Heidi and Richard’s Cedar Creek Falls Wedding

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Heidi and Richard

Heidi and Richard held their boho inspired celebration in their backyard. Living right near Cedar Creek Falls meant their backyard was pretty gorgeous in the first place and lent itself to the calm and nature inspired feel that Heidi and Richard wanted for their wedding day.

Heidi tells of how they met. “We met at a college party back when we were both at University. After our first meeting Richard and his friend cooked up an elaborate plan to get me to their college ball, sitting at their table and yes you guessed it…right next to Richard.”

Photographs are by Tanya of Love Bytes who has captured the softness and relaxed nature of Heidi and Richard’s day so beautifully.

Heidi explains the reasons the the style of the day. She says “I have never been one to fantasize about my wedding day but I did always know that I wanted something personal, small and not to ‘weddingy’. I am quite passionate about sustainability and everything retro and antique so that is where I started and the ideas grew from there. Nearly everything you see is either a family heirloom or was hand picked over months from various different op shops and peoples living rooms. Having a DIY theme and a newborn baby also created many opportunities for people to lend a hand. The memory of how much our friends and family helped make this wedding happen will be with us always. When I looked around at the guests and at everything we had achieved by the end of that day it wasn’t just our wedding but everyone owned a little part of the day. To know we are so loved and have so many special people in our lives definitely made it for us.”

Amanda wore a gown from Ultra Suite  and shoes from Whittmans (where the scarf tie was replaced with ribbon). Heidi says ” We have lots of beautiful stories but I am going to have to go with a funny one.

At around 10am I receive a phone call from my Mum asking what time the ceremony started, to which I replied 2pm. She then went on to say that my sister in law was sure the invite said 2:30pm and that maybe I should check. I then had to turn the study upside down looking for a spare invite which much to my amusement had the ceremony starting at 2:30pm. I then had to ring Richard to notify him that we the start time wrong and to tell the celebrant that she would have to wait around an extra half an hour. We both had a good laugh which I think was great for those pre-wedding nerves. At least we were early!”

Emma from Bossy Hair Windsor (0401916236) did the girls hair while Carla from Project Bombshell styled the makeup.

Heidi and Richard chose Andy Williams Park in Yugar for their wedding ceremony.  ” Once we decided to get married we agreed that where we got married and hold the reception needed to be somewhere that felt special to us. We both grew up in the country and love being surrounded by nature so when we went out to Yugar one afternoon to ‘get away from it all’ we decided it would do the job perfectly. We also wanted to be able to include the 4th member of our family ‘Layla’ and this place was dog friendly. ”

Heidi walked down the aisle to Bon Iver’s “Perth”. She recalls ” This decision I left entirely up to Richard. It was a beautiful surprise and funnily enough the song was on the one CD I chose to play while I was getting ready that morning! ”

Heidi and Richard were married by Margaret McLeod.

The bridesmaids wore gowns created by Jaye from Fabled and True. Richard and his groomsmen were outfitted by Always Habit.

Heidi remarks “My vision for the wedding wasn’t always the easiest concept to get your head around but Richard just trusted me and chipped away at the massive ‘to do list’. I feel extremely lucky that I can say the wedding was a team effort where we both put in as much as each other.  ”

Of their photographer, Heidi says “She is absolutely awesome! Tanya has photographed many important events for us now and I continue to be blown away at how she manages to just ‘get it’, who we are and what we love. Apart from requesting at least one nice family photo I left the rest up to her so as you can see she has some amazing ideas.  She is also a pro at creating a comfortable environment where you don’t feel like you have to pose. Which was really important for me as I am not too fond of things being staged and fake.

The only instructions we had to take was ‘just keep doing what you’re doing’. Loved the whole experience and am now having the tough job of choosing which photos to put up on the walls.” The couple’s son Archer was very much present on the wedding day.

After photographs, the couple and their guests returned to their own backyard for the reception. “Even though I have never been much of a ‘wedding dreamer’ I always pictured myself getting married at my childhood farm. We no longer have this property so having the reception in the backyard of our first family home was a wonderful alternative”. Heidi and Richard had their dinner catered by their favourite local Thai restaurant Siam Garden The Gap .

They chose a rainbow wedding cake from Cake on Bleu. Heidi and Richard kept their guest list small explaining, “We were really strict with the guest list which was really hard but having a smaller more intimate group of people was key to the atmosphere of our wedding. It is also great to be able to say that we absolutely enjoyed every person on that list. ”

The reception decorations were handmade. Heidi says “This was a DIY wedding so nearly everything you see was made by ourselves, family and friends. The napkins were sewn by my Mum, the candle jars were collected by friends and washed by myself and best friend with our then 4 month old babies on our laps, beautiful wooden signs were made by my Pop and painted the day before the wedding by myself. Those are only a couple of examples but I don’t want to go on and on!”

