Claire and Erwin’s Handmade Apollo Bay Wedding

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Claire & Erwin

 I love weddings when they get back to nature, when you tumble upon them in beautiful hidden bush settings, where family pitches in, there’s story behind every detail and really? It’s a whole lot of fun! And such is the wedding of Claire & Erwin.

Claire tells the tale of Claire and Erwin, the meeting, greeting and proposal. “It was June 21st, 9 years ago – mid-winter.  I was living in Melbourne and headed to Apollo Bay with two of my sisters to escape the city for the weekend.  Heading out to the local pub that evening to see Ash Grunwald play, a tall Dutch man wearing wooden clogs plonked himself down beside me.  And this is where the curious case of happenstance began.

I’d landed in Holland at the beginning of travels through Europe a few years before and fell in love with the place.  The bicycles, the canals…. and all those tall people dinking each other around the cobblestone streets drew me in and I ended up living there for the next two years.  But in my time there I’d never seen anyone actually wear clogs…. until this night in a sleepy seaside town, mid-winter on the Victorian coastline of Australia.  Curiouser and curiouser.

It unfolded that the two years I’d lived in Holland, Erwin was in Australia, both returning to our own countries at the same time.  Hmmmm…..the stars obviously hadn’t aligned properly that time around.  Well…. here we both were. …same time, same place… and it seemed a jolly good idea to fall head over heels in love and move in together two weeks later.  It was during this whirlwind that I secretly (or maybe not so secretly because I told my sister) thought….hmmmmmm….. I think this might be the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.  And so it was.”

Photographer Eric Ronald had captured today’s wedding with the whimsical, candid captures I have come to love his work for!

Claire recalls “Our hair and makeup was done by Jenna Grundy, a mobile hair and makeup artist who services the Great Ocean Road.  She was absolutely fantastic.  I’d had a trial with her and she was really relaxed but super efficient.  I was keen to look like myself on the day….. a slightly more glamorous version befitting a wedding day, but not unrecognisable to the man waiting for me at the end of the aisle either.  She did a great job with no fuss and no stress and was fun and lovely too!  My floral hairpiece was put together with various fabric flower clips I’d collected, little spotted pheasant feathers and pearl sprays (usually used for floral arrangements).”

There are stories behind everything at Claire and Erwin’s wedding, even Claire’s wedding shoes. She explains “As I was on a shoe-seeking marathon with my older sister, the sage words of advice from my dressmaker echoed in my ears…..’finding the shoes is just as important as finding the fabric’ she told me as I turned up to each dress fitting sans shoes.  I was looking for something mid heel (as there would be a little hill to navigate down to get to our forest wedding location) and it was becoming very clear that sky-high stacked stilettos were the shoes of the season.  Woops.  It was only as we pushed our weary selves to one more hour of shopping, that we stumbled across a cute pair of ivory peep toe’s with a bow detail across the toe.  Simple. Vintagey.  Perfect.  The dressmaker would be pleased.”

Claire found a local dressmaker to make her wedding gown. “I had my dress made for me by a dressmaker known to a family friend.  She began making wedding dresses when she was a young girl….in the days when new frocks were stitched up just for a night of dancing.  I knew she would make something lovely for me and she did.  It was an ivory backless halter-neck dress with lace overlay, pearls hanging down my back with the ties and a lovely train to swish about in.  I’d never really thought about a ‘dream’ dress nor imagined I’d wear anything traditional, but as I began to think about and plan our wedding, all things romantic took over and a lovely lace dress to swan around in felt just right.”

The car was a little bit of a surprise for Claire and sourced from a local. “We hadn’t really considered having a ‘special’ wedding car, but a couple of weeks out from the wedding, Erwin spoke to a local he knew in town who had an old car.  I could not believe my eyes when the most magnificent restored Buick made its way to the top of the hill on our wedding day.  She was all red leather seats and so beautiful.  Again, it was another thing that happened last minute but all just came together beautifully.  Living in a small community, lots of lovely things like this happened along the way.”

