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Michelle and David’s Splendid Sydney Wedding

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Michelle & David

I want to kick off the week with a deliciously splendid wedding and I think I have the perfect one – Michelle and David married in Sydney with a wedding that completely reflected them – full of colour, tradition and plenty of music!

Michelle explains how she and David met. “We met through friends when we were both 18, and quickly became amazing friends. We were both in other relationships at the time but became quite inseparable. Then when we were 21 something just clicked – and here we are. We knew from quite early on we would get married, and in April last year (8 years later!!) David popped the question while we were having a picnic at Vaucluse lighthouse – all very romantic.”

Len of I Love Wednesdays photographed today’s wedding. Len’s work always makes me smile – it’s so quirky and captures the atmosphere of the wedding day with a little bit of humor, a little bit of glamour and a lot of individuality.

Michelle (also known as Mish!) wore a one shouldered gown from Bridal Reflections. Her bridesmaids wore red and white floor length gowns from Kookai.

Michelle created the paper goods herself. She recalls “I designed the invitations & RSVP postcards, we worked together on the wording, we picked our own paper from Eckersleys and printed them ourselves. We also ordered our own stamps with a cute photo of us from Australia Post“.

Family and friends pitched in right from the start, hair and makeup included! Michelle remarks “Marina Hickey (sister in law) and Jacqueline Newman (awesome friend & bridesmaid) did the Brides, Mother of Bride, Flowergirls, and Bridesmaid’s hair. They did an incredible job!!”  The girl’s makeup was by Donna Nehme at Glamoureyez 0413 115 582 and Michelle wore a hair comb from GlamaDonna.

Michelle says “Another friend of ours: Belinda Wincote (of Zing Flowers) created our amazing centrepieces, bouquets, boutonniere, and flowers for the reception… I trusted her 200% so was pretty open to her picking the best flowers of the season, and she came up with the best flowers I have ever seen.”

Michelle and David held their wedding ceremony at – St Augustines Catholic Church, Balmain. Michelle explains “St Augustine’s was very special to us as this is where David’s parents were married 37 years ago, and also where David was christened.”

The bridal party were transported throughout the day in blue and red Kombi vans. Michelle says “We used Kombi vans as we have both loved them forever and dream of one day owning one and taking it around Australia. (Red – Michael Taylor 0407 935 597, Blue – Matt Chapman 0414 681 672).”

Michelle walked down the aisle to Canon in D played by The O’Neill Brothers.

Michelle remembers, “The cheers, yells, and applause of all our friends and family as we kissed and read our vows was heartwarming – everyone was just so happy for us, as were we.”

Michelle describes the wedding day as “Magical, full of Love and Laughter – absolutely everything we could have ever hoped & wished for, just wish it was a week long affair.”

Of I Love Wednesdays, the couple’s choice of wedding photographer, Michelle remarks, “I found Milena through Polka Dot Bride and she has been incredible to work with throughout the whole planning, day, and post wedding process – you can tell she is so incredibly passionate about what she does through every single photo she takes. When we ran out of daylight after the ceremony – she didn’t hesitate to offer to catch up with us the day after the wedding for some intimate shots, all of which have turned out amazingly and will be treasured by us forever as photo’s from the first day of married togetherness. We both can’t speak high enough of her professionalism, enthusiasm and all round awesomeness.”

The couple held their wedding reception at The Deckhouse, Woolwich. Michelle explains “We found the Deckhouse, while it was still under construction and booked on the spot when we saw how great it was going to be. Co-incidentally, a new co-ordinator (Kate Richardson) came on board half way through planning andturned out to be a friend of David’s from his days of working in hospitality! Dealing with Kate was fantastic, she got us very well and made sure the day ran smoothly. The food tasting day in the lead up to the reception was a very enjoyable and memorable day, and really relaxed. The tasting was very thorough, and we got to enjoy some of the best tasting dishes and combinations we have ever eaten. The day ran exactly as planned and the food, drinks and staff were all wonderful!”

