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Kristie and Oliver

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Kristie and Oliver

A special treat for our close neighbours today! An Australian and New Zealander marrying! Today’s wedding took place in Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Oliver (NZ) and Kristie (Australia) met in London 12 years ago.  Kristie tells the story of how they met a world away. “We were ‘flat mates’ and dated for 9 months but decided things weren’t quite working out, so I headed back to Australia while Oliver stayed in the UK and life went on. 6 years later, Oliver sent an email out of the blue to say he was coming to Melbourne for a visit. I didn’t decline the chance to catch up with an old boyfriend but I had moved on – well so I thought! We caught up and the flame wasn’t out, in fact nothing short of alive! Not long after this we decided to rekindle the love from 1998. Oliver returned to the UK for a couple of years and finally made a permanent move to Melbourne in 2006.”

Photos today are by Emma Hughes.


Using invitations from Poppies For Grace, Kristie complemented the bird design with her own creations. She says “We knew we wanted a wedding with an old world charm to it, but we also wanted it to be natural, creative, unique and personal. I wanted to be hands on as much as possible, not just to keep costs down because often it wasn’t the cheaper option, but because I wanted our guests to take something home that was made with love and made by us. It’s too easy to surf the net and click on X number of gift items that arrive in the post 3 days later. To me, that was far too impersonal and never an option.

We put together a Wedding Guide booklet for each guest that went with the invitation and it included information about our wedding weekend on Waiheke. We had 40+ guests coming from overseas, so felt it was important to give them as much information as possible (most coming to NZ for the first time).”




Kristie wore a gown from Gwendolynne Burkin, jewels from Stephanie Browne and hairpiece from BeSomethingNew on Etsy. Her bridesmaids wore orange gowns from Filly’s Stable. The lush bouquets were design by Vicky Morcroft  of Waiheke Island Florist. Oliver wore a suit from Antons.



Kristie and Oliver married at Goldwater Estate underneath one of the beautiful trees. Kristie made fans for the guests to carry (from this template) “I made fans for our guests to use on the bus on their way to and during the ceremony (which were a hit as it was a muggy day) and handed out little goodie bags for the kids. I made small little paper cones that held hydrangea petals for guests to throw over us at the end of the ceremony.”




Kristie walked down the aisle with her mum and dad to Pachelbel’s Canon played by Milly Rout String Quartet.





Kristie says “Oliver and I wrote our own vows so the ceremony was very special for me – in fact we both couldn’t hold back our tears of joy which the photographer captured beautifully!  I was still crying 10 minutes after the ceremony!

It was also very special that my two sisters traveled from overseas and my best friend Trace (after recently recovering from breast cancer) joined us as my bridesmaids. Oliver also had his two brothers and best man join us from London, which was fantastic too. Having such close friends and family make the effort to be there for our special day meant the world to us.”


Check back this afternoon for Kristie and Oliver’s lovely details!

Photos by Emma Hughes.

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Cary and James – The Celebration

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Oh I love today’s wedding! It has such a sparkle about it in the thoughtful details and obvious love of the couple.








Cary and James served local food and drink to keep their wedding eco-friendly. Cary says “James and I made all of the wine that was served during our reception dinner. All of the wine available at the bar was produced at Sharpe Hill Vineyard, located just a few miles from the farm.”



The couple pinned photos of themselves growing up and through their relationship to lines of rope strung along the veranda. The wedding cake was decorated with farm fresh flowers and knitted cake toppers from Etsy seller Laika Handknits. Tables were decorated with fresh flowers grouped in vintage vases and jars.


Cary and James danced to “Everything” by Ben Harper. A guest book was hand carved and sat beside a platter on which guests signed their names.


Thank you Cary and James for sharing your wedding day with us today! Congratulations! Thank you also to Olivia Gird Photography for sending over today’s wedding!

Photos by Olivia Gird Photography.

Cary and James

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Cary and James

I have such a sweet wedding for you today. Vibrant in colour and in soul! Cary and James were on a mission to make their wedding as eco-friendly as possible with personal, beautiful touches.

Today’s couple Carey and James met at an indoor climbing gym. They quickly became climbing partners and several years later were climbing Mount Washington when James pulled a ring out of his backpack and proposed to Carey!

Photographs today are by Olivia Gird Phoography.


The couple held their ceremony and reception at Tyrone Farm in Pomfret, Connecticut. The family owned farm includes a farmhouse and chestnut barn. Cary says “The farm is powered by electricity generated from a photovoltaic system that is tied back to the electrical grid so that on days when the sun is really shining (like our wedding day!), the extra electricity is fed back into the system to provide energy for the surrounding community. Additionally, Tyrone Farm grows organic flowers and vegetables on-site which we incorporated into our wedding. It was the perfect setting for our rustic green wedding”.

