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Ashleigh & Jarrad’s Elegant Surprise Wedding

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Elegant Surprise Wedding074

Ashleigh & Jarrad

I love the element of surprise in so many modern day weddings and Ashleigh and Jarrad certainly encapsulated it all with their elegant surprise wedding. The couple invited guests to their combined engagement party and 30th birthday and surprised their guests by getting married. They worked with Georgia Wiggs to photograph their day.

On their time together, Ashleigh remembers “We met about 15+ years ago though a friend. We complement each-other and are also best friends. ”

Elegant Surprise Wedding002

Elegant Surprise Wedding005Elegant Surprise Wedding006

Elegant Surprise Wedding007Elegant Surprise Wedding008

The couple got ready together, Ashleigh remarking “It was amazing, stress free, and I enjoyed getting ready with my fiance prior and returning home with my husband. All the local hire and catering were amazing! ”

Elegant Surprise Wedding013Elegant Surprise Wedding016

Elegant Surprise Wedding018Elegant Surprise Wedding019

Asheligh chose a gown from Little Blue Bridal noting “It was amazing and a great experience to share with my Mum, Mother In-law and Nan. I found the dress on my first day shopping, and loved it more and more of the 5+ times I visited it. The owner of Little Blue Bridal in Frankston was amazing, she fitted out the entire family on both side.

Everyone asked whom made my dress thinking it was custom made, but no it was off the rack. To be honest, the pictures don’t do the dress justice, with the lovely detail of the pearls and detail. I’m have simple classic style, and this wasn’t a dress I thought was me,but when I put it on, it was all I wanted, and showed off the areas I’d been working on! It was such a light dress I was so comfortable all day. Can’t thank little blue bridal enough. ”

Elegant Surprise Wedding021Elegant Surprise Wedding022

Elegant Surprise Wedding023Elegant Surprise Wedding024

Elegant Surprise Wedding025Elegant Surprise Wedding026

Elegant Surprise Wedding027Elegant Surprise Wedding029

Elegant Surprise Wedding030Elegant Surprise Wedding031

Elegant Surprise Wedding032Elegant Surprise Wedding033

Elegant Surprise Wedding035

Elegant Surprise Wedding037

Elegant Surprise Wedding039Elegant Surprise Wedding038

Elegant Surprise Wedding040

The groom walked down the aisle to Rocket by Little Red. The bride telling “Our house had been worked on hard for the last 8+ months, completing our renovations, and our lovely Garden design (our compromise to having a lovely wedding at home was getting our garden designed ). The talented Colin Hyett and team did an amazing job.. It was a family affair the prep 3 days before, which I really liked. No stress just fun creating this special day and all my design coming together. ”

Elegant Surprise Wedding041

Elegant Surprise Wedding042

Elegant Surprise Wedding043

Elegant Surprise Wedding044Elegant Surprise Wedding045

Ashleigh walked down the aisle with her two fathers to “Magic” by Coldplay.

Elegant Surprise Wedding046

Elegant Surprise Wedding047

Elegant Surprise Wedding048Elegant Surprise Wedding050

Elegant Surprise Wedding055Elegant Surprise Wedding056

Elegant Surprise Wedding057

Elegant Surprise Wedding058Elegant Surprise Wedding059

Elegant Surprise Wedding064

Elegant Surprise Wedding063Elegant Surprise Wedding060

Ashleigh chose Kerr Wedding Events  to help on the day, noting “I also hired a wedding co-ordinatior for the day so family didn’t do anything, but enjoy the day Kerr Wedding Events were great. So accommodating. ”

Elegant Surprise Wedding065

Elegant Surprise Wedding066Elegant Surprise Wedding067

Georgia Wiggs  captured the photographs of the day, Ashleigh remarks “I’m a designer, and like to show people my thoughts via a creative method of mood boards, so I created one for catering, theme and photographer, so everyone knew my thoughts and look to help create the vision. The main special thing we included was our great photographer – Georgia Wiggs. That girl is amazing. ”

Elegant Surprise Wedding068Elegant Surprise Wedding069

Elegant Surprise Wedding070

Elegant Surprise Wedding071

Elegant Surprise Wedding072Elegant Surprise Wedding073

Elegant Surprise Wedding075

Elegant Surprise Wedding077

Elegant Surprise Wedding079

Elegant Surprise Wedding080Elegant Surprise Wedding081

Elegant Surprise Wedding084

Elegant Surprise Wedding085Elegant Surprise Wedding091

Elegant Surprise Wedding086

Elegant Surprise Wedding087

Elegant Surprise Wedding090

Franklin Coffee and Fired Up Pizza catered the wedding, the bride remembering “We had fun with Fired Up Pizza, whom all commented how amazing their antipasto was and the pizza…whom can go wrong with all you can eat pizza! Franklin Coffee/Bar looked great and staff were lovely. All vendors were amazing and all helped create this day what I wanted and we so pleasant to deal with. ”

