Elvis Design Bridal & Bridesmaid Gowns

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These absolutely gorgeous gowns from Perth designer Elvi Design were so gorgeous when they came across my desk that I knew I would have to share them!  Designer Sandra collaborated with a creative team of  Christine Lim, Wendy Bunnett , Chrystal Duffy , Podz Florist and AmGia Hair Accessories at Woodbridge House, in Guildford, Western Australia to showcase her new collection.

Elvi Design has such feminine pieces in classic 1950s silhouettes with a modern edge. Each garment has beautiful attention to detail – whether it be the fabric covered buttons, the crystal brooch waistbands or the delicate lace backs.

The Elvi Cocktail Collection is designed for bridesmaids, pre-wedding events, or even special dress up occasions like the races. There are incredible colours like charcoal and vintage rose and gorgeous fabrics like silk dupion and silk georgette.

The wedding gown collection carries a range of shapes and styles – from tea length numbers suitable for garden weddings to full length gowns with art deco inspired touches. Again the gowns use fine silk dupions, beaded laces and silk satins. I love the gorgeous necklines and the lace, oh the lace! Then there’s the bows and beading, the prettiness of these gowns is done so well!

Gowns: Elvi Design / Photographer: Christine Lim / Hairstylist: Wendy Bunnett / Makeup Artist: Chrystal Duffy / Flowers: Podz Florist / Venue: Woodbridge House, Guildford, WA / Hair Accessoires: AmGia Hair Accessories
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Vendor of the Week – Love Notes

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Happy Monday Dotties!

We have a busy week ahead so before we get into it (with a gorgeous designer post this afternoon!) I want to spotlight on the members of  Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is where vendors go when they want to be found. We have a selective group of fantastic wedding photographers for instance in all price brackets and from big studios to small independents. Our hair & makeup artists? They’re gorgeous people and come from a mix of commercial and trained backgrounds offering natural looks or something a little more heavy. Even our florists know how to work their magic creating classic rose bouquets or more artistic, unstructured masterpieces. All in all, I love the varying talents and style of our directory members, so make sure you pop in for a visit!

If you ever feel overwhelmed by stationery websites and just want one place to stop, to sit and figure out your style, then this week’s vendor of the week Love Notes is your kind of site! Love Notes  has partnered with some of Australia’s best stationery designers to create a one stop shop for your wedding stationery. Designs are categorised into event (from weddings to baby showers!) product (invitations to programs) and the site even has a jam packed paper boutique and wishlist to round out the user friendly experience.

We asked Broni from Love Notes five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

Vodka, Campari, lime & cranberry

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Villas of Byron, Byron Bay

Favourite restaurant?

Songbirds in the Forest, Tamborine Mountain(QLD)

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Cacao coconut pancakes with maple syrup

Your favourite wedding story?

A fairly recent wedding comes to mind. A striking young couple that reminded me of Beyonce & Jayz upon my first impression as they were a very good looking couple and had a certain presence about them, almost intimidating! However during our first consult I found them to be quite shy and a little reserved and very very lovely. I later found out the groom was a football player for GC Titans (formerly played for Storm), no wonder he was intimidating to my height of 5ft zero 🙂
They were having there wedding at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast with 240 guests. As their background is Raratongan their family and friends are used to attending large weddings as well as being heavily involved such as making the cake, decorating the hall etc etc. This couple were adamant that on this occasion, their wedding day, they wanted every little detail taken care of so their family and friends could relax and enjoy their special day also. I thought this was just lovely. For their stationery they decided to go with a monogram design which personalised their day perfectly from place cards to the table numbers.
They had a wonderful wedding day. The most special part for my involvement was the fact they had everything mapped out of how they wanted it to be and could have used any stylist/stationer yet they felt happy with our services and were so gentle and open to any suggestions and ideas we had. It all came together beautifully and they were extremely happy and have a monogram of their special day as a wedding keepsake.

