I had an idea of exactly what it would have been. “Be Mine” by Guy Sebastian. From the first time I heard that song I knew that it was something extremely special and would bring so much love and happiness to my marriage.”

sweet elopement0110

Congratulations on your marriage Nichole and Kade! Thank you so much for sharing the story of your day with us. Thank you also to Lauren Campbell  for sharing this gorgeous day with us!

Photographer: Lauren Campbell / Bride’s Dress: Calabro / Alterations: Michelle Cross-Johnston / Groom’s Attire: Lowes / Hairstylist: Sarah Matthews / Makeup Artist: Keira Campbell / Flowers: Jade Mcintosh Flowers / Ceremony Venue: John Tucker Park, Patterson / Ceremony Officiant: Dave Yeoman / Ceremony Musicians: Shane Pyers / Reception Venue: Savannah's, Morpeth / Cake Baker: Sophie's Sweet Treats / Wedding Rings: Rhodes Wedding Co.
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Sarah & Michael’s Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0019

Sarah & Michael

A gorgeous Summer day led to the most beautiful Summer Abbotsford Convent wedding for Sarah and Michael. A day which played out full of interesting, fun touches, plenty of stories and memory making moments in one of Melbourne’s most beautiful venues. All captured by Goldsmith & Co.

As for how Sarah and Michael ended up there, the story is told a little something like this. “Both of us (Michael and Sarah) enjoy going to the café, 7 Seeds in Carlton. One particular time I (Sarah) looked very happy and Michael took a photo. We were still friends and named the photo the’7 Seeds smile’. Later Michael found out that this was in fact the moment when I knew I liked Michael. As a result, Michael wanted to propose to me at 7 Seeds but also wanted to get me there dressed up so that we could go to dinner afterwards. So he put together a very elaborate back story which his whole family was in on.

One day when I was washing the dishes he told me that his younger brother Andrew was graduating on a particular day even though he had not finished his semester – this was allowed due to a made up “final subject policy”. A couple of days later Michael mentioned that there would be professional photographers there so maybe I’d like to dress up. Days before the graduation, I was asking family members what they were wearing and on the day, Michael’s eldest brother Ryan was staying with us and had a conversation with Michael regarding what tie to take back for Andrew.

Finally Michael and I were on our way, and as we were a little early Michael suggested grabbing a coffee, to which I replied ‘I’ve already had one today, I’ll get a Red Bull instead’. It took a bit of convincing but Michael finally got me to the café at which point I said to the waiter ‘two take away strong cappuccino’s thanks’. Again, Michael had to convince me that they had the time to sit down and enjoy a coffee.

The type of coffee that I (Sarah) normally orders (when sitting in) comes with a card explaining the origin of the beans, some history about the farm/ region it came from and some particular (flavour) notes you may be able to discern in the coffee. However this time the card looked slightly different, it had the photo of the 7 Seeds smile on it, with origins from Ringwood and Dandenong and the title was “The Perfect Blend” (Cards (with this phrase) were displayed on the cake table in the reception). Still the penny hadn’t dropped for me as I thought this was a lovely gesture that Michael had arranged. It was only when I heard the song “Marry Me” by Train over the loud-speaker that I clicked.

Trying to keep composed to read the thoughtful message Michael had written on the back of the card, Michael casually smiled and sipped his cappuccino. When I finally took a sip of my coffee I noticed a very familiar looking message (in the same writing as a note I’d left for Michael on his coffee cup while I was thousands of miles away in South America). My message was “Let’s have a great life babe”. Michael got down on one knee, and I said ‘yes’.”

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0003

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0005

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0007

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0009

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0010

The couple chose a different kind of first look, the bride remembering, “We’d heard of couples that saw each other before the ceremony for photos do a ‘reveal’ so they could each enjoy that moment of seeing each other for the first time. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to play a trick on Michael and completely throw him off by slipping into the puffiest number circa 1980 I could find from the Salvos Store and watch his reaction. We had the entire bridal party line up to watch with Michael’s back to me – when Michael turned his reaction along with the bridal party’s was priceless – it was a combination of fear & laughter as they weren’t quite sure if it was ‘the’ dress. It defiantly broke the ice and set the mood for the day – to have fun and don’t take anything too seriously.” The bride’s “real” dress was by Rachel Gilbert.

