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Melissa and Anthony

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Melissa and Anthony

Good morning lovely readers! We’ve been a bit quiet on the Polka Dot front but we’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes to get some finishing touches and brand new features completed!

Now that we have our brand spanking new site, I can show off some of the weddings that were waiting just for this moment. It is SO exciting having such a gorgeous site to show them off!

First up is the wedding of Melissa and Anthony which took place in Gundaroo in New South Wales. It’s so beautifully Australian- glamorous, laid back with that beautiful country backdrop.

Melissa and Anthony met through a mutual friend. “A good friend introduced us.  The first time we met it was a set up but she didn’t tell either of us so it just didn’t work out.  A year or so later she decided to be much less covert and arranged for us to go on a date.  The rest is history!  We married a week short of our first date three years earlier.”

Today’s photos are by Candice Ottaway for O Photography.

Melissa wore a black and white, one shouldered, Lisa Ho gown with a custom headpiece made by Christina Waring Millinery. She says “One of the few traditional things about the day was the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  My old were my grandmother’s earrings, new was my dress (shoes and headpiece), borrowed was an antique lace hankie and my blue was a blue bird broach of my mother’s which I had pinned to my bra.”

Melissa and Anthony hired buses to transport everyone from Canberra and back, Melissa says “It was very important that our wedding have a relaxed atmosphere and we wanted our guests to enjoy the day and not have to worry about logistics so we provided transport to and from the wedding.  Many of the traditional aspects of weddings didn’t appeal to us but we did insist that the trip on the way out was strictly gender specific – we had a bus for the boys and a bus for the girls!”

Melissa and Anthony has a string quartet (Just Add Red Quartet) who played Pachelbel’s Canon as she walked down the aisle with her parents to the ceremony in the grounds of the Royal Hotel which is a beautiful, historic restaurant in a restored 1865 pub about 30 minutes out of Canberra.

Melissa says “It was important for us to have our parents play central parts in the ceremony.  My mother and father (Florence and Terry) accompanied me down to Anthony which was along a rose petal path.  Jennifer (Anthony’s mother) was his witness (Sarajane, my best friend, was mine).  Anthony’s youngest brother (Paul) did a reading at the ceremony.”

The ceremony was officiated by Anthony’s cousin, Liz Little, who traveled from Queensland for the event. For the wedding, Anthony wore a Bespoke by Italian Taylor suit in charcoal with a Ted Baker tie.

Melissa’s Christian Louboutin Carnaval shoes got almost as many comments as her stunning black and white gown!

Check back later today for more of Melissa and Anthony’s Australian country wedding!

Photos by Candice Ottaway for O Photography

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Snapshot Sunday – Celebrate

by | Bride, Photography, Snapshot Sundays


I must admit, today’s Snapshot Sunday of Sian and Barry post ceremony (see more of their wedding here) was chosen because that’s how I feel right now!

Photo by Jonas Peterson

Jennifer & Stephen Engaged

by | Bride, Engagements


Jennifer & Stephen

I was so delighted when I got a sneak peek at this engagement session. One of my favourite movies is The Notebook (romantic at heart, does that surprise you?) and today’s couple Jennifer & Stephen are also big fans of the movie!

Photographer Tiffany Coker of Avant Images shares the story with us. “The family property is amazing, and they simply call it “The Farm”…there is a beautiful antebellum style home that sits atop a little hill overlooking a lake surrounded by trees draped with spanish moss.  Several of the engagement shots were taken in one of three old railroad cars set on the property, and the one we shot on has been turned into a little bridge, so when you’re driving up to the house you go right through the train car!

The car in the background of several of the photos is a 1934 Ford coupe, and Jennifer wanted to incorporate it along with the vintage styling to reflect a sort of “Notebook” theme.  The treehouse in a few of the shots is actually the place where Stephen proposed to Jennifer, so it was important that we included that somehow as well.  Jennifer is actually a photographer herself, so both the engagement session and wedding (and rehearsal dinner now that I think of it!) we full of little details….believe it or not, they actually pulled their wedding together in 12 weeks!!”

Photos by Avant Images

Welcome To A New Era On Polka Dot Bride…

by | Blog News, Bride


Early last year, with glasses of wine in hand and minds full of inspiration a plan was hatched over a dining room table….

Feed readers click through!

Today (tonight as I write this) we launch a brand new adventure. It’s a little more grown up, a little more put together, and a little more reflective of what Polka Dot Bride has become. It’s a little more us.

But it’s also a little more you…

You might notice some extra spaces – Polka Dot Groom, Polka Dot Wisdom, Polka Dot Made, Polka Dot Weddings & Polka Dot Honeymoons.


The greatest joy of my blogging experience has been through sharing with you. I wanted to create spaces for you to share – these are your spaces, where you can write, design, cry, support and most of all love. I might leave you to explore them all yourself (otherwise this post would be much longer!) Play, explore… these spaces have room to grow, to evolve. They’re a little empty right now, because they’ve been waiting for you! It’s up to you how they’ll take shape!

What else did we do?

–       We added a personalised collection! This works like your own personal Polka Dot Bride bookmark folder so you can clip your favourite posts and keep them in one snappy little login.  Once you join, you can click the heart on a post anywhere on the site to add it to your favourites and view them on the personalisation collection button in the left sidebar!

–       You can also use this login to submit posts to the speciality & write comments with your little pretty pictures. (Get one at Gravatar).

–       Colour colour! When we started Creative Colour it was actually to form our colour book! Click on any colour to see all our Inspired Weddings and entries by colour, from Raisin to Champagne, we have more to come soon!

We didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much, so on Monday we will be unveiling a brand new Ms Polka Dot’s Directory ! It’s PACKED full of fantastic features (that our tech team is feverishly finalising) and treats not only for you but for our wonderful advertisers who we just can’t wait to show off!

As with any website launch, there are people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

Prue from Gigi & Lulu– it is a complete honour to have worked with Prue on this project, from conception through to middle of the night emails and last minute button creating, Prue not only pulled the goobledydook out of my head and transferred it into the brilliant design you see today, but she was also there for all the moments of squealing, excitement and brought SO MUCH JOY into this project. I don’t think it would have been half as much fun without Prue – if you can, hire her, you’ll love her to pieces like I do!

Then there are of course the ones who have been behind Polka Dot Bride every single day. The Polkas, the Paisleys & the Stripeys who all contribute such an amazing amount to Polka Dot Bride each and every day. Additionally, to all my silent supporters a big thankyou for being spectacular!

We still have so much to do (features to add, comments to move, tweaks to make so don’t worry if things are a little odd in places!) Advertisers, my wonderful patient advertisers, who make this all possible, you will be receiving an email from Ms Paisley or Ms Stripey early next week with some more treats for you and all your details!

As for me? Well after a glass of bubbles I will be going back to writing inspiring thoughts, answering your questions, picking up inspiration from crazy places, doing venue searches, dress hunts and writing about all things ‘wedding’.

I do hope you’ll join me….

P.S Are you celebrating our virtual launch party with us today? We would love to see some photos! Do contact us with them!

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