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Julie and Pedzi

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Julie and Pedzi

When this wedding landed, I knew it was going to be an emotional one. After Julie and Pedzi’s insanely fun engagement photos, I knew their wedding would be one I’d love- I didn’t know it would be one that would make me cry or draw me in so significantly, which is why I knew it was one to share with you! So on this Wednesday, we have an Italian/Zimbabwean wedding straight from Brisbane!

Julie recounted how she and Pedzi met. “We met one Sunday morning in the church bookstore,  Pedzi had just arrived in Australia from Zimbabwe to study at university while I had just finished film school.  Apparently Pedzi had noticed me before (but I don’t remember!).

I thought he was charming from the first time I met him, I also knew very well the importance of making new friends when arriving into a new country, as I immigrated to Australia from Italy when I was nine.

It wasn’t long before I asked a common friend for his phone number and texted him a ‘hello!’ five minutes later, I get a phone call from an unknown number – he had called me from a payphone! So cute. From then on, it was nearly three years of the ‘we’re just best friends game’.  We went through long distance, short distance, overseas ‘I miss you’ and finally started dating.  The one thing that I love about our relationship, is that even after 6 years of our first meeting, it still feels like we are best friends regardless of our marital status.”

Photos today are by Hailey of You Can’t Be Serious Photography who has captured the emotion of the day so beautifully- I lost my breath when looking at this photos and losing myself in the moment? That’s my favourite type of photography, one Hailey does so well!

Julie carried a bouquet by Bloomberry Flowers while her bridesmaids carried bouquets of vintage silk roses made by Julie’s Aunty Jan. One of Julie’s favourite memories was being surrounded by her beautiful bridesmaids. “I love my amazing bridesmaids made up of my gorgeous cousins, my beautiful best friend and my cant-live-without new sister-in-law!”

Julie wore a Mia Solano strapless gown from Luv Bridal and paired it with killer gray stilettos. She says “I actually bought my shoes before I had any idea of what kind of dress I would have, they were on sale (which makes them even prettier, right?) and I fell in love with them instantly!”

Julie and Pedzi held their ceremony in the garden courtyard at Hillstone St Lucia. Julie chose to walk down the aisle to an Italian song “Senso di te” by Elisa.

One of Julie’s favourite memories is walking down the aisle. “The moment I walked down the aisle I saw Pedzi crying, my heart melted.  I couldn’t believe that I was not only about to marry my best friend, but the most genuine and most loving man in the world.”

The ceremony was pretty special, Julie recalls “Pedzi’s mother or ‘Mhama’ as we like to call her, flew all the way from Africa to be at the wedding so there was no stopping her celebratory dancing and cheering.  Throughout the whole ceremony, whenever something significant happened, we would hear Mhama cheering and the Italian side laughing and joining in! From the beginning it was a fun, loud, emotional party filled with incredible energy.”

Julie and Pedzi did their best to put their own touches on their wedding day.

I love that Julie and Pedzi incorporated the blanket from their engagement photos, into their wedding day!

Before joining their guests at the reception (held in Hillstone St Lucia’s Rosewood Room) the couple celebrated with their bridal party. Julie says “I didn’t want to get caught up in the wedding hype, so decisions were made pretty easily, my family was incredibly supportive and always brought me back down to earth, they always reminded me to never take anything for granted.

I was and still am blessed to have a man as wonderful as Pedzi in my life, all  I hoped was for our wedding to be a reflection of that blessing – and it was so much more that!  No matter where you fit in the picture, it felt like each of our guests were a part of one big family.”

Favors were custom printed boxes from Sacred Art filled with the traditional five  Italian sugared almonds (representing happiness, wealth, health, fertility and long lives) . These doubled as placecards and were the perfect gift for international guests who couldn’t attend. The tables were decorated with dried, mini rosebuds and candelabras.

Julie loves that “neither of our cultures ‘do’ quiet weddings.”

Of their first dance, Julie recalls, “We started doing our wedding waltz to ‘How deep is your love’ by the Bee Gees, but low and behold that was just to fool our guests! The music quickly changed to the Reggae remix of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ where we broke out into a choreographed routine.  It was so much fun!  Everyone then danced all night to a mix of Motown, RnB and African music, even Nonna joined in!”

