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Jessica and Ari’s New York Winter Engagement Session

by | Bride, Engagements, International


Jessica and Ari

It’s winter time so why not celebrate with a cosy and romantic winter engagement session? This one is all the way from New York City from Wrinkle In Time Photography Owners Charles and his wife Tatjana (who is actually from Melbourne!) will be in Australia shooting weddings between November 2011-March 2012 so if you like what you see today, you can book it from the other side of the world!

Jess and Ari have such a romantic engagement story that I want to let Jess tell it in her own words. Have a lovely Saturday!

“Ari and I met in our student dorm during the first week of college at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in 2002. Ari knocked on my door one day and introduced himself and asked if I wanted to go cliff jumping in the gorges with him. I was nervous, but I couldn’t say no to that mischievous smile. We jumped 32 feet into the murky waters of Beebe Lake that day and quickly became great friends; and for two years that was all that it was, a wonderful friendship.

During the summer of 2004, Ari and I both had internships in New York City and we started spending a lot of one-on-one time together. We went out to movies and to concerts and, of course, to lots of great meals. One night, we went out to dinner and while we were eating it had started to rain. I didn’t have an umbrella so I had to share with Ari. We walked to the subway with our arms around each other, and our hands overlapping on the handle as we huddled closely together under the tiny umbrella. At that moment, we both sensed that something felt different.

A week later, we went to their friend’s birthday party at a night club with a bunch of our friends. Exhausted after hours of dancing together we stepped outside to get some fresh air. We  sat on a stoop talking for a while and before either of us could see it coming, we were having their first kiss. Ari and I moved to New York City after college and after 6 years of dating Ari decided it was time to make it official.

Photo from Jess and Ari

While I was training to run my first half marathon, Ari was secretly shopping for my engagement ring. The day of the marathon finally came on October 2, 2010 and at the end of the race, Ari surprised me with a truly romantic proposal. He gathered our parents together and gave them each a big sign to hold up for me at the end of the race. Each sign told me to “keep running!” the race was not over quite yet! At the end of these 5 signs Ari popped out from behind a tree with a sign that said, “My beloved Jessica, will you make this the happiest day of my life…” and he got down on one knee and proposed. Still breathless from running 13.1 miles I said, “YES!” and the rest is history! We are going back to Cornell University in Ithaca NY, where we met and fell in love, to get married in September 2011.”

Photos by Wrinkle In Time Photography

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Creative Colour – Milk Coffee

by | Bride, Creative Colour


What a lovely neutral colour this is. Use as your main colour to build your palette on, or as a background colour to make your other hues pop.

Combine with all shades of whites, creams and champagnes

–       With all shades of  browns from Milk Chocolate to rust to Dark Chocolate and cream to lighten

–       With darker berry shades and chocolate

–       With magnolia and touches of Tiffany or Ice Blue

–       With fresh green and shots of  Zesty Orange and red

–       With rust, chocolate, cream and a  sprinkle of Olive Green

–       With Cherry Red, and touches of Milk Chocolate

–       With Antique Rose, dusty pink and off white

–       With Olive Green, Spring Green and pops of Zesty Orange or Saffron Yellow

–       With Blush Pink, magnolia and touches of Milk Chocolate or Antique Rose

–       Latte Honeymoon roses, seed pods, pebbles, weathered wood draped with lichen, grape vines, or brightly coloured flowers such as poppies, Australian natives, or berries

–       Coffee bar  – make it special with single origin coffee, or free trade coffee – with sugar coated stirring sticks, liqueurs such as Frangelico, or a coffee liqueur such as Tia Maria or Kahlua, crushed peppermint flakes, chocolate flakes, caramel and chocolate syrups, cream – and a good coffee machine(with a barista if you’re really inclined). Try flavoured Australian coffee (order via the internet)

–       In summer try an iced coffee or milkshake bar – tall glasses with the above condiments, plenty of whipped cream, fun straws, coffee syrup, chocolate shavings, coffee and chocolate icecream to dollop on the top

–       A ‘help yourself’ table laden with vanilla, chocolate and coffee flavoured  biscuits, cakes and desserts, cream, syrups, chocolate shavings, and candied nuts, cream, flavoured ice creams – guests can make their own dessert with as much or as little piled on their plates as they desire

–       Favours of chocolate coated coffee beans, hessian sacks full of coffee beans, bags of coffee flavoured  lollies/sweets, tiny bottles of coffee flavoured liqueurs

–       Antique Rose coloured bridesmaids dresses accessorized with coffee coloured shoes, hair pieces, bride in a pale coffee coloured gown, men in  darker coffee coloured suits, brown shoes, latte coloured bouquets with dried vines and berries

