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Abi and Rob

by | Bride, Engagements


Sydney photographer George Fetting of Chiaroscuro Photography sent in this sweet shoot of Rob and Abigail. The photos were taken at Sydney’s Coogee Beach and Hyde Park and have a beautiful dreamy feel to them!














Photos by Chiaroscuro Photography

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Renee and Brett

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings,



Renee and Brett

A romantic wedding for you today coming from Queensland. The wedding of Renee and Brett- elegant, romantic with a beautiful mist of rain.

Renee tells us how the couple met. “My best friend introduced us six years ago, after 4 years of travelled back and forth I moved, so at long last the long distance relationship got a little less long distance. Early one morning Brett asked me to help him find a calf in the paddock, he drove to the top of the mountain behind our house and at the very top he surprised me, he had mowed a patch, set up a white picnic rug with ‘Will you marry me’ written in roses, champagne and a stunning bunch of soft pink roses.  As the sun rose he then got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him and presented me with a ring he had secretly purchased two months earlier.”

Photos today are by Chesterton Smith Photography.


Brett wore a black suit with a black and white stripped tie both from Country Road while Renee wore a gown by Wendy Makin.




Renee says “The bridesmaids soft pink dresses were created by Chris Sakrzewski with fabric from Fabric Collections. The bridesmaids and myself carried soft pink roses, cream lisianthus and white sim carnations (carnations were my Grandmothers favourite flower) by Margaret Stevenson my Great Aunty who also create my mother’s wedding flowers.”



Renee says “My father and I arrived at The Little White Church in my Uncle Bob’s Peugeot, it was very special to have Uncle Bob share the day with us. We were married at The Little White Church a vintage chapel near the town of Maleny.  Trevor from The Little White Church was amazing on the day, organising a white marquee for guests outside due to the rain.”


Renee walked down the aislea string duo played Canon in D by Pachelbel – organised by The Baker Boys.  Renee says “I don’t remember the entrance music as I was watching Brett and talking to Dad but I did hear the music when we watched the video and it was beautiful”








Renee says “The rain on the day made it even more special and so much fun, everyone was laughing trying to be under an umbrella and it was fun to use the wellington boots my Aunty suggested I buy.”






Renee says “We decided to be married at Maleny in the Maleny Manor. The Manor is very personal and feels like home, it is the perfect venue in the most beautiful location.  We wanted a relaxed but beautiful wedding and Manley Manor and their staff provided us with just that.”


Renee changed into a black gown for the reception, she says “The reception gown was from Carla Zampatti, the black one shoulder dress is caught my eye immediately and I feel in love with it and couldn’t wait to change into it after the speeches. Mondo Floral Design crafted table settings, using an exquisite crystal vase for the carnations, an oval vase for the lisianthus and a square vase for the talea roses.”


A big thank you to Renee and Brett for allowing us to share their wedding day on Polka Dot Bride! Congratulations! Thank you to  Chesterton Smith Photography for submitting today’s photographs!

Photos by Chesterton Smith Photography.

What Would They Know? Caroline Colom Vasquez of Paloma’s Nest

by | Bride, Ceremony, What Would They Know?



I have always admired the success of today’s guest. She’s invented a unique product which has been featured all over the world. Each piece is handmade and each piece has something really special about it. Today we’re joined by Caroline Colom Vasquez, the lady behind Paloma’s Nest.

Tell us about yourself. Were you always a creative person, even when growing up?

Most definitely, I have always been a creative type. Sometimes that meant taking art classes, other times it meant painting murals on my bedroom walls! I have always been an “artist,” for as long as I can remember.

I grew up in Mystic, Connecticut, a tiny New England town situated on the Atlantic Ocean, bursting with architecture, history, and old things. I moved to Austin, Texas -a vibrant city full of music and art- to go to University. It is here that a met my husband and we have since settled here permanently.


The quality of your ceramic ware is beautiful. Where did you learn your craft?

Thank you! I did study Ceramics while pursuing my degree in art and design at university. But the development and refinement of my personal techniques and “trade secrets” are all self-taught. Practice, practice!

Where did the initial idea come from?

The brand Paloma’s Nest came from my desire to share my work with a broader audience. Being based online, I was able to reach that audience and “curate” my own shop. Through the internet, I suddenly had all of the tools of branding and marketing at my fingertips, making it easier to tell the story I tell with my designs. Paloma’s Nest (“Paloma” meaning “Dove” in Spanish) embodies a range of emotions and connotations relating to peace, joy, gratitude and more. Creating work that inspires my audience to commemorate an occasion -and the emotion connected to that occasion- is what I enjoy the most.

What made you decide to pursue this creative idea, rather than pursue a more ‘conventional’ career?