Favors were a favourite of David’s. Michelle says “The groom had an idea to have mini Jagermeister bottles as bonbonniere (as it’s a drink we’re both known for – part of my Slovakian heritage, and because we both love them to get the party started), we designed and printed little labels with a range of different photos of us so everyone on the table had a different photo, with 2 random guests receiving ones with a photo upside down, meaning the MC called them out and they had to make a quick speech about their funniest memory of the couple.” The miniature bottles were specially ordered from Callaghan Street Liquor Shop, East Ryde.

The two tier wedding cake was made by Something Blue Cakes.

Michelle remarks “I also designed & printed the order of service booklet, the seating charts, the framed pictures to be hung at the venue, bought all of the vases, wishing well & decorations for the venue from various shops in Sydney, eBay and Etsy. We ordered the pom poms from a vendor in the US (via Etsy) in our choice of colours – these were hung on the church pews and also from the railings at the reception.”

Little, personal touches created special moment sat the reception. Michelle explains “We bought mini Paris photo postcards from Typo, and printed and stuck name tags to them in the same font and colours used in our stationary – these were then affixed to wine glasses with mini pegs and acted as place cards – everyone loved them and ended up sticking them to their ties and dresses for the rest of the night. I’ve since visited friends and they have still kept them as mementos from the day!”

There were plenty of cultural traditions added to the day, including a traditional breaking of the plate. Michelle explains, “We wanted the day to be one big fun party with all of our closest friends and family. We entered the reception straight into a Slovak “Breaking Plate” tradition – where a member of the Bride’s family smashes a plate and the newlyweds have to work together to clean it up – symbolising their mutual respect for each other and sharing future workloads. This was very special to me as a lot of my overseas family could not make the wedding, and we wanted to do something to honour them and my heritage.”

More traditions followed. Michelle remarks, “We had a welcome shot of Jagermeister & Becherovka (Slovakian herbal liquer – similar to Jagermeister) – which is a ritual at all of our Slovak family gatherings – and really makes for a quick speedy ‘get the party started’ atmosphere :)”

The speeches were a favourite memory for the newlyweds, says Michelle. “We had many very funny & heartfelt speeches, and once the formalities were over, we both spent the rest of the night on the dance floor and chatting with everyone.”

For their first dance, the couple couldn’t decide! Michelle says “We’re both huge music lovers and as such don’t have “our” song, as we have about a thousand we both love and adore that remind us of special moments shared, some not ideal/appropriate for a first dance. The night before we were still um-ing and ah-ing over the first dance song – we had a list of about 10 we both loved. But we managed to cull it down to 3 and had a little boogie in the lounge room to work out which one suited our dance style (which is a mash up of waltzing, twirling and dips – no real structure, just going with the flow), long story short – we ended up dancing to Maroon 5’s version of Frank Sinatra’s ‘The Way You Look Tonight’.”

The littlest members of the bridal party were kept amused by a pre planned table from the bride and groom. Michelle explains ,”We created a kids table with a party bag of goodies to keep them entertained (crafts, toys, textas/pencils, and activity books) – this went down a treat with the parents as it kept them busy so their parents could party the night away….wearing funny costume sunglasses (which were also on the presents table – made for some awesome photos!).”

The final memory that made Michelle’s night? Nothing but a little serenade! “A big shout out goes to our MC (again another friend) Steve “Lower”… he had the whole place in stitches for most of the night and it made it so special for us to have a friend overseeing things…. the 3 way serenade of Steve, David and best man Rob singing to me “You’ve lost that loving feeling” (maybe not that appropriate but I felt very loved anyway) was hilarious and awesome all at the same time.”


Congratulations Michelle and David! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thanks also to Len of I Love Wednesdays for today’s photographs!

Photos by I Love Wednesdays

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Welcome To Polka Dot Bride 4.0

by | Blog News, Bride


This is one of those posts where you write it for ages in your head, and then as you start to type (as I am doing so hopefully a week or so before you see it) you realise, there is so much more to say!

