Liz and Tim’s Classic Australian Wedding

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Liz and Tim

Liz and TIm’s wedding embraced the beauty of Victoria’s country side. The couple married in the Macedon Ranges and made a few fun detours throughout the day.

Liz recalls how she met Tim. ” We met at a yoga seminar at Wu Lin retreat in Lancefield (only a few minutes from location of wedding). Tim was taken by a friend (a girl!!), I was a yogi in serious training- assuming Tim was a yoga loving, open minded fellow- only to find out he was dragged along and thought it might be a nice place to meet a girl! Two questions were asked after the lecture (a room of over 100 people) by the “swami”- one by me and one by Tim (yet to have met at this point- sitting at opposite ends of the room). ‘the girl’ who took Tim to the retreat was a mutual friend so I found myself sitting with her after the lecture for dinner- across from the cute ‘grey haired Richard Gere look alike’ she saw enter the room- a late arrival (soon to find out- a habit of his) climbing over cross legged yogis – at the beginning of the night when she told herself to stop checking out men and focus on the swami.

Tim asked me out that night. The next day we had coffee. In 3 days we were on our first date.”

Photographs today are by Woodnote Photography– I  love the sense of humor Woodnote embrace with their images.

Being doctors, there were bound to be stories of a medical nature! Liz recalls one from early in the day.  “The maid of honour Louise took herself off to the doctor the morning of the wedding with a severe allergy in her eye- she couldn’t even open it!!!!!!!!!!! Tim is a GP so I bit the bullet and called him for advice for Lou’s eye! Only to find she had already left for the local town of Riddells to see the GP on that Saturday morning -a friend of Tim’s. Steroid injections and some strong will kept her going but post ceremony keep your eyes peeled (pardon the pun) for some black sunnies that make an appearance for a cover up!” Mark Djilas styled the bride and her maid’s hair and makeup.

Liz wore a strapless gown from Raffaele Ciuca with Collection shoes. