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George Wu 2016 Bridal Collection

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


George Wu 2016 Collection001

Designer George Wu is not stranger to a beautiful wedding dress, and the George Wu 2016 Bridal gown collection is certainly one that encapsulates George’s eye for stunning textures, beautiful couture finishes and ethereal touches.

Inspired by the “power, beauty and grandeur” of the Roman Empire, the 2016 collection is full of intricate detailing and bold, royal touches, The majestic addition of capes, mirrored patterns, delicate lattice appliques rope belts and draped silhouettes all echo the customary wear of Roman soldiers and traditional toga gowns and the beautiful architecture  of ancient Rome.

The collection, carefully thought out so the gowns are as beautiful and as inspired as they are wearable, each gown is hand crafted from beautiful French and Italian fabrics in shades of ivory sheer white, pearl and opal. Adorned with lace and crystals, the embellishments and gowns are all created to the highest of couture standards.

The collection is available by appointment at George Wu’s Brisbane studio.

George Wu 2016 Collection002George Wu 2016 Collection003

George Wu 2016 Collection004George Wu 2016 Collection005

George Wu 2016 Collection006

George Wu 2016 Collection007

George Wu 2016 Collection008George Wu 2016 Collection009


George Wu 2016 Collection010

George Wu 2016 Collection011George Wu 2016 Collection012

George Wu 2016 Collection013

George Wu 2016 Collection014George Wu 2016 Collection015

George Wu 2016 Collection016

George Wu 2016 Collection017

George Wu 2016 Collection018

George Wu 2016 Collection019

George Wu 2016 Collection021George Wu 2016 Collection022



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Vendor of the Week – Bertossi Brides at Paddington Weddings

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday Dotties! Did you have a lovely weekend? What plans and exciting wedding tasks did you tick off your list?

Sunshine and warm balmy nights eating dinner outside are just two of the pleasures of late Spring. Taking advantage of the warm weather, late spring and early summer are beautiful times of the year to have a wedding,  so take some time out to plan,  while we highlight and show off the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.  We have Jewellery, we have Cakes, we have Photobooth Hire, we even have Bridesmaid Gowns! We have so many lovely vendors who take pride in crafting the perfect wedding service for you.

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Working with the best quality European silks and laces, Anne of Bertossi Brides at Paddington Weddings designs and makes gowns that have her trademark ‘simple, classical and elegant’ touch. This ‘less is more’ quality to her designs allows the beautiful quality of the materials she uses and the elegance of the designs to shine. Everything about the gown is well considered and thoroughly planned, and paired with accessories that Bertossi Brides also stocks, you need go nowhere else. And the bonus? The gowns are made in Australia.

Anne Bertossi

Bertossi-Brides-Isabella-back-550x825 Bertossi-Brides-Isabella-550x825

Bertossi Brides at Paddington Weddings 1

We asked Anne of Bertossi Brides at Paddington Weddings five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite after five drink?

I travel to Italy regularly for my laces and silks and I just love an “Aperol Spritz.” It is the perfect aperitif before your meal and so refreshing in the hot Queensland climate.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

My husband grew up on North Stradbroke Island so this is a very special place for us, we are lucky enough to have a holiday house there and try to get over for long walks on the beach with our dog and relaxing sunsets as much as we can.

Favourite restaurant?

It is important to me to support local businesses in Brisbane so I love to go out for a meal with my husband and teenage sons to ‘Colle Rosso’ in Red Hill. It is run by a lovely Italian family and we just love good Italian food.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

In general I eat a simple breakfast of coffee and toast but often on a Sunday we enjoy going to Paddington to the trendy cafes and I just love Eggs Benedict with Mushrooms on the side.

Your favourite wedding story?

I get very close to my brides during the 5 fittings they have with me at such an emotional, stressful time that comes with planning a wedding, they really do become part of our ‘Paddington Weddings’ family so it is hard to pick a favourite. However many years ago I made a gown for a very special bride who’s husband was terminally ill and unfortunately he died only 3 weeks after the wedding which was just so sad. 12 years on I was so happy that she came back in to see me and I made her another beautiful gown. I was over the moon that she had found love again and it taught me to appreciate how lucky we are to be with the ones we love.

Visit Bertossi Brides at Paddington Weddings’ page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Bertossi Brides at Paddington Weddings is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Snapshot Sunday – Waiting

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


All grown up weddings andy

Photo by All Grown Up Weddings

Ebonie & Jep’s Country Engagement Photos

by | Bride, Engagements


Country Engagement Shoot002

Ebonie & Jep

I have always loved the country and the country engagement photos of Ebonie and Jep sum it up. The buildings which have seen so much hard work, the landscape which is forever changing and the golden light which is quite unlike any other light. Tania’s Photography met with the couple to capture their engagement.

Country Engagement Shoot004Country Engagement Shoot005

Country Engagement Shoot006Country Engagement Shoot007

Ebonie and Jep met through ice skating, Ebonie noting she loves Jep’s “sense of humour and on purpose awkwardness”. Jep adding he loves Ebonies “Quirkiness and weirdness”.

Country Engagement Shoot011

Country Engagement Shoot020Country Engagement Shoot021

Country Engagement Shoot026

Country Engagement Shoot028

One of Ebonie’s favourite stories is the proposal, of which she tells, “It was very very awkward! Jep forgot to ask me to marry him and just shoved the ring in my face!”

Country Engagement Shoot033

Country Engagement Shoot034

Country Engagement Shoot039Country Engagement Shoot040

Country Engagement Shoot043

Country Engagement Shoot045Country Engagement Shoot046

Country Engagement Shoot047Country Engagement Shoot048

Country Engagement Shoot050

Country Engagement Shoot052Country Engagement Shoot053

Country Engagement Shoot054Country Engagement Shoot055

Country Engagement Shoot058

Country Engagement Shoot060

Country Engagement Shoot061Country Engagement Shoot062

Country Engagement Shoot068

Country Engagement Shoot071Country Engagement Shoot075

Country Engagement Shoot078

Country Engagement Shoot083Country Engagement Shoot086

Country Engagement Shoot089Country Engagement Shoot092

Country Engagement Shoot096

Photographer: Tania's Photography
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