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The Little Black Dress

by | Bride, Bridesmaids


Spirit of the Black Dress The Little Black Dress

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week recently showcased an exhibition “The Spirit Of The Little Black Dress”.  Showcasing the talents of Australian designers, the exhibition also paid homage to the versatile little garment we call the little black dress.

It also made me think of how he little black dress has started to creep into bridesmaid fashion. When it was once considered a faux pas to wear black as a bridesmaid, black provides more options and more versatility for your maids. If you’re worried the look may be too dark, pair it with something bright – bright flowers, amazing shoes or fabulous jewels.

image 2 The Little Black Dress

Ashley put her maids in little black frocks with peeptoes (Photo by Pamela Marie Photography)

neridam The Little Black Dress

A classic black and white combination (Photo by Nerida McMurray Photography)

007natasja kremers phot The Little Black Dress

Love the elegant pale bouquets with black gowns in this wedding (Photo by Natasja Kremers Photography)

dana and raul mexico wedding 012 The Little Black Dress

Dana dressed her bridesmaids in full length black gowns for her Mexican wedding (Photo by Rodrigou Cassou Photography)

nerida m The Little Black Dress

A touch of pink, glamorous earrings and cream bows were chosen by this bride (Photo by Nerida McMurray Photography)

thatbride The Little Black Dress

Jenna of That Bride (now Wife) asked each of her maids to wear a black gown. (Photo by Kelli Nicole Photography)

alannah rose sugarlove The Little Black Dress

Deonne dressed her maids in black halter neck gowns with bright green bouquets (Photo by SugarLove Weddings via Alannah Rose Stationery)

LDB 4076 The Little Black Dress

I love how each gown is different yet all look coordinated.(Photo by Laura Westover Photography)

Andre Michelle Blog 36 The Little Black Dress

Glamorous bridesmaids in black (Photo by Gemma Clarke Photography)

nerida m2 The Little Black Dress

Love the vibrant orange tones incorporated into these black bridesmaid dresses. (Photo by Nerida McMurray)

ACP 9194+copy The Little Black Dress

Karina’s bridesmaids wore black dresses with a brightly coloured sash. (Photo by Amy Carroll Photography)

25 copy 682x454 The Little Black Dress

Heidi and Chris used a colour palette of black, green & white for their wedding (Photo by Drew B Photography)

ehwgirls109 The Little Black Dress

Katelyn coordinated her many bridesmaids in black gowns (Photo by Jason Angelini Photography)

014nk lisa and mark blog The Little Black Dress

Lisa went for over the top glam (photo by Natasja Kremers Photography)

kellinick003 The Little Black Dress

Black frocks with brightly coloured shoes makes a great statement at Kelli’s wedding (Photo by Laura Kay Photography)

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Leanne and Brad

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


leanne and brad024 Leanne and Brad

Leanne and Brad

Today’s wedding is filled with beautiful details and vibrant colours. I’m so excited to share it with you! Leanne and Brad were married at The Spotted Chook in Montville, Queensland. The Spotted Chook is a gorgeous French inspired rustic farmhouse in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Leanne runs her own design business called Dirty Chook Design so chickens hold a special place in her heart.

Leanne and Brad met online and after six months of big phone bills, Brad made the trip to Queensland and the rest is history! Brad proposed at Leanne’s murder mystery 40th birthday party! Leanne organised the wedding quickly, long distance and using suppliers she found online!

Events By Design planned and styled today’s wedding and today’s photographs are by Calli B Photography

leanne and brad010 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad007 Leanne and Brad

After a disaster with a dressmaker, Leanne made an emergency dash to Perth to Legends Bridal where she found her wedding gown. Leanne and her maids had their hair & makeup done by The Powder Room.

leanne and brad009 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad011 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad012 Leanne and Brad

Leanne dressed her bridesmaids in vintage frocks from Ebay seller Unique-Vintage. Flowers were by Mondo Floral Designs. Leanne didn’t want the traditional pale colours that are so often seen with French country inspired weddings. Instead she let the florist know what she liked and left it up to her. The day’s colour scheme was loosely pulled from the bridesmaids dresses.

leanne and brad003 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad013 Leanne and Brad

Leanne walked down the “aisle” to “Summer Rain” by Paul Kelly  played on the cello and violin.

leanne and brad014 Leanne and Brad

Hay bales were decorated with cushions and Leanne’s vintage linens and tablecloths for guests to sit on.

leanne and brad015 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad016 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad017 Leanne and Brad

Leanne made bunting from fabrics she bought online and at Spotlight.

leanne and brad018 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad019 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad020 Leanne and Brad

Guests used disposable cameras with Leanne’s “I Spy” game, asking guests for special shots such as “A Little Kiss” and “Plenty Of Cuddles”.

The look was pulled together with vintage French furniture. After Leanne’s brief was given, she let the girls at Events By Design take over.

Leanne gives this advice “Being creative too I think this is the best advice I could give to a bride. Tell/show your vendors what you want and like and give then plenty of freedom – don’t micro-manage, I guarantee if you leave them to it, you will blown away being your wildest expectations.”

leanne and brad021 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad022 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad023 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad025 Leanne and Brad

Vintage teacups were filled with sugared almonds and sundae pots were filled with rock candy sticks.

leanne and brad026 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad027 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad028 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad035 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad042 Leanne and Brad

Leanne and Brad decided on an old fashioned picnic style reception with help of the owners of The Spotted Chook. They served French inspired food and held a welcome dinner for guests the night before the wedding. Guest traveled from far and wide- Port Hedland, Wagga Wagga and even the USA!