Elegant Surprise Wedding094

Elegant Surprise Wedding092Elegant Surprise Wedding095

Elegant Surprise Wedding096

Elegant Surprise Wedding097Elegant Surprise Wedding098

Elegant Surprise Wedding099

Ashleigh tells “I did a lot of dessert table elements, signs, table cloths, as I wanted it just right, I was very resourceful and had fun creating elements with my mum. ”

Elegant Surprise Wedding100Elegant Surprise Wedding101

Elegant Surprise Wedding103

Elegant Surprise Wedding106

Elegant Surprise Wedding107

Elegant Surprise Wedding108

Elegant Surprise Wedding109

Elegant Surprise Wedding111

Congratulations Ashleigh and Jarrad! Thank you for sharing your special day with us! Thank you also to Georgia Wiggs for sharing today’s wedding!

Photographer: Georgia Wiggs / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Kerr Wedding Events / Bride’s Dress: Little Blue Bridal / Bride’s Shoes: Zu Shoes / Groom’s Attire: Man to Man / Groom’s Shoes: Target / Hairstylist: Rachael Nicholas / Makeup Artist: Rachael Nicholas / Flowers: Colin Hyett / Invitations & Stationery: Bride / Venue: Private Home / Ceremony Officiant: Libby Briggs / Catering: Franklin Coffee / Catering: Fired Up Pizza / Cake Baker: Hortons / Wedding Rings: Etsy
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Sharon & Nick’s Colourful Urban Wedding

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Colourful Urban Wedding019

Sharon & Nick

When a wedding professional gets married, I’m always interested in how they’ll plan their day and when Sharon of Sharon Wee Creations  crafted her colourful urban wedding with husband Nick and wedding stylist Form Over Function it was filled with delicious delicacies – an amazing cake table, edible terrariums, amazing flowers. But it was also very relaxed, very nontraditional, and very much theirs. They worked with Linda Truong  to capture their day.

Sharon tells their story. “We met at university, where we happened to be staying in the same college. We had the same group of friends and got to know each other over time.”

Colourful Urban Wedding005

Colourful Urban Wedding010

The couple were together all day, Sharon noting, “We had Linda Truong as our photographer. She had a relaxed and friendly attitude that really helped. Even with the rain her sunny personality made it all very fun and she still created some beautiful photos.”

Colourful Urban Wedding012

Colourful Urban Wedding014

Colourful Urban Wedding013Colourful Urban Wedding016

Colourful Urban Wedding017

Colourful Urban Wedding018

Colourful Urban Wedding020Colourful Urban Wedding021

Colourful Urban Wedding022

Colourful Urban Wedding023Colourful Urban Wedding024

Colourful Urban Wedding025Colourful Urban Wedding026

Colourful Urban Wedding027

“The weather was a bit dreary and could have ruined our plans, but it was such a busy day that we just kept going and really enjoyed the photos, even outside.”

Colourful Urban Wedding028Colourful Urban Wedding033

Colourful Urban Wedding034Colourful Urban Wedding035

Colourful Urban Wedding066

Quay Restaurant hosted the wedding, the bride remembering, “We had the ceremony and lunch both at Quay. Originally the ceremony was to be on the balcony but rain brought us inside. It was actually quite cold and wet, so being indoors was probably a good move!”

Colourful Urban Wedding067

Colourful Urban Wedding068

Colourful Urban Wedding069

Nick and Sharon walked down the aisle together to “Lanterns” by Birds Of Tokyo.

Colourful Urban Wedding070

Colourful Urban Wedding071

Robyn Pattison officiated the ceremony, the couple remarking, “We weren’t nearly as nervous as we both expected to be in front of everyone because we only had our closest friends and family there.”

Colourful Urban Wedding073

Colourful Urban Wedding078

Colourful Urban Wedding080

Colourful Urban Wedding037

Colourful Urban Wedding038

Colourful Urban Wedding039

Colourful Urban Wedding041Colourful Urban Wedding042

Colourful Urban Wedding043

Guests received a very special favor Nick tells, “Sharon decorated our wedding cake while I baked the actual cakes. We also made a dessert table with a lot of detail and a takeaway bonbonniere in the form of an edible terrarium for each guest. We asked them to take it home because there’d be plenty of food, but some of our friends didn’t listen, ate them and … later they told us we were right! Sharon also did the artwork for the invitations and menu place cards, which we had printed professionally.”

Colourful Urban Wedding045Colourful Urban Wedding048

Wedding planner and stylist Form Over Function helped plan and style their day, and created the stunning floral arrangements! Sharon tells, “The flowers created by Form Over Function were amazing, and contributed to the lush feel that made the room feel cosy, but alive.” Nick adds, “Alicia did a fantastic job matching the colours and flowers to the artwork flowers Sharon created for the invitations.”