Claire and Erwin were married at Paradise’ Picnic Area, Apollo Bay. Claire explains “Our ceremony was held in a rainforest picnic area in Apollo Bay alongside the Barham River.  It is aptly named ‘Paradise’ and is a place we often visit for a splash in the river on a warm day, a picnic or a little quiet contemplation.  The trees create an incredible natural amphitheatre and the canopy of tree ferns adds to the whimsical, magical feel of the place.  Deciding to get married here was easy, and although we knew Apollo Bay’s weather is less than predictable, we decided to just go for it.  Although it rained throughout the day, the moment we walked down the ‘aisle’, the sun shone, the river flowed and the forest was fresh, green and glistening with raindrops.  We felt so contained within the space and the love and joy buzzing within it.  It was an incredible feeling.”

Decorating the spaces was one of the biggest jobs for Claire and Erwin, Claire recalls “‘Thankfully we had help from our families in setting up and packing up and friends also went to the forest before the ceremony to hang big paper pom-poms and lanterns and set up the wrought iron furniture and carpets.  We used my Dad’s garden setting in the forest and he made us a matching candelabra for candles.”

 The music was whimsical and beautiful Claire notes, “We walked into the forest to ‘The Butterfly Waltz’, signed the marriage certificate to ‘A Walk in the Forest’ and hugged and squeezed our family and friends at the end to the very sweet ukulele version of ‘Over the Rainbow’.”

Erwin found his suit overseas. “Erwin had booked a trip home to Holland over Christmas and with the general tall-ness of Dutch-folk, decided it would be easier to find a suit over there…which he did.  He arrived home with a beautifully made blue-black suit (and a pair of red lady beetle clogs for me!).  He looked very dapper on the day….(and the clogs became a quirky nod to his culture at the reception).”

The bouquets were made by Claire with blooms from Soho Rose Farm. Claire recalls “I decided I wanted roses that were big blooms and looked like they’d just been picked from Granny’s garden.  I stumbled upon ‘SOHO rose farm’ in Drysdale who grew exactly this….with stunning full blooms and the most amazing perfumes.  I ordered a variety of pinks and ivories and picked them up by the bucket-load with my sister the day before the wedding.  I arranged my own bouquet the morning of the wedding, combining a variety of pale pink, dark pink and ivory roses with little buds from the ivy growing by our house and another spot of greenery from the garden.  Wrapped up with a pink ribbon and finished with a piece of lace, I was delighted with my bouquet…. even more-so knowing I had made it myself.   The remaining roses were used to decorate the tables and the hall for the reception.”

Claire and Erwin were married by Nettie Hulme from Otway Celebrations. Claire explains “Our celebrant was a local woman – Nettie Hulme from Otway Celebrations.  I had met Nettie in passing once before, and when realising she was a celebrant, knew she would be wonderful.  She was so lovely and re-assuring on the day…she made the ceremony heartfelt and genuine and brought us all together in the space.  When she started the ceremony, her lovely calmness made us collectively exhale and enjoy the moment.”

There was, of course, the littlest member of the bridal party. Says Claire “Having our dog Spike in the wedding was funny.  He’s part of our little family and although there were no doggy tuxedo’s or ring cushions to wear upon his head, we wanted him there all the same.  He sat at our feet the entire time….until he got bored and chased his tail and tried to kill a stick.  But all in all, he was very good and looked smart in his red polka-dot tie.”

Of their photographer, Claire says “Our photographer was Eric Ronald. I had been chatting to a friend that I wanted photos that were a bit creative and weren’t too traditional.  That night she was perusing the ‘Meet Me at Mikes’ blog and forwarded his name to me.  Photographer found! Eric was fantastic on the day.  He was fun and relaxed and just fit in with whatever was happening.  He was great with all the kids too and captured some really amazing shots of the day.  When I look at the photos it feels like a real account of the entire day.  Awesome photographer and just a really lovely guy.”

