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Deborah & Ben’s Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding079

Deborah & Ben

There is a sense of understated beauty in Deborah and Ben’s chic Mountain Goat Brewery wedding. There is no pretention, no doing something just because it’s different – it is very much a wedding that is true to them and their loves and that is exactly why I love it so very much. Deborah and Ben chose Jason Vandermeer to capture their day.

The newlyweds fill us in on how they came to be. “We met in Melbourne and subsequently discovered that we had both grown up in Perth and had many mutual friends.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding001

Janice Wu styled the bride and bridesmaid’s hair and makeup. Janice created beautiful softly swept up hairstyles for the girls, decorated with fresh flowers.

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding004

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding012

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding013

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding014Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding011

Deborah chose a lace wedding gown by Mariana Hardwick, the gown was called “Nightingale”. Deborah remarks, “I wanted a dress with a bit of lace that was both modern and simple. The Mariana Hardwick team was incredible every step of the way and helped me select the perfect gown and jewellery. Fiona made my dress and I’m so grateful for her patience, flexibility and amazing craftsmanship.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding015

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding016

Deborah and Ben chose the bluestone church of Christ Church South Yarra for their ceremony, noting, “Christ Church South Yarra was a beautiful old church with plenty of character. An organist played during the ceremony and the church bells were rung as we exited the building.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding019

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding024

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding025

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding026

Deborah walked down the aisle to “A piece for piano and cello written especially for the day by friend and composer Andrew Aronowicz.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding027

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding034

We had both wanted a traditional church ceremony, and the setting combined with the rich organ music made for a great morning. Music was especially special for the ceremony. Deborah’s friends played the piano and cello as she walked down the aisle, and Ben’s friends performed the hymns.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding038

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding039

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding041

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding047

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding048

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding049

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding052

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding053

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding057

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding058

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding060

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding061

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding064Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding056

Of their photographer, the newlywed’s remark, “Jason Vandermeer was so easy to work with. Our shoot felt super comfortable and natural, and our wedding party loved hanging out with him. We’re so impressed with how the photos turned out, and enjoy looking back on the memories. Jason spent the entire day and night with us and had an amazing energy the whole time. We’re so grateful to have had a great photographer and all-round great guy to shoot our big day.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding066

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding069

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding070

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding072

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding074  Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding076

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding077Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding082

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding081

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding083

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding085

“The whole day had a relaxed feel. After our ceremony and photo-shoot, our wedding party was able to return home to hang out (and nap!) before the evening reception. Some rain was forecast on the day, but we thankfully had clear skies the entire time we were out. The only time there was a light shower was when we were in the car on the way to the reception, which prompted my bridesmaid to quote an Italian proverb, “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata”, which means something along the lines of ‘Rain on the day you get married brings good luck.’ ”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding087

Deborah and Ben chose Mountain Goat Brewery for their reception. “Mountain Goat Brewery was a nice contrast to the traditional church setting. It had a warehouse feel with exposed brick walls that we had been searching for. Not to mention Mountain Goat beers on tap! The team were fantastic in giving us free reign to decorate the space as we pleased.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding092Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding099

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding089

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding093

The Details Co. planned and styled the wedding – using pillar candles and milk crates to transform the industrial style brewery. Each guest received a bag of coffee from Blacklist Coffee Roasters as wedding favors.  “The Details Co. team worked with florists Bunched Together to fill the room and ceiling with lush foliage. The main wall was lined end-to-end with candles, which created such a magical atmosphere.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding101

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding094

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding095

Ed Dixon Food Design created a grazing style cocktail menu for the wedding, Deborah and Ben explaining, “They were so easy to liaise with (as we did a lot of planning whilst still living abroad in London) and put together an incredible menu and grazing table that so many of our guests commented on.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding096

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding097

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding098

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding100

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding102

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding105

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding106

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding110

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding111

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding118

“Rather than have a seated dinner, we arranged for a grazing table and canapé dishes to be served. It meant that everyone was able to move around the room and mingle with each other. Since many of our guests had flown in from interstate and overseas, it was the perfect setting for everyone to be able to catch up.”