Colourful Urban Wedding047

Colourful Urban Wedding049Colourful Urban Wedding087

Colourful Urban Wedding050

The amazing cake reflected the couple’s love of travel. Sharon explains, “The design of the cake features the backdrops of the various places we’ve travelled to together over the last decade or so. It also has a special hidden guest in the form of a dinosaur, just for fun, because Nick has always liked them ever since he was young.”

Colourful Urban Wedding052

Colourful Urban Wedding059

Colourful Urban Wedding060

Colourful Urban Wedding083

Colourful Urban Wedding084

Sharon and Nick wanted a relaxed feel to their day, noting “We were both a bit nervous about having such a non-traditional wedding (no speeches, no dances) but at the end a couple of people told us how much they really enjoyed being part of such a light-hearted and less serious event. We also felt that we had the time to eat all the courses (very important at Quay!) and had time to talk in detail to every guest. Alicia suggested we bring in a cartoonist and our guests loved that – everyone got to take home a caricature as a gift too.”

Colourful Urban Wedding090

Colourful Urban Wedding092

Colourful Urban Wedding093

Colourful Urban Wedding095

Colourful Urban Wedding110Colourful Urban Wedding116

Colourful Urban Wedding111

Colourful Urban Wedding114

Colourful Urban Wedding115

Colourful Urban Wedding121

Congratulations Sharon and Nick! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Linda Truong and Form Over Function for sharing today’s wedding with us!

Photographer: Linda Truong / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Form Over Function / Styling & Decor: Form Over Function / Bride’s Dress: Purchased overseas in a local store / Bride’s Veil/Hair Accessories: DK Designs / Bride’s Shoes: Forever New / Hairstylist: Amy Chan / Makeup Artist: Amy Chan / Flowers: Form Over Function / Venue: Quay Restaurant / Ceremony Officiant: Robyn Pattison / Rental Furniture: Form Over Function / Favors: Sharon Wee Creations / Cake Baker: Sharon Wee Creations / Wedding Rings: Larsen Jewellery / Wedding Rings: Michael Hill

Pastel & Floral Bridesmaid Gowns

by | Bride, Bridesmaids


For Summer & Spring lovers, today I’m rounding up some of my favourite pastel and floral bridesmaid gowns to get you through the greyest of seasons. I love a pastel or floral print gown for warmer season weddings – especially when they make the most of the gorgeous blooms and greenery that so often play a part.

From short to long, lace to embroidery, I hope these Spring style gowns will get you excited for the warmer weather!  Click on through to see our roundup.

Pastel And Floral Bridesmaid Dresses


Victoria & Michael’s Spring Country Chic Wedding

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Spring Country Chic Wedding067

Victoria & Michael

The classic feel of today’s Spring country chic wedding is almost enough to have me wishing away Winter already (and as a Winter lover, that’s saying a lot!) Beautiful fresh flowers everywhere, shining sunlight and amazing love stories? What could be better! Victoria and Michael chose Society Photography  to capture their day.

Spring Country Chic Wedding001

The couple chose Kathryn Green  to hand paint their wedding stationery suite for the day, starting with their invitations.

Spring Country Chic Wedding005

Victoria remembers, “I love surprising my husband, and given how busy the time gets before the wedding I wanted to remind him of how much I loved him and why we were getting married – consequently, I made a scrapbook detailing all of our milestone experiences, including a personal letter to him which his best friend gave to him the morning of the wedding. They all had bets as to when he would start crying – they all lost as he started as soon as he read the letter at 8:30am.”

Spring Country Chic Wedding008

Spring Country Chic Wedding034Spring Country Chic Wedding037

Victoria chose a gown by Inbal Dror noting, “I wanted a dress that was timeless and elegant, with a touch of pink – very hard to find! This dress attracted me at first because of the soft champagne and pink tones to it, and I fell in love with it. However, it was the veil that was the final decision maker – my favourite part of the whole look!”

Spring Country Chic Wedding035

Spring Country Chic Wedding038

Spring Country Chic Wedding044

The couple chose Meroo Union Church  for their ceremony, noting, “We had the ceremony at Meroo Union Church, Meroo Meadow – we fell in love with it at first sight, as was extremely quaint being in the middle of a paddock with old machinery next door, and quite small (max capacity 140 packed to the rafters) – we loved the idea of an intimate setting with our nearest and dearest. And we knew once it was decked in flowers it would be absolutely charming.”

Spring Country Chic Wedding046

Spring Country Chic Wedding042Spring Country Chic Wedding047

For her walk down the aisle, Victoria remembers, “I chose Una Mattina, from our favourite scene in the movie ‘The Intouchables’ when the lead meets his wife for the first time.”

Spring Country Chic Wedding048

Spring Country Chic Wedding049

Spring Country Chic Wedding051Spring Country Chic Wedding052

Of their ceremony, Victoria remembers, “We wanted it to be quite traditional, so that it felt like a true marriage, but was still relevant. As such, we had our local pastor who buried my husband’s grandmother kindly travel down to marry us from Sydney, which was extra special. We lit a candle to signify those loved ones who had sadly passed and could not be present. We had beautiful booklets printed by Kathryn Green , which held the details of the day, including the readings and hymns.”

Spring Country Chic Wedding054

Spring Country Chic Wedding055Spring Country Chic Wedding056

Spring Country Chic Wedding062

Spring Country Chic Wedding068

Spring Country Chic Wedding069

Spring Country Chic Wedding071

Spring Country Chic Wedding073

Spring Country Chic Wedding075Spring Country Chic Wedding076

Spring Country Chic Wedding027

Spring Country Chic Wedding078

Spring Country Chic Wedding080

Spring Country Chic Wedding084

Spring Country Chic Wedding086

Spring Country Chic Wedding087

Spring Country Chic Wedding088

Spring Country Chic Wedding089

Spring Country Chic Wedding090

Of their photographer, Victoria remarks, “Society Photography were amazing – they effortlessly stepped into the routine of the day, and put you first and foremost as their priority. I told them the 2 images I was most anxious to get, they got them straight away so they could spend the rest of the day taking candid shots, which are beautiful.”

Spring Country Chic Wedding091

Spring Country Chic Wedding092

Spring Country Chic Wedding094

Spring Country Chic Wedding017

Spring Country Chic Wedding018

The couple chose Terrara House Estate for their wedding reception, noting,  “Rosi at Terrara has truly found her calling – every single detail is thought of, from the flowers, to the cinnamon donuts and suckling ham at 10pm, to the breath mints and perfume in the bathrooms – she truly makes every guest feel like the most cherished individual, which is so special given we are spoiling our loved ones for the day!”

Spring Country Chic Wedding019

“We organised for raspberry jams and tomato chutneys to be made locally from South Coast Providores to lend themselves with name tags created by Kathryn Green as the guests table cards and the ‘weekend away’ aspect for guests – they were delicious, we are thoroughly enjoying the leftovers!”

Spring Country Chic Wedding020Spring Country Chic Wedding022

Spring Country Chic Wedding021

Spring Country Chic Wedding023

Spring Country Chic Wedding097Spring Country Chic Wedding098

Terrara House Estate styled the floral arrangements for the day, the bride remembering, “Probably the most amazing detail was the flowers – I believe that flowers truly put a smile on everyone’s face, and I believe truly brought the venues – both the church and Terrara to life. Our flower table was an absolute treat to the eyes and as a special touch, at the end of the night we told everyone to take a bouquet of flowers home – they were so fresh and beautiful, I had family members sending me pictures of the roses a month later which kept the day living in our minds.”

Spring Country Chic Wedding099

Spring Country Chic Wedding101

Spring Country Chic Wedding102

Spring Country Chic Wedding103

Spring Country Chic Wedding104

Spring Country Chic Wedding105

Of their first dance, Victoria remembers, “The first dance was a highlight for me – having danced my entire childhood, I wanted to make us of it and convinced my husband to take formal dancing lessons for the big day – was such a nice experience, and meant we got to do a proper dance we will remember forever. He surprised me by coming and picking me up and carrying me to the dance floor – such a special memory. Our song was Damian Rice – I don’t want to change you.”

Spring Country Chic Wedding107

Soda Films capped off the very special day with a film for the newlyweds that captured all the magic of the day.

Congratulations Victoria and Michael! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! Thank you also to Society Photography for sharing today’s celebration!

Photographer: Society Photography / Cinematographer: Soda Films / Bride’s Dress: Inbal Dror / Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Bride’s Jewelry: Bride's Mothers / Groom’s Attire: Custom / Bridesmaid Dresses: Zimmermann / Bridesmaid Shoes: Tony Bianco / Bridesmaid Accessories: Kate Spade / Hairstylist: Michelle Kroon / Makeup Artist: Makeup by Megan / Flowers & Decor: Terrara House Estate / Invitations & Stationery: Kathryn Green / Ceremony Venue: Meroo Union Church / Ceremony Musicians: Marion Hatter / Reception Venue: Terrara House Estate / Reception Hire Items: Terrara House Estate / DJ: Personalised DJs / Favors: Raspberry Jam & Tomato Chutney from South Coast Providores / Cake Baker: Terrara House Estate / Wedding Rings: Varoujan Jewellers / Wedding Registry: The Gift Aisle
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