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Meral and Matt

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meral and matt043 Meral and Matt

Today’s wedding is a beautiful outdoor celebration for the wedding of Meral & Matt. Every detail is simple and sweet and perfect for the couple.

“Matt and I almost six years ago met through friends, I have known his step-sister since I was young, then I began to volunteer at the Therapeutic Riding Program that his step- mother founded, the Root Farm in Verona NY, a wonderful program that changes children’s lives. Its history from there…”

Meral and Matt married on Matt’s father and step-mother’s farm “Mud Creek Farm” in upstate New York.

Photos today are by Jen Huang Photography

meral and matt015 Meral and Matt meral and matt010 Meral and Matt

meral and matt019 Meral and Matt meral and matt033 Meral and Matt

Meral chose a gown from David’s Bridal. Her maids wore Alfred Sung gowns.

meral and matt025 Meral and Matt

meral and matt026 Meral and Matt meral and matt027 Meral and Matt

meral and matt034 Meral and Matt

meral and matt039 Meral and Matt meral and matt040 Meral and Matt

meral and matt041 Meral and Matt

Meral carried a bouquet of hydrangeas while her bridesmaids held white tulips.

meral and matt044 Meral and Matt

meral and matt045 Meral and Matt

meral and matt050 Meral and Matt meral and matt051 Meral and Matt

meral and matt067 Meral and Matt meral and matt068 Meral and Matt

meral and matt083 Meral and Matt

meral and matt085 Meral and Matt

meral and matt087 Meral and Matt meral and matt088 Meral and Matt

Meral walked down the aisle to traditional Scottish bagpipes.

meral and matt089 Meral and Matt

meral and matt091 Meral and Matt

Meral and Matt married on the farm’s pier.

meral and matt092 Meral and Matt

meral and matt093 Meral and Matt meral and matt094 Meral and Matt

meral and matt095 Meral and Matt meral and matt097 Meral and Matt

meral and matt098 Meral and Matt meral and matt099 Meral and Matt

meral and matt100 Meral and Matt

Check back later today for Meral and Matt’s beautiful reception!

Photos by Jen Huang Photography

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Having A Bar Of It…

by | Bride, Catering, Favors and Decor, Wedding Inspiration


Lolly (or candy depending on what you prefer to call it) Buffets have been showing up in abundance at weddings. Brides love creating tables with treats and guests love helping themselves.

I know bars and buffets may be something people think has been “done”. But I still see beautiful designs by amazing stylists (such as the queen Amy Atlas) and brides using the idea with joy and creating their own beautiful displays. I think if you love it, there are so many creative food or drink ‘bars’ you could consider for your reception to still offer your guests something special and different.

So today and Thursday, I have two entries packed full of ideas for you!

Let’s start at the beginning…

– Lolly Bar – colour co-ordinated with your reception colours, or multi coloured, offered in large glass containers with scoops, Chinese food containers, paper bags, set up like an old fashioned corner shop (Check out the L For Lolly Buffet entry for extra help on creating your own)

amy atlas events Having A Bar Of It...

Dessert Table by Amy Atlas Events

– Coffee Bar – offer different sorts of good coffee made by a qualified barista, or iced coffee, Irish coffee, mocha. Sugar sticks, cream, liqueurs and syrups, along with tasty morsels to nibble

– Chocolate Bar – beautiful chocolates created by a chocolatier, or chocolate sauces flavoured with orange, liqueurs, along with good ice cream, cinnamon hot chocolate drinks, chocolate fondue with fruit for dipping, chocolate desserts such as chocolate fondant, Sacher Torte, brownies

– Meringue Bar – plain, caramel, brown sugar or chocolate flecked meringues, sauces such as chocolate, caramel, toffee, passionfruit, strawberries, berries, kiwi fruit, mangoes, lots of whipped cream and ice cream

– Cupcake Bar – iced beautifully in delicate colours, on old fashioned cake stands or vintage plates, with a selection of teas in pretty pots, creamers and sugar bowls, or serve with a dessert wine such as Madeira

– Donut Bar – pyramids of freshly cooked donuts from small to large, sugared, iced or filled with jam and cream, or donut balls

eat drink chic ice cream Having A Bar Of It...

Ice Cream Bar by Eat, Drink, Chic

– Ice cream or sorbet bar – good quality ice creams and sorbets – offer several different flavours such as in an ice cream shop. Provide a variety of toppings such as smashed confectionery bars, sauces, sprinkles, chocolate curls, berries, in flat containers with a scoop so that guests can have the fun of creating their own sweet treat

– Sweets and desserts from your country of origin e.g Lebanese, Greek, Italian, Asian, Indian – offer a special and personal touch to your reception

– A bar created around particular food e.g. lemons, apples, toffee, seafood – can be colour co-ordinated with your wedding  – lemons for a yellow themed wedding – think lemon meringue pie, lemon drops, lemon curd etc

– A cake bar or a biscuit bar – a variety of cakes or biscuits, presented on cake stands, old biscuit tins, glass apothecary jars

– A popcorn bar – freshly popped corn, provide the toppings alongside – caramel, maple syrup, butter, chilli, spices, salt

drinks soda bar Having A Bar Of It...

Soda Bar by Jordan Ferney via Project Wedding

– Old fashioned drinks bar – homemade lemonade, homemade ginger beer, apple cider, milk shakes, ice cream sodas. Offer with curly or patterned straws, old fashioned cups and glasses (such as tall metal containers for the milkshakes), think fancy lemonade stand rather than Aussie milk bar.

– Hot drinks stand – mulled wine, hot toddys, hot buttered rum, glass cups, swizzle sticks, honey, maple syrup

– Create a lolly buffet featuring lollies that resemble stripes, squares or spots. For stripes consider candy canes, jelly snakes, licorice, peppermint sticks. For spots consider ball like sweets, such as jaffas, ball shaped lollipops on sticks – any round lolly  that fits in with your colour scheme

– Further ideas – a cocktail bar, a cheese buffet, a seafood buffet, a pancake bar – the sky’s the limit!

martha stewart wedding bars Having A Bar Of It...

Buffets and bars from Martha Stewart Weddings

Check back on Thursday where I’ll share some decorating tips and showcase some of the fantastic “real life” bars I’ve come across!

Last Days To Win Shoes!

by | Bride, Competitions


xiomara shoes tamara Last Days To Win Shoes!

We’re on the home stretch for the Xiomara Shoes voucher giveaway! There’s only a few days more to enter, so if you haven’t already do it now here!

This competition has now closed

Karen Willis Holmes

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


karen willis holmes001 Karen Willis Holmes

I was so thrilled to receive the new look book of Sydney couture designer Karen Willis Holmes recently. Karen opened new ready to wear boutiques in Sydney and Melbourne only a little while ago and I always enjoy seeing her creations.

There is a beautiful sophistication about the creations of Karen Willis Holmes. The gowns are traditional but have an edge to them them pulls them into today’s contemporary style.

karen willis holmes024 Karen Willis Holmes

karen willis holmes022 Karen Willis Holmes

karen willis holmes023 Karen Willis Holmes

karen willis holmes021 Karen Willis Holmes

karen willis holmes019 Karen Willis Holmes

karen willis holmes0181 Karen Willis Holmes

karen willis holmes0201 Karen Willis Holmes

Photos from Karen Willis Holmes

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