Snapshot Sunday – Happy Feet

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Photo by Lisa Michele Burns

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Erin and Manning’s Engagement Shoot

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Erin & Manning

Gerard of Hynesite Photography sent along this relaxed, beautiful engagement shoot that took place at the share house where the newly engaged couple Erin & Manning met! I love the idea of engagements at home, especially because I’m such a homebody!

This is the way the story goes “Manning and Erin met in April of 2011 when Manning replied to an online ad for a room to rent in a share house that Erin was currently living in. Manning almost didn’t make the cut for an interview, and when he was told he had secured a spot that afternoon, he almost didn’t make it – he’d been for a long bike ride up to Emerald, 60km away, and only just made it back in time.”

After a morning of interviews, Erin and her housemates made an easy decision, that Manning was the best candidate, and he moved in two weeks later.

Erin and Manning got along well, especially since they were often home together a lot.

After late nights together cooking, playing scrabble and discussing their own ideal European holidays (which they are going on together this June), Manning and Erin made the nerve-wracking and exciting decision to take their housemate relationship to the next level.

The couple feels very spoilt that in the early days of their dating, they got to spend every day together. It helped to accelerate their relationship, and create a strong bond that neither of them had ever felt before. Erin in particular always felt that if Manning could fall for her in her trackies and slippers around the house, then he truly was falling for whole deal. And it certainly didn’t detract from the special nights when they went out for dates – their first real date, Manning snuck out the back door, so he could pick Erin up out the front.”

“Since they started dating, Manning and Erin have moved in to an apartment by themselves where they continue their love of cooking, and spend time riding to cafes for brunches with family and friends.

The couple wanted to incorporate elements in the shoot that were important to them: the scrabble for the nights they spent getting to know one another; the bicycle to remind them how lucky they were that Manning even made it to the housemate interview on time; and the tulips, because for her birthday, Manning sent some to Erin at her work. That day, everyone told Erin what she already knew to be true: “He’s a keeper, don’t let him go”.

“The weekend after the shoot they moved into their own apartment!”

Photographer: Hynesite Photography

Wedding Midnight Snacks

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I think there is nothing better than being at a wedding, dancing your heart out and suddenly? Out come platters of delicious food that give you just a little more energy to dance until dawn.

Midnight snacks at a wedding are a brilliant way to keep your guests’ energy level up but it’s also a fun way to bring out your favourite food that you might not have considered serving during dinner (cheeseburgers? french fries? doughnuts?). Consider making the portions bite size so they’re easy to eat between songs!

Stuck for ideas? Let my stomach grumble as I ramble off my favourites – grilled cheese with shot glasses of tomato soup, mini burgers, shot glasses filled with french fries covered in tomato sauce, ice cream, tiny chocolate chip cookies with milk, doughnut holes,  mini hot dogs, Hot chocolate, curry with poppadums, pikelet stacks with fresh berries, party pies and cocktail frankfurters (you may laugh but these are always the first to go at any party, let’s be honest!), mini tacos, macaroni & cheese, baked potatoes, meatballs, sausage rolls.. the list goes on!

What would you serve?

1. Mini ice cream photo by  j. bird photography via Style Me Pretty 2. Mini pies from Martha Stewart Weddings 3. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup from Fresh Tart 4.  Photo from Bite by Bite: 100 Stylish Little Plates You Can Make for Any Party by Peter Callahan via Bridal Guide 5 Photo from Bite by Bite: 100 Stylish Little Plates You Can Make for Any Party by Peter Callahan via Bridal Guide 6. Mini pancake stack from Instyle Weddings 7. Mini grilled cheese & tomato soup from Oh Happy Day! 8. Photo from Bite by Bite: 100 Stylish Little Plates You Can Make for Any Party by Peter Callahan via Bridal Guide 9. Mini biscuits and milk from Martha Stewart Weddings 10. Mini doughnuts and coffee from Martha Stewart Weddings 11. Mini macaroni and cheese from Martha Stewart Weddings 12 Photo from Bite by Bite: 100 Stylish Little Plates You Can Make for Any Party by Peter Callahan via Bridal Guide 13. Mini cheeseburgers and fries from The Breakers

Friday Roundup

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