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Creative Colour – Copper

by | Bride, Creative Colour, Wedding Inspiration



A rosy orange metallic found in copper coins, copper pots and copper cookware.

Combine with warmer whites and

–       dull teal and taupe

–       duck egg blue, pale grey

–       apricot, rust and chocolate brown

–       peach pink,  milk chocolate

–       deep yellow cream (like really old vintage lace) and milk chocolate

–       teal green, touches of mint green and pearl grey

–       pea (yellow-y) green and dark green

–       slate blue and milk chocolate

–       Champagne, olive green and copper

–       For a rosy copper, add touches of dark red, olive green or coppery pale pink

–       tea dyed fabrics, old French linen, old lace, metallic/shiny fabrics in rich colours, brown stained pages of (non precious) old books or music manuscripts fashioned into flowers set in copper vessels, or used as garlands

–       copper wire baskets, old washing coppers, old coal skuttles, old copper serving dishes to use as containers from anything from sweets to flowers

–       blue, chocolate brown and white speckled eggs and feathers scattered in a copper chafing dish

–       vintage style gowns in taupes and old creams, copper beaded belts, copper edged lace or beading

–       Magnolia or taupe coloured under cloths embroidered or printed in a simple design in slate blue, copper metallic fabric table runners, copper coloured glassware, slate blue napkins tied with a copper tassel, chocolate speckled eggs in twig nests or copper wire baskets, crockery in taupe or magnolia

–       Lantern style lights covered in a tulle like fabric embellished in copper beading with copper tassels, hung above the tables, rich coloured fabrics, some metallic, some textured – think Arabian nights

–       Copper coloured roses, autumn leaves, berries and pods, sedums, copper coloured orchids

–       Copper touches on the wedding invitations, copper ribbons – around the cake, around bouquets, around napkins

–       Bridesmaids in copper dresses, perhaps with a contrasting lining, perhaps patterned in a lustrous copper pattern for added sparkle, copper shoes, dull green bouquets


Williams Sonoma Ice Bucket from Brides, Elizabeth bracelet in Copper Pearl from BonitaJ, Favors from Martha Stewart Weddings, Ivy Vine napkin ring from Paper Orchid Stationery.

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What Would They Know? Jonas Peterson

by | Bride, Photography, What Would They Know?



Unless you’ve been living under a blog rock, chances are you’ve heard of our guest today. It was very early in 2009 that I received an email from a new Brisbane photographer. He’d only ever shot two weddings (the first of which I featured in a Snaphot Sunday in March). Geoff & Cait being his second.

Since those first two weddings, photographer Jonas Peterson has been swept up in a whirlwind – one that has led him to be shooting over forty weddings all over the world this year.  His immense talent, combined with the rawness of entering into this world of photography has led him to be a well known name internationally. I have been completely amazed by his journey and his growth that I have been lucky enough to witness, as not only a photographer but as a person learning and finding their way in a brand new way of being.

What was the catalyst for starting Jonas Peterson Photography?

Life. My partner Jacqui and I had both worked in different roles in advertising for a long time and felt the need to do something real. I was quite honestly fed up with coming up with creative ideas for clients who didn’t care about anything but making money. Jacqui saw my frustration and pushed me to focus on the thing that made me happy creatively – photography. Shooting weddings was never the plan, as with many things it just happened. I was asked to shoot a wedding for friends and I told them I would make a lousy wedding photographer. They told me to shut up and capture it my way, so I agreed. When I later posted the wedding on my newly set up website, things exploded in my face. I was absolutely blown away. All I did was capture a wedding my way and people went berserk. I think I got around 70 comments on that wedding alone. At this time I was still working as a creative in advertising, but soon after we had to make a decision since were getting more and more inquiries every day. We decided to focus fully on my photography and haven’t looked back since.


What is your business philosophy?

I want to do something that makes me happy. I also want to do something that makes other people happy. Both are equally important.

Your website is beautiful in its simplicity. And you also have an easy style of writing about yourself that captures the reader. How would you describe your photography style?

You have to remember you’re talking to a seasoned ad man here. I’ve come up with more cheesy descriptions and fake labels than most people out there. I wanted my photography to be the absolute opposite of that. I wanted it to be pure. So I hope that’s what it is.


Does your photography style reflect the way you see life?

It’s taken me a while to realize, but I shoot the way I do because that’s how I see things. I can’t do it any differently. The things I see are the things I capture. So yes, most definitely.

What do you love about Australian brides?

Their simple and relaxed approach to life. It affects everything around a wedding and suits me perfectly.


What do you look to for inspiration?

I try not to look at wedding photography too much, but apart from that – anything around me. Literally. Music, TV, books, design, food. Anything.


Do you have a ‘feeling’ about each bride you photograph and then plan the photo shoot accordingly?