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0011

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0015

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0016

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0020

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0024

Sarah and Michael chose Abbotsford Convent for their wedding, noting “We used Abbotsford Convent for both Ceremony and Reception. The ceremony took place in the gardens and then flowed straight into the Rosina courtyard for canapés with the main reception in the main hall. Having it all in the one venue kept a nice the flow and made it more relaxing for both guests and the bridal party. The two spaces during the reception created different moods for the evening & the space is effortlessly beautiful – you can do as much or as little as you like to it.” The wedding was styled by Wedding Day PA.

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0027
Sarah walked down the aisle to the same song Michael proposed with – Marry Me by Train.

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0028

Julianne Bambacas performed the ceremony, Sarah noting, “Julianne brought a great level of professionalism, style and fun not only on the day but the prep leading up. Julianne really invested herself into the role and we always felt comfortable knowing she had everything covered even when we didn’t!”

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0030

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0032

Of their photographers, Sarah and Michael tell, “Jane & Brett were a great team and made the entire day a relaxed an enjoyable experience. Their style was a very casual opting for more natural shots and not posed, which really reflects us.”

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0036

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0037

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0039

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0040

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0041

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0056

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0053

Guests enjoyed drinks and canapes in the courtyard, Sarah telling, “Personal touches definitely stick with you, the Photo installation created by the family was a real talking piece.”

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0023

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0044

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0045

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0046

The floral arrangements were styled by Botanics Of Melbourne, the bride telling, “AMAZING!!!! For a girl who was anti flowers my partner and I immediately fell in love with Shane’s and the team’s work from Botanics. They went above and beyond our expectations and level of service all done with a smile – it’s really been an enjoyable part of the wedding prep and blew our minds on the day!”

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0055

Bursaria Fine Foods catered the wedding, the bride remarking, “Raising the bar when it comes to wedding food – Bursaria offered flexibility, fresh and exciting offerings. The grazing menu allowed for great interaction at the table and meant no one missed out and the roving deserts were another fun element and allowed people to get up and mingle. If you appreciate good food I would strongly recommend Bursaria.”

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0047

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0048

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0050

The couple served cake from Cake Bytes and a cheese tower from Milk The Cow noting, “With only two & half days’ notice – Shan from Cake Bytes not only created a five tier master piece but a cake that tasted divine. There are wedding cakes and then there are cakes made by Shan. I’m not a massive sweet tooth but when you’re eating cake for breakfast you know it’s good! Opting for something a little different we went with a cheese tower …and arranged it three days before the wedding! Mark and the team from Milk The Cow did a great job of pulling this together and gave us the opportunity to taste and learn about the cheese selected which was a lot of fun.”

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0054

The finishing touch was a photo booth from Little Pixel Box, Sarah telling, “We ended up going with an Instagram printer & despite being a little nervous it wouldn’t be used, the girls walked us through the process and attended the evening to make sure everyone got a snap! It was a real talking point of the night made possible by their great product and service – thanks guys!”

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0061

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0063

Of their first dance, Sarah tells, “We did a little bit of a flash mob with the bridal party to the Drifters  – ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’.”

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0064

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0065

Summer Abbotsford Convent Wedding0066

Congratulations Sarah and Michael! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Goldsmith & Co. for sharing today’s celebration with us!

Photographer: Goldsmith & Co / Wedding Styling: Wedding Day PA / Bride’s Dress: Rachel Gilbert / Bride’s Shoes: Wittner / Bride’s Jewelry: Samantha Wills / Groom’s Attire: Black Tie Classic / Groom’s Attire: (Shirt) Prinzi Collections / Groomsmen Attire: Black Tie Classic / Groomsmen Attire: (Shirt) Prinzi Collections / Bridesmaid Dresses: Two Birds Bridesmaids / Bridesmaid Accessories: Country Road / Hairstylist: Laura from Reel Hairdressing / Makeup Artist: Tracey from Butler Makeup Artistry / Flowers & Decor: Botanics Of Melbourne / Invitations & Stationery: The Paper Empire / Venue: Abbotsford Convent / Ceremony Officiant: Julianne Bambacas / Ceremony Musicians: Bag piper from Haileybury College / Band: Afrodesia / Catering: Bursaria Fine Foods / Favors: Oxfam / Cake Baker: Cake Bytes / Cheese Cake: Milk The Cow / Wedding Rings: Top Image Jewellery / Photo Booth: Little Pixel Box

Free People x Grace Loves Lace Wedding Gowns

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


free people grace loves lace gowns0006

As Aussies, we have come to know and love Grace Loves Lace for their bohemian inspired gowns so I was even more excited to hear the news that they’ve teamed up with the iconic US bohemian fashion label Free People to launch “FPEverAfter” a collaboration between the two brands to release Free People’s first ever foray into the bridal world!