Claire loved everything about their wedding day, including “Sharing it with kids!  Although kids are often not included at weddings, it was so beautiful to share the day with them.  They were so wide-eyed and excited by the whole day and we couldn’t imagine the day without them all.”

The couple even added personal touches to their wedding photos, Claire remembers. “In November 2011, Erwin and I found a sweet little old style beach house for sale in town and decided we’d try to buy it.  We were madly jumping about at the beach with excitement one Saturday morning … and it was here that Erwin popped the question.  It was a cute, simple and spontaneous moment.  Four months later, Erwin had been overseas, we had planned the wedding, gotten married, renovated and moved house.  Not stressful at all !.  We asked Eric to take some wedding photos at our new place…wheelbarrows and all… to record the whirlwind.”

The reception was held in the couple’s backup plan, Mechanics Hall, Apollo Bay . Claire says “Originally we had planned to hold our reception in a large shed at the top of the hill where we lived.  We had been enjoying sunny days and lovely balmy evenings and imaginings of frolicking around, playing lawn bowls and dancing on the lawns looking out to sea.  Two weeks out from the wedding, some wild weather whipped up (and was showing no signs of leaving) and the need for a change of venue became clear.  We settled on the beautiful old Mechanics Hall in town, which in the long run was absolutely perfect.  We decorated the hall with bunting made from fabrics that had belonged to my mother, white paper lanterns, and all sorts of vintage-y finds, pieces of furniture and items of interest. There were old china cabinets, chandeliers, an old piano accordion that had been in a cupboard in my family home for years…whatever we could find, we used.”

The decoration of the reception was a family affair. Claire explains “I sourced decorations wherever I could…some things belonging to us, some things from my family home, and bits and pieces I found along the way.  It was amazing to walk into the hall on our wedding day to the smiles of the people we love surrounded in the vision that began in my mind a mere three months earlier.  Candles twinkled, lanterns shone, bunting fluttered and it was the perfect complement to a beautiful wedding day that was personal, meaningful and really reflected us.”

A special cultural wishing tree decorated the reception. Claire says “Our wishing tree (a dutch tradition) was an apple tree placed in a pot at the reception.  We provided pink luggage tags and a ball of string, allowing guests to write their words of advice or their wishes for us and hang them on the tree.  Reading these after the wedding was sweet and often hilarious.  There were wishes of ‘more tools’ for Erwin & ‘weekends away’ for me, and some blank wishes thrown in for good measure (which we’re yet to cash in).  We planted the apple tree in the front garden of our new home.” The red ladybug clogs Erwin bought in Holland when he purchased his wedding suit were also on display.

The wedding was catered by Going Gourmet. Claire remembers “I stumbled across a Prahran (Melbourne) based catering company called ‘Going Gourmet’ who were so fantastic right from the very beginning.  It’s owned and run by a young chef named Glenn and he was brilliant.  He and his team were personable, easy-going and produced absolutely incredible food.  The waiting staff were so lovely and so many of our wedding guests raved about the quality of the food and the catering team.  We were so happy with the choice we made.  We wanted to maintain an informal feel to the evening but still sit down together to share a meal.  Glenn suggested wandering canapés to begin, a seated main meal and then a tower of mini desserts that guests could help themselves to as they wandered about throughout the evening.  It worked perfectly.”

Guests received paper bags filled with treats handmade by Claire. Claire notes “I handmade our invites with rose embossed paper, vintage print paper and lace.  The ‘extra information’ card inside the invite was wrapped in paper lace doilies and this was also used to decorate the envelopes.  I also hand-made the paper features for the ceremony and reception – brown paper ‘sweets for our sweets’ lolly bags with name-places and paper ‘happily ever after’ wraps for our linen napkins.  I also made pretty paper cones with doily detail for the rose petal ‘confetti’ that some friends had collected and dried for us.  Hand making all of these things was quite a lot of work, but in the end I loved that it was all personal and made with love.”