Heidi says “I feel so proud at what a small impact our wedding had on the environment. It also made it that much more special to look around and know that you either made that, recycled it or adopted it. Very little was new and if it was, it was hired. ”

Heidi and Richard decided to have a “familymoon” instead of the traditional honeymoon. Heidi explains, “We invited all our guests to Coolum the week after the wedding. This was where we had booked our ‘familymoon’. It was a fantastic idea as it really reduced the stress of having to spend quality time with everyone on the day of the wedding. ”

Congratulations Heidi and Richard! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Tanya of Love Bytes for sharing today’s images!

Photographer: Love Bytes / Styling & Hire: Samford Hire / Bride’s Dress: Ultra Suite / Bride’s Shoes: Whittmans / Bride’s Jewellery: Handmade / Groom’s Attire: Always Habit / Groomsmen Attire: Always Habit / Bridesmaid Dresses: Jaye from Fabled and True / Bridesmaid Shoes: Whittmans / Hairstylist: – Emma from Bossy Hair Windsor 0401916236 / Makeup Artist: Carla from Project Bombshell / Ceremony Venue: Andy Williams Park, Yugar / Reception Venue: Private Home / Catering: Siam Garden The Gap / Wedding Cake: Cake on Bleu / Ceremony Officiant: Margaret McLeod
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This Old Love

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I wanted to share something completely different this morning. Something, that although we haven’t shared anything similar before, is relevant to a wedding blog. Photographer  Sandra Henri shared these very special photographs of her grandparents who this year, will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

I suppose it touched me because this is what we build by having a wedding, A relationship that stands the test of time, that exists when our grandchildren arrive, that love, that is still as strong as it was on the day we married, showing so clearly sixty years later. A life built together.

Sandra’s grandmother tells their story (in German, Sandra so kindly translated it for us). John and Karla are known by their family as Oma and Opa.


“We met in 1944 in the school holidays as children. Opa was 12 and I was 13 years old. We got along well right from the start. Due to our house being bombed we needed to find somewhere to live, and so moved to East Germany upstairs from Opa’s apartment for 6 months. After the war ended we moved back to West Germany and didn’t see each other for several years. When Opa was a bit older he asked an aunt “which girl should I marry?”. She answered straight away “the only girl for you is Karla”.

“Then at 18 years old Opa managed to move to West Germany too and we met up again. One day we were cleaning up a garden shed for a gentleman we knew and when we’d finished the job we sat together on the garden bench to have a rest and have some grape juice. Opa put his arm around me and asked “would you like to become my wife?”. I answered “yes, but how will we let my mother know?” (as she was not overly happy that as the youngest in the family, I would be the first to marry!). We already got along well as children and realised more and more that we were inseparable. That’s how we got together!”

“On 7.3.52 we were married, I was 21 and Opa was 20. We have been through highs and lows together, which brought us even closer. Both of us kept our own personality throughout our marriage. We accept and respect each other the way we are without trying to change each other. We appreciate each other more and more as we get older and that is like heaven on earth for us. Our faith has also helped us a lot in our marriage, and we’ve experienced His help many times. We’ve been married 60 years and hope we can be together a lot longer.”

Lauren & Rosser’s Handmade Farm Wedding

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Lauren & Rosser

Lauren and Rosser married in a three day extravaganza in a little hidden eco sanctuary in Queensland. Together with their families they spent the days decorating and pulling things together to create their own beautiful wedding day. I think when I hear stories of families coming together to almost “build” a wedding, there is a magic to it. That’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Coming together to build relationships, celebrate milestones.

Lauren and Rosser met right across the pond. Lauren explains “We first met when we were living in London through mutual friends.  We knew from the start that we were in it for the long haul and our wedding day was a total reflection of the kind of people we are… happy-go-lucky, down to earth, social folk.  We chose to include a bicycle theme on the stationery and had some iron bicycles in the reception area as we used to share a bike in London and would often ride to the tube stations with Rosser steering and me pedaling as it was too uncomfortable to steer.  The bike belonged to one of the groomsmen and he made the trip from London to the wedding.”

Photos are by Tigs Macallan. I love the way Tigs plays with light and captured the beautiful squinty nose giggles, the sunsets, the moments.

Lauren and Rosser married at Coolabine Ridge Eco Sanctuary . Lauren explains “Hidden deep in Mapleton, QLD, the picturesque Coolabine Ridge Eco Sanctuary was well worth the long drive on a dirt road.  The luxurious accommodation at the venue was exactly the place that we could ‘make our own’ for 3 days and made it possible for us to share the event with close friends and family.  Acres and acres of manicured grounds and natural bushland was the perfect canvas to create our own setting for our dream wedding.  Helen, the owner of the property was fantastic and allowed us to arrange all our own catering and styling for the day.   Marcus, the caretaker was a brilliant help and no job was too big for him.  We were so lucky with the weather and it was wonderful being able to have our ceremony outdoors and enjoy a reception under the outdoor pavilion.  The bonfire set the most inviting atmosphere and being able to stay at the venue meant that we, and our guests were able to celebrate way into the wee hours of the morning!”

Lauren and her bridesmaids had their hair styled by Liz Martin from Guillotine Hair Artistry  and makeup by Cathy J from Glamorous Makeup Artistry.