–       Dark distressed wooden tables and chairs, stone ware pale latte dinner plates topped with darker coffee coloured dishes, table runners of coffee coloured  textured silk or hessian, succulents in rusted tubs, rust coloured napkins,  coffee, chocolate and  cream coloured groups of candles

–       Rainbow coloured chairs at zinc covered, or stone tables, poppies, daisies and spring greenery in glass jars or coffee coloured stoneware bottles,  coffee coloured crockery, bright colours in glassware, coffee and coloured streamers or bunting strung from the trees

–       An barn or stables with old wooden furniture and accessories, antique linen covering vintage side furniture, ornate mirrors, armfuls of Australian native blooms and leaves on coffee coloured cloths, coffee stoneware, bone handled cutlery, bark covered votives on every surface you can find to put them on, a roaring fire

Cupcake from A Little Slice Of Heaven, gown from Dorothy Perkins, Tie from Ties-Necktie, Floral arrangement by Mondo Floral Designs photo by Calli B Photography


Friday Roundup

by | Blog News, Bride


Favor Pins Tutorial on Polka Dot Made

Happy Friday Polka Dotettes! How was your week? Do you have any wedding plans this weekend?

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Around the wedding world this week… (a quiet one, so leave me a comment of any news you have!)

We’re back in full swing updating the events calender again (which is lucky as there are too many great events happening soon for brides and grooms!) check out our events calender for our constantly updating schedule of fun events around Australia!

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Here’s an insanely huge wedding proposal to end off your week!



Athena and Dariusz’s Sophisticated Brisbane Wedding

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings, Multicultural Weddings,


Athena and Dariusz

One of the greatest joys of writing Polka Dot Bride is celebrating all kinds of weddings – whether it be a small backyard wedding in regional Victoria with a civil celebrant and a reception filled with handmade touches, to the larger than life celebrations filled with tradition and ceremony. The weddings I feature on Polka Dot Bride touch my soul – they move me, they draw me in. Today’s wedding is no exception. A traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony, a beautifully decorated, lavish reception and a couple – who like every other getting married, love each other so completely, so dearly that it makes the photographs come alive.

Athena explains how she met her husband. “We met at university, toward the end of our degrees, when paired for a group assignment. Whilst it was not exactly love at first sight as our focus was devoted to the task at hand, we both knew relatively soon after, that this was the beginning of a special relationship.”

Photographs today are by Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions. Marcus truly takes my breath away with his captures. The photographs have an intensity to them that capture the significance of the wedding day. Video on the day was captured by Net Productions.

Athena’s wedding gown was designed by J’Aton Couture and paired with shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti.

The floral arrangements were styled by Always Fabulous Flowers.

Athena’s bridesmaids wore raspberry pink gowns made by Kelly Cooper with fabric from Fabric Collection.

Walking down the aisle was one of Athena’s favourite memories. She explains, “Definitely a highlight from our wedding day was walking down the aisle. Not because people were focused on me, as I am not the biggest fan of being the center of attention, but it was just me and my dad, and we were walking towards my future.”

Athena and Dariusz were married at the Greek Orthodox Church of St George.

The first steps were poignant for the newlyweds. Athena recalls “In Greek Orthodox wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom are ushered by the priest on a walk around the ceremonial table where they take their first steps as a married couple. This is when we realised we were actually married.”

The photographs were a highlight, says Athena. “We loved the fact that we felt completely at ease with our photographers in terms of not only trusting their skill and ability to capture all the special moments from our wedding, but also because we appreciated their creative vision. Our photographers fully understood that we wanted an ‘old world’ setting for our photographs, and assisted us in securing the perfect location.”

The Greek Club was the location for the couple’s evening reception.

Athena and Dariusz had a distinct theme in mind for their wedding. Athena explains “We wanted to create a ‘garden paradise’, and to do so, ensured that guests were seated at tables adorned with beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers, all of which filled the space with their delicious scent”. Wedding & Co assisted in styling and planning of the wedding reception.

The stationery was designed by Baroque Studios. The couple used a colour palette of oyster, vintage gold, rose and sage for their wedding.

Guests made the day for the newlyweds. Athena remembers, “The role our guests played in our wedding: The feeling of being married, surrounded by several generations of our families as well as our closest friends was truly amazing. We were both so very thankful to be able to celebrate our wedding in the presence of everyone who has contributed to our lives both independently, and as a couple.”

The day held more emotion than the couple expected. Athena says, “We were surprised by the range of different emotions experienced on the day. It’s not that we didn’t expect the wedding day to be emotional, but we felt everything from nervous excitement, to immense anticipation, elation and a hopefulness of the future and what it holds.”

The amazing cake was created by Sweetums.

Congratulations Athena and Dariusz! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us today on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions for sharing today’s photographs!

Photos by Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions

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