Claire’s childhood friend made the wedding cake, a new tradition in Claire’s circle of friends. “Our cake was made by the mother of one of my oldest friends from school.  Annmaree used to always say she’d make our wedding cakes for us when we got married.  True to her word, she made a masterpiece for each and every one of us from our friendship circle.  Not only this, she has travelled to each wedding location to deliver and set-up the cakes.  I met up with her a few weeks before the wedding with a few ideas of a tiered pink cake with a vintage feel and embellishments of pearls and lace.  She took it from there and I was absolutely blown away when I saw the cake on the day.  It was so beautiful….. all pink, pearls, roses and lace….two-tiered with chocolate mud-cake for the young-ens and fruit cake for the oldies.  It was clearly made with love and I still can’t believe how beautiful it was when I look at photos.”

On of the decorations paid homage to the history of the couple’s families. Claire explains “We pegged up gorgeous old black and white photos of Erwin’s grandparents and relatives in Holland and my parents wedding day photos in the reception hall.  It was a lovely personal touch that included them in our day.”

Claire notes, “One of my favourite photos is the one of all of our guests seated and raising their glasses for a toast.  It looks like one big happy dinner party and completely captured the feel of the evening.” One of Claire’s favourite memories of the day was, “Some unexpected speeches:  At speech time, our two gorgeous nephews (and pageboys on the day) rushed up to us and asked if they could do a speech for us.  Of course we said yes and couldn’t believe how articulate and gorgeous they were.  It was a very sweet moment in the evening.”

For their first dance, Claire remembers “We danced to The Carpenters song ’Close to you’.  It was a very sweet moment and if we were in a story-book, there would certainly have been little love hearts floating around in the air.”

The couple hired a Melbourne gyspy band for their reception. Claire explains “As soon as I began to think about reception music, I knew I wanted a live band with gypsy flavour.  Erwin and I love, love, love to dance, so this was an important part of making the night fun and ‘us’.  After searching high and low, a friend put us onto a fantastic gypsy band called ‘Rapskallion’ from Melbourne.  They were absolutely incredible! As a band who tour all over the place, we felt so lucky to have them travel along the Ocean Road to share their talents with us on the day.  Best ‘non-wedding band’ wedding band ever!!!!  We kicked off our shoes, kicked up our heels and danced all night.  It was the best party I’d ever been to.”

Congratulations on your marriage Claire & Erwin! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you to Eric Ronald for sharing today’s photographs with us!

Photographer: Eric Ronald Photography / Bride's Dress: Local dressmaker / Groom's Attire: Bought In Holland / Hair & maelup artist: Jenna Grundy / Flowers: SOHO Rose Farm, put together by bride / Invitations & Stationery: Handmade / Ceremony Venue: 'Paradise' Picnic Area, Apollo Bay / Ceremony Officiant: Nettie Hulme from Otway Celebrations / Reception Venue: Mechanics Hall, Apollo Bay / Band: Rapskallion / Catering: Going Gourmet / Wedding Cake: Handmade by a friend's mother
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Carting it Around – Delicious Wedding Food Carts & Trucks

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I love, love love  the idea of portable food at weddings. I love the idea of dancing under the setting sun to see the deliciousness of an ice cream cart arrive (if of course it’s playing Greensleeves). I also love the casual feel of guests being able to head to a van (or Airstream!) select their favourite hot dish off the menu and find a picnic table to eat. It’s such a fun idea for outdoor weddings and something that can also lend itself to formal do’s as well.

What could be a better ice breaker or party ‘fueler’ than a van showing up close to midnight stocked with treats to allow guests to keep dancing until dawn?

1. MELBOURNE: Fancy the treats of Southern America? Gumbo Kitchen is the truck for you! Featuring Cajun style New Orleans fare, the van dishes up soft fajitas, lemon ice box pie, hush puppies, po’ boys and of course, gumbo!