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding120

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding122

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding125

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding127

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding130

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding131

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding132

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding133

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding134

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding135

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding137

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding138

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding140

For the first dance, the couple chose Hoppípolla by Icelandic band Sigur Rós. The song had a special meaning to the newlyweds – Iceland being the country in which they were engaged.

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding141

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding142

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding143

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding150

Chic Mountain Goat Brewery Wedding152

Congratulations Deborah and Ben! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us! Thank you also to Jason Vandermeer  for sharing today’s celebration!


Photographer: Jason Vandermeer / Wedding Planner: The Details Co. / Styling: The Details Co. / Bride’s Dress: Mariana Hardwick / Bride’s Jewellery: Stephanie Browne / Groom’s Attire: P Johnson Tailors / Groom’s Shoes: Grenson / Groomsmen Attire: Suit Supply / Bridesmaid Dresses: Asos / Hairstylist: Janice Wu / Makeup Artist: Janice Wu / Flowers: Bunched Together / Invitations & Stationery: Papermarc / Ceremony Venue: Christ Church South Yarra / Ceremony Officiant: Reverend Linda Fiske / Ceremony Musicians: Andrew Aronowicz / Reception Venue: Mountain Goat Brewery / DJ: DJ Mimi / Favors: Blacklist Coffee Roasters / Catering: Ed Dixon Food Design / Wedding Cake: Fig & Salt / Wedding Rings: Satomi Kawakita, New York
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Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspiration Shoot, Wedding Inspiration,


Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1616

The vision behind today’s incredible moody warehouse wedding inspiration was very much about creating a “dark and moody” theme within the venue in winter, and adding a touch of edgy glam to the space. The models were real life couple Jess and Evan Hall, and they wore their own amazing wedding gown and suit, both tying in perfectly with the feel of the shoot.

Dark velvet lounges, neon signs, wine coloured lipstick, winter florals and dark lighting created a moody setting within the venue, Gracelands at Forrester’s Beach in New South Wales, and the styling was all done by the venue. Florals were created by A Floral Signature, with amazingly decadent velvet lounge supplied by Neon Garage  and dramatic neon sign and lights by Sammy & Lola. The hair stylist and makeup artist for the shoot was the very talented Tira Jaye, who created the strikingly glamorous bridal look for Jess. This beautiful collaboration was beautifully shot by photographers Rose Jane and Fox & Cub.

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1595

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1596

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1533Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1534

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1537

Tira Jaye Hair and Makeup

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1560Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1562

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1564

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1571

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1566

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1572

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1575

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1577Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1578Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1582Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1584

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1581

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1590

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1520

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1519Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1521

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1523

A Floral Signature

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1526Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1527Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1528Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1529

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1539

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1540

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1541

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1543

A Floral Signature InstallationMoody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1600

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1599

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1602

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1605

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1601

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1606

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1604Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1607

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1608

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1597

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1611

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1612Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1613

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1614

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1615

Sammy & Lola

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1547

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1548

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1554

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1621

Moody Warehouse Wedding Inspiration20160713_1624


Venue: Gracelands / Tablescape Styling: Gracelands / Photographer: Rose Jane / Photographer: Fox & Cub / Lounge Hire: Neon Garage / Neon Sign: Sammy & Lola / Lighting: Sammy & Lola / Hairstylist: Tira Jaye / Makeup Artist: Tira Jaye / Flowers & Decor: A Floral Signature / Bride’s Dress: Own / Groom’s Attire: Own

May & George’s Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding077

May & George

If Summer outdoor weddings are your thing, then May & Goerge’s modern outdoor Hunter Valley wedding may just make you squeal with joy. This gorgeous couple danced the night away right beside the vines – lights  twinkled overhead as they dined, and the breeze blew as the speeches unfolded. It was at its very essence a magical day. May and George chose Towards the Moon Photography to capture it all.

