Kirsten and David’s Cosy Engagement Photos

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Kirsten & David

These gorgeous shots from Aparat Photography do make me miss the cold days of Autumn. They’re so beautifully intimate and cosy (and also feature their beloved dog Rupert).

The couple tell their story. “They both went to school in Geelong, and had a lot of the same friends, but somehow managed to miss out on actually meeting each other until David had left to go to university in Melbourne.

Kirsten was finishing her VCE and in these pre-facebook days the preferred means of communication was using MSN Messenger (remember that?). Bored one day, Kirsten added David to MSN as a friend of a friend and pretended that they knew each other. David attempted to play cool and make out as if he ‘remembered’ all of this, not knowing that he was being made to look rather stupid.”

“Nevertheless, after several more MSN conversations (usually late at night, much to Kirsten’s parents horror and dismay) David contrived to drive to Torquay and meet Kirsten under the pretence of a trip to Anglesea that ‘he was going on anyway’.

They hit it off very quickly and Kirsten caused even more panic to her parents by regularly declaring that she was getting on a train to Melbourne to go meet her new boyfriend. She often did this with about $10 to her name (enough for a return ticket and maybe a hot chocolate) and a promise to her Dad that she would be back ‘soon’.”

“Fast forward a year later and Kirsten’s university aspirations were also bringing her to Melbourne, and so they decided to move in together, along with David’s brother Ben and his now-wife Nicola. From then until now they have been inseparable and have now started their very own family with their first hairy baby boy, Rupert the Portuguese Water Dog.

David and Kirsten’s engagement came as a surprise to virtually no-one – the surprise was really that David took so long to get his act together!”

“David picked Kirsten up from work on the 22nd of December 2010, and asked if she felt like doing anything tonight – maybe some champagne? Kirsten replied she wasn’t really in the mood, although maybe some cider would be nice. When they arrived home, arrows made from rose petals pointed to a chair sitting next to a table covered in candles and photos of the couple – David asked Kirsten to sit, lowered to one knee, declared his everlasting love and asked for her hand in marriage. She of course, agreed, before they both broke into tears.

Kirsten then declared that perhaps champagne would be OK.”

Photographer: Aparat Photography
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Wedding Day Pearls

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Earlier this month we shared Emily and Trent’s Chic Melbourne Wedding (photographed by Leo Farrelland I was immediately drawn to Emily’s gorgeous pearls. Traditionally when I think of pearls being worn at a wedding it’s a always very traditional, so I love that Emily mixed it up and actually looked very chic and modern!

I love seeing how other brides wore pearls in a really fresh, modern way at their weddings. I think the key is do more than one strand and if going for a modern, chic look turn the pearl necklace into a statement piece rather than something delicate. What do you think?

1. Photo by Elizabeth Messina via La Partie Events 2. Photo by Mandy Mayberry 3. Photo by Jessica Lorren Organic Photography via Glamour & Grace and Every Last Detail 4. Photo by: Elizabeth Messina via Green Wedding Shoes 5. Photo by  Alders Photography via Style Me Pretty 6. Photo from Valentino 7. Photo by Elizabeth Messina via Santa Barbara Chic 8. Photo by  Picotte Photography via Wedding Chicks 9. Photo by Annabella Charles  via Wedding Chicks 10. Photo by Kristi Odom Photography via United With Love

Friday Roundup

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crepe paper poppies Poppy Paper Flower Tutorial

Photo from Poppy Paper Flower Tutorial

This week has been a little bit crazy, I feel like I’ve been running non stop, so boy am I happy the weekend is almost here so I can breathe for a bit. I have a lot planned for next week! How was your week? Are you enjoying the warmer weather?

So much lovely content around the blogs this week, here’s our roundup of everything in case you missed it!

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Polka Dot Made is your source for all things handmade including weekly DIY projects to make for your wedding or engagement.


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This week on Polka Dot Honeymoons

The wedding is over, the dust has settled and now it’s time to get away from it all! Find resort reviews, inspiration and real honeymoons every week on Polka Dot Honeymoons.


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Polka Dot Groom is dedicated to all things groom. Inspiration, advice and style for the Australian groom.


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Around the wedding world this week…

Bride + Groom Store in Perth are holding a huge sale on October 1st! Many of their retail items are heavily discounted (and they have beautiful taste!) All the details are on the flyer above!

