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Fetching Flannel Flowers

by | Bride, Flowers


Endemic to Australia these gorgeous creamy white flowers are a stunning addition to a wedding bouquet.

blog10 c2bb jennifer stocks photography the blog Fetching Flannel Flowers

Tara and Andrew (Photo by Jennifer Stocks Photography)

They have a daisy like form and a raised textured centre of sage green to creamy yellow green. Each petal feels soft to the touch like flannel and are tipped in the softest grey green.

As part of an Australian native bouquet they are perfect with the softer colours of proteas, bottle brushes, grevilleas and hakeas. Team them with grey leaves of dusty miller or bolder plum coloured leaves. Use them in bouquets with softer coloured lavenders, hyacinths or narcissus or use them in their own right as a single flowered bouquet. Against the softer hues of apricot, yellow, grey blue, sage or pink they will look stunning in their simplicity.

flowers 3 Fetching Flannel Flowers

Bouquet by Poho Flowers via Amour Amour

Add to the look with flannel flowers as hairpieces, printed on your invitations, tucked into your floral arrangements, or give the seeds as a favour. Trailing down your cake, or interpreted as a special brooch attached to the hip of your dress, this special flower will be admired by all who see it.

wedding flowers courtesy Del Thomasjpg Fetching Flannel Flowers bouquetDel Thomas.2 copy Fetching Flannel Flowers

Bouquets from Backcreek Country

Have you used flannel flowers in your bouquet? I’d love to see!

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Let’s Move!

by | Blog News, Bride


2329840747 e7e14e574b Lets Move!

Dear Polka Dot Bride readers,

As you may be aware the website lately has been slower than normal and has been having a few connection issues. We have seen tremendous growth in the Polka Dot Bride readership and for this I must thank you all for your continued enjoyment in the information we bring to you on a regular basis. This however has created for us the need to improve ourselves to benefit you!

As a result we will be moving our hosting to a new provider. We thank our previous provider for their support since the beginning of Polka Dot Bride, however moving to the new host will allow us to continue to expand and continue to provide the first rate experience Polka Dot Bride has been bring you the readership of the last (almost!) three years.

This is exciting times for us at Polka Dot Bride, with many new exciting things about to come to life! I’m looking forward to growing with you and bringing you more new and exciting content over the coming years. I hope that you will continue to take this journey with us and enjoy all the beauty that our industry has to offer.

So in this spirit we are planning to move to our new host today the 17th of September which will result in a temporary down time. However the downtime should be minimal and will result in a much better experience for all of us!

I’d like to thank you, my amazing readers for your continued readership and can’t wait to unveil the new developments over the next few months!

Photo by Heather Bailey

Liz and Justin

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


liz and justin 0142 Liz and Justin

Liz and Justin

Today’s second wedding is also a beautiful beach celebration! Isn’t it beautiful to see weddings on the beach that use unusual colour palettes? I love what Liz & Justin chose!

Liz and Justin met in the UK! Justin traveled to the UK for a holiday and met Liz through a friend of his. The couple lived together for 18 months before deciding to return to Australia together. Liz and Justin got engaged underneath the Eiffel Towel in Paris!

Although Liz and Justin hail from Melbourne, they wanted a beach wedding and decided to marry at Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Photographs this afternoon are by Karen BucklePhotography

liz and justin 89 Liz and Justin

Liz’s softly coloured bouquet was created by Montville Flowers

liz and justin 82 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 003 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 009 Liz and Justin

Liz walked down the aisle to “Walk With Me” by Pat Pearson

liz and justin 008 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 010 Liz and Justin

Liz and Justin were married on Cotton Tree Beach

liz and justin 011 Liz and Justin

Yellow roses symbolised Liz’s mother. Liz and Justin wrote their own vows and had a handfasting ritual performed during their wedding ceremony.

liz and justin 70 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 016 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 012 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 017 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 023 Liz and Justin

Liz imported the bridesmaids gowns from the UK

liz and justin 026 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 002 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 001 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 004 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 31 Liz and Justin

The couple held their reception at The Boat Shed in Cotton Tree, the 300 metre distance from the ceremony made it the perfect location for guests! The venue sits on the water outlet for the Maroochydore river, providing spectacular views. The couple had  many guests fly to Queensland from Melbourne and the UK.

liz and justin 34 Liz and Justin

liz and justin 32 Liz and Justin

Liz and Justin danced their bridal waltz to “Everglow” by INXS. Liz and Justin went to an INXS concert shortly after they began dating and the song reminds them of their time in the UK. The couple organised a lot of the details themselves including making their wedding cake! The couple used coordinator Elizabeth Murphy to help plan their wedding day.

liz and justin 005 Liz and Justin

Thank you Liz and Justin for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us today! We wish you all the best for a beautiful marriage! Thank you also to Karen Buckle for sharing her gorgeous photos with us!