Visit Love Notes’ page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Love Notes is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Snapshot Sunday – Dressed For Success

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Photo by Karen Buckle

Amy and Jeremy’s Chocolat Engagement Shoot

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Amy & Jeremy

The beautiful movie “Chocolat” remains a favourite of mine for it’s incredible imagery. So when I heard Amy & Jeremy’s engagement shoot was inspired by this very same movie I knew it would be something special. Madeleine Peterson of Etta Photography captured the engagement photographs.

Madeline says “Amy is a nurse and so we chose the location of a medical school building in Brisbane behind the Royal Brisbane Hospital as a personal backdrop.  Then, with the beautiful buildings and stone stairwell it had a feel similar to that of the ‘Chocolat’ movie and when I suggested the idea as an inspiration they were super keen!  They both looked gorgeous and Amy’s outfits suited the colours of the theme perfectly – plus her red lipstick and gorgeous eyelashes adding a super romantic touch. We found a red coat  and use some boutique yummy chocolates to share for a bit of fun and they certainly played the romance up perfectly!”

Amy tells their story. “In 2009, I was working as nursing assistant at the RBWH and was nearing the end of my second year of study at QUT in Brisbane to become a registered nurse. Jeremy, an Air Force officer based in Melbourne at the time, just found out that he was being posted to Brisbane for  the next 3 years. We both lead really busy lives, so it was difficult to find the time to meet new people and potentially find love. Nowadays, people often rely on bars, pubs and clubs to meet someone – both Jeremy and I weren’t interested in the party scene, so we had to pursue other   avenues. So in late October of that year, I decided I would create a profile and put it on RSVP, hoping that I would find someone right for me. Unbeknownst to me, Jeremy had already had his profile on the site for a few years at this point, unsuccessful in his search for ‘the one’.

” I received over 200 responses in a few short days, and although it was very exciting to see how many were interested, most did not suit my strict criteria….except for Jeremy’s that is 🙂 His profile was well constructed, humorous, intelligent and was ticking all the right boxes! The only  thing it was missing was a picture – there wasn’t a face to put to the profile! I was dying to see what he looked like (after all, he had already seen my picture and knew what I looked like!). When I finally saw his profile picture I wasn’t disappointed – before me was a picture of a handsome man with a kind and open face with bright green eyes and a beautiful smile (and as an added bonus, he was in uniform ;)). I couldn’t believe it, I thought I’d hit the jackpot! He said that my profile was the best he’d ever read, that it was a standout! Before long we were sending each other 5000 word emails, talking about interests, goals for the future and even marriage and children. After only 6 days on the site, I had removed my profile. Although there was always the possibility of him turning out to be not who I thought (and vice versa for him), we believed we’d found someone worth dedicating our sole focus on. I was up until 4am a few mornings replying to his emails, and our first phone call lasted 4 hours.”

“Jeremy had a work trip to Brisbane already planned for November, so we decided that while he was up, we would meet in person and go on a date. On November 10th, just over 2 weeks after we first started chatting online, we met for the first time. The nervousness and anxiety we felt hoping that we were both as perfect as our profiles, emails and phone calls had predicted soon was replaced with joy, happiness and excitement as we looked into each others eyes. We truly thought it was love at first sight. Jeremy kissed me then and there in the foyer of the Marriott!! Our date felt like it was the tenth for us, there was no awkwardness or prolonged silences while trying to think of something to say – it was natural and felt so right! From then, we knew we wanted to spend our lives together.”

“One month later, Jeremy moved to Brisbane and we moved in together. Just one day before our one year anniversary (from our first date), we were relaxing at home when Jeremy presented me with a home made book of photos, emails and other memory-provoking items. While I flicked through the pages, reflecting on good times, he pulled from his pocket a beautiful Tiffany platinum engagement ring – he said how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!”

“Just under a year later, on October 28th 2011, we got married in front of family and friends at Sirromet Winery. It was the most perfect day; I’m not just talking about the weather, but the fact I got to marry my soul mate, the person I love so dearly, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Recently we bought a house, and we are expecting our first baby, due late June. We couldn’t be more happy… all of our dreams have come true.”

Photographer: Etta Photography