Leanne found miniature picnic baskets at Cloud Nine Wedding Store and filled them with edible treats tied with a red and white gingham ribbon. The attached tag read

“Thank you For Coming!

We know life is no picnic so…

We’ll remember to ham it up so our home is filled with laughter.

We’ll know when we’re in a pickle we still have each other, and that if life gives us lemons, we can make lemonade.

We’ll remember one is strawberries, the other one cream – fine on their own but better together.

And when the Tupperware’s empty, the ants held at bay

together we’ll face the world, come what may

leanne and brad031 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad030 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad032 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad034 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad036 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad037 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad005 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad040 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad006 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad039 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad038 Leanne and Brad

Leanne says “It was exactly what we had dreamed of. Old fashioned, a little bit vintage, a little bit French, a little bit rustic. It was a big family picnic and we loved that Jane and Lerroy (Spotted Chook owners) sat and had a drink with us at the end of the day – just like family.

leanne and brad041 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad043 Leanne and Brad

leanne and brad029 Leanne and Brad leanne and brad004 Leanne and Brad

Thank you Leanne and Brad for allowing me to share your wedding day on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Calli of Calli B Photography for sharing the photographs with us today!

Photos by Calli B Photography

Nicola and Ralph

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


nicole and ralph014 Nicola and Ralph

Nicola and Ralph

I have our scheduled wedding coming up later, but wanted to slip in Nicola and Ralph’s wedding day early on this morning!

Nicola was one of our Pink Frosting competition winners we ran back in June. I am always so thrilled when one of our winners gets in touch again with wedding photos!

Nicola and Ralph tied the knot after six years of friendship and laughter at each other’s jokes made them realise they were meant for each other.

Nicola says “I am a huge fan of the show “Bridezilla” and anticipated the day that I could be super diva. In fact much to my disappointment I failed at being a diva; there was no throwing of cakes, demoting of bridesmaids or tears.  It was no fuss – wedding planning is hard as you want to make it. I am originally from Brisbane but for the last few years have migrated to the west side (WA) to study so all planning was done in a very speedy two week Easter holiday back home in QLD.”

Nicola and Ralph’s wedding photos are by Ange Photography and Nicola’s father.

nicole and ralph001 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph005 Nicola and Ralph

The ceremony & reception were held at Oceanview Estate Vineyard & Winery. Flowers were by Nicola’s local florist Redcliffe City Florist.

nicole and ralph011 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph008 Nicola and Ralph

Posing for Nicola’s father- a self appointed photographer for his daughter’s wedding day. “My dad who has recently decided that he has an inner photographer inside of him – in fact he made us do many poses a la vouge mid ceremony – until mum yelled at him!”

nicole and ralph003 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph009 Nicola and Ralph

Horrified with many of the traditional wedding gowns she saw, Nicola bought the first simple gown she tried on with a champagne sash by Lisa Ho. She wore a pair of Lisa Ho earrings given to her by her grandmother many years ago.

nicole and ralph012 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph023 Nicola and Ralph

Nocturne Strings played throughout the ceremony, including Pachelbel’s Canon in D as Nicola walked down the aisle.

nicole and ralph024 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph025 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph013 Nicola and Ralph

Nicola says “My dad being Greek likes a good bargain – and was hoping to use some expired rice he found in the cupboard as confetti but lucky we went with a more traditional route of rose petals prepared by the florist.”

nicole and ralph015 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph016 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph017 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph018 Nicola and Ralph nicole and ralph021 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph019 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph020 Nicola and Ralph

The table arrangements were made by Nicola’s mother with a selection of flowers from the local florist. Nicola’s father grew lavender and a sprig was placed on each place setting.

nicole and ralph010 Nicola and Ralph nicole and ralph022 Nicola and Ralph

nicole and ralph027 Nicola and Ralph

Nicola used her winning voucher to buy noodle boxes and personalised labels for the wedding favors from Pink Frosting. Nicola and her grandmother spent the days before the wedding filling them with chocolates.

nicola andbrad 073 Nicola and Ralph nicola and ralph029 Nicola and Ralph

Nicola’s grandmother made a traditional fruit cake which was iced by Also Heaven who also made miniature cupcakes decorated with sugar flowers matching Nicola’s bouquet.

nicole and ralph026 Nicola and Ralph

Nicola says of their first dance “Ralph and I have no groove and both avoid dancing. We did attempt to teach ourselves off You Tube the week before, after many “Expert Village 101 Waltz tutes” we decided we were beyond help and winged it on the day.  I am impressed to report post dance neither of us sustained serious injury.”

Congratulations on your marriage Nicola & Ralph and thank you for sharing your story and photos with us today!

Photos by Ange Photography and Nicola’s father.

Courtney Khail Stationery

by | Bride, Stationery And Paper Goods


Courtney recently sent me this gorgeous invitation she created for Australian bride, Sarah.

peony wedding invitation2 Courtney Khail Stationery

 Courtney Khail Stationery

Courtney runs her own invitation business Courtney Khail Stationery & Design and fine art stationery.

With an interest in illustration from an early age, Courtney studied scientific illustration at college to combine her love of nature with her passion for art.

Courtney works one on one with each client to discover what matters to them- a flower, a colour, a mood. She then recreates this in a design which she hand paints and stamps, to turn each invitation into a work of art. I particularly loved reading about the process Courtney goes through with each invitation (check that out here)

 Courtney Khail Stationery

Courtney Khail Stationery Gallery1 Courtney Khail Stationery

Courtney Khail Stationery Gallery 11 Courtney Khail Stationery

Check out the Courtney Khail Stationery & Design website for more.

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