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Real Weddings Magazine Unveils A Brand New Website!

by | Bride, Magazines and Books


I was a little blown away on Wednesday when I received a special little something in my inbox. After a month of waiting and a week of sneaky puzzle pieces, the Real Weddings team sent me a login to access their brand new website early Wednesday morning.

completed puzzle 1024x956 Real Weddings Magazine Unveils A Brand New Website!

The completed puzzle.

Real Weddings is one of those magazines I buy every issue of and eagerly await- I truly believe it is a jewel in Australia’s wedding industry and have been so thrilled that they honoured me by allowing me to be a part of their website launch in this way.

The Real Weddings brand (created and launched by an Australian bride) to me has always represented inspirational weddings. From the bride who was inspired by a beautiful necklace, to a line of rainbow coloured chair covers, each issue has inspired me and led me to consider new ways of doing things.

I honestly had no idea where to start with the website- it is so packed full of content! Some of it free (including the Tip Of The Day) and a lot of it available under the special subscriber deal (which offers a years subscription to Real Weddings Magazine, competition prize draws, a Vera Wang cake knife set and access to all features of the website).

The Real Weddings section takes you behind the scenes of some of the latest magazine weddings. Photos, words and videos add a whole new dimension to what we saw on the pages. It was such a treat to hear the thoughts of the brides I had poured over in the magazine- their proposal stories, how they chose the different elements of their wedding day, their mishaps and their treasured moments.

Luxury Honeymoons showcases favourite luxury locations and Real Postcards from real couples of their own honeymoons in these top spots.

Real Weddings TV seems to be the real focal point of the website and is divided into four sections- Tip of The Day (where editor Kirsten shares a tip for your wedding every day!), Bride’s Advice (advice from real brides), Themes (behind the scenes of Real Weddings photo shoots with tips and styling advice from professionals), and Industry News.

The Inspiration Gallery is filled with so many beautiful images (most have featured in previous magazine issues) over 428 pages are available for you to browse and be inspired by.

The planner & budget, directory and community are extra features for brides- a place to talk with other brides, find wedding vendors and focus on the “real” parts of planning a wedding.

As with everything the team at Real Weddings does, this website is elegant, full of information and beautifully put together. It showcases all that is beautiful and stylish and is put together in Real Wedding’s inimitable understated classic style. Congratulations Real Weddings for being a trail blazer in the Australian wedding industry!

Click here to check out the brand new Real Weddings magazine website.

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Creative Colour – Magenta

by | Bride, Creative Colour, Wedding Inspiration


Magenta1 Creative Colour Magenta

magenta text Creative Colour Magenta

An intense hue – not quite pink yet not quite violet. For those who like a dramatic, eye popping scheme.

Combine with ivory, deep purple and violet blue

– With bright orange, hot pink, dark lime green and touches of egg yolk yellow

– With pale grey, violet and white

– With pewter grey, navy and ivory

– With sage green and ivory

– With shades of white and touches of black

– With periwinkle blue, silver and white

– With ruby, deep burgundy and dark navy

– With aqua, ivory, mid pink and touches of spring green

– Fern fronds, ivy, lotus pods, orchids, lilac or magenta roses, larkspur, delphiniums, purple hydrangeas, dramatic white blooms, privet berries, African violets in tiny pots, burgundy foliage

– Choose a dramatic fabric such as a check, floral or toile for table linen in one of your other colours on a white background and pipe in magenta. Add napkins or placemats in magenta, or magenta covered buttons or ribbons holding up folds of an overcloth

– Mercury glass balls, mirrors or containers. Glass covered tabletops

– Think the vibrant hues of saris and the touches used in Indian weddings

– Brass, silver, black wrought iron, pewter

– Beach weddings using the aqua or bright orange colour scheme. Magenta table cloths, patterned runners, coloured crockery and candles, cane chairs, palm fronds, hibiscus, orchids – a riot of colour on white sand

– Pewter grey chairs, magenta linen edged in grey beads, navy napkins and crockery, brushed stainless steel cutler, muted silver or pewter candlesticks, navy candles, dull pewter or zinc floral containers filled with magenta and purple orchids and green peppercorn berries, magenta favour boxes tied with pewter and navy ribbon

– Brightly coloured and patterned Portuguese, Spanish or Moroccan tableware

– Clusters of beaded strands or small lights hung from the ceiling to mimic the feel of chandeliers

– Jewellery could be cloisonné, turquoise, marquasite, diamonds, silver

magenta inspiration board Creative Colour Magenta

Dress from Lazaro via Brides, Magenta shoes from Faith, bouquet from Boutwell Studio via Wedding Channel, hair flower by Bower Bird Inc on Etsy,

Ulick & Brooke

by | Bride, Competitions, Engagements, Videography


I’m really excited today because I get to share with you the result of one of the competitions we ran last year (if you’re a Polka Dot Bride competition winner, we always love hearing how you enjoyed your prize!)

In September last year, Highlight Films gave one lucky couple a “Love Shoot” through a competition on Polka Dot Bride. A story of the couple’s relationship, the video is shot pre wedding and allows the couple to show the essence of their relationship. Our winners were Brooke and her fiance Ulick who had a love of scooters.

The resulting video is gorgeous and of course, features the hobby that brought them together!

Ulick&brooke_a Scooter story from allen mechen on Vimeo.

Real Weddings Sneak Peek #7

by | Bride, Magazines and Books


It’s been a day full of anticipation about the Real Weddings Magazine..and then this landed..from their “maternity ward”!

“…The birth of our beautiful new baby is taking longer than we expected!

We know there are lots of proud aunties and uncles-to-be in the waiting room, so we wanted to send you an update!

Enjoy this sneak peek of our bundle of joy!”

RWTV Tip of the Day – Special Wines for your Bridal Table from Real Weddings on Vimeo.

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