Polka Dot Bride 4.0 (Click through if you’re reading this in a feed reader or via email!)

This post, I’d like to say is 14 months in the making, but it’s probably a little bit more like 18 months from my first dreams to now. While the site looks very similar to the old one – it’s not! We rebuilt the entire thing, every single category page, every single directory listing, every single dot so that you could have a better, friendlier, more integrated Polka Dot Bride experience. We’re still fixing a few little things around the place so bear with us as we tweak the new site into perfection!

For the past year I’ve been meaning to walk you through the new features of the site, but many were never quite the way I wanted them to be. Now they are and I can’t wait for you to discover them!

What we’ve done:

We threw out the personalised collection!

This never ran quite the way we wanted it to and with some  great sites like and Pinterest out there, we decided to leave it to them to make the ‘favouriting’ experience fantastic while we focus on making Polka Dot Bride even better for you.

We cleaned up our navigation



All of our navigation options are located right at the top of the site, so you can easily log-in if you’re a vendor or contributor, check out the latest events, find our latest competitions, contact the Polka Dot Bride team and even find us on Pinterest! You can even search more easily for what you want on the site.

We made it even easier to find inspired weddings


All our inspired weddings are now searchable by colour, theme and location. Simply select what you want to search for from the drop down menus to see all weddings fitting your criteria. We’re still adding weddings into this system and tweaking things, so keep checking back!

It’s even pretty to leave a comment

We know that comments are the heart and soul of the site, because they’re all about you! So they’re finally looking pretty gorgeous (if I do say so and I possibly can seeing as the gorgeous Prue designed them, and Felicity styled them not me!). The Polka Dot team can be easily seen in pink (except Mr Polka Dot, he scored blue!) the authors of posts can be easily found in the comments and event Ms Polka Dot’s Directory members stand out! We’d love to see your smiling faces next to your comment, so do head over to Gravatar and upload a photo (ht best part is the gravatar system works on most blogs, so you only have to sign up once for your pic to appear!)

We created individual image galleries for contributors

We love our contributors and now we have an easier to use system. We flicked Flickr to the kerb (so long Flickr, you were good to us!) and now you can directly upload images into your entries. If you want to become a contributor to Polka Dot Bride, it’s even easier than before! Just click the link on any of our specialty blogs’ introduction, fill out the application form and the lovely Ms Gingham will email you!

Find a contributor’s posts easily and simply

Want to find all the posts by a certain contributor? Maybe you want to look back on Miss T’s journey or find all the posts by a photographer or celebrant you love. Just click on their name underneath their post and all will be revealed!

Share the posts you love easily!



We added Google+, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon & email buttons so you can share our posts quickly and easily with your friends & family. Just click the buttons!

The big one!

We started fresh with Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

We completely moved off our old system into a more integrated, easy to use, solution. For our readers, this means easier navigation around the directory! You can easily use the drop down menu to find the vendors in the categories you want and easily check out images of their work, their contact details and even find them on twitter, Facebook or their blog. You’ll also be able to find our Directory members easily around the site as they have special green comments and brown and red buttons that link straight back to their listing (no more figuring out who they are!)

For our advertisers – it means an easy (and this time when we say easy we mean it!) system for you to not only see month by month statistics, but also change your listing and figure out what works best. We’ll be rolling you onto the system very shortly!

We’re starting a newsletter!

We have so much news to share with you all the time, that we want to create yet another place for you to get it straight to your inbox! So now, you can subscribe to our newsletter (it’s free) and in a little while when we’ve settled into our new home, you can receive exclusive offers, special content and Polka Dot curated goodness straight into your inbox. Make sure you sign up here to receive it!

The Dream Team

A website is nothing without the team supporting it and not only does the Polka Dot Bride team deserve a medal for putting up with my distracted website building brain, but two key people were behind this new site and they deserve the biggest praise of all.

