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Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride, Jewellery


Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection018

We love a well-designed piece of jewellery here at Polka Dot Bride and it’s fair to say the Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection ticks the boxes when it comes to beautifully crafted pieces that encapsulate a sense of whimsy, romance and modernity.

Having travelled extensively through Europe and spent her childhood with Indian-European family, dressing up in her Anglo-Indian Grandmother’s 1930 wardrobe, designer Sally Rose is heavily influenced by different cultural elements in her collections. Avant-garde grandeur, to art deco whimsy  all, shows their spirit. Each piece is hand crafted in Melbourne using beautiful stones and premium metals – each piece available to be customised to suit even the most discerning tastes.

The Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection is available via her website and studios in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection002Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection003

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection004Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection001

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection006Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection005

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection007Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection008

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection009

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection010

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection011Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection012

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection013

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection014

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection015

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection017

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection019Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection020

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection021

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection023

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection024Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection025

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection026

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection027

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection028

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection029

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection030

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection032

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection033

Sally Rose White Label Lumiere Collection035




Photographer: Tony Evans / Bride’s Dress: Gwendolynne / Jewels: Sally Rose White Label / Floral: Bespoke Botanics
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Emily & Shannon’s Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspired Weddings,

COMMENT, Kat Stanley Photography

Emily & Shannon

It’s time for a bright and fun wedding today as we share this colourful fiesta wedding of Emily & Shannon captured by Kat Stanley. A private farm held the key to the ideas of this special handmade celebration.

Emily starts us off with the story of how she and Shannon came to be. “Shannon and I met at a mutual friend’s party in mid-2012. We instantly hit it off but both were not looking for a ‘relationship’. We became good friends, spending most weekends and mid-week enjoying each other’s company. I went on a trip to Japan with some girlfriends at the end of 2012 and start of 2013. When I got back Shannon told me that his feelings had changed and he liked me more than a friend. A week or so passed, I realised I did also have feelings for him. So from January 2013 we were officially a couple (Even though all our friends and family had said for months we were more than friends and we were just not telling them).”

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding001

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding005Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding008

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding007Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding009, Kat Stanley Photography

Emily chose her gown from Forever Vintage, her bridesmaids wore brightly coloured dresses from Batik Amarillis. She tells, “The dress was a 1940 knee length tea dress in pale pink and white. I wanted a fun dress to reflect the party Mexican fiesta. I also wanted a dress that allowed me to move around on the day in comfort and not be damaged by the length being stepped on or getting dirty on the farm. I had looked for a while, even travelled to interstate to visit bridal stores trying on dresses. It was on a trip to Forever Vintage with my maid of honour (my older sister Sarah) and one of my bridesmaids (future sister in law Tracey) that I found my perfect dress.”, Kat Stanley Photography

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding010Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding013, Kat Stanley Photography

“It was important for me to use friends and family in the wedding/event industry so our day felt very personalised to us. I loved the planning. Shannon knew the photographer Kat, I went to school and am good friends with Lauren (makeup artist), and Morgan (Amity Blooms). Shannon’s cousin Mel owns and operates (Enchanting Celebrations) and her best friend Gemma did the hair ( Red Carpet Glamour). I am friends with Megan from McKean studios (the bridesmaids’ bracelets).”

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding014

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding015

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding016

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding017

The couple wed on the bride’s parent’s farm Otford Farm Trail Rides , she tells, “The ceremony was held on a section of the farm where Shannon and I are planning to build a home, so it was a very special location for us. Guests had to walk up a tree covered path to get to the venue which was covered with beautiful pom pom decorations made by the guests. Shannon’s grandma Ruby had passed away not long before the wedding. She was a keen knitter, I was given all of her wool and began making pom poms. They were so colourful and a lovely way to remember her so we then asked all the guests to make pom poms in her memory to be used for decorations through the day.”

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding019

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding020

Emily walked down the aisle to Cat Power’s “Sea Of Love”., Kat Stanley Photography

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding023

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding021

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding022

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding024, Kat Stanley Photography

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding026

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding027

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding028

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding029

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding030

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding031

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding033

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding035

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding036

Of their photographer, Emily notes, “Kat and Shannon were already friends. It was important for Shannon to be comfortable with the photographer as he hates having his photo taken. Kat was amazing, it was like I also had known her for years. We didn’t want many photos of just Shannon and I. We just wanted candid shots of the day evolving around us. Kat captured this perfectly. We are so happy with the photos, they show exactly how much fun the day was and also how relaxing it was.”

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding038

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding039

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding006, Kat Stanley PhotographyFiesta wedding decor with cactus

The wedding was truly a handmade affair, Emily noting, “We sourced all the decorations ourselves from op shops/shops, as well as some friends making our decorations. One of the bridesmaids was in Mexico just before the wedding and got us the Mexican flags for inside the marquee. The day before the wedding we set up the marquee and ceremony with all the decorations with the help of many friends, we had a BBQ dinner with a few drinks – it was a beautiful group experience. Pom poms were used everywhere in the ceremony and the reception, including the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Mum made the cake. One of the bridesmaid’s Emily Nicol made the cake decorations.”

