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Percy Handmade The Botanicals 2016 Collection

by | Accessories, Bride, Jewellery


Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection044

Bridal hairpieces are some of my favourite things to pour over and the Percy Handmade 2016 Botanical collection holds true to my love of all things sparkly and beautifully designed.

Designer Tania took inspiration from her own walks in her garden- her enchantment of the delicate blooms, trailing vines and intricate details taking on a new form with beautifully beaded hairpieces, softly draped veils, leaves gilded with gold, pearl centered blooms. Crystals entwine threaded vines, softly sparkling fabric leaves and mother of pearl flower petals all embody the delicacy and beauty of nature and the very garden its inspiration is drawn from.

Tania and her team hand make each piece in their studio, offering ready to order pieces of something completely custom if you just can’t find what you are looking for.

Percy Handmade pieces are available to order via the website.

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection002Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection003

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection013Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection015

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection017Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection018

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection031

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection045Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection051

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection056Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection057

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection061

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection074Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection077

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection089Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection090

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection096

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection106Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection107

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection127

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection132Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection136

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection149Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection150

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection189Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection192

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection204

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection208Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection209

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection215Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection217

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection221

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection233Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection243

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection251Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection258

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection282

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection271Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection283

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection292Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection293

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection294

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection300

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection334Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection336

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection338

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection347Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection349

Percy Handmade Botanicals Collection362


















Hairpieces: Percy Handmade / Veils: Percy Handmade / Photographer: Bek Smith / Bride’s Dress: Suzanne Harward / Makeup Artist: Melonie Santos / Hairstylist: Raw Element Hair / Floral: Florette Melbourne / Photography Assistance: Martin Maras / Model: Demelza from Giant Management
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Hannah & James’s Relaxed National Gallery Of Australia Wedding

by | Australia - ACT, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Relaxed National Gallery of Australia064

Hannah & James

There is a beautiful intimacy, a moodiness to the wedding of Hannah and James. The week’s preceding storms gave their day a new location, which led to a ceremony amongst the trees, as the fog and mist wove its way throughout the sculpture garden and what became in turn, a magical day. Hannah and James chose Kelly Tunney to capture their wedding day.

Hannah tells the story of how they came to be. “We met while on a diplomatic assignment in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. It was a harsh living environment – the rugged terrain alone was brutal, but the war raging around us made for tense living and working conditions. We lived there for 12 months and became the best of friends right from the get go – the close quarters meant you got to know the best and worst of people there very quickly, for better and for worse! We didn’t start dating until we were both well and truly back home in Canberra. Because we were colleagues and great friends we were very reluctant to take that next step and after a couple of failed attempts at a formal date I finally agreed to dinner (although I still insisted it wasn’t a ‘date’). It was wonderful and we never looked back!”

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia011

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia012

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia013

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia008Relaxed National Gallery of Australia016

Wanting to make her gown shopping experience true to her own sensibilities, Hannah chose a gown from BHLDN , explaining, “I was pretty reluctant to get involved in the hype around being a bride and the thought of having to book appointments with bridal boutiques and carry an entourage of ‘oohing and aaahing’ women along to watch me try on dresses made we want to run for the hills! I ordered the dress online off the rack, had it taken in and up and it was perfect! When the sun went down I wore the most glorious ostrich feather bolero, which kept me warm, looked amazing and made me so happy.”

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia017

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia018

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia019Relaxed National Gallery of Australia020

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia021Relaxed National Gallery of Australia022

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia023

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia027

The couple met before their ceremony, Hannah remembering, “Kelly Tunney was our photographer. We were undecided about getting a photographer at all but fell in love with Kelly and her work the moment we met her. She listened to everything we said and really planned the shoot around what suited us. We had our photos done before the ceremony. This gave us time for just the two of us before the celebration commenced and Kelly made it such a special part of our day. It also meant we didn’t lose quality time with our guests between ceremony and reception. As a special surprise Kelly had us write letters to one another prior to the shoot, which we then read back to one another on the day. This was such a lovely touch and really added to the whole experience.”

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia028

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia029

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia030

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia034

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia035

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia036

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia037

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia038

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia039Relaxed National Gallery of Australia040

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia041

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia042

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia043

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia045

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia046

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia047

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia048

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia050

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia051

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia052

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia055

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia056

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia057

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia058

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia062

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia063Relaxed National Gallery of Australia065

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia004

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia066

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia067

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia070

Hannah and James chose the Sculpture Garden, National Gallery of Australia for their wedding, noting, “We wanted the day to be easy and relaxed for everyone and part of this included holding the ceremony and the reception in the one venue. We planned to hold the ceremony outdoors among the sculptures and then move straight into the reception, a covered venue that opened out onto the garden. A terrible storm had raged during the day and we had to move the ceremony to a more protected area. The last minute change of plans turned out to be a huge blessing – the alternate venue was unimaginably beautiful with the storm clouds overhead and the mist rising through the Sculpture Garden. It was magical – we could never have planned for it to be more atmospheric.”

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia075

The couple chose to start their ceremony a different way, Hannah telling, “I didn’t walk down the aisle! We met our guests with champagne as they arrived at the venue. This proved to be a wonderful way to connect with guests even before the ceremony started and to minimise the nerves!”

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia078

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia082

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia084Relaxed National Gallery of Australia079

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia086

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia087

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia091

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia093

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia094

Tony O’Gorman officiated the ceremony, Hannah telling, “Our celebrant was a very close friend of James’ family and had married 3 of his siblings. He was really able to add a personal quality to the ceremony and this was so special for us. James’ sister read an extract from The Little Prince – a beautiful book that is a long-time favourite of mine and was perfect for the occasion. We wanted to include our mothers in the ceremony so they presented us with our rings. We wanted the ceremony to be short, happy and meaningful and we achieved all of those things despite not a dry eye in the room by the end of it!”