Firstly, our resident director of bright ideas, designer and general leader of awesomeness  (though you can hire her yourself here because she’s pretty fantastic at what she does) Prue from Gigi and Lulu worked with me to freshen up our look, redesign the directory and generally add lots of functional and awesome looking aspects to the site. I’m so blessed to have Prue’s innate knowledge of the dreams we have and the projects we’re building, and the way she can translate my ‘goobleygook’ into something elegant and coherent always astounds me.

Our newest Polka Dottie, Felicity of Ecommetrix (again, also awesome, so awesome you can hire her yourself) rebuilt Polka Dot Bride from the ground up – she and her team were responsible for making sure every pixel worked and worked beautifully, and not only did she do a brilliant job, but she did it with dignity and grace. Site rebuilds are never easy, but somehow Felicity made it look like a piece of cake, explained things in a non developer way and has amazing attention to detail!

So do you remember a year ago when I said with the launch of the new site I’d get back to writing? Well, I didn’t. But now I’m going to – I finally have the time to be creative again! We have a few more features to roll out shortly and we finally have the chance to jump on some of the projects I’ve been itching to do for years and now we have the great foundation of the site to launch off. It really is bubbles for all!

Vendor of the Week – Providence Gully

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday lovely readers! Did you have a nice weekend? We have a bit of news coming up later today that I cannot wait to share!

It’s always a lovely morning when we can say a big wow to our vendors – the ones who keep the lights on and keep our creative juices flowing here at Polka Dot Bride!Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is fast becoming packed with great wedding vendors who are completely on board with the polka dot way of life – vendors that are soulful, personal and all about your personalities! Visit Ms Polka Dot’s Directory and see if the vendor that’s your match lies within it’s pages.

It’s no secret that Polka Dot Bride readers have a bit of an obsession with barns, so Victorian brides (or interstate brides wanting to marry at an amazing venue) this one is going to be right up your alley! This week’s Vendor Of The Week is Providence Gully.

Located in Victoria’s goldfields, Providence Gully is set amongst olive groves, vegetable gardens and apple orchards and provides an intimate setting for your wedding reception or pre wedding occasion. The on site barn has beautiful french doors and a terrace allows guests to mingle on the property or stay close to the action.

Couples can choose from the preferred suppliers of Providence Gully or can bring in their own caterers, florists and other vendors to make their day reflect their own personal style.

To learn a little more about Providence Gully we asked Clare five questions in five minutes!

Favourite drink

Has to be G&T of course!

Favourite weekend getaway

A girlfriend and I occasionally go to the city for a weekend of shopping, laughter and drinks.

Favourite restaurant

Whilst I enjoy going to restaurants, I love nothing more than sharing a good wine with friends and eating a home cooked meal made with produce fresh from my garden.

Favorite Sunday breaky

I’ve always been a fresh fruit and yoghurt gal, but I can be coerced into a big fat egg and bacon ‘ Sunday special’. Either way, always with a black coffee!

Favorite wedding story

Well, I can’t go past my own!
Let me preface this story by saying I have been happily married to my husband for 27 years now, but at the time I wasn’t so sure!

I was very content to do the small intimate garden wedding on a budget. My only request was that for our first night as a married couple, we find somewhere gorgeous to stay. The only place I did not want to stay was the local shonky motel.

We had a lovely day with family and friends and we merrily waved them off at the end of the day to head off to what I thought was a ritzy hotel. But guess what? Yes, my husband drove straight to the shonky motel where we were met by a beaming motel manager with champagne bottle in hand and a greasy smile.
As you can imagine at this stage I was trying to hold it all together, but I could feel the bridezilla in me trying to break out and let loose on my husband! How could he do this to me, we had only been married for a couple of hours! The manager kindly asked me to get into his car so he could drive us to our room around the back. As the car pulled around the corner I could see a sparkling silver helicopter waiting to whisk us away to the city where we were met by a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to take us to our ritzy hotel!

And it doesn’t end there…every anniversary since he has surprised me with a weekend away, always trying to better the last!

Visit Providence Gully’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week! Providence Gully is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Snapshot Sunday – Red Lips

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Photo by Daniel K Cheung

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