Snapshot Sunday – Window Of Hope

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Photo by Britt Spring

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Allie and Paul’s St Kilda Engagement Photos

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Allie & Paul

I love, love love today’s engagement photos of Allie and Paul. They capture a beautiful morning, something Allie and Paul do often and their natural responses to their surroundings and each other. Photos today are by Its Beautiful Here. Scout, our photographer today tells “Allie and Paul are the sweetest couple. We often meet our couples in cafes but Allie and Paul insisted we meet at their place for takoyaki and the best lemon lime bitters! Such great hosts and a couple so obviously in love! We all hit it off, they booked us and we are so excited to be shooting their wedding.

Allie and Paul also booked a memento shoot, they wanted to get a feel for how we work and what to expect on their wedding day. So we planned to meet at their fave cafe (Bhodi Monk), catch a tram to St Kilda, peruse the St Kilda Farmers Market and wander down to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens for some photos at their favourite playground!! It was a really great shoot, we were all very relaxed and up for some fun! I think they also have given us our most lovely compliment as well. Not only did they love their images, they loved the experience even more. We can’t ask for more than that!”

Paul tells the story of their engagement. “Allie and I have had so many lovely experiences together, so I wanted to somehow capture those when I proposed to her…plus, I thought that looking back on those experiences would make her more likely to say “Yes”!

Ever since I was young I loved Goldberg machines, which are basically complex machines for doing something simple, often in a chain reaction – I originally saw one in my favourite movie, “The Goonies”. Well, it turned out that, in Japan, “The Goonies” was Allie’s favorite movie as well!”

“So, I put my love of Goldberg machines together with my love for Allie and came up with my Proposal Machine, which I decided to make and set up in her apartment. Each step in the machine was going to tell a little bit about our experiences, such as our first date (when we went on the tram together and ended up at a church), with each part in our story triggering the next part in the machine. This would eventually open the door to the kitchen where I was waiting on one knee.

Sounds great in theory, right? Well, first I had to make the machine parts without anyone knowing what I was doing – I did it in Dad’s garage and told him I was making shelves. He’d pop down occasionally to look, not say anything, and (as I found out later) then go upstairs to tell Mum they were the weirdest shelves he’d ever seen.

“Once everything was made, I set up the machine while Allie was out for the day…except she came back before I was finished! I managed to convince her I was making a surprise dinner (which was partly true) that wasn’t ready yet – she happily obliged by taking a walk on her own in the park.

When she came back and opened the door it triggered the machine…and the tram crashed straight into the church. This didn’t happen on our date and wasn’t supposed to happen with the machine, so I had to quickly jump out and make some repairs while Allie closed her eyes. The tram was off again it worked pretty well, but Allie still had her eyes closed!

I gave up on my machine and got down on my knee, told her to open her eyes and asked her to marry me. Thankfully, she forgave my engineering challenges and said “Yes!” Then I took her through what was supposed to happen with the machine, all while we were laughing and crying at the same time.”

Photographer: Its Beautiful Here

What’s In A Veil – Birdcage Veils

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Photo by You Can’t Be Serious from Ali-Breeze and Chris’ Vintage Inspired Brisbane Wedding

Continuing  our “What’s In A Veil” series, today one of of the most subtle and sweet veil options- the birdcage veil. Popular in days gone by the birdcage veil adds such a soft, sophisticated look to your wedding day attire.

The birdcage veil often uses just one layer of french netting, though it can certainly be designed with  silk tulle and other fabrics with added decoration like crystals, pearls. diamantes or fabric adornments. It’s often attached to the hair with pins, but crystal clips, combs,  silk hair flowers or feathers can add a little something extra when placed at the edge of the veil.

The veil length varies. Some touch the tip of the nose, other designs are a little longer touching the chin. A longer birdcage allows brides to “lift” the veil after the ceremony.

The birdcage veil is a beautiful choice for brides who still want something of a veil without much fuss. It also suits a more subtle, vintage look or can also be an option if your gown is particularly elaborate meaning a fuller veil might overwhelm you.

1. He Loves me, he Loves me Not Birdcage veil from Kristi Bonnici 2. Double layer full birdcage veil from Twigs & Honey 3. Weightless birdcage veil from BHLDN 4. Photo by Made U Look Photography from Sky and Mat 5. Scalloped edge birdcage veil from Twigs & Honey 6. Veil by Laura Jayne 7. Photo by Erich McVey Photography via Style Me Pretty 8. Taylor Bandeau Birdcage Veil from Lo Boheme 9. Photo by Louisa Bailey from Karina and David’s Elegant Melbourne Wedding 10. Photo by  Kai Heeringa Photography via Green Wedding Shoes 11. enjaneek veil from Sara Gabriel 12. Etile Birdcage Veil from BHLDN

Project Innovate 2012 – Meet Saundra Hadley, GET REAL Sales Coach

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Project Innovate Logo Project Innovate  Meet Leila Khalil of Be Inspired PR

In the hustle and bustle of the almost daily content from wedding professionals across Australia and the world, we showcase Polka Dot Wisdom (really you should subscribe, we have such great posts lined up!) posts which can sometimes can get lost in the flurry. But when it’s an event announcement, I want to make sure everybody can see!

Last year, Sarah from Girl Friday Weddings and I joined forces to create Project Innovate. We were so inspired by the response from the Australian wedding industry about the need for industry specific education, that we’re doing it all again this year! 2012 welcomes Saundra Hadley all the way from the US who will be presenting “Selling For Wedding Professionals.”

Branding your business isn’t just your logo, it’s how you do business, it’s how you market.  This session will cover:

  • Psychological Process of the Sale

Learn the tried and proven process that every sale goes through until the purchase is made.

  • The Emotions behind Buying

What is the Buyer/Potential Client feeling emotionally, especially in the wedding industry?

  • First Contact

Best practices in handling the first contact from a potential client.

  • Pre Qualifying

How to PreQualify the client, more than what you may normally do now.

  • Creative Consultations

Best practices in creating the most magical and creative of consultations.

  • Closing the Sale

Steps to use to move your potential client towards closing the sale.

  • Winning Proposals

New ideas for creative and winning proposals. Set yourself apart from the rest.

  • Top Sales Mistakes

Learn and laugh about the top sales mistakes that we all have made.

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the years with Saundra (I love the way she presents sales techniques in a no fuss, no fluff, straight down the line environment) and I am really excited about bringing her to Australia.

If you’d like to come along,the event is on the 11th of September from 5.30pm at The Ivy Sunroom in Sydney. Ticket price ($220 for early birds!) includes a presentation on the latest “Cost Of Love” survey results from Bride To Be Magazine’s beauty and features editor Amy Collins- Walker, a ninety minute workshop by Saundra Hadley, a question & answer session with Saundra, champagne upon arrival, a scrumptiously catered networking reception following the workshop (did I mention the sweet treats and cake?) and a chance to be a part of Project Innovate’s second ever event.

Click here to purchase your ticket.