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia095

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia102

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia080

“The theme of the wedding was (inadvertently) Peruvian kitsch. This was on account of the Inca exhibition featuring at the time and we weren’t able to remove the Incan themed installation from the venue. This meant we had a corn cob chandelier and loads of brightly coloured Peruvian art pieces on display. We made the most of this by having brightly coloured rustic flower arrangements and equally bright retro chairs. Because many of our guests had travelled to Canberra for the first time and because this was the town where our relationship blossomed, we really wanted to showcase the town as part of the day’s theme. The venue was held in a quintessential Canberran venue, the alcohol was local and the invitations featured an antique photograph of the capital. Because neither of us are too keen on being the centre of attention, we wanted to create as relaxed and informal atmosphere as possible. We didn’t have a wedding party or a cake and kept the formalities to a bare minimum. This maximised the quality time spent with our guests, which was exactly what we wanted.”

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia104

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia105

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia106

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia107Relaxed National Gallery of Australia108

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia002

Relaxed National Gallery of Australia110

Of their first dance, Hannah remembers, “We danced to Lana Del Ray’s ‘Young and Beautiful’. This is a favourite of James’ from an album that had become a bit of a soundtrack to our relationship.”

Congratulations on your marriage Hannah and James! Thank you for sharing your day with us. Thank you also to Kelly Tunney for sharing today’s celebration.







Photographer: Kelly Tunney / Bride’s Dress: BHLDN / Bride’s Shoes: Shoes of Prey / Bride’s Jewelry: Creations Canberra / Groom’s Attire: Anthony Squires / Hairstylist: THE Hairdressing / Makeup Artist: Judy Stone / Flowers: Moxom and Whitney / Venue: Sculpture Garden, National Gallery of Australia / Ceremony & Reception Hire Items: A Little Character Furniture Hire / Ceremony Officiant: Tony O'Gorman / Band: Baker Boys Band / Wedding Rings: Creations Canberra / Wedding Registry: Not Another Toaster

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride, Inspiration Shoot,


Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration001

There is something magical about the beach in Winter and this windswept beach bride inspiration shoot is the epitome of why I adore it so much. The golden rays of sunrise make the perfect addition to the rolling gray waves, speckled sand and glimmering rockpools.

Photographer Alana Taylor teamed up with makeup artist and model Jaimee Crofts from WINK Models and florist Aisle of Eden. Alana tells, “The style of the shoot was vintage, elegant and relaxed. We wanted to create something simple, inspired by elopements, and the pure beauty that can surround you on your special day. We met up on a cold morning and shot a sunrise, meaning we got a myriad of colours and tones.”

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration004

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration006

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration010

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration012

The team drew their inspiration from the vintage wedding gown they found, Alana noting, “The inspiration for the shoot came solely from the dress. It is a handmade, vintage gown with delicate beading. The pure detail put into the dress, was enough to make me swoon.”

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration013

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration016

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration017

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration018Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration019

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration021

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration025

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration027Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration029

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration032

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration034

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration039

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration042

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration044

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration045

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration055

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration057

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration059

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration063

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration070

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration073

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration078Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration079

Windswept Beach Bride Inspiration082

Alana Taylor also captured this dreamy film of the morning.


Photographer: Alana Taylor / Cinematographer: Alana Taylor / Model: Jaimee Crofts from WINK Models / Makeup Artist: Jaimee Crofts from WINK Models / Dress: Vintage / Floral: Aisle of Eden

Vendor of the Week – 2celebrants

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday Dotties! We’ve been bundling up this week and loving it!

Even though it’s winter time, life still goes on – with all its busy-ness – work and play – and then you’re fitting in some wedding planning as well – no wonder you’re feeling a little frazzled! Plan some time out of your day to relax and take a peek at Polka Dot Bride where we highlight and show off the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.  We have Catering, we have Bridal Gowns, we have Entertainment and Photography – we even have Stationery & Paper Goods and Wedding Planners! Our Directory is full of lovely vendors who are committed to giving you the best possible service for your wedding day.

Check out Ms Polka Dot’s Directory for wedding vendors who will love your wedding as much as you!




Summa and Nandy of 2celebrants are a mother and daughter team whose “desire is to create with you an amazing ceremony that will continue to bring smiles to your faces long after your wedding day.” Working closely together to bounce ideas off each other, Summa and Nandy are nevertheless different creatively and each brings their own style to your wedding ceremony. You are able to choose either Nandy or Summa to conduct your ceremony – and with either you are assured of a warm and heartfelt ceremony to start your married life together.

We asked Summa and Nandy of 2celebrants five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite after five drink?

We love to share a G&T together and often don’t wait until after 5!

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Nandy – Daylesford, Summa – Lorne, always Lorne!

Favourite restaurant?

Too spoilt for choice in Melbourne! Nandy can’t go past Vue-de-Monde. Summa, having three little children doesn’t get out too much but loves T’Gallant on the peninsula.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Nandy- home made granola! Summa- pancakes lovingly made by my hubby and kids.

Your favourite wedding story?

We have been lucky enough to attend many weddings together. Three of them where Nandy was the celebrant and Summa was the Maid-of-honour! We used to joke we could form a little team and hire ourselves out… and then Summa became a celebrant, too. One wedding that stood out was when the crowd decided to do a flash mob at the end of a ceremony, singing the Bride’s favourite song from the musical, Rent. Nandy was the celebrant and helped to co-ordinate it all. It was absolutely magical!

Visit 2celebrants’ page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. 2celebrants is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.

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