Photos by Karen Buckle Photography

Sarrah and Tim

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Aaron Willcox Photography Sarrah and Tim

Sarrah and Tim

I have two weddings to share with you today! The first of today’s weddings is the wedding of Sarrah and Tim is a beautiful beach side celebration! Formal attire on the beach is something I’ve recently grown to love! Beautiful ballgowns against the beautiful beach can look fantastic!

Sarrah and Tim while working together in a San Diego restaurant, after dating for five years they hiked together  to Havasupaii Falls the Grand Canyon. They set up camp at the bottom of the balls and went to swim. The falls with their beautiful blue green colours and little cascading pools provided the perfect backdrop for when Tim proposed chest deep in the water. The couples isolation meant it was two days before they were able to contact their families to share their good news.

Sarrah enjoyed the pre wedding parties just as much as the wedding!

“My shower was held at a family member’s house (I debated between house and mansion, as it’s HUGE!) in Olivenheim, CA.  My Sister, maid of honour, threw it.  It was AMAZING!  Martha Stewart Weddings should have been there to photograph it.  She had hand made all the table linens, centrepieces, food, everything!  The theme was colour – yellow, my favourite.  There were yellow lanterns hanging from the centre of the tent, yellow linens in all different, yet corresponding, patterns, beautiful yellow flowers everywhere.  She made a big sign out of wood that said “Sarrah loves Tim,” and hand painted it and put it near the guest book.  She had yellow candies, cakes, everything.  On each place setting she had a yellow fan and a little square of paper that she had hand written a love quote (from books, poems, movies, etc.) on.  She put each quote on nice paper and then put pretty yellow paper behind each one.  It was utterly gorgeous!

For the bridesmaid luncheon we went to “Tea Upon Chatsworth,” which is a wonderful little tea parlour in point Loma, CA.  We enjoyed tea and a light lunch, and they had hats and boas for those of us that were feeling fancy.   Then, we went to Sarah’s Smash Shack!  It’s a place where you go in, get dressed in jumpsuits and goggles, put on some loud music, pick your glass pieces (plates, bowls, vases, glass flowers, etc.) and throw things, and smash them and have a blast!  It was sooo much fun!”

Photos today come to us courtesy of San Diego photographer Aaron Willcox Photography.

1074 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

1152 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

Sarrah’s dress was from Bride America while her bridesmaids wore gowns from the Jasmine Bridal B2 Line.

1287 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

1611 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

1648 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

1874 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

Sarrah and Tim made a lot of the wedding details themselves, they created everything to decorate their ceremony- from  a bamboo runner for the ceremony to the bamboo archway they stood under as they said their vows. Sarrah made the ceremony programs and collected 150 stones. She painted “Love” on each one and set them into a basket at the ceremony asking people to make a wish as they cast their stone into the ocean. Guests received bamboo fans to relieve themselves from the heat and the aisle was lined with galvanized buckets and potted beach grass from Home Depot. Sarrah also made the flower girls basket and signs to direct guests to the locations. The wedding flowers were by Nantucket Florals.

1943 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

Sarrah and Tim are both avid surfers and held their ceremony on Luscomb’s Point on Sunset Cliffs in California. Sarrah’s father had grown up a few blocks away from the cliffs and had surfed there his entire life. Sarrah walked down the aisle to the traditional bridal march played by a classical guitarist Miles Moynier.

2089 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

2114 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

2213 sarrah tim edit Sarrah and Tim

2300 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

2332 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

2429 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

Aaron Willcox Photography 2 Sarrah and Tim

2733 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

2971 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

3122 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

Sarrah and Tim held their reception at The Thursday Club in Point Loma. Sarrah and Tim chose the venue for the historic nature it had. The venue overlooks the ocean and has beautiful detailing like stained glass windows and exposed beams. The venue only allowed beer, wine and champagne, so Sarrah and Tim came up with a signature cocktail called the “Maui Sunset,” as Maui was their honeymoon destination.

3371 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

Sarrah and Tim’s DIY details didn’t stop at the ceremony! For the reception they put together a slideshow of their lives from birth to their wedding. They also created the table numbers, place cards, cake topper, bathroom baskets, kissing bells and even a sparkler send off!

3423 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

2896 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

Sarrah and Tim are both dancers and have taken ballroom and swing dancing lessons together before. They danced a rumba for their first dance to “Everything” by Michael Buble.

3595 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

3620 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

3912 sarrah tim Sarrah and Tim

Congratulations Sarrah and Tim on your beautiful wedding day! May your marriage together be just as beautiful! Thank you also to Aaron Willcox for sharing Sarrah and Tim’s wedding day with us!

Photos courtesy of Aaron Willcox Photography

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