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Dashing Ways With Daffodils

by | Bride, Flowers


I adore winter I love rugging up, I love wearing my beautiful coats and boots and snuggling up with a great big mug of hot chocolate (or wine!) in front of a cosy fire.

But the grey days and lack of sunshine can drive me a little nutty, Daffodils are such a beautiful flower- they signal the end of winter, the start of new life and their golden colour is just the thing on a grey day!


Top to bottom- Jonas Peterson, Design*Sponge, Creature Comforts, Chelsea Fuss for Once Wed

How do you use them in your wedding setting?

If your wedding is to be outside in the garden, it surely can’t be more beautiful than to have a ‘host of golden daffodils’ blooming in flower beds and amongst the trees in great swathes of colour.

Be bold with vibrant yellow and white striped or checked tablecloths, soft yellow bridesmaids dresses, gorgeous yellow silk covered shoes. Daffodil petals strewn down your aisle on a green lawn with white chairs for your guests.

Pop casually arranged bunches of daffodils in preserving jars or old bottles and tie to the aisle chairs with ribbon or twine.

Arrange in bottles set in an old fashioned milk crate, huge bunches in round glass vases showing off their green stems, drifts of daffodils set in shallow rectangular crates as table decorations. Or combine with other bulbs – cream or yellow narcissus, star shaped paper whites, white tulips, daffodils with different coloured centres – orange or yellow. Fresh spring green or white look perfect with this scheme. Milk glass or plain white crockery jugs crammed with daffodils set on a green and yellow vintage patterned cloth – pass the scones, jam and cream please!

Pots of daffodils in bloom with the addition of pots of other bulbs, with their soil covered in moss grouped randomly on your tables make for a feast for the senses.

In your bouquet, daffodils look fresh teamed with fern fronds, green berries, white tulips, yellow roses. If all the yellow is a bit much for you, tone it down with touches of silvery grey in grey satiny leaves, grey berries and ribbon. A silver grey, white and daffodil colour scheme is super elegant.

Think citrus colours in food and drink or use citrus fruit as a shape contrast to the flowers. Tiny clementines or cumquats used in flower arrangements look exciting and different, or jumbled into baskets with seemingly casual bunches of daffodils in amongst them looks as if you’ve just come in from the garden with your bounty.

A soft yellow cake decorated of course with our favourite white polka dots, with fresh daffodils arranged on the tiers and around the base. Make sure you use the different varieties with all their different colour variations,  and you will have a masterpiece of spring.

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Australian Vintage Engagement Session

by | Bride, Engagements


I have a lovely, completely gorgeous engagement shoot from the fabulous Cathy Crawley of Beautiful Moments Photography to share with you this bleary Tuesday morning!

Cathy had an idea for a shoot in her head for many a month and was waiting for the right couple come along to help her shoot it! Rachael and Michael were recently engaged and were more than happy to take part in Cathy’s plan! Rachael and Michael love to go on picnics, love reading books and love vintage finds so Cathy knew they were the perfect fit!

There are many gorgeous little fun details from today’s shoot! Rachael wore the white dress she was wearing when Michael proposed to her and even baked the cupcakes herself.
















Cathy dishes the dirt of the rest of the details!

“Cakes & Cake stand:  Rachaels, she baked the cupcakes herself.

Flowers:  I took my 4 yo old son with me to the flower markets in Sydney at 4.30 am 2 weeks ago.  I  made the bouquet and did the floral arrangement on the bird cage.  I’d had the idea for the birdcage in my head for about a year and was so glad to finally get it finished.  I haven’t seen anyone else use on this way before so I’m very excited to see if people like the idea or not.

Bucket of pears:  The water bucket is from the 1800’s and is recent find at an antique store.  I used pears because I’ve seen apples and oranges done before and wanted something a little different.  Besides, there’s something feminine about the shape of the pear!

The scales:  Purchased off Ebay about 2 years ago and have been gathering dust ever since waiting for the right occasion – I am a impulse shopper and my garage is so full of props that my car hasn’t been housed for 4 years!

The blue table:  I bought that at a shop that was closing down, I bought 2 and use them as bedside tables in my bedroom.

The milk can:  My client’s grandmothers (I have one too but stupidly we painted it – might need some stripper now)

The books:  Some were from an antique store, but the Courtship and Bride books were a recent purchase.  I spotted them in a store in Singleton and knew I HAD to have them for this shoot.  The antique books include tales of Avonlea – I’m a bit of a Anne of Green Gables fan so when I saw that in a shop I couldn’t stop myself from buying it.  I grew up on acreage in and used to pretend I was Anne Shirley :) It’s a sentimental thing”

Thanks Rachel and Michael for allowing us to share your photos and to Cathy Crawley of Beautiful Moments Photography for sharing this treat of a shoot with us!

Lisa Gowing

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


I’ve been taking a look back at some of the designers I’ve loved since I first started buying bridal magazines. Lisa Gowing is one of them!

Sydney designer Lisa Gowing started her label in 1997. Lisa’s look doesn’t stray far from slim, slinky skirts with beautiful fabrics. Lisa emphasizes the female form- specifically the waist line with detailed waistbands featuring jewels, flowers or ruching.

Lisa’s gowns are now stocked internationally – including in New York and she now offers a couture, demi-couture and ready to wear line.






Photos from Lisa Gowing.

Vendor Of The Week – Robyn Pattison CMC

by | Blog News, Bride


Good morning! Welcome to another week on Polka Dot Bride!  It’s time for this week’s Vendor Of The Week! Each week we pick a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory and give you a little insight into the great businesses that support us!



This week’s Vendor Of The Week is Robyn Pattison CMC a Sydney based celebrant who describes herself as “fresh, vibrant, personal”. Robyn is so clearly passionate about her role in a wedding and is always a beaming smiling face in every wedding photo I’ve seen of her. She’s mad about weddings and says she has the best job in the world. Pretty perfect for someone marrying you don’t you think?

To get to know Robyn a little better, we quizzed her five questions!

What is your favourite after five drink?

Alas! alcohol and I are rarely found in the same sentence….. ( celebratory sips of champagne only!)

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Weekend? Are you kidding? Weddings, weddings, weddings – I go wherever my brides need me! There’s no getting away.

Favourite restaurant?

Anything Thai or Italian – for me, it’s never about where I am eating, but who I am eating with. I love a quiet night out with my girlfriends, great conversation, (usually six topics at the same time!).

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Pancakes, with the kids, if my husband is feeling generous!

Your favourite wedding story?

I can honestly say that every wedding I have ever done and every couple I have ever married has brought me so much happiness. They are all different, and that is what makes them so much fun. I recently did three in one day – at the first one , by the beach, the groom & his boys wore dinner jackets, boardies and thongs. At the second, the full do, glorious gowns, stunning formal everything – 150 guests at Curzon Hall, and then, for the 3rd, I raced home to change into an Indian sari, for a surprise Bollywood style wedding at a 50th birthday party. (Not the easiest thing to put on, if you haven’t done it before, but fortunately I had help) I loved it – every minute of the whole day. At the end of every wedding day, I breathe out and say ” I really love my job!”

Robyn Pattison CMC is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory. You can check out the Robyn Pattison CMC website here. You see more of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory members by visiting our directory! You can also visit our Vendor of The Week at any time by clicking our “Vendor Of The Week” button in the right sidebar!


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