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Mother Polka’s Musings – Inspiration

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I have been wanting to add an extra dimension to Polka Dot Bride for a little while. There are discussions that take place off the blog that need to be thrown into the limelight a little more!

So off the back of this morning’s book review, I have added an extra voice to the blog. She’s an avid reader of Polka Dot Bride and by association is exposed to a lot of wedding talk. As someone who has been married for over three decades I think she has a pretty fair idea of what marriage really is- the ups, the downs, the beautiful moments and the really hard ones.

Budget is a big issue with weddings and it’s one I choose not to talk about on Polka Dot Bride- not because I want to ignore them (I know you all have them and I think the bloggers that cover budgets do it a lot better than I ever could!) but because I hope to provide content that inspires you no matter what your budget. I want to provide you with ideas that help you create a wedding that is truly all about the two of you.

So it is with great pleasure I introduce you to Mother Polka Dot. An opinionated lady, she’s strong, tenacious, brave and the most beautiful woman I know. She’ll be dropping in every now and then and hopefully helping us open up the discussion about some of the real issues and emotions you may be experiencing while planning your wedding and beyond.

mother polkas musings Mother Polkas Musings Inspiration

Why are so many of us inspired by weddings that are personal and reflect the beauty and happiness of the bridal couple and their friends and families? Why are the ‘soulful’ weddings the ones that touch our hearts?

Because deep down we know a wedding is NOT about how much we spend, how big and elaborate the cake or dress is, or how expensive the flowers are.  It is not about the ‘show’ you put on, or competition or pretence. Your wedding day is about you as a couple, your love for each other and announcing your shared journey into the future, to your family and friends.

I feel sad that there seems to be so much pressure on brides to embrace certain looks, trends or ideas, for fear of being judged by others as not having the perfect wedding and therefore by association, not being the ‘perfect’ couple who are starting out on their ‘perfect’ life together.

I have been married now for 35 years. In that time, we have certainly had our highs and lows – sometimes low enough to bring on the grey hair that now graces our heads.  We have not had the ‘perfect’ life together, but then, truthfully, who does? We have got through those years by being a cohesive unit, where there is no boundary on what we talk about with each other.  We have been the other’s strength when one of us has felt bereft.  Sometimes, it would have been easier to go, rather than stay and work it out. We have laughed lots and cried sometimes.

We remember our wedding day as only a blip on the horizon of our many days spent together, working out what works for us as a couple, and (later on), what works for us as a family. It serves as a reminder of the start of our life together and has faded in importance as our days together have progressed.

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Not My Mother’s Wedding

by | Bride, Competitions, Magazines and Books


A month or so ago I received a copy of the brand new book “Not My Mother’s Wedding” by Maureen Chapdelaine and Kate Chapdelaine Brennan.

not my mothers wedding Not My Mothers Wedding

I love reading about relationships and weddings and am thrilled to see another book addressing what can be a stressful relationship during wedding planning – the one between mother and daughter.

The book alternates chapters from Maureen (mum) and Kate (daughter) with their different planning perspectives. With the bride living away from the wedding location, her mother takes on most of the planning and has her own ideas about what will look great. Daughter Kate also has her own ideas and they don’t always match up!

From engagement until wedding day, Maureen and Kate take us through their planning experiences through their own eyes with humour, candour and grace. A book that may be the perfect gift for your mother or daughter while in the midst of your own wedding plans.

Not My Mother’s Wedding by Maureen Chapdelaine and Kate Chapdelaine Brennan is available via their website.

I have one copy of Not My Mother’s Wedding to give away to one lucky Polka Dot Bride reader! To enter, simply tell me the funniest wedding planning experience involving your mother!

Competition will close 7th December 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Competition is open worldwide. Entrants must be aged 18 or old. Entry is a game of skill, chance plays no part in determining the winner.

This competition is now closed.

Selina and Brad

by | Australia - Victoria, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


selina and brad002 Selina and Brad

Selina and Brad

This afternoon I’m going to share the wedding of Polka Dot Bride reader Selina to Brad! Selina and Brad married in Geelong earlier this year. Inspired by Cristina Re Vintage Lace paper, the day took on a vintage, pink, romantic feel.

Selina and Brad married on the 9th of September, 2009- a Wednesday! The weekday wedding didn’t stop guests from celebrating!

Photos this afternoon are by Alinta Fidzewicz and Mel at Arte Torturarta.