2. SYDNEY: Liana Raine not only has the sweetest little popsicle cart with blue and white stripes (Such a fun touch for a beach wedding just to get the ideas started..) but the team also create custom flavoured Popsicles complete with custom printed sticks. Winning combination no? (Photo by Matt Reed)

3. MELBOURNE: Dhaba is the curry truck. Can you imagine serving your guests piping hot Butter Chicken or Beef Korma at midnight?

4. SYDNEY: Yummy Dogs Hot Dog Cart is such a picture under it’s yellow and white stripe awning. The cart comes equipped with not only gourmet sausages and freshly baked buns, but also a range of relishes, sauces and accompaniments (Sauerkraut, corn relish and onions among my favourites on the tasty meter).

5. MELBOURNE: The Taco Truck cruises the streets of Melbourne and is available for functions  with what some say is the most delicious Mexican in the city. Available for functions, The Taco Truck caters weddings treating guests to homemade corn chips, guacamole, salsa, tostadas and tacos just to name a few of the treats on the menu! (Photo by Structured Pieces from Emily Green’s wedding)

6. ADELAIDE: Seriously yummy delights from this South Australian van Burger Theory who deliver burritos, burgers and fries to bellies around streets of Adelaide.

1. GEELONG: Gelato Events provides a portable cart just right for wedding celebrations. With gelato flavours like Apple Pie, Creme Caramel, Espresso & Classic Chocolate this isn’t just a gelato cart- it’s a feast on wheels!

2. BRISBANE & SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND: Dolly Vardens travels the country (namely to fun Elvis festivals and anything requiring retro fun) serving up delicious coffee and sweet treats (including freshly baked French macarons and cupcakes). How fun would Dolly be at your brunch or afternoon tea reception?

3. SYDNEY: Pure Gelato offers a range of different packages (from the traditional gelato cart with stripe awning, to a display freezer!) for your guests to enjoy their favourite flavour at movable convenience.

4. AUSTRALIA WIDE: The healthy burger kings Grill’d have their shiny silver airstream available for event catering. With burgers, (my favourite is the Bird & Brie) chips and dipping sauces, your guests will have plenty to fill their bellies! (Photo by Jonathan Ong)

5. SYDNEY: Ice cream is so sweet especially when it’s by a well known (for their tastiness!) Gelato maker. GelatissiMobile dispenses delicious gelato from brand Gelatissmo (including their ever so sweet bambino cones) and is such a fun addition for a warmer wedding weather wedding (though personally cold weather doesn’t stop me eating ice cream!)

6. SYDNEY: If there is one food cart Sydney does well, it appears ice cream is it! GelatoCart shows this hot pink cart that quite frankly would make me forget the champagne and head straight for the shining beacon that it is.

7. MELBOURNE: Cornutopia offers guests a Mexican feast serving up traditional Mexican street food such as tacos, huevos rancheros and sweet corn.  (They even have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options!)

8. MELBOURNE: Sentences I never thought I’d type on Polka Dot Bride. Massive Weiners offers delicious hot dogs that make the perfect dinner of midnight snack for wedding guests and and their specialty? Foot long hot dogs with plenty of toppings!

9. BRISBANE: Double Deckerdence lends more than just a food truck to your event, guests can even head inside and enjoy the culinary delights of this cafe on wheels! Imagine guests enjoying sweet pastries and coffee while watching the dancing guests from the second level of the double decker bus.

Dotties, help a blogger out- I know there are a fabulous’ flavour’ (official collective noun for a group of food trucks!!) of food trucks about to launch in Sydney, but what other ones have I missed? Are there any in Perth? What about the other States I’ve not been able to find many in?

Megan & Zelko’s Chic Sydney Wedding

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Megan and Zelko

There is nothing about today’s wedding that isn’t totally chic. Megan wore a stunning gown, the venue? Hip and full of city elegance and the flowers, oh the flowers over flowed with colour. Sydney you shine like a diamond!