I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me. I don’t think it is something you necessarily choose to do with your life. More, it chooses you- and you are never satisfied until you commit to making it your art your life!


You have an eye for the simple and stunning. What inspires you?

My love of history fuels my commitment to crafting items of heirloom quality. Seeing pieces passed down from generation to generation- through families or towns or communities of all kinds- inspires me to create simple and timeless designs that will remain strikingly beautiful for many years to come. I don’t do “trendy”- unless trendy is something that will still look good in 100 years.

Can people commission particular pieces from you?

All of my designs are available in custom texts and even custom motifs. Custom/ bespoke work is a big part of what I do at Paloma’s Nest.

I provide extensive design services for events, such as favors & bonbonniere, place cards & escort cards, signage, and more. I also work on a commission basis with restaurants, boutiques, and individuals looking for specific decor or home goods.


What do you love about creating these pieces for brides?

I love being part of such a beautiful celebration. I craft my pieces with the utmost pride and care, knowing that it will be looked upon as a special keepsake for years into the future. Knowing the emotions and memories that can be held in one small piece of art is a huge deal for me.

What is your number one tip for brides?

Follow your bliss! The day only happens once and should be a true reflection of you as a couple. Plan your budget based on the things that are the most important to you and will be the most memorable once the day has passed.

Thank you for joining us today Caroline! You can check out more of the gorgeous Paloma’s Nest creations by visit the Paloma’s Nest website.

Nicole and Josh

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings, Pregnant Weddings,



Nicole and Josh

Today’s wedding truly put a lump in my throat. I’m not sure whether it is the pure love between Nicole and Josh, the bundle of joy that is clearly already so loved or the sheer happiness of the newlyweds. You decide!

Nicole tells the story of how she met Josh “Some mutual friends had been trying to set us up for ages and I kept refusing because I wanted to join the army and move to Canberra but we ended up meeting at our friend’s 30th Birthday party. It was an Australiana theme and as I walked through their gate into the back yard I saw a tall good looking guy in an Akubra and couldn’t take my eyes off him.

I finally dragged my attention away just in case he was spoken for! My girlfriend introduced me to another guy she had in mind for me and he was not my type so I was even less keen to meet the other guy afterwards until she told me he was wearing an Akubra. Then I just about knocked her over to meet him. We spent the rest of the night talking about our shared passions for motorbikes, four-wheel driving and camping and the rest they say is history…”

Today’s photographs are by Little Mick Photography.



Nicole and Josh were married at St Benedict’s Catholic Church. Nicole says “Simple but beautiful and perfect for a heartfelt ceremony.”


Nicole carried a red bouquet from Rocklea Flower Markets. Her wedding dress was designed by Ineke’s Fashions. Nicole says “Ineke custom made a wedding gown to not only match my dreams but to accommodate our growing son! She estimated exceptionally well how much I’d grow between fittings and the dress looked great on the day. She was so supportive of both our wedding and my pregnancy and was a true God send!”












Nicole and her bridesmaids wore bright red shoes from Joanne Mercer. Nicole’s bridesmaids wore knee length gowns from Myer.





Nicole and Josh held their wedding reception at The Pineapple Hotel. Nicole says “The Pineapple Hotel combines classy, upbeat and fun all into the one package! The upstairs are has stained glass, wooden accents, beautiful tables and its own bar. The Wedding Planner, Katy, is just amazing! She organised all the little details and made our day run smoothly! Nothing is too much trouble! They even shouted us a limo and hotel room for the night! Our arrival at the ‘Piney’ was funny as there was a footy game on and all the guys cheered me and whistled when I walked in and congratulated my husband! Totally hilarious!”


A fun touch to the night was the crazy booth set up by Little Mick. Nicole says “We especially loved the Crazy Booth and seeing our guests have heaps of fun hamming it up for the camera! We plan to have two albums, one with ‘serious’ wedding type shots and the other with Crazy Booth shots!” Nicole says the couple’s first dance was “Totally clumsy and awkward! Neither of us can dance and I was five months pregnant so my belly just kept getting in the way! My husband had a few to drink and kept trying to flick me all over the place!”



One of Nicole’s favourite moments was her new husband’s speech “When my husband got up to give his speech he told the guests that he had a list of people to thank but the most important person wasn’t on there… his new wife! He thanked me for making him laugh and smile and his heartfelt speech made almost everyone teary. It was so sweet! He also couldn’t stop smiling and kissing me all day which was just delightful!”

Thank you Nicole and Josh for sharing your wedding with us! Congratulations on your marriage and all the best for your new arrival! Thank you also to Mick of Little Mick Photography for allowing me to share today’s wedding!

Photos by Little Mick Photography

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