I scout locations and visit the church and venue, but apart from that I don’t plan a thing. My approach is to not have an approach. Every bride is completely different and most of the time I’ve only met a bride once before I shoot their wedding day. There’s no way I know who they are after one meeting. Because of that I walk in with a sense of naivety. I slowly get to know them and let that guide me through the day. When it’s time to shoot portraits I know more about who they really are and that dictates how I capture them. I always adapt to them and never ever add bits of “me” to their photos. I want the photos to reflect who they are and not be a bunch of shots I want to take because they’d look cool in my portfolio.


A lot of your shots seem casual and relaxed. How do you encourage a bride and groom to feel relaxed about having their photo taken?

Since I’m around all day people generally trust me. It’s that simple. I’m a fairly laid back guy myself and I try and not make a big deal of anything. The more relaxed I am, the more they relax and that hopefully shows in the pictures we capture together.


What sets you apart from others?

I leave that call to others. The simple answer is me. If I stay true to who I am and don’t try and be someone I’m not, I will immediately be different from others.

How do you keep on learning?

By staying curious and open to everything around me.

How do you keep your product fresh and different?

By staying curious and open to everything around me.


What is your number one tip for brides?

It’s your wedding day, so make it YOUR wedding. No idea is too kooky, nothing too personal. Don’t do things a certain way because you’ve been told that’s how you do them. Listen to your heart and let that dictate everything your wedding is about.

What are your favourite wedding photography ideas?

The ones I haven’t seen yet.


Do you travel anywhere to do a shoot? Tell us about some of the more memorable places you have been to do a wedding shoot.

This year I’m shooting weddings all over Australia, but also in Asia, Europe and North America. I simply love to travel. And the thing is I actually love the actual traveling too. Once you arrive somewhere you’re static. Since I’m Swedish, I have to mention the wedding I shot in Sweden last year. It was my first time back in Sweden for a couple of years and my first Swedish wedding. It was a long Swedish summer night by a beautiful lake. To me it felt like being in a Swedish fairytale. You can find the wedding here.


What is in the future for Jonas Peterson Photography?

To quote my 3-year old son, Noah, “Lotsa, lotsa, lotsa fun!”.


Thank you for joining us today Jonas and thank you for allowing us to be part of journey! You can find more of Jonas Peterson’s work, thoughts and travels on his website and blog.

Laura and Mike – The Celebration

by | Bride, Inspired Weddings, International,


I love the fresh, spring feel of today’s wedding. The green paisley style is perfect for St Patrick’s Day!







laura-and-mike-hayden-lake034 laura-and-mike-hayden-lake017

The cake was decorated with Phalaenopsis orchids, green ribbon and a piped paisley pattern by Just American Desserts.


Laura and Mike had their stationery designed by Amy Moran at Alphagraphics Chicago. They assembled the stationery themselves with each piece carrying through their green paisley theme. Laura and her mother also made the ring bearer’s pillow, cocktail table linens and escort card presentation table together.



Design Events decorated the reception with strings of lights. Laura says “Our favorite part of the venue was having the ability to put the dance floor on a deck overlooking the lake, covered with lights, creating a truly uniquevenue!”. The couple danced to Tracy Chapman’s “The Promise”.





Laura and Mike celebrated with guests for hours. “Our vision was executed perfectly overall, thanks to the enormous help from family, friends, and all of the staff and vendors on site, especially the images captured that day, it reminds us of how much we enjoyed every minute.”

Thank you for sharing your wedding day on this St Patrick’s Day with us Laura and Mike! Thank you also to Kirk Mastin of Mastin Studio for sending over the perfectly green wedding today!

Photos by Mastin Studio.

Laura and Mike

by | Bride, Inspired Weddings, International,



Laura & Mike

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I really wanted to share something lovely and green today as a special celebration of the day of Guinness, shamrocks and  potatoes! The wedding of Laura and Mike has a lovely green colour palette that worked perfectly for what I had in mind!

Mike and Laura have known each other throughout their childhood growing up in Spokane and visiting Hayden Lake during the summers. Even though they both grew up together, they didn’t start dating until they both met again while living in Seattle, where they started to date in 2006.

Photographs today are by Mastin Studio.

laura-and-mike-hayden-lake004 laura-and-mike-hayden-lake037

Laura wore a gown from Mori Lee with gold shoes from Dyeables.



Laura’s bridesmaids wore soft green gowns from Aria and carried bouquets of a single style of flower in white to tie into Laura’s bouquet of white Phalaenopsis orchids (created by Mike at Beau K Flowers) . Mike wore a grey suit from Banana Republic.



Laura walked down the aisle to Canon in D.


Laura and Mike held their wedding at Hayden Lake Country Club. Laura says “The venue was a place that was very special to both of us, having grown up spending our summers at Hayden Lake, it was naturally the perfect place for our wedding. The events of the day all took place on the lawn that overlooked the lake.”



During the ceremony, Mike had surprised Laura with a wedding band that she was not expecting and the moment is caught perfectly by their photographer.



To start off the celebrations, Laura and Mike used “Let Love Open My Door” by The Who as their recessional.



After the ceremony, Laura and Mike snuck away for 25 minutes together to reflect on the importance of the day and enjoy each other’s company.

Photos by Mastin Studio.

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