Megan tells how they met. “We met through friends at a Sydney Festival gig and were friends for 6 months before we got together.”

Photos are by The Follans who are very hip and chic themselves with a great sense of humor to their photographs, they take inspiration from the wedding’s style.

Zelko and his groomsmen were outfitted by Cambridge & Co.

Megan’s bridesmaids wore gowns from Melbourne Avenue.

Megan wore a lace gown fromNelder Jones (02) 9331 5118 with shoes by Jimmy Choo.


The stationery for the day was designed by Zed & Bee.

Megan and Zelko chose The Ivy Sunroom for the wedding and reception. Megan says “It was the perfect choice of venue.  Very elegant and something different.”

There was only minor hitch on the day , says Megan. “Everything went fantastically except there were bollards up at the entrance of George St so the cars couldn’t drive down.  Unfortunately it meant we were unable to get photos with the cars.”

Megan walked down the aisle to a live singer singing a rendition of “At Last” by Etta James. Megan remarks “I remember people cheering me on as I walked down the aisle and I thought “wow they are cheering for me!””

Seed Flora created the bouquets and luscious floral arrangements.

A fun guestbook idea? Megan explains “An artwork was painted by a friend and we asked guests to put their names on the artwork to commemorate the day.”

Faye Cahill created an incredible two tier wedding cake.

For their first dance, Megan says “We danced to Bob Marley “Is it Love?””

Congratulations Megan and Zelko! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you to The Follans for today’s photographs!

Photographer: The Follans / Bride's Dress: Nelder Jones (02) 9331 5118 / Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Bridesmaid Dresses: Melbourne Avenue / Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Cambridge & Co / Makeup & Hair Stylist: Emma Haddock / Venue: Sun Room at the Ivy / Flowers & Decor: Seed Flora / Wedding Cake: Faye Cahill / Band: Dr Somatik / Invitations & Stationery: Zed & Bee

Lauren and Andy’s Vintage Steam Train Wedding

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Lauren & Andy

Before I launch into my introduction of Lauren and Andy’s amazing wedding, there really are only three things you need to know. The couple married at an old train station. They were married by Elvis. The bride wore a black sequin gown. Want to get straight into the day? Me too!

Today we have the story of the first meeting from the bride *and* groom! Lauren saysWe met through Andy’s sister Kate, as we were good friends.” And Andy? “I saw Lauren at my niece’s playgroup one day and I had to see her again!”

Photographs today are by Goldsmith & Co Photography who create images with distinctly vintage feel but also a little modern take on their captures.

Shoreditch London provided the groom and groomsman’s suit. Andy added a pair of black Toms to complete his look.

Lauren wore a black sequin wedding gown by Rachel Gilbert.

The couple hired a stylist to ensure everything went smoothly with their very blank slate of a venue. Lauren recalls “Everything was built and hand crafted for the wedding by Lauren Adele Design. The site dictated the structure of wedding and how to approach the styling. Even though we had hired Muckleford Train Station, it is technically a public space. Our wedding went till very late on a Saturday night and we needed to start building 3 days before the wedding. Everything had to be weather tolerant, and hard to steal!”

Crate loads of old cooking jars had been saved by the couple’s friends in the lead up and fashioned into vases and vessels, wrapped with natural hessian and string.

Towering vintage ladders were headed with 6 metre long plinths that sat 3 metres high. Mix-matched fabrics were hung to create these amazing textured and patterned walls, giving the space definition. Lauren recalls ” A local man, Reg, let me raid his immense garden in the wee hours of the morning on the wedding day, taking oversized green foliage by the car load! ”

Lauren and Andy tried to incorporate the history of their surroundings with their wedding decor. Lauren explains, “The Maldon Steam train, Maldon Train Station, and Muckleford Train Station are such historic landmarks having been built in the 1880’s. It was so unique to be able to incorporate that sense of history in a modern day setting – our wedding. There is a rustic tooling shed at Muckleford Train Station that struck us as being so emblematic of country life. We used this as the point to build our wedding from and everything evolved from there. The tooling shed became our bar.”