Congratulations Julie and Pedzi! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us on Polka Dot Bride! Thank youalso to Hailey of You Can’t Be Serious Photography for sharing today’s photographs!

Photos by You Can’t Be Serious Photography

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Becky and Simon’s Engagement Party

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Becky and Simon

We don’t normally showcase engagement parties on Polka Dot Bride (because truth be told we don’t actually get many!) but this one? It was so full of delicious smiles and yummy red sugar that I had to share it with you!

Today’s engagement (held in the gardens of the bride’s family home in Sydney’s Hills district)  celebration is full of plenty of cuddles and plenty of sticky sweet sugar- both of which I need today and both of which I hope warm your heart as much as they did for me.

Photos this morning by Milton Gan who captured the exuberance and happiness of the event beautifully- I had such fun looking through Becky and Simon’s photos!

Becky and Simon wanted a fun whimsical party to celebrate their personalities before their more formal wedding. Becky says”We are set to have a quite traditional black tie wedding next year and so for the engagement party I wanted to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere that reflected Simon and my personality. We tried to personalise as much as possible, with a number of family and friends getting involved with our DIY projects both on the day and before hand.”

Food was an important part of Becky and Simon’s engagement party. Becky says “The George Khouzame Group did the catering and put together the amazing desert table based on a vision I pulled together with my dear friend, Liz Hunter, Cupcakes were from The Cupcake Factory, Drummoyne, Sydney, cupcake toppers from Colleen Cech- Purple Peony Couture on Etsy, pom pom decorations were from TiddlyPom on MadeIt and  heart cookies were by Liz Hunter”

Beer was always going to be on the menu, but Becky and Simon had a special brew added to the mix. “My maternal Grandparents, as well as my own parents, met and married in Papua New Guinea. It was our family holiday destination for a long time and last year I took Simon there so it was only fitting that we served SP Lager, PNG’s National Beer!”


Guests meant everything. “For Simon and I, the most important thing in our lives (besides each other!) is our family. We have a large and diverse network of relatives and close friends, a lot of whom don’t know each other- so for our engagement party we wanted to have as many of them there as possible. Whilst that meant about 200 guests, we were honoured that everybody there on the day was truly present in the moment.”

Guests traveled from around the world! “One of the best moments for me, was looking around and taking in the amount of love, support, and friendship in our garden that day. I felt truly blessed that so many people made a huge effort to come and celebrate with us. We had friends and relatives fly in from QLD, Papua New Guinea and even Simon’s mum traveled all the way from the UK just for us!”

And speeches made Becky emotional…”Another special moment came during the speeches. Simon, along with my dad Michael, and Simon’s mum Wai shared words with our guests which were so lovely, I shed quite a few tears!”

Becky and Simon’s family were very involved with elements of the party. Becky says “The Engagement cake was made by 2 of my aunties, the top 2 tiers were baked in Guyra, about 5 hours from Sydney and flown in the week before. Another Auntie decorated the cake and dressed it with fresh Ranunculas and Chrysanthemums. My mother in law to be, Wai Chen Lee sewed the gingham table cloths.”

Congratulations on your engagement Becky and Simon! Best of luck with your wedding plans!

Photos by Milton Gan

Anna and Josh

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Anna and Josh

Oh I loved today’s wedding when I set eyes on it- the fusion of two cultures came together in such an imaginative and vibrant way. Our newlyweds? Well they’re not just childhood sweethearts – they met in kindergarten!

Anna recalls, “Josh and I first met when we were five: in the same Kindergarten class! Thirteen years later we reconnected through some friends… and five years after that Josh asked me to marry him and I said yes!”

Today’s photographs are by Tealily Photography, always a favourite for the beautifully captured images. I’ve noticed recently I describe a lot of our photographers as taking photos in a graceful manner and that is perhaps what draws me into the photos, the beauty, the elegance and the grace- three words Tealily does so well.