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The lovely people at No Limit Pictures sent through this short film so long ago and I wanted to share it in today’s roundup as our film of the week! A beautiful love story, beautifully shot!

Be A Part Of The Polka Dot Blogs

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It’s been almost three years since we launched our new look site and three years since we expanded with our five specialty blogs. We said from the start these spaces were all about you. While Ms Gingham and I pop in every now and then, the content is driven by our couples, our vendors – you. We’re looking for more stories, couples and vendors who want to share their insights with us and the Australian (and international) wedding communities.

We all have stories about things that excite us, places that take our breath away, a hidden gem, a heartfelt experience – all waiting to be told. Some stories are just meant to be told – do you have one that you’d like to share?

Our content manager, Ms Gingham works steadily with our wonderful contributors to craft beautiful posts and bring your stories to life.

For Polka Dot Groom, We’re looking for grooms who would like to share their wedding days, their engagements, their stories. We’re especially interested in finding  a few grooms who are planning on marrying this year or next to share their wedding planning journeys (from engagement to planning to the wedding day story) with us and our readers. We’re also looking for real wedding stories written by grooms! Style articles, posts about great shops with male appeal that you have discovered, your proposal story or your pre wedding celebration story. Are you a best man or a father of the groom with something to say? We’d love to hear from you too!

If you’re a groom (past or present) and are interested in sharing your stories, simply fill out a contributor application and Ms Gingham will be in touch!


Polka Dot Honeymoons is the place to get away, the place we think of  when we’re a bit tired of the wedding. The part we love most about Polka Dot Honeymoons is the real life honeymoon stories (because it is one thing to see a resort’s website and quite another to read how it really was, and what that view from your over water bungalow really gave you! We’re also looking for real hotel, tour and activity reviews, mini-moons/destinations, great weekend short break places – in fact anything that makes us dream of places near and far! If you’ve been on the holiday of a lifetime or a short getaway and would like to share it (even if it wasn’t your honeymoon trip) we’d love to hear from you too!

If you’ve been on your honeymoon or a trip that you’d like to share, simply fill out a contributor application and Ms Gingham will be in touch!

Polka Dot Made is the place for wedding related tutorials with an Australian twist. We’re looking to showcase brand new ideas, tutorials and projects to inspire our couples. We’re looking mainly for step by step tutorials for beautiful projects, inspiring ideas you can make at home using craft supplies from Australian suppliers. You will need to be able to take simple photos for your tutorial and have an eye for clean, uncluttered detailing. Do you have a creative streak just waiting for the right forum to showcase it – then this is for you!

If you fancy yourself the next Martha Stewart and would like to showcase your talents, simply fill out a contributor application and Ms Gingham will be in touch!

Polka Dot Weddings has such a special place in our hearts- the stories our brides tell are raw, real and honest. We’re looking for real wedding stories, real engagement stories and we’re especially looking for a few brides who would like to share their journeys with us- from the engagement, to choosing bridesmaids, to the craft projects, the dress shopping, the trials, the fun bits, the oh so hard bits and of course- the culmination of it all, the wedding! is marrying in November and just passed her one year anniversary, so we’d love to have brides join us who are planning 2013/2014 weddings!

If you’re a bride (past or present) and are interested in sharing your stories, fill out a contributor application and Ms Gingham will be in touch!

Polka Dot Wisdom is a little like wedding university, except it’s the kind of university where you catch up for a cup of coffee with your favourite wedding vendor and learn the stuff that nobody tells you. Such as….. that it helps to have the groom wear a lapel microphone during the ceremony if you’re having it filmed, or what “load-in” means, or that photographers can literally spend 40-50 hours working on your wedding. It’s also a great place to get to know your wedding vendor with many sharing their favourite things. This is a place for all wedding vendors to pass on their advice and knowledge and get to know some of the couples that will need their services. Kind of like a meet and greet if you like!

If you’re a talented wedding vendor and are interested in giving your advice, simply fill out a contributor application and Ms Gingham will be in touch!

The Polka Dot Blogs don’t censor much, we have a certain aesthetic and work hard at providing inspiration content for all budgets, all locations (with a focus on Australia!) and honouring the stories of the couples who work with us. We strive to share heart and soul.

Unfortunately at this time we are not accepting posts with placeholder text, sales posts or posts written purely for SEO reasons. We’re not looking for a sales and marketing pitch, we’re looking for real people sharing real stories and real knowledge. Please ensure the posts you submit are original work not published elsewhere and that every image is fully credited.