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Vendor Of The Week – Milestones Photography

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday lovely readers! Did you have a nice weekend? Did you get married? (In which case why are you here?) Did you find your wedding dress? or your venue? Do tell!

Although all was quiet on the blog on Friday we worked hard behind the scenes and I’m excited because that day of silence? Around the blogosphere led to a massive $52000 (and counting) in donations to Shelterbox and that doesn’t even count the Australian Red Cross donations!

It’s always a lovely morning when we can say a big wow to our vendors- the ones who keep the lights on and keep our creative juices flowing here at Polka Dot Bride! Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is fast becoming packed with gret wedding vendors who are completely on board with the polka dot way of life- Weddings that are soulful, personal and all about your personalities!  Visit Ms Polka Dot’s Directory and see if the vendor that’s your match lies within it’s pages.

This week’s Vendor Of The Week is Milestones Photography. Describing their style as “candid, beautiful and natural” Milestones Photography captures beautiful photographs with a heartfelt touch to them.From black and whites, to imagea capturing the full colour and personality of the day Milestones Photography has a knack of capturing, well Milestones!

Their style captures stunning elegant portraits full of drama and sass with plenty of moments that are unexpected, that take your breath away. They’re the perfect photographer for the couple who wants a style that is traditional with a natural twist.

To learn a little more about Milestones Photography we asked Dianne five questions in five minutes!

What is your favourite after five drink?


Your favourite weekend getaway?

Anywhere that provides lots of greenery, space and fresh air. At the moment it’s heading to the Blue Mountains.

Favorite restaurant?

My old time favorite is Longrain in Surry Hills. The Betel Leaves entrée dish is just divine.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

My secret weapon for detox and great skin – Juice made up of fresh Beetroot, carrot, spinach, ginger, flaxseed oil and mixed berries. Yummo

Your favourite wedding story?

Jen & Corey had these gorgeous butterflies released during their nuptials at their Palm Beach Wedding. The butterflies headed straight for her frangipanis and made for a beautiful photo.

Visit Milestones Photography‘s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week! Milestones Photography is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Visit Ms Polka Dot's Directory

Snapshot Sunday – In My Hands

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Photo by Jeremy Beasley

Jacqui and James’ Melbourne Engagement Session

by | Bride, Engagements


Jacquie and James

I love that one city an hold within it so many beautiful backdrops. Today’s shoot is to me, so Melbourne- the old buildings, famous Yarra River, weathered old bridge. They make for beautiful photographs (especially if your magic happened in Studley Park like Jacquie and James’ did!)

The story. I think it’s a story of fate “James and Jacqui met at a popular nightclub in Chapel street called CLUB EVO, Jacqui was hanging out with her friend and enjoying her girls night out when James firstly approached her friend and started to chat her up, however James had always had his eyes on Jacqui. He says that is the plan “Get in the good books with the bestie first” James then introduced himself to Jacqui and insisted on buying her a drink at the bar, Jacqui said yes but was annoyed that he was distracting her “girls night out” however at the bar, James realised he didn’t have any money to pay for the drinks!! He was so embarrassed, and Jacqui just simply felt sorry for this poor bloke. Jacqui ended up paying for James drinks.

The drama continued with James asking for Jacqui’s number, but she kept ignoring him and said “you can have my hotmail address or my Chat ICQ address” At this point in the night Jacqui just wanted to be left alone, but James kept persisting and Jacqui finally said OK – I’ll give you my number! So then James pulls out his mobile and realises his phone is dead (ran out of batteries) so he had no way he could install Jacqui’s number.
Embarrassment #2 just had happened, James then bolts to the other side of the nightclub and get’s his mate’s phone to which he installs Jacqui’s number on. By now Jacqui’s rolling her eyes and wanted to go home after all the drama.

Six years later James Suggests to Jacqui that he will take her on an excursion to all the popular spots they have been to in their time together.

Breakfast started at Pancake Parlour (Place of first date), followed by feeding the Giraffes at the Werribee Zoo (Jacqui’s Favourite animal). To which Jacqui was delighted because she actually got up and very personal with the giraffes!!

James then decides to take Jacqui back to the nightclub where they first met but to their surprise the venue was converted into apartments. (So ended up having a delicious lunch at a nice cafe)

Not to dampen their spirits they headed down to Studley Park Boat house for a row along the river. This was quite funny because James was so flustered and distracted by something that the boat kept turning around in circles. He finally got the hang of it and they rowed to a nice quiet spot. James then gave Jacqui a letter and said some romantic words and then tried to get on one knee whilst holding the row boat still, (and to avoid it hitting into a tree) Finally he asked her, will you marry me? Jacqui then bursts out into tears. James asks “was that a yes”? AND Jacqui responds YES!!”

Photos today are by Stewart Leishman who captured today’s shoot on film (and gosh I am falling in love with film!) who captured such beautiful moments.

Photos by Stewart Leishman Photography

Vicky and Brian’s Texas Engagement Session

by | Bride, Engagements


Vicky and Brian

This morning we’re hopping over to the other side of the world thanks to photographer Ben Godkin for this gorgeous engagement session of Vicky and Brian. There’s something about Texas nowhere else can ever quite replicate (and Vicky’s awesome cowboy boots are helping frame my story today!)

Vicky recalls how she and Brian met “Bryan and I met on one of our church mission trips to Memphis. We got to know each other more in the weeks and months to follow and eventually started dating. Bryan was finishing up his Masters in Austin and I was finishing up clinical rotations in Dallas so we both came to know IH35 very well.” The couple headed out to Red Corral Ranch with their photographer Ben to shoot their engagement photographs.

Photos by Ben Godkin

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