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Mel and Matt

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Mel & Matt

Sydney has been having a run of beautiful weddings lately (so we need more wonderful submissions from South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory!) but I couldn’t resist sharing today’s gorgeous celebration of Mel & Matt. The sunshine, the spring colours, it seemed to fit perfectly today!

Mel shares their story. “This is no ordinary schoolyard romance. Matt and Mel first met when they began working together as teachers at the same high school. There was an instant attraction and a deep friendship grew from that moment, however, it wasn’t until 7 years later that they took their relationship went to the next level. The rest is history.

On Mel’s birthday they travelled to Melbourne with a small group of friends to enjoy the Australian Open Tennis. After sending Mel out to buy a new dress with some girlfriends, Matt arranged for a surprise twilight seafood dinner at “Live Bait” Restaurant at Docklands. After a sumptuous candlelit seafood meal, Matt presented Mel with a special book that contained post-it notes spread strategically throughout stating “10 Things I DON’T Hate about You!”. Dessert was then followed by Matt rushing Mel into a taxi and it was straight off to the 88th floor of Eureka Towers (the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere) and into “The Edge” (a glass cube platform which extends 3-metres out from the building!). By the time Mel had recovered from the height and turned around from taking in the amazing view of the Melbourne skyline, Matt was down on one knee and was popping ‘the question’.”

Photos today are by Michelle Fiona Photography. Michelle has a knack for capturing weddings in a beautiful and relaxed manner. Each thought our detail, sunshine filled moment or large enveloping venues are captured on Michelle’s camera in a way that gives a real sense of how the occasion played out.

Mel and Matt made a lot of the accessories themselves “We made the invitations, bridesmaids tops and skirts…All 6 of them (the girls were also given individual bags to match their outfits filled with essentials for the day), bridesmaid hairpieces, reception table decorations, shoes and order of service” Mel wore ballet flats from Witchery which she embellished herself.

Mel says “As a creative people we notice details so our wedding had lots of attention to detail. The decoration on the bridesmaid tops was repeated in the boys corsages, on the serviette holders and also on the top tear of the wedding cake. The colours throughout the day complemented one another and reflected our taste.” Mel and her friend Justine now operate together, creating gorgeous designs under their label Silkpin.

Mel wore a gown from Karen Willis Holmes while Erin Hall styled the flowers.

Mel and Matt were married at St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Newtown. Mel walked down the aisle to ‘To Have You’ by The Sundance Kids. Mel remembers how much she loved hearing the words “I Do”.

After the ceremony, the couple headed to Observatory Hill with their bridal party for stunning Sydney portraits. One of Mel’s favourite moments took place here “I loved sitting on a picnic rug with our bridal party at Observatory Hill sipping on champagne and breathing the whole day in.”

As the sun set, guests gathered at The Loft, Doltone House to celebrate!

Mel says “As soon as we walked into the Loft we fell in love with the space. It had the intimate and contemporary feel we desired for our wedding. We loved the beautiful exposed timber beams, the polished wooden floorboards and the amazing view. The service was top class. Very professional with a personal touch.” The three tier wedding cake was made by The Cake Studio.

Mel and Matt made their stationery together and carried their style through the rest of their wedding “Our invitations included a detailed image of a dandelion and were presented in a delicate soft pouch/envelope sealed with an aqua stitch. The dandelion image and aqua stitch also appeared in the order of service and on the table decorations (we collected dried agapanthas stems and grouped them together in vases of white flowers)”

Mel and Matt had an intimate first dance “It was magically sweet moment of slow dancing to “Magic” by Colbie Caillat with all our guests watching on from the second floor of The Loft.” another favourite memory includes Matt’s dad tearing up the dance floor!

A big thank you to Mel & Matt for sharing their wedding day with us today on Polka Dot Bride! Congratulations! Thank you also to Michelle Fiona Photography for sharing today’s gorgeous photographs!

Photos by Michelle Fiona Photography.

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Wednesday Roundup

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It’s a little different for us to do a Wednesday roundup, but there are some fun things I wanted to share with you today!

Suzi of Alannah Rose Stationery has launched her brand new website! Showing off even more of Suzi’s gorgeous designs, galleries, full stationery suites and even “The Rose Lounge” for sharing your favourite invitations with your family or receiving exclusive benefits, it’s Alannah Rose all grown up, tied up with a perfect black bow.

The Wedding List Co is holding master classes in Sydney & Melbourne on Thursday (9th September) night.

Running from 6.30pm to 8pm, each couple will be treated to fine wine and food while being spoilt with demonstrations from the experts! Melbourne couples will learn how to create master chef meals with a demonstration from Le Creuset while Sydney couples will participate in the appreciation and artistry of wine and how important it is the have the right glass, with a wine tasting master class by Riedel. Each couple receives a free gift on the night so register on their website to attend.

There are lots of other events coming up soon, so check out our new look event calender to get the details.

Prior Engagement have officially launched their candy buffet online store. With absolutely everything you’ll need- from lollies, customisable labels, packaging and scoops, Erin has turned her online store into a one stop shop.

The Bendigo Art Gallery in Bendigo, VIC is about to host a brilliant exhibition of 200 years of wedding gowns. Featuring gowns from John Galliano, Vera Wang, Vivienne Westwood and many beautiful designers in between, the exhibition -‘White Wedding Dress: 200 Years Of Wedding Fashions’ will run from August 1 until November 6, 2011.