George tells the story of how they came to be. “I met May 14 years ago at church. I don’t think she remembered much of me initially, but once we started talking we got along pretty well and became close friends. At a point in time, we even had a childhood crush on each other! It wasn’t until a few years later after we went our separate ways that our lives somehow intertwined again and our feelings for each other quickly bloomed. It was meant to be!”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding014

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding016

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding015Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding017

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding022

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding027

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding002Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding029

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding028

May worked with Kimberley Woodward Designs to create her stunning gown. She tells,”I looked around and couldn’t find a dress I loved. I was lucky enough to have Kimberley Woodward Designs recommended to me in May ahead of my October wedding. I had a few ideas in mind of what I wanted and together with Kimberley, we narrowed down the design to create a gown I absolutely loved. The gown featured a perfectly tailored bodice with intricately beaded French lace and volumes of delicate silk chiffon. We also created a cathedral length veil using matching French lace to perfectly match my dress. I wanted a different look for the ceremony and reception so we chose softly feminine removable sleeves that drape off the shoulders to be worn for the ceremony before being removed for the reception. I also chose to complement my rose gold engagement ring with some exquisite rose gold embroidery hidden amongst the French lace. To do this Kimberley sourced a beautiful length of copper coated thread which was used extensively in gold work embroidery during the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries.

The entire experience was absolutely unique and Kimberley was with me every step of the way. She took in my ideas and worked with me to bring to life what every girl would call a ‘dream come true’. She was always very patient with me and really great at explaining and communicating her ideas and recommendations. For the reception, I not only removed the sleeves; I also replaced my veil with fresh flowers in my hair to match my silhouette that we printed onto our stationery.”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding031Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding033

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding030

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding035

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding036

May and George chose Hanging Tree Wines for their wedding. “We discovered the place by accident the day we got engaged in the Hunter Valley. It was a boutique winery and it was the last location on our list to visit that day. We both thought about heading back home at the time but we’re so glad we followed through! When we were on our first trip in the Hunter Valley which was 5 years before the proposal, May mentioned it’d be beautiful to be proposed to on a hot air balloon (it was an innocent comment back then) but George remembered it and made it happen!”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding003Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding004

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding038Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding041

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding039

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding040

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding042

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding005

For her walk down the aisle, May chose “When I Say I Do” by Matthew West – the lyrics are about everything leading up to that moment when you say I do.”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding043

“We chose to have our ceremony right in front of a vineyard. It also faced a very beautiful view of the lower Hunter Valley region. We loved this location as it meant May walked through a rose garden right before she walked down the aisle! The reception was held on the other side of Hanging Tree Wines in front of the guest homestead. One of the big reasons we chose this venue was also that we had private and exclusive use of the entire estate.”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding044

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding006

“We wanted it to be a small and intimate wedding where the people closest to us could gather and witness the love we had for one another. We didn’t want it too long or too short but just right. We included scriptures from the Bible as that is what the foundation of our marriage is based on.”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding045

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding047

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding048

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding007

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding008

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding053Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding054

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding055

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding056

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding057

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding058

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding059

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding049Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding050

Guests enjoyed a feast created by Simon Ekas Catering. “Best caterer ever, went beyond our expectations and to date this is still one thing that many of our guests remember of our wedding. Their antipasto grazing table was phenomenal. When we had the tasting we did it in their kitchen as well which was a great experience.”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding051Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding060

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding052

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding062

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding066

“We wanted something that was different to the traditional weddings which we were accustomed to – in a church, and at a function centre etc. We had in our hearts that an open air wedding was the way to go! We wanted to create a wedding that reflected our personality while also entertaining our guests. We were going for something with a feeling of ‘home’; we didn’t want the formal wedding banquet you usually get – that’s why we went for the sharing platters, grazing table and even the seating arrangements (three long tables) were purposely arranged so it felt like we were all family coming together to celebrate. We definitely spent a lot of time designing how it was going to come alive.”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding068Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding069

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding070Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding063