Linda wore a stunning gown with a red ribbon around her waist made by Effie Couture, The bridesmaids wore gowns made by Anna’s friend Jess while the groom and his groomsmen wore suits from Calabro Bridal. The couple’s family were heavily involved in the day. “I loved having our sisters up there with us.  Josh’s sister Jess was his Best Man and my sister Laura was my Maid of Honour.  This was really special to us as we are both really close with our sisters.”

The handmade touches Anna and Josh incorporated into the wedding were beautiful. Anna says “My mum made the beautiful obi-inspired sashes that the bridesmaids wore, and I made the orange flower clips that they wore in their hair.  I also made the matching flowers that the boys wore in place of traditional boutonnière.” Linda at Beautiful Blossoms put together the bouquets.

Anna and Josh were married at Epping Church of Christ. There was a special moment as Anna entered the church “We walked down the aisle to “Wedding Song” by Old Man River, but a version that Josh and I recorded ourselves.  It was a little secret that not many people knew about beforehand, and it made the moment feel all the more “us”.

Anna fell in love with white balloons and having them as a part of her wedding was on of her favourite memories. “The huge white balloons!  I was inspired by all the weddings I had seen online which incorporated giant balloons and so we did some research and managed to order some white balloons from overseas.  We had this great idea of them in our minds and were so excited when we turned up and my mum and dad had arranged them perfectly!  It was so cool walking down the aisle through a tunnel of giant white balloons and they were a lot of fun in photos later on in the day too.”


One of Anna’s favourite memories was the “guest participation” in the ceremony. She says, “While we signed the register, we asked our friends Josh and Leanne to play the Nat King Cole song L.O.V.E.  Halfway through the song they asked everyone to join in – and everyone started singing and doing the actions!  That is one of the greatest and funniest memories of the day!”

The couple’s delicious three tier cake was inspired by a cake the couple found online and made by Josh and his sister Jess (the couple’s “best man”)! They sourced the M&Ms from the USA and lots of royal icing! Anna and her dad made the cake toppers. Anna says “My dad and I made the cake toppers – I drew them and he cut them out of wood for me, then we painted them together.  They were a bit of a last minute project, but I was really pleased with how they turned out.”

After the ceremony, Anna and Josh really wanted to serve afternoon tea- their compromise was a gelato cart! A hit with guests it served eight different flavours and because of the couple’s love of gelato- it was the perfect treat!

The fusion of two cultures meant traditional elements weren’t left out. “In the afternoon before the reception we also had a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony where Josh and I served tea to our relatives in return for red packets filled with money.  It was a really special experience and we really enjoyed sharing this tradition with our families.”

Anna and Josh held a 17 course Chinese banquet reception at Manly Phoenix.

The couple hired a photobooth which was a hit with guests. Anna says “I loved the photobooth!  This was one of the first things we booked.  Josh and I love photobooths and have taken some happy snaps in them several times while we’ve been together – when we heard you could hire them we decided on the spot that we had to have it!  We hired it from Funbooth and they were fantastic to deal with.  It came with an attendant for the night who helped our guests glue one copy into a guest book and they could take the other copy home.  We love looking through our guest book and seeing all the fun our guests were having!”

Anna made fun little badges for the guests to wear. “Two weeks before the wedding I had this idea that it would be fun to have little “I’m with Josh” and “I’m with Anna” badges for our guests to wear at the reception.  It was a last minute idea but with the help of Marajane01 at etsy they were made and became a fun little conversation starter for everyone at the wedding.”

Anna and Josh made all the stationery themselves “Josh and I did all the invitations, menus and orders of service ourselves too.  We both love to play around with photography and on Photoshop, so that was a fun part to share together.”

There was one last surprise for Anna… “Josh announced as we left on the water taxi – “we’re going to Paris!”  I found out at the same time as our guests who were waving us off on the wharf!  Most romantic moment ever.”

Congratulations Anna and Rich! Thank you for allowing us to share you wedding day on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Trish of Tealily Photography for sharing today’s images!

Photos by Tealily Photography

Imelda and Anthony

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Matt of Matt Barwick Films shot the wedding of Imelda and Anthony. What a beautiful day- so obviously full of humor, love and joy!

imelda and anthony / i’m greek…what are you? from Matt Barwick on Vimeo.

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