Vendor of the Week – HiBrow EyeBrows

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Happy Monday Dotties! We are having a big week this week with a shoot and a bunch of work as we welcome Ms Fleur De Lys to the team!

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The eyes, it is said, are the windows to your soul – so it follows that well groomed eyebrows will add the frame to your eyes. Jane of HiBrow EyeBrows is passionate about tending this special area of your face to ‘create a more balanced and symmetrical look bringing all your facial features into harmony’. She has all sorts of techniques ensuring that your eyebrows look as beautiful as the rest of your face on your wedding day – no more sparse, over plucked or unflattering shaped brows!

We asked Jane of HiBrow EyeBrows  five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite after five drink?

I am on a health binge at the moment so either soda water or a tea I make with liquorice & peppermint and goji berries and dried red dates – trust me it’s good.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Anywhere near the water, ocean or river I’m not fussy.

Favourite restaurant?

China Doll @ Woolloomooloo Wharf, hands down, there is nothing not to love about it.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

We do a big brunch on Sunday, mushrooms, eggs, tomato, bacon – oh now I’m hungry!

Your favourite wedding story?

Not surprisingly my wedding is my favourite. It was one of the best days of my life. The military type organisation paid off and the day went without a hitch. When I think of that day I just think of the happiness and the joy of marrying the man I love and the joy of all the people there.

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Snapshot Sunday – Contemplation

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Image by Oli Sansom Weddings

Melissa & Sean’s Secret Garden in Sydney Engagement

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Melissa & Sean 

While we cling onto warmer days as Autumn begins, we thought we’d share something a little sunny and sweet for your Saturday! Melissa and Sean wanted their engagement shoot to allow for a variety of different shots, so the perfect choice was Wendy’s Secret Garden, found in Lavender Bay in Sydney. The couple were able to have photos in the stunning gardens, as well as on the water front of the bay. The two chose Mint Photography to capture their secret garden in Sydney engagement session.

Melissa remembers how she and Sean came to be. “We met through a mutual friend that introduced us. At the time I did not realise that she was trying to set us up, so I was just chatting away, before Sean made his move by giving me his business card and asking me to go out with him some time!”

“Sean took me out for a lovely seafood lunch, then took me down to the beach for a walk,” says Melissa. “After walking on the beach for a while, we then sat on a sand dune and watched the waves. As we sat there chatting, Sean pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him! Probably the one story that Sean brings up the most that we laugh about is that when he proposed I was so excited that I said “Yes!”, and before Sean could pick up the ring to put it on my finger, I grabbed it and put it on myself!”

Melissa says that she loves that she and Sean make a great team and that they bring out the best in each other. “Sean is a calm, quiet personality, and I am quite a loud, highly strung personality. So he calms me down and helps me stay in a good head space, and I help bring Sean out of his shell. No problem is too big if we work together.”

Photographer: Mint Photography

Simple Beach Wedding Ideas

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We love long beach days with plenty of sunshine and this shoot of simple beach wedding ideas is from Bohemian Prints. Our bride, in bare feet with the most natural, loose bouquet wears a simple macrame inspired wedding gown, making the most of the sand and sea as she meets her beloved for their nuptials.

Photographer Elle teamed up with Rachael Mary Films , Grace Loves Lace , Zoe Karlis , Pomp & Splendour and Stuz Johnson to bring her vision of a shoot that was “Whimsical, soft and romantic.” life.

She adds “I am constantly inspired by the ocean and tend to let the currents guide my heart. I believe in a majestic way that we are all connected to the ocean. Especially in those times that we feel like we are about to sink, it is important to remember a heart full of love, compassion and empathy will always float.”


Rachael Mary Films collaborated with the team to produce this beautiful film.

Photographer: Bohemian Prints / Cinematographer: Rachael Mary Films / Bride's Dress: Grace Loves Lace / Hairstylist: Zoe Karlis / Makeup Artist: Zoe Karlis / Beauty: Helen Cauchi / Flowers: Pomp & Splendour / Photographic Assistant: Stuz Johnson