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Vendor of the Week – Hannah Millerick Photography

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We’re back!~ That’s right! All the patterned people have dived out of food & drink comas(or in my case, plenty of sleep coma) and we’re emerging ready to fill our pages with plenty of wedding inspiration!

If you got engaged over the festive season and this is your first time visiting us- a big congratulations! We’re pretty relaxed around here, the sun is shining, the birds are singing (actually that’s a cricket chirping but let’s just pretend) and we have plenty of beautiful weddings and pretty things coming your way!

Firstly though, I want to take a moment to showcase one of our directory members. Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is growing each and every week full of Australian and international wedding vendors who just get what Polka Dot Bride is all about- which means they also understand what you as couples wedded to be also want. Creative, personal, beautiful weddings that represent who YOU are!

With great excitement I’m now turning to gush about our first vendor of the week for 2012, Hannah Millerick Photography! Hannah is a Brisbane based photographer with not only a fantastic sense of humor, but a beautiful way of capturing light. Hannah worked for over seven years as an editorial photographer for the major newspapers before turning her hand to weddings. She has a beautiful easiness about her photography and they’re injected with plenty of humor!

We asked Hannah of Hannah Millerick Photography five questions in five minutes.

What is your favourite after five drink?

A nice Italian drop of Campari and Soda

Your favourite weekend getaway?

My husband Adrian and I love taking our Weimaraner “Merlo” to the Fraser Coast, north of Brisbane.

Favourite restaurant?

Sing’s Asian Kitchen, Rosalie

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Pancakes with mascarpone and berries..mmmmmm. Especially after a big wedding the day before.

Your favourite wedding story?

I was privileged enough to photograph Chris and Clare’s exclusive wedding at the Queensland Club on Alice Street in the city. Chris and Clare are quite conservative and let’s just say a tad shy. It wasn’t long into the location shoot, we were in stitches with laughter, being goose’s. At one point I crossed the road to shoot the from the other side with the city in the background. All of a sudden, the best man walked onto the middle of the road and stopped the traffic so we could get our shots. Before I knew it, we were all running on the road in peak hour with cars and people waving, smiling, and cheering us all on. Such an incredibly fun 3 minutes. Got the most amazing photo’s.

After we thought it was all over, another awesome thing happened…See pictures below.

Visit Hannah Millerick Photography’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week.Hannah Millerick Photography is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Visit Ms Polka Dot's Directory

Magic Moments – Love Notes

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Photo by Milton Gan Photography

Over our Christmas break, we’re running a magic moments series from beautiful, real weddings. The Polka Dot Bride team will be back on January 16th with plenty of wedding goodness in store!

Magic Moments – Jump

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Photo by Sarah Wood Photography

Over our Christmas break, we’re running a magic moments series from beautiful, real weddings. The Polka Dot Bride team will be back on January 16th with plenty of wedding goodness in store!

It’s Polka Dot Bride’s 5th Birthday!

by | Blog News, Bride


Pink ruffle wedding cake

Today. Today is our fifth birthday! I can hardly believe what the last five years have done to my life. It’s another year gone by and another opportunity for my mini Oscars speech, my chance to thank the universe and the people within it for the incredible things Polka Dot Bride has done for me.

I started Polka Dot Bride without a thought of where it might take me. I had no dreams or goals for the site, just a desire to share my love of weddings. Now I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be working a job I love with a team who are an absolute joy and a community that feeds and grows and blooms every day. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to write about my passion each and every day and to meet such amazing vendors and readers. Some of whom have become my greatest friends.

You, our readers make the site what it is. Your words, your comments, your emails shape what we produce. Your enthusiasm, desires and hopes and dreams for your own wedding days drive us to keep creating better content, richer content and to keep inspiring you. Which in some ways is incredibly odd because the people I draw the most inspiration from is you. Thank you for being a part of Polka Dot Bride, for tuning inn every day from your far flung corners of the world. For telling your friends, for sharing your days with us, for reading and connecting with us. As has been said before- you are the soul of Polka Dot Bride.

Then there are our vendors- the amazing talented wedding professionals who make it possible to spend our days up to our eyeballs in wedding beauty. Each and every day they fill my world with exciting new ideas, intense discussions and plenty of laughter. They are some of the most talented people on the planet! Please support them as they so wonderfully support us.

None of this is possible without the team of Ms Stripey, Ms Paisley, Ms Gingham, Ms Floral and of course Mr Polka Dot. All of them (and those I haven’t mentioned who support me with cocktails, long conversations and by being our cheerleaders) play an integral role in Polka Dot Bride. They not only keep me sane, but they work incredibly hard to help me make sure each aspect of the site is looked after (they’re pretty awesome if I do say so myself)

2012 is going to be a big one at Polka Dot Bride. I have so many projects I am dying to share with you. So many ideas we’ve been working on just waiting to come to fruition. I am thankful today to be able to look to the new year with fresh eyes. We have a brilliant team, brilliant readers and endless possibilities.

So please fill a glass with bubbles, or cherry mojitos (thanks Ms Gingham!) or even a cup of freshly brewed tea and toast with me.. To you!

This beautiful cake is from a shoot we’ll be sharing next week The cake is by One Sweet Girl and photo by Steve of Steve Koukoulas Photography

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