Lauren wore a gown from Caleche while her bridesmaid’s wore gowns from Forever New.

Lauren walked down the aisle to “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles played from an ipod. Rosser wore a grey suit from YD.

Lauren and Rosser were married by Geoff Mazlin. Lauren says ” I was really anxious about finding a celebrant and did not have any outstanding referrals and luckily stumbled upon Geoff Mazlin in a Google search.  He is such a professional and had so many ‘unique’ ideas for our wedding ceremony to make it special as well as entertaining.  He helped us personalize everything and was such a charismatic person – he really has a gift. ”

 Of their photographer, Lauren says ” Tigs Macallan is the most beautiful person!  She totally managed to capture the vibe of the whole wedding experience for us.   She made us feel so comfortable and during the photography session she kept us all well informed and instructed.  She was very good at sneaking around unnoticed too and the result is shots of us, friends and family being totally natural which is a wonderful memento of the day.  We are so lucky that Tigs was able to do our photography and will treasure the pictures for years and years to come!  She is a one of a kind, stunning person!”



Lauren describes the wedding as, “A real working bee wedding! 99% of the wedding was DIY apart from the catering.  My mother made the cupcakes and the wedding cake and so many family members were involved with all the planning and preparations for the day.  The photos have captured all the details including the flower jars (old jam jars we collected), the table settings, the beautiful vintage crockery that we had scoured op shops for, my grandmother’s fine china tea set,  the bicycle theme, the lawn games, the stationary, the little wedding favours with pictures of the bride and groom drawn by my class of Year 2 children (I’m a teacher) the corsages and the bouquets were all DIY.  What were we thinking!”

Guests celebrated under the stars and Lauren and Rosser’s first dance was a last minute push. Lauren explains, “We practiced for the first time the night before under the pavilion at the venue without the music and decided that it would have to do… we nearly couldn’t find the song (Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition) when it came to the real deal, but all turned out well in the end. ”

Congratulations Lauren & Rosser! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Tigs Macallan for sharing today’s images.

Photographer: Tigs Macallan Photography / Venue: Coolabine Ridge Eco Sanctuary / Ceremony Officiant: Geoff Mazlin / Bride’s Dress: Caleche / Bride’s Shoes: Wittner / Groom’s Attire: YD / Bridesmaid Dresses: Forever New / Hairstylist: Liz Martin from Guillotine Hair Artistry / Makeup Artist: Cathy J from Glamorous Makeup Artistry

Erin & Michael’s Elegant Maleny Wedding

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Erin & Michael

I never get tired of the beauty of the Glasshouse Mountains and Erin  & Michael’s elegant wedding celebration highlighted the beauty of their surroundings matched only by how special their wedding day was.

Erin tells their story. “We met at high school. And first got together at the end of year 12.  We went our separate ways a number of times but always came back together. It took 12 years to finally tie the knot.”

Photographs today are by Luke Going Photography. Luke’s taken really interesting captures of Erin & Michael’s day- different perspectives, unusual moments and beautiful imagery.

Michael wore a suit from Myer with shoes he found in an op shop. His groomsmen borrowed their suits.

The bouquets and floral arrangements were styled by Wedding Flowers in Maleny.

Erin wore a strapless gown Made by Helen K- Designs of Distinction Sunshine Coast. She added Diva Peeptoes in Fuschia from Betts and Swarovski jewels. Her bridesmaids wore dresses from Review with tulle added underneath and shoes from Wittner . The girls did their own makeup and had their hair styled by Taleah from Bianca’s Hair Studio Caloundra( 07) 5491 1599.)

The wedding was held Weddings at Tiffany’s in Maleny Erin recalls “The groom arrived early for the ceremony at 3pm, but him and his mates had forgotten to have lunch. Weddings at Tiffany’s were kind enough to make him a roast beef sandwich so he didn’t pass out during the ceremony.”

Erin walked down the aisle by herself to “All I Want is You” by Barry Louis Polisar.

Erin and Michael were married by Elaine Hick ((07) 5476 3197 ) and wrote the entire ceremony themselves.

Erin describes the wedding as “A stylish, but relaxed celebration. with beautiful people in an exquisite setting.”

Of their photographer, Erin remarks, “Friendly, easy going, unique, dedicated, unobtrusive. The photos were truly amazing and better than anything we could have hoped for. The album we received really does tell a story and captures some special moments, personality and emotions. I have had a chance to go through them a few times now with different friends and family and I notice something different each time. I am pretty sure I will look back in 5, 10, 15 years etc. and remember it as clearly as I do now because of the way Luke put it together. Michael was never very keen to have a professional ‘photo session’ posing for photos whilst the rest of the reception started drinking and partying. Afterwards he said that it was much more fun and less formal than he imagined. We feel privileged that Luke has put so much time and effort into making our album and photo collection. “

The invitations and stationery were made by Erin’s mother using Cristina Re paper.

Congratulations Erin & Michael! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Luke Going Photography for sharing today’s photographs!