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Arushie Bridal Couture

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


Another brilliant tip off led me to discover Arushie.

While I love the ballgown silhouettes, it’s the detailing that really caught my eye.

Arushie couture006 Arushie Bridal Couture Arushie couture005 Arushie Bridal Couture

Arushie couture004 Arushie Bridal Couture Arushie couture003 Arushie Bridal Couture

Arushie couture002 Arushie Bridal Couture Arushie couture001 Arushie Bridal Couture

Arushie bridal couture007 Arushie Bridal Couture Arushie couture009 Arushie Bridal Couture

Photos from Arushie Bridal Couture

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Snapshot Sunday – Under My Umbrella

by | Bride, Photography, Snapshot Sundays


Love this fun shot from Sam & Clayton’s wedding captured by Image Digital Photography (see more here)

image digital Snapshot Sunday Under My Umbrella

Photo by Image Digital Photography

Kristina and Tym Engaged!

by | Bride, Engagements


A funky urban engagement shoot for you today by Karen Buckle! This shoot took place in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane where the couple met!

Have a lovely weekend!

kristina and tym urban eshoot0011 Kristina and Tym Engaged!

kristina and tym urban eshoot0021 Kristina and Tym Engaged!

kristina and tym urban eshoot0031 Kristina and Tym Engaged!

kristina and tym urban eshoot0041 Kristina and Tym Engaged!

kristina and tym urban eshoot0061 Kristina and Tym Engaged!

kristina and tym urban eshoot0071 Kristina and Tym Engaged!

kristina and tym urban eshoot0051 Kristina and Tym Engaged!

kristina and tym urban eshoot0081 Kristina and Tym Engaged!

Photos by Karen Buckle Photography

Creative Colour – Black

by | Bride, Creative Colour, Wedding Inspiration


black1 Creative Colour Black

black text Creative Colour Black

The colour of a moonless night sky, mysterious, rich and elegant – all in one!

Combine with any of the white shades

-       With bright colours in combination such as in Russian embroidery

-       With single bright colours such as green, hot pink, hot orange, bright deep blue – used in small amounts

-       With soft pastel pink and ivory

-       With soft dusty mauve and white

-       With cream and stone

-       With cherry red, burgundy and ivory

-       With bronze, green and blue – think of a peacock

-       With champagne and cream

-       Black or white pearls, jet jewellery or beading (think Queen Victoria), paua shell jewellery, opals, marquisite (marcasite) jewellery

-       A Spanish feel – white dress with black beading, lace or embroidery, black lace fans, lace mantilla, black wrought iron, a stone walled setting, masses of candles, a vine covered arbour, long communal tables, tapas served throughout the festivities, Spanish music

-       Your wedding dress could be a black creation perhaps with a coloured under slip, if you are feeling unconventional

-       Incorporate touches of black such as sashes, beading, jewellery, the mens’ suits, headpieces, a black lace mantilla or lace edging on your veil, small black buttons on the back of your dress

-       Be careful with black however, as it can look over whelming and a bit ‘Halloween’, if used as the sole colour of the day. It’s best to soften it with white or another colour.

-       Russian caviar, black jelly beans, black berries, squid ink pasta

-       A pure white cake simple decorated with black ribbon or black polka dots, or white anemones with black centres cascading down the cake

-       Paper ware featuring a coloured or white background with a black design. Or try a black background, perhaps with a shine, lustre or embossing, with a pure white motif, that is repeated in black on your white table linen

-       Use ‘opposites’ as in the above paper ware example, black crockery on white linen with black embroidered motifs, black felt laser cut placemats on white cloths, black lace runners on white cloths, black piping,  crystal for sparkle, silver candlesticks with black candles

-       Any white flowers, white anemones, white gerberas with black centres, spider lilies, black privet berries, black bamboo, ‘black’ roses or dark leafed plants

black inspiration board Creative Colour Black

Bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, Black bowtie from Smart Fella, Envelopes by Love Jenna, Vintage Black Diamond Crystal Drop Earrings from 1928 via Amazon

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