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Happy Monday! Did you have a lovely weekend? Happy November too, now that we’re 5 days in I’m trying to figure out exactly where I’m at! Are you preparing for the end of year celebrations?

I’m always excited to get up on Monday’s and launch into our week by introducing you to one of our fantastic members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory. You see, not only do our advertisers help us bring you fresh content every day, but they’re also working their tails off to help couples have the most fabulous of weddings. They’re not run of the mill, every day people. They’re incredible and they love what they do.

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Randomly selected out of our polka dot tea cup.. it’s time to introduce you to our vendor of the week!


I love food, as in if you ask me my favourite way to spend a weekend it always involves an incredible meal. I remember incredible meals and I certainly remember the weddings with incredible meals. So I’m delighted to introduce you to Sydney wedding & event caterer Laissez-Faire Catering who can make your wedding one to remember with incredible culinary delights! (Plus they have a portfolio of incredible venues they work with, so it’s a win win).

We asked Ian-Michael from Laissez-Faire Catering five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?
Mojitos or Pimms cocktail

Your favourite weekend getaway?
Drive down south – I love Milton near Ulladulla, go to one of the local Bed and Breakfast(s), buy fresh produce from a local farmers markets, light the fireplace, cook a large meal with a glass of wine or two, and finish either with a hot chocolate or whisky depending on the season.

Favourite restaurant?
Right now, the most romantic spot is el solito posto in Melbourne – and for Lebanese and amazing value – Al-Aseel in Sydney.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?
Acai and muesli to start – a piccolo café and then a sourdough toast with poached eggs avocado and roasted tomato.

Your favourite wedding story?
One of my favourite wedding stories is that of my parents; they met in a bar in Australia but had already planned & booked to travel separately & indefinitely. After spending only two weeks together, my mum boarded her flight & said goodbye to my dad. It took him 7 days without her to realise she was the one – he booked a flight to the Greek Island of Crete where he knew she was travelling, met her, married her the next day & 30 years later, they are still together.

Visit Laissez-Faire Catering’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week.  Laissez-Faire Catering is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Photos by Linnet Foto

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Snapshot Sunday – Eye Spy

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Photo by David Campbell Imagery

Terri & Michael’s Relaxed Swan Valley Engagement Photos

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Terri & Michael

This gorgeously sun lit engagement shoot from Kerri Mackintosh took place in Perth’s Swan Valley. It’s simple and beautiful with just the golden light and a couple in love. Two of my favourite things!

They remember, “We met through mutual friends at Nando’s seven years ago. After that we kept bumping into each other at functions until Michael asked Terri out. ”

When asked what she loves about Michael, Terri responded, “I love Michael’s calm aura. He always knows what to say and he balances me. He truly cares about others around him and is not afraid to show it.”

Of the proposal, the couple recall, “After months of designing the perfect ring, Michael proposed by waking Terri up one morning with champagne and strawberries and asking her to marry him. He had to ask a few times until she was properly awake and realised that it was not a dream! ”

When we asked Michael what he loves about Terri, he responded “Everything”.

Of their photographer, Terri says “We chose this style of engagement shoot because it was natural and relaxed. We trusted Kerri to create a shoot that reflected us as a couple and we wanted it to be influenced by her romantic and soft style. ”

Photographer: Kerri Mackintosh

Yulia & Julian’s Festive Jewish Wedding

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Yulia and Julian

I wanted to end this week off with a festive wedding, a wedding that makes you want to kick your heels up, toast to the couple and perhaps join them in dancing to celebrate their marriage. Our bride Yulia says, “Our wedding was unique – there’s no other word for it. Two big, loud, crazy families with more characters than the Cannes film festival. Unsurprisingly, this posed a few logistical difficulties, most importantly for us, how to cater for such a large crowd while retaining the quiet and intimate feel that we both wanted for our wedding day. After many months of thinking, negotiating, planning, and more thinking, we (more or less) concocted a brew to meet all of the demands of our unique wedding”

Photographers It’s Beautiful Here  captured the happy, festive feel to the day, right down to the spirit that infused the dancing.

Yulia and Julian got ready together and walked to the ceremony together through the streets of Melbourne.

Yulia remembers, “We got married standing on aunty Bernadette’s beautiful big, blue living room rug, and underneath a chuppah (a Jewish altar) that was hand-made for us by Julian’s brother Titian and uncle James.”

Mid ceremony downpour? Guests sheltered under a nearby marquee, umbrellas and buckets.

Yulia says, “The wedding itself was all hands on deck – having a wedding that was personal and spoke to us was most important to us, and to give it that personal feel, we put the wedding together in the most personal of ways.”

In an oh so Melbourne way, guests took a tram to the reception.

Yulia and Julian celebrated with their guests at Mission To Seafarers.

Projeto Inesperado entertained guests. Yulia remembers, “The live music and the photography was provided by friends. It felt like one big (very big) family garden party. We couldn’t have been happier with how it all turned out. And, needless to say, we were all exhausted afterwards!”

The food, of course, was also hand made. Yulia explaining “All of the food was hand-made by a team of super-women, led by our mothers and aunts, and with lots of help from our cousins and close friends. We designed the wine labels on the wine we served (which matched the wedding invitations, which of course we also designed by hand and printed and cut ourselves, too.”

Of their photographers, Yulia remembers “The photographers operated like stealthy cat burglars – but talented ones! We never once felt like there were cameras in our faces, yet they somehow managed to catch beautiful personal shots of intimate moments and really capture the feel of the day. And, to our utter surprise, they weren’t scared off by the chaos of it all! In fact, they fit right in and even appeared to be having a good time with our guests! The photos couldn’t have been any lovelier.”

Yulia explains “Everything that made up the wedding was either made for us by members of our families or close friends, or it was borrowed and reinvented as part of our wedding day.”

Yulia remarks “The wedding cake was hand-made for us by Julian’s cousin (we were lucky to have a creative and skilled chocolatier in the family!). The flowers were all bought and arranged by our team of helpers, and the vases were all borrowed from family members, as were the tablecloth. Our cousins sewed together fresh flowers for flower wreathes worn by our flower girls.We did all of the setting up ourselves so that it was all laid out just as we wanted it to look.”

Congratulations Yulia and Julian! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to It’s Beautiful Here for sharing today’s wedding photographs!

Photographer: It's Beautiful Here / Reception Venue: Mission To Seafarers / Band: Projeto Inesperado