Jane and Vin’s Dessert Table

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I love this gorgeous dessert table that Leonie from Happy Cakes in Townsville sent over recently. It’s a bit of a different twist to the normal dessert tables- this one was set up in front of the bridal table and is full of colour and homemade goodies.

Based on Jane’s inspiration board, Leonie created the table in blues, yellows and pinks. She made all the desserts (except the donuts) which were favourites of Jane and Vin’s- even using some of Jane’s family recipes to create family favourites! A blue polka dot wedding cake was the finishing touch.

Photos from Happy Cakes

Sweet Like Chocolate Proposal

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What better way to ease into Tuesday with a beautifully sweet proposal? Today’s proposal involves one of my favourite things- chocolate! It’s the story of James Day, a Sydney wedding photographer and his proposal to his now fiancee Catherine!

Matt & Katie of Matt & Katie Photographers shot a video of the special moment.


James and Cath – Engaged! from Matt E on Vimeo.

But the beauty in any proposal of course, are the words. James wrote this story and shared it with us.

“On the 17th of January I left Armidale with a group of friends on my way to a Christian Youth Leadership conference in Katoomba called NextGen. I pulled over and bought some oil as I thought the oil was low. It was. We went on our merry way and I noticed Smoke coming from the engine and the exhaust. We pulled over & called the NRMA to help us out. 5 hours later we were back on the road. They said I put too much oil in the engine. I have no clue about cars. On the 18th of January, we finally got to Katoomba after having to stop in Sydney overnight because of the massive delay. We turned up late to the conference and I had no idea where to go for the first group meeting. I saw a beautiful young lady walking towards me and thought she looked like a friendly soul so I told her I was lost and asked whether she knew where I needed to go. She was very helpful and helped me find exactly where I needed to be. Later in the day me and a few friends decided to head into the city of Katoomba to go to a Cafe. Just as we were about to go, I saw the same girl and asked her if she would like to join us. The girls name was Catherine.

It didn’t take me long to develop an attraction to this girl especially when I kept hearing about all these guys on the same camp that liked her. I decided I’d just back off and let them go. I figured I still had unfinished business with an ex so it was probably wise not to have another girl to think about. So I did my best to ignore her.

On the last day, we were in a rush to leave as I had to come back to photograph a wedding the next day. Just as I was about to leave I saw Catherine talking to my friends. I thought, what the heck I’ll ask her if she uses facebook. She was very eager in her response to let me know how I could find her on fb. I thought, wow this girl is eager  I was happy about that.

We both went back to our home towns. Cath lived in Sydney & I lived in Armidale, but had plans to move to Sydney a month or two later.

Then we became firm friends and started communicating through Facebook.

Then Cath invited me to a church event that she had organised. It just so happened that I was going to be in Sydney that weekend that it was on. Well that’s what I told her. I was at the Central Coast for my buddy Rayne’s bucks party weekend away and would have to skip half the event to see Cath. Oh how the boys gave me crap about the decision to go. I was constantly heckled for ditching the boys for a girl I barely know.

When I got there, I purposely sat nowhere near Cath. Her identical twin sister Jane (who incidentally is dating a wedding photographer) made room for me to sit opposite Cath at this restaurant and ushered me over. I was trying to play cool. After this we kept talking on the phone & hung out a few more times.

At this point in my life I had absolutely nothing stopping me. I was single & about to move to Sydney in a few weeks and so I just asked her out. That was March 12th, 2010.

Bring it forward to June 12, 2010, exactly 3 months after we started dating. Catherine, my now girlfriend was in Canberra on her Occupational Therapy prac and I decided to go visit her. I handed her a chocolate in the shape of an M. The following day she received an A.. then an R.. then another R..and so on until it spelled out M A R R Y  M E.

At this point, it was still a statement and not a question yet. The next morning I picked her up super early and took her back to the place we went on our first date in Cronulla. I had put together a picnic basket with lots of Cath’s favourite foods. I had organised my photographer buddies Matt & Katie to come to Sydney to photograph the proposal as it happened, without Cath knowing they were there photographing us. I pointed them out to her and we ended up making up a story about who these people might be and what they were photographing. Katie became “Nikon girl with Boots” as she was shooting with a Nikon & had some pretty epic boots on.

I made it seem like I was going to propose there by Cronulla Beach, then we simply left and I started driving her home and told her it was just a big tease and that she would have to wait for the proposal.

Then I pulled over on the side of the road out the front of a small handmade chocolate shop called Nina’s that is right near Cath’s place. The time was 8:45am and the shop wasn’t due to open until 9am. I knocked on the door and had pre-organised with the owner George to be there & to let us in. He invited us in, let us taste test anything in the store and showed us around the shop. By this time, my friends Matt & Katie were standing in the factory behind the counter dressed up as though they worked in the store & putting together boxes for the chocolates to go in. Then George told us he had something special to show us. He walked out with a treasure chest made of chocolate with a ? on the top of it. He placed it in my hands & I got down on one knee and told Cath, among other things that she was my treasure & I love her and I didn’t even want to spend another day without her in my life and would she please marry me. At this point Matt & Katie have their cameras in hand taking photos & shooting video. Now we can share the story with you. ”

Congratulations James & Catherine! Best of luck planning your wedding and impending marriage together!

Photos by James Day of Three Words By James Day and Matt & Katie Photographers.

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