Old French timber doors were stripped back to make distressed tabletops.

A huge ‘Just Married’ sign was made from cardboard and tomato stakes.

Hay bales were covered with paint drop sheets and tied with hessian camping ties for the ceremony seating, intermixed with old church pews.

Little hand typed signs were strung up and pegged around the ceremony & reception.

Really long strips of fabric were tied from tree branches, which effortlessly moved to the breeze.

Guests were transported to the wedding by steam strain. Lauren explains “The wedding guests arrived at Maldon Train Station in the historic town of Maldon, Victoria. Our guests were met by the Victorian Goldfields Station Master and sipped on pre-wedding drinks before being taken by a private steam train to Muckleford – a journey through a box iron bark forest in an historic mining region that took about 20 minutes.”

Lauren’s stepmother made the wedding bouquets.

Lauren walked down the aisle to Radiohead ‘Fake Plastic Trees’.

Lauren and Andy were married by Elvis [Daniel James) who surprised the guests by signing his way in. Lauren explains “Our Elvis celebrant was amazing. It was his first time in costume. We had to convince him to take on the job, but he embraced his inner Elvis and it was so entertaining. He played guitar and sang intermittently throughout the ceremony. It was hilarious when just before the ‘I do’s’ he broke into ‘It’s Now Or Never’, and even funnier when he announced us as husband and wife and sang ‘A Little Less Conversation’ as we walked back down the aisle with our guests showering us in dried rose petals. We have a fun household at home and humour is a big part of us, so we wanted our wedding day to be the same.”

Lauren describes the day as “Beautiful, relaxed, rustic, honest, incredibly fun & funny!”

Lauren loved ” Having my maid-of-honour Cress staying with us from Perth in the week leading up to the wedding ” Lauren’s maid of honour wore a black lace gown from Lover.

Of their photographer Lauren says “Brett Goldsmith is an amazing person, an ace friend, and a talented, accomplished photographer and artist. He is a true professional and loads of fun – his shots are stunning.”

The wedding was truly a community affair, Lauren remarks “One of the local committees lent us lighting. Our friends and family lent us objects. It’s wonderful living in a small community, everyone is genuinely willing to help and be kind. ” As wedding favors, the bride made homemade tomato relish.

Guests danced the night away to “A five-piece jazz band playing trad & hot jazz of the roaring 20s.”  Once the last tune had been played, guests boarded the train for the journey home. Lauren recalls “The journey back from the wedding in the steam train – the lights failed and it was literally like being in the 1800’s. Our guests were very jolly by then and the trip in the dark will be one we never forget – we have never laughed so hard, it was unreal!”

Congratulation Lauren and Andy! Thank you for sharing your wedding with us! Thank you also to Goldsmith & Co Photography for sharing today’s photos!

Photographer: Goldsmith & Co / Styling: Lauren Adele Design / Bride's Dress: Rachel Gilbert / Bride's Shoes: Novo / Bride's Jewellery: Borrowed / Groom's Attire: Shoreditch London / Groomsmen Attire: Shoreditch London / Ring Bearer Attire: Scotch Shrunk / Bridesmaid Dresses: Lover / Bridesmaid Shoes: Tony Bianco / Hairstylist: Hayley Mac / Makeup Artist: Hayley Mac / Venue: Muckleford Train Station, Muckleford Victoria / Ceremony Officiant: Elvis Presley! [Daniel James) / Catering: Hot Trucks / Catering: Maldon Ice Cream & Gelato Van 03 5475 2178 / Transport: Maldon Vintage Steam Train / Vintage Props: Much Ado / Vintage Props: The Grand Maldon / Wedding Cake: Deborah Lea Cakes / Groom's Wedding Ring: Macha / Bride's Wedding Ring: Terence Chun Kin Lee