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Ali and Jason

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ali and simon037 Ali and Jason

Ali and Jason

I love this afternoon’s wedding, it’s carefree and simple and some of the most magical weddings are simply that!

The couple love the laid back nature of the South Coast of NSW and decided Mollymook was the perfect venue- one where everyone could spend time chilling out!

Photos today are by SugarLove Weddings.

ali and simon001 Ali and Jason ali and simon003 Ali and Jason

Ali wore a a beautiful gown from Johanna Johnson.

ali and simon005 Ali and Jason ali and simon006 Ali and Jason

ali and simon007 Ali and Jason ali and simon008 Ali and Jason

ali and simon015 Ali and Jason ali and simon016 Ali and Jason

ali and simon018 Ali and Jason ali and simon019 Ali and Jason

ali and simon020 Ali and Jason ali and simon023 Ali and Jason

Ali describes one of her favourite moments as “Having my beautiful bridesmaids by my side, one especially because she had just announced that she was pregnant, it is so amazing to know that my godson Freddie now 6 months, was actually at our wedding!”

ali and simon024 Ali and Jason

Ali’s bridesmaids wore Fleur Wood and carried bouquets of hydrangeas and roses created by Ruby Slipper.

ali and simon026 Ali and Jason

ali and simon028 Ali and Jason ali and simon029 Ali and Jason

ali and simon030 Ali and Jason

Ali and Jason married at  Bannisters Point Lodge, Mollymook, where the ceremony was moved to an inside room after the threat of rain canceled the original headland location. Ali walked down the aisle to “Bella” by Angus and Julia Stone. Celebrant Katrina McGarry wrote a beautiful and personal ceremony for the couple.

ali and simon031 Ali and Jason

Check back in a little while for Ali and Jason’s celebration!

Photos by SugarLove Weddings

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Be Back Soon!

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Due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve had to remove today’s wedding!

We’ll be back shortly with another fabulous wedding!

Vintage Glamour Dessert Table

by | Bride, Catering, Reception, Wedding Inspiration


It’s really exciting to me to see Australian businesses pushing really great ideas out (and allowing me to share them!). Today I get to share with you a beautiful dessert table inspired by the glamour of yesteryear.

Kristy at Imbue Weddings sent over today’s gorgeous table. With a colour palette of black and white, Kristy used milk glass sundae cups, tiered cake stands, black candlesticks, clear glass jars and black plates to tie it together. A big bunch of pink toned roses with individual blooms grouped along the table add softness. The lollies (or candy) in tones of black, white and a hit of decadent chocolate complete the display.

vintage glamour dessert table001 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table

vintage glamour dessert table002 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table vintage glamour dessert table003 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table

vintage glamour dessert table004 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table vintage glamour dessert table005 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table

vintage glamour dessert table006 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table

vintage glamour dessert table008 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table

vintage glamour dessert table007 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table vintage glamour dessert table009 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table

vintage glamour dessert table010 Vintage Glamour Dessert Table

Photos from Imbue Weddings.

Choosing The Ring

by | Bride, Engagements, Grooms, Jewellery


Welcome to 2010 on Polka Dot Bride! I’m going to kick off the year with a very special guest, someone who is near and dear to me- Mr Polka Dot!

Mr Polka wrote this post last year and since the festive season is the time when most proposals happen, I thought this was a perfect time to share his words with you. So this is choosing a ring from a guy’s point of view!

georg jensen cent Choosing The Ring

Ring from Georg Jensen

So you’ve decided that you’re going to ask that special lady in your life to marry you.

That is going to mean getting an engagement ring. There are a couple of ways to go about doing this. First up is the traditional way, go out and select the ring yourself to surprise her with, or propose and take her with you to pick out the ring she would love.

There are pro’s and cons for both of these methods.

If you really want to surprise her with the bended knee and opening ring box you’re going to have to get it yourself.  My best advice for this method is to be observant.  If you know more about what her likes and dislikes are in this area you’re more likely to pick something that she is going to scream over and feel wonderful showing off to all her friends.

Cerrone Engagement Rings Loose Diamonds Wedding Rings Choosing The Ring

Ring from Cerrone


If she never talks about weddings or wedding rings you may not be able to get a perfect idea of the ring she would love, however you can garner plenty of information from the rest of her jewelery collection. What kind of colour does she like? Is she a gold, white gold or silver girl? Or if she has a lot, what does she wear the most on her hands. Also does she prefer subtle jewelery, or is she into the louder more extravagant items. This will all give you great insight into what to pick out for her.

Now once you have been observing this, my next suggestion would be to find a very helpful jeweler. It will be much easier for if you find a jeweler who will help you through the process of picking out the perfect ring. This may mean going to a few jewelers until you find the right one for you.

The other way of course is to ask the question without the ring and to pick out the ring together. This method of course means you don’t have to worry about getting the right ring on your own. Before you head down this path thinking it’s the easy way however it might be worth gauging from her how she feels about this way. It will require tact on your part to work this out without giving away your intention.

Jan Logan Jewellery collections diamonds precious rings 011583 Choosing The Ring

Ring from Jan Logan

We wouldn’t want you just come out and ask the question with out the ring if she really has her heart set on the question coming with the ring in the box.

Once you’ve decided on a method of getting the ring for her, the next major task for you is the proposal. That my friends is an art of it’s own, however I’m assured that rolling over on the couch, letting off gas and saying ‘how about it babe’ might not be the best way to go.

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