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A Moroccan Wedding

by | Bride, Inspiration Boards


I felt like a little spice today, a beautiful party full of colour, full of life and unexpected touches.

This Moroccan inspired wedding inspiration board was drawn from the bottom photo from Form Over Function. The vivid yellow, orange and blue evoke a wedding full of culture, movement and light. The bride? She wears a vivid blue gown with an orange veil, guests enjoy tall cocktails while surrounded by the glowing light from metal lanterns and mosaic candle holders. Orange and yellow orchids fill the room while blue glass beads glitter along the tables.

The food? Well apart from divine cocktails, one must feast on traditional Moroccan fare – delicious dishes full of spice, flavor and most of all colour! Sitting on the floor pillows amongst loved ones and dancing under the tent as night falls and the floor is lit only by candles and the twinkling of the bells and beads.

Blushing bride cocktails from Martha Stewart Weddings, bride and groom photo by Wildberry Photography, bouquet by Matthew Robbins Design, candle holder from CatsMeowArt on Etsy,  lantern from Natasha’s Cafe,  tent photo by Heather Forsythe Photography via 100 Layer Cake, Moroccan Inspired Braised Chicken from Sense & Serendipity, beads from Elated,  Chennai invitation by Ruby & Willow, room photo from Form Over Function.

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Spring Wedding Inspiration

by | Bride, Inspiration Shoot, Wedding Inspiration


I keep talking about Spring like it’s going to happen but alas my hands still go numb when typing and we still have the heater on. So perhaps this fun spring inspired wedding shoot might warm us all up today? (Or for our Northern Hemisphere friends, get you excited about those last rays of sunlight before your winter hits!)

Today’s gorgeous Spring inspired shoot takes place in Canberra at the Japanese Gardens. Amanda Thorson of Thorson Photography (who also shot this fun anniversary shoot) wanted a personal DIY feel to the shoot. She says “All the groom’s clothes were borrowed and the brides dress cost $95 from Madison at DFO, the bride’s shoes (which I love) were hers (her brother had picked them up from a second hand shop for her), also the bride’s coat was her own (she is studying fashion and has amazing style). My mum made the bouquet out of flowers from the garden.

When I do a ‘bridal fashion’ shoot like this I look for a couple of things 1. A couple who are in love, Hannah and Tom are totally in love (you can’t fake it) 2. To reflect a lot of the couple’s style, even if this is set up I really think that there should be honesty to the shoot.

I love how this shoot turned out. It captured the season and the couple’s feeling so well.”

Photos by Thorson Photography

Amaline Vitale Bridal & Couture

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


Oh my,  do I have some absolutely stunning gowns for you today! The best part? They’re Australian!  Amaline Vitale is a designer based in Melbourne who produces some truly stunning work.

Using beautiful European fabrics, Amaline Vitale Bridal & Couture is all about simple, classic designs which are beautifully done. The shapes show off her curves, the fabrics drape beautifully and  designs? They have that timeless elegance to them. From a princess bride to old Hollywood glamour, there will be a dress to suit that picture you have of your perfect dress.

Courthouse wedding? Garden party celebration? Add a stunning pair of shoes in a pretty colour (you know how we LOVE coloured shoes at Polka Dot Bride), to add your own touch to these frocks.

Amaline Vitale creates just as beautiful bridesmaid’s gowns. I am particularly loving this black number – add a bouquet of white creamy roses tied with a black ribbon stitched with white…..

Did I mention Amaline Vitale also make mens’ suits? Stay tuned to Polka Dot Groom for that story!

Photos by Amaline Vitale

Vendor Of The Week – Deep Grey Photography

by | Blog News, Bride


Hello Monday! I’m not sure I’m quite ready for you but let’s kick the week off anyway (because I am dying to share with you dear readers some amazing weddings… deep purple calla lilies anyone?)

First up this week, a chance to take a look at  Ms Polka Dot’s Directory! We never take payment for content on Polka Dot Bride- we only write about what we love, but this Monday morning sweet spot? It’s for our vendors who support us so wonderfully!

This week’s vendor of the week is photographer Deep Grey Photography! Deep Grey always have this incredible feel to their images- they have a sense of fun, a funkiness without losing the moment. Each shot is filled with colour and life- from the vivid greens of the landscapes to the golden glows of the sunsets.

The Deep Grey team is based in Brisbane but regularly travels all over Australia and New Zealand capturing the funkiest of weddings full of emotive moments.

To learn a little more about Deep Grey Photography, we asked Adam  five questions in five minutes!

What is your favourite after five drink?


Your favourite weekend getaway?

Anywhere in Maleny.

Favourite restaurant?

The Ceylon Inn, Bulimba (Amazing Indian food!)

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Weetbix with no sugar. (Seriously I eat it everyday).

Your favourite wedding story?

We once shot a wedding for a really shy couple, who decided they would have the guests “walk down the aisle” towards them. As they were waiting for the guests to all arrive in the car park to be ushered down the isle, a gust of wind blew the Brides wedding ring off the signing table over the cliff face! Sarah, the bride totally kept her cool and shrugged it off saying they would worry about it later. The guests arrived, none the wiser to the little drama that had just played out. For the ring exchange, Tom and Sarah exchanged the same ring, Toms. First Sarah slipped the ring onto Tom’s finger, he then coolly slipped it off and onto Sarah’s finger.  They had a bit of a laugh as they did so, most of the guests didn’t even notice!
To end on a happy note, we received a text message the next day from Sarah, telling us that her new brother in law had ventured off the cliff and found her wedding ring! Pretty cool story huh?!

Visit Deep Grey Photography to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week! Deep Grey Photography is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

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