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding071

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding072

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding073

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding074

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding075

Of their photographer, the newlyweds remark, “We were loved having Toward The Moon (Averie) as our photographer as we liked her shooting style and how comfortable and joyful the people look in her photos. Averie was able to bring out the joy in us throughout the day and she really did a fantastic job capturing all the little details of the wedding.”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding078

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding079

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding009

The first dance was a very special surprise for the bride, says George. “The song we had planned for the first dance was “When God Made You” – a duet by Newsong and Natalie Grant. Little did May know that I had a surprise planned for her – we didn’t end up dancing to this song but to the song I sang for her at the end of of our speeches. “Greatest Story Ever Told” by Oliver James was the same song I sang at May’s 21st but it was a pre-recorded version – I finally sang it live this time. After I sang the song I handed it back over to the band and I took May to the dance floor for our first dance. We didn’t have any moves for it but rather we swayed with the music and exchanged looks and kisses – we were living the moment surrounded by our family and friends. It was a really nice moment.”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding080

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding081

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding082

“We were so blessed with the weather. Although it was hot 35c we were mostly worried about the weather as thunderstorms were forecast. We started setting up on Thursday and it was always going to be a risk that we wouldn’t have enough time to set up plan B. On the day of the wedding, the storm clouds lingered in the sky but not one drop of rain came down until about 11pm .. When the wedding was over!”

Modern Outdoor Hunter Valley Wedding085

Congratulations on your marriage May and George! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! Thank you also to Towards the Moon Photography for sharing today’s celebration!












Photographer: Towards the Moon Photography / Bride’s Dress: Kimberley Woodward Designs / Groom’s Attire: Brent Wilson / Makeup Artist: Billie Makeup / Hairstylist: Lila & Allan / Flowers: Eva's Flower Designs / Invitations & Stationery: Pu Koh / Venue: Hanging Tree Wines / Catering: Simon Ekas Catering / Wedding Cake: All Things Sweet by Carissa / Band: James Christensen & Co. / Prop Hire: Props2u / Prop Hire: Vintage Patina / Rental Furniture: Opulent Events / Rental Furniture: Prestige Party Hire / Favors: Black Pantry / Transport: Vineyard Shuttle Service

The Natural Wonders from La Belle Bridal Accessories

by | Accessories, Bridal Fashion, Bride


The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories005

The most beautiful of bridal accessories have come to life in the brand new “The Natural Wonders” collection from La Belle. Designer Hannah took inspiration from her own garden wanders creating a collection that she describes as “adaptable for a style that’s classic, luxurious, vintage, bohemian, or trendy.”

From the beautiful silk tulle veils, the handcrafted metallic vines that weave themselves through golden flowers, pearl centres carefully placed, hand-sewn French laces and hand appliqued flowers. Each piece in handcrafted in Hannah’s Canberra studio using stunning materials – often being created only as limited edition or one-off pieces. The mission of creating heirloom quality pieces remains at the very core of the business.

Hannah also works one on one with clients on bespoke pieces – altering colours and styles to suit your look or working from concept to finished product to create something completely unique.

The La Belle “Natural Wonders” collection is available to purchase via the website.

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories009

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories010The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories011

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories013

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories017The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories031

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories040The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories041

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories044The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories102

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories047The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories048

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories049

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories052The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories058

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories068The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories069

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories078The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories079

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories082The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories083

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories084

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories089The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories091

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories098The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories099

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories109The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories110

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories111The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories113

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories117The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories118

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories122The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories123

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories124

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories126

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories127The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories128

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories131The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories155

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories136The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories140

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories144

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories148The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories154

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories150The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories151

The Natural Collection from La Belle Bridal Accessories159






Photographer: Jon Cu Photography / Stylist: Yvonne Xue Event Design & Styling / Accessories: La Belle / Hairstylist: Jess Wilcox / Makeup Artist: Jess Wilcox / Gowns: Sarah Seven / Gowns: Watters / Model Agency: Stars Management / Model: Jessica Burns
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