Selina and Brad took pre wedding photos around Geelong before their ceremony in the gardens of All Saint’s Church

selina and brad008 Selina and Brad selina and brad005 Selina and Brad

selina and brad006 Selina and Brad

selina and brad036 Selina and Brad selina and brad037 Selina and Brad

selina and brad012 Selina and Brad selina and brad003 Selina and Brad

selina and brad013 Selina and Brad

selina and brad016 Selina and Brad

selina and brad022 Selina and Brad

The ceremony was held in the gardens of All Saints, Selina walked down the aisle to “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys

selina and brad023 Selina and Brad

selina and brad024 Selina and Brad

selina and brad026 Selina and Brad

Selina says “Almost everything at the wedding was made by someone we knew.

Our celebrant Chris was the same officiant we used for our boys’ naming day.  Family and friends helped out and made salads, meats, sweets for the lolly bar and even our wedding cake! The toppers were painted by my friend Leoni, who also made the wedding cake  Our photos were taken by 2 of my dearest friends. Mel and I made the veil headpiece, Brad’s flower and my bouquet, which had a brooch given to me by my Nana many years ago pinned to it. My Mum and Aunt sewed Brad’s and my initials in the dress which I intend to shorten and dye.

We made the invites, napkins, table cloths, placemats and fluffy pompom flowers on the napkins. My sister Kristie, Mum and I scoured op shops for months beforehand to get all the little vases and salt and pepper shakers for the table decorations. We hit the market and the flower farm near us for the roses and lillies on the table. (We also cut some from gardens though!)”

selina and brad017 Selina and Brad

selina and brad018 Selina and Brad

Selina bought flowers from a local florist and put the bouquet together herself. It was tied with leftover silk from Selina’s wedding dress and Selina’s nana’s brooch.

selina and brad020 Selina and Brad selina and brad021 Selina and Brad

selina and brad028 Selina and Brad selina and brad029 Selina and Brad

The reception was held in the All Saints Church hall. Friend Leoni made the caramel mud cake wedding cake and hand painted cake toppers, Selina and Brad also bought a Mars Bar cake and had another friend make a lemon lime cheesecake. Selina and Brad had 35 kids in attendance- all were enchanted by the lolly buffet.

selina and brad030 Selina and Brad

selina and brad032 Selina and Brad

selina and brad031 Selina and Brad
selina and brad001 Selina and Brad

Selina’s father became emotional and decided to have a father/daughter dance with Selina, they played “Sweet Child O Mine” and took to the floor. The guest book “tree” filled at the end of the night.

Thank you Selina and Brad for sharing your wedding day with Polka Dot Bride! I wish you many happy moments for the rest of your lives together.

Photos by Alinta Fidzewicz and Mel at Arte Torturarta

Amie and Tim

by | Bride, Inspired Weddings, International,


amie and tim brooklyn wedding024 Amie and Tim

Amie and Tim

A wedding all the way from Brooklyn, NY today! Amie and Tim met at a friend’s party – it was Tim’s first night in new York and he had just moved upstairs. It wasn’t long until love blossomed!

Amie and Tim decided to have a fun and low key wedding in Brooklyn- they took their portraits before the ceremony at their favourite spots and involved their family and friends in their day.

Photos today are by Angela Gaspar Photography.

amie and tim brooklyn wedding032 Amie and Tim

Amie and Tim started off with a “first look” in the ultra modern NU Hotel in Brooklyn. A friend drove Amie, Tim and Angela around Brooklyn to snap their portraits.

amie and tim brooklyn wedding037 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding029 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding033 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding034 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding0441 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding041 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding042 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding0431 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding040 Amie and Tim

Amie and Tim held an intimate ceremony at ICI Restaurant in Brooklyn.The ceremony was held on the back patio of the restaurant with friends sharing readings- some written just for the couple.

amie and tim brooklyn wedding035 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding036 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding031 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding025 Amie and Tim

A reception followed in the restaurant, Amie and Tim’s wedding was truly a love filled affair! Friends made Amie’s bouquet and an absent friend from Uganda was represented with a cut out face on a mask by another friend- this way he appeared in all of the photographs! Invitations were from Lion In The Sun and hand stamped with bird and floral images. Programs, fans and favors were all hand stamped and Amie and Tim gave vintage postcards as their save the dates.

amie and tim brooklyn wedding027 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding028 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding038 Amie and Tim

In lieu of a wedding cake, Amie and Tim served cupcakes from babycakes.

amie and tim brooklyn wedding039 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding030 Amie and Tim

amie and tim brooklyn wedding045 Amie and Tim

Thank you Amie and Tim for sharing your wedding day on Polka Dot Bride! We wish you a wonderful life together! Thank you also to Angela Gaspar for sending over the wedding photos for today’s post!

Photos by Angela Gaspar Photography

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