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding040Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding042

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding044, Kat Stanley, Kat Stanley Photography

Food with Flair  worked with the couple to create a taco bar for guests. Emily tells, “We did not want typical wedding canapé food. So with help from Tim at Food with Flair, our Mexican food dreams came true. We had a DIY Taco bar. It was a hit, everyone loved making their own tacos.”

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding047

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding050

“We loved having our closest friends and our families there to witness us get married. We had many people travel (internationally and interstate) to be there and that made us feel very special that they wanted to be with us for our day.”

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding041, Kat Stanley Photography

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding051Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding052

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding054

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding055

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding056

The couple skipped the first dance, instead choosing to smash a pinata filled with  glitter and lollies.

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding057

Colourful Fiesta Inspired Wedding058

Congratulations Emily and Shannon! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Kat Stanley for sharing today’s celebration!








Photographer: Kat Stanley / Bride’s Dress: Forever Vintage / Bride’s Shoes: Melissa / Groom’s Attire: Industrie / Groom’s Shoes: Vans / Groomsmen Attire: Industrie / Groomsmen’s Shoes: Vans / Bridesmaid Dresses: Batik Amarillis / Bridesmaid Accessories: McKean Studios / Hairstylist: Red Carpet Glamour / Makeup Artist: Lauren Charlwood / Flowers: Amity Blooms / Invitations & Stationery: Groom / Printing: Carbon8 / Venue: Otford Farm Trail Rides / Ceremony Backdrop: Sunshine Dreaming / Ceremony Officiant: Amanda Knapton / Marquee: Discount Party Hire / Reception Backdrop: Enchanting Celebrations / Catering: Food with Flair / Cake Baker: Bride's Mother / Wedding Rings: Grew and Co / Wedding Rings: Chiltons Antiques / Wedding Registry: Peters of Kensington

Carla Zampatti Spring Summer 2016

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride, Bridesmaids


Carla Zampatti Spring 2016001

When it comes to occasion wear with a chic elegance, Australian designer Carla Zampatti checks all the boxes and the new Carla Zampatti Spring Summer 2016 collection has so many pieces that work for brides, bridesmaids and mothers that we had to share it today.

The new collection is filled with elegant pieces – form-fitting jumpsuits, beautifully cut separates, satin and lace silk dresses. In hues of bold black, vivid blues and the more bridal gold and white, the collection is filled with pieces that add a touch of glam to a wedding look. The prettiest hue of icy blue appears in gorgeous lace ensembles and well designed two piece suits.

I have always loved that Carla’s designs are classic, beautiful and so very sophisticated – making the designer a fitting choice for a bride who wants something modern, without losing the sense of occasion.

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016003

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016004

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016005

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016006

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016007

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016008

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016009

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016010

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016011

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016012

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016013

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016014Carla Zampatti Spring 2016015

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016016

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016017

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016018

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016019

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016021

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016022Carla Zampatti Spring 2016023

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016024

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016025

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016027

Carla Zampatti Spring 2016029Carla Zampatti Spring 2016026





Vendor of the Week – Orlando Combo

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday Dotties! We are weeks away from Spring which I know has many people feeling the Spring vibe already. Those long-planned wedding days can often seem so far away!

Perhaps you are planning on getting married early in 2017. Take some time out now to enjoy being engaged – take long walks, a meal out in a favourite eatery or simply talk about your hopes and dreams at home while snuggled on the couch together. This time will never come again – so treasure it.  Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is filled with a great bunch of wedding vendors who are great at what they do.  We have Bridal Gown Services, we have Favors & Decor Accessories, we have Celebrants and Catering – we even have Stationery & Paper Goods and Bridesmaid Gowns! Our vendors will work hard with you to create the day of your dreams.

Check out Ms Polka Dot’s Directory for wedding vendors who will love your wedding as much as you!

YouTube Preview Image

Melbourne Jazz Band

YouTube Preview Image

From smooth jazz to upbeat dancefloor classics Orlando Combo has your wedding music covered. Earning a reputation as the ‘most danceable Jazz band in town’ this professional group of musicians can play everything from the big band era to their own take on current hits. A bonus is that you deal directly with the band (cutting out a third party agent) and you can hear them play weekly at The Botanical, South Yarra. Go and check them out!

We asked Lucas of Orlando Combo five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite after five drink?

Baileys on ice.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Getting down to the seaside village of Flinders on the far tip of the Mornington Peninsula for some fresh air, golf and beach time.

Favourite restaurant?

Pellegrini’s – Legendary little Italian eatery in Melbourne has remained unchanged for decades (including the menu!)

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Pancakes with the kids.

Your favourite wedding story?

A close friend met his wife while he was travelling overseas – what started as a romance turned into a lifelong commitment despite the distance and difficulty with visas. Their dealings with our immigration department etc made me realise how lucky we are to be Australians by birth and not have to overcome the difficulties many face just to come here and enjoy what many of us take for granted. Their marriage is all the stronger for what they had to go through to be together.

Visit Orlando Combo’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Orlando Combo is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.


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