Consisting of fifteen exclusive pieces (six designed with Grace Loves Lace and the others each a collaboration with other loved designers) the gowns remain true to the Free People customer, someone who wants something one of a kind inspired, full of hand touched details, distinctive, beautiful detailing and the pulled together style.

The gowns, which cover a wide range of price points feature strapless detailing with french lace overlays, elegant low backs with floating trains, distinctive laces with short, mid thigh hemlines, jumpsuits, midriff baring crop tops and dolman sleeves. There isn’t a ball gown in sight – each piece has been designed true to the spirit of the Free People bride.

The FP Ever After gowns are available to purchase via the Free People website and ship worldwide.

free people grace loves lace gowns0003

free people grace loves lace gowns0001

free people grace loves lace gowns0005

free people grace loves lace gowns0004

free people grace loves lace gowns0002

FPEverAfter also included collaborations with other loved bohemian bridal brands including Odylne The Ceremony and Spell & the Gypsy Collective.

free people wedding gowns0004

free people wedding gowns0001

free people wedding gowns0010

free people wedding gowns0011

free people wedding gowns0006

free people wedding gowns0009

free people wedding gowns0008

free people wedding gowns0012

Lucy & Adam’s Yarra Valley Garden Wedding

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


yarra valley garden wedding0076

Lucy & Adam

Oh the Yarra Valley is such a beautiful part of the world and Lucy and Adam’s Yarra Valley garden wedding does nothing to dispel my idea of this gorgeous winery region. The couple chose Theodore Halacas – Loco Photography to capture their day.

Lucy tells their story. “Adam and I met one night when we were out, through a mutual friend. However, I don’t recall this first meeting, I might have had a few too many wines! But I apparently made an impression and weeks later, he started working at La Porchetta (where I was working at the time) and the rest is history. Adam was the pizza maker and I was the waitress, a real Hollywood love story!”

yarra valley garden wedding0001

yarra valley garden wedding0003

yarra valley garden wedding0005

The groom chose a suit from Oscar Hunt, his groomsmen dressed in Roger David.

yarra valley garden wedding0008

yarra valley garden wedding0012

yarra valley garden wedding0104

yarra valley garden wedding0020

Lucy chose an Anna Campbell gown, her bridesmaids in dresses from  Alannah Hill  and For Him and For Her .

yarra valley garden wedding0029

yarra valley garden wedding0031

Lucy and Adam chose Alowyn Gardens for their reception, Lucy telling, “Our ceremony was held at Alowyn Gardens in Yarra Glen. We stumbled upon it when looking around the area for our reception venue. They had it set up for another wedding when we popped in to have a look and it was a jaw dropping moment, we fell in love with it. The Wisteria archway is unbelievably beautiful and is the perfect spot for a summer wedding as it provided lots of shade for us and our guests.”

yarra valley garden wedding0032

yarra valley garden wedding0033

For the processional, Lucy remembers, “Our friend Brent Monaghan played ‘How long will I love you’ on his guitar, by Jon Boden Sam Sweeney & Ben Coleman (from the movie About Time).”

yarra valley garden wedding0035

yarra valley garden wedding0089

Lucy describes the wedding as, “A true representation of our relationship, fun & relaxed”.

yarra valley garden wedding0037

The ceremony was performed by Andrew Redman , Lucy remarking, “Andrew Redman was our marriage celebrant and he was better than we could ever had imagined. Andrew tailored a ceremony that was uniquely us, and told our story better than we could. We had so many compliments on the ceremony and Andrew, one of my friends called him the ‘Hugh Jackman of celebrants!”

yarra valley garden wedding0039

yarra valley garden wedding0090

yarra valley garden wedding0041

yarra valley garden wedding0105

One special guest made an important appearance, Lucy explains, “Everybody who knows us knows that we don’t go anywhere without our fur baby Mitch. So of course he had to be there when his Mum and Dad got married. Mitch is an overly excited, unpredictably gorgeous spoodle and his job on the day was to be handsome. He had his chevron print bow tie from Etsy on and stole the show. He barked when the guests laughed and clapped and sat quietly next to Adam’s sister the rest of the ceremony. He was also very impressed with our vows, gnawing on his foot with approval.”

yarra valley garden wedding0043

yarra valley garden wedding0106

yarra valley garden wedding0047

Of their photographers, Lucy notes, “Theo from Loco Photography, what an absolute professional. He went out of his way to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed on the day. He was a perfect gentleman throughout the day but was firm when he needed to be, especially when getting the groomsmen in line. We can’t speak highly enough about him and Danielle, the proof is in the pudding, we love our photos!”

yarra valley garden wedding0107

yarra valley garden wedding0108

yarra valley garden wedding0054

yarra valley garden wedding0055

yarra valley garden wedding0060

Lucy notes, “I made our seating plan, menu board & wedding program sign on chalkboard and old window frames. Adam also got crafty and created our photobooth from an old door, it was so much fun on the night. My brother made the bar that served the drinks at the garden after the ceremony. All our guests had refreshing cold beer and cider from the tapped kegs which was a blessing on the hot 30 degree day.”

yarra valley garden wedding0109

Lucy and Adam chose Zonzo at The Train Trak Winery for their reception, remarking, “Our reception was held at Zonzo @ the Train Trak Winery. It was our dream venue, from the amazing views, long bench style tables to the incredible food. We had so many compliments on the food and we are so happy to have been able to share this fantastic restaurant with all of our friends and family. Brianna & the Zonzo team go out of their way to make the wedding experience a special one.”

yarra valley garden wedding0091

yarra valley garden wedding0110

One of the handmade touches was sweet potted succulents arranged by the bride who recalls, “Our succulent bonbonnieres doubled up as the place cards were another craft project I did with the help of my friends and they were a hit. Everyone took them home and they are thriving, even going global with my cousin taking his to Switzerland with him. I tried to do as much myself as I could, it was all a part of the wedding fun. My bridesmaids and I got together and did all of our invites, which were put together with the help of the lovely ladies at Santiago Sunbird who have a great inexpensive way of creating personal, beautiful invites which you can print yourself.”

yarra valley garden wedding0063

yarra valley garden wedding0065

yarra valley garden wedding0067

yarra valley garden wedding0068

yarra valley garden wedding0071

yarra valley garden wedding0072

yarra valley garden wedding0073

Of their first dance, Lucy remembers, “We decided not to have dancing lessons, but with only a week before the wedding and no dance planned, we jumped on Youtube and looked up ‘Wedding dance tutorial’. We made up our own dance to Queen’s ‘You’re my best friend’, complete with a lift and a dip! It was so much fun practicing in our tiny lounge, and it went off without a hitch!”

yarra valley garden wedding0074

yarra valley garden wedding0076

yarra valley garden wedding0077

“Our favourite part of the reception was when Theo (our photographer) took us on a little walk during the reception just before sunset. We were down the bottom of the hill next to the Train Trak vineyards. For 5 minutes of our busy amazing day, it was just Adam and I and it was perfect. We got to look up toward Zonzo’s where all our friends and family were laughing and having fun. It was wonderful! And we got some beautiful photos too.”

yarra valley garden wedding0079

yarra valley garden wedding0081

yarra valley garden wedding0082

Congratulations Lucy and Adam! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Theodore Halacas – Loco Photography for sharing today’s wedding with us!

Photographer: Theodore Halacas - Loco Photography / Bride’s Dress: Anna Campbell / Bride’s Shoes: Forever New / Bride’s Jewelry: Samantha Wills / Bride’s Jewelry: Lovisa / Groom’s Attire: Oscar Hunt / Groom's Shoes: Windsor Smith / Groomsmen Attire: Roger David / Bridesmaid Dresses: Alannah Hill / Bridesmaid Dresses: For Him and For Her / Bridesmaid Shoes: Tony Bianco / Bridesmaid Shoes: Myer / Hair & Makeup Artist: Lisa Liesmann - The Wedding Stylist / Invitations & Stationery: Santiago Sunbird / Flowers & Decor: Lisa Liesmann - The Wedding Stylist / Ceremony Venue: Alowyn Gardens / Ceremony Officiant: Andrew Redman / Ceremony Musicians: Brent Monaghan / Reception Venue: Zonzo at The Train Trak Winery / Styling: Zonzo & The Wedding Stylist / Cheese Cake: Zonzo at The Train Trak Winery / DJ: Discosource DJ's / Wedding Rings: Michael Hill / Transport: Vintage Fun Car Hire
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