The couple used a Paloma’s Nest ring bowl to hold their wedding rings.



Cary wore a gown she found online. She says “I purchased my wedding dress through Pre Owned Wedding Dresses.  The dress had actually been worn by two other brides before me. It needed a cleaning and some minor alterations but once it was tuned up, it was good as new. The dress was stunning and no one would have known that it was actually recycled had I not bragged about it all night.

The dress is currently being cleaned and readied for its third debut on the auction block. I can’t wait to share it with another bride! I also “recycled” my veil as it was made by my grandmother and originally worn by my mom in her wedding.”

Cary wore a flower in her hair from Etsy seller MeadowbelleMarket and jewels from LillyElla.


The flowers were picked from Tyron Farm and arranged by the couple.



The wedding programs were handmade with fabric covers cut with pinking shears.


Cary walked down the aisle to an improvised tune played on the harpsichord.



Cary handmade handkerchiefs as a memento of the wedding.




Check back this afternoon for Cary and James’ romantic and personal reception!

Photos by Olivia Gird Photography.

Choice Wedding Report Roundtable

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Last year, Choice Magazine (an independent Consumer based publication in Australia) did a survey on whether vendors really charge more for weddings than other events. We touched on this issue when I interviewed vendors, and wrote about it in February “W Is For Weddings- Behind The Wedding Word Part One & Part Two“. It’s an issue I’ve been incredibly interested in and one I want to keep discussing.



Flowers and cake from Sweet Art, Henry Roth and the Henri Josef website.

With the report providing such hot debate in the industry and amongst brides, Choice decided to take it a step further and hold a ‘Round Table’ discussion at Sydney’s TOKO Restaurant with some of Sydney’s leading wedding professionals to discuss the issue.

Moderating the discussion was Henry Roth. With Anthea Leonard from Sweet Art, Lynleigh McPherson from Belinda Franks Catering, Lorraine Elliot from Not Quite Nigella, Phoebe Gazal from Papier d’Amour, David Mendes from KAREN Magazine, Alicia Richardson from The Knot, Claire Aristedis from Lifegloss, Matt Lee from Infinity Photography, and  Matthew Duchesne from Milk & Honey Photography attending.

Also in attendance was  CHOICE reporter Kate Browne, as well as Fiona Wood, Sian Jenkins, Leigh Golombick and Sean O’Byrne from Mark Communications.



As we touched on with our own discussions in February, trusting your vendor and using vendors you are comfortable with is incredibly important to avoid the ‘wedding price tag’ discomfort.

The ‘Round Table’ agreed that full disclosure by the customer is essential. All suppliers agreed that by talking clients through the added value they’re providing for dealing with a wedding, they would avoid a sticky situation later on – so ask your vendors to explain why they charge what they charge.

Vendors felt that a lot of what they do for weddings is left unsaid (and unseen!) and therefore there are often misunderstandings, leading to a bride feeling she is being “ripped off”. The extra time spent catering to the attention to detail demanded by brides may have been factored in as the ‘standard’ service provided by the vendor for weddings.

The group agreed that customers should come with a budget in mind and tell the vendor upfront. This means the vendor can tailor a package to your budget. The group agreed that vendors and consumers both need to manage their expectations, be clear and upfront and be flexible with each other.

While a ‘regulatory body’ idea was discussed and thought of as a good idea, the vendors failed to see a fair way of implementing it.



The round table in action, sweet treats from Belinda Franks Catering.

The group agreed on a number of points to ensure you, the bride and groom, are comfortable with your vendors and their charges, and that you don’t feel stung by the ‘wedding’ word.

– Research vendors (utilising bridal forums, websites, social media and through word of mouth)
– Come to the vendor meeting with a budget outline
– Ask as many questions as possible of the vendor to ensure you are 100% comfortable with the level of service and the explanation behind the charges
– Be very clear with the vendor about your expectations of the level of service you require
– Be upfront that the event is a wedding so both you and your supplier start the relationship honestly and you both have the same expectation of the event.
– If you’re unsure of set packages, ask about flexibility within these packages
– Set up an initial one on one meeting with the vendor to make sure you get along with them. If you have any doubts, try and resolve them in a frank discussion, or search for another supplier. After all your relationship could span many, many months!

I delayed writing about the round table as I was waiting for an audio recording of the event, unfortunately the audio didn’t turn out, but the Choice team did produce a video which gives a little insight into the discussions that took place!


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