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Brooke and George

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brooke and george026 Brooke and George

Brooke and George

I am so thrilled to bring you today’s wedding, the beautiful plaid details had me from the word go! Today’s Seattle wedding is the wedding of Brooke and George.

Brooke and George met through their friends from high school, Jeff and Michelle.  Everyone was home from college during the summer of 2005, and Michelle wanted Brooke to meet her new boyfriend from college, Jeff who lived an hour north in Seattle.  Brooke and Michelle went to Seattle and Jeff was hanging out with all of his friends, one of which was George.  They hit it off immediately, and dated off and on through college and were engaged two years out of college.

Brooke says “Our engagement story is pretty amazing.  I had been getting small hints about two months prior to him proposing, but didn’t want to jinx anything so I kept thinking it wasn’t happening.  George decided it would be a cute idea to get our picture taken with the Nordstrom Santa and send out holiday cards.

I was against sending out holiday cards, when we were just boyfriend/girlfriend, but George insisted that we get our picture taken anyway (hint #1).  Then he wanted to specifically schedule the picture on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (George never PLANS……hint #2).

The week of Thanksgiving George asked me what I was going to wear for the picture, I said I hadn’t really thought about it yet.  George is always saying I buy too many clothes, and when I said I hadn’t thought about what I was wearing he said, “why don’t you buy something new?”  Obviously that was a HUGE hint #3 that George was telling me to go shopping.  When the say to get our picture with Santa came, we sat on Santa’s lap and then stood up and Santa asked us what we wanted for Christmas.

It was then that George got down on one knee and said, “All I want for Christmas is this beautiful woman to be my wife.”  Everyone clapped, I cried and we have been living happily ever after since.”

Today’s photography is by Kirk Mastin.

brooke and george083 Brooke and George

Brooke wore a gown from Cicada Bridal. In a nod to family she wore her future mother in law’s pearl bracelet and her grandmother’s pearl earrings. Brooke wore shoes by Cole Haan.

brooke and george043 Brooke and George

brooke and george044 Brooke and George

brooke and george078 Brooke and George

The bridesmaids wore plaid, strapless dresses in red, black and white made by Brooke’s mother and her friends. The fabric was ordered from Scotland where Brooke also found a manufacturer who used the same fabric to make the cufflinks for the groom and his attendants. The bridesmaids wore Guess black peeptoes.

brooke and george045 Brooke and George

brooke and george082 Brooke and George

brooke and george015 Brooke and George

brooke and george046 Brooke and George

Brooke and George opted to see each other before the ceremony, on the steps of their reception venue Broadmoor Golf Club.

brooke and george076 Brooke and George

brooke and george047 Brooke and George

brooke and george067 Brooke and George

brooke and george081 Brooke and George

brooke and george025 Brooke and George

brooke and george024 Brooke and George

brooke and george079 Brooke and George

brooke and george075 Brooke and George

brooke and george036 Brooke and George

brooke and george053 Brooke and George

brooke and george080 Brooke and George

The flowers were from Metropolitan Market.

brooke and george022 Brooke and George

brooke and george051 Brooke and George

brooke and george049 Brooke and George

brooke and george054 Brooke and George

Time to get married!

Check back this afternoon for the ceremony and reception of Brooke and George!

Photos by Kirk Mastin.

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Written In The Stars

by | Bride, Reception, Wedding Inspiration


When I was younger, I would write out wedding themes in notebooks. I’d draw the table setup, choose the songs, write out pages of ideas to bring that special element to life. I don’t think it was ever about me, but rather a chance to get creative and dream.

Martha Stewart Weddings just celebrated their 15th anniversary. I have loved this magazine for so long, but I think my favourite issue is their anniversary one. With a look back at older stories with a fresh take, quotes from those in the industry and their favourite touches, I am still pouring over the pages.

One of the styled wedding collections I have to share with you today is one I played with when I was younger- a wedding themed around the magic of stars. I love this look- simple, soft metallics and the glittery stars (certainly gives a whole new meaning to using Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon” as your wedding waltz). Beautiful! See more on their website.

martha stewart weddings star wedding009 Written In The Stars martha stewart weddings star wedding006 Written In The Stars

martha stewart weddings star wedding007 Written In The Stars martha stewart weddings star wedding004 Written In The Stars

martha stewart weddings star wedding005 Written In The Stars martha stewart weddings star wedding001 Written In The Stars

martha stewart weddings star wedding003 Written In The Stars martha stewart weddings star wedding002 Written In The Stars

Photos from Martha Stewart

Real Weddings Sneak Peek #4

by | Bride, Magazines and Books


The (now daily) Real Weddings Magazine puzzle piece just landed…

“Dear Ms Polka,

Just 3 more pieces to go! And here is one of them… Do you recognise the bride? Soon you’ll be able to hear all about her beautiful wedding – first hand!

Until tomorrow…”

jigsaw middle left 1024x762 Real Weddings Sneak Peek #4

Timothy Godbold

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


Today’s designer is someone completely different to what I would normally showcase, but his design and concept is so interesting I wanted to share it with you!

Timothy Godbold is an Australian designer who has returned to our shores after spending years working on American luxury brands.

This is Timothy’s first capsule collection (reflecting the fluidity and freedom of the ocean) – all created with soft jersey. The clean, architectural styling and contrast of the soft, draping fabric may be the perfect look for a beach bride wanting something relaxed with an urban feel. I’d love to see a bride in the jumpsuit too!

timothy godbold013 Timothy Godbold timothy godbold014 Timothy Godbold

timothy godbold011 Timothy Godbold timothy godbold012 Timothy Godbold

timothygodbold16 Timothy Godbold timothygodbold15 Timothy Godbold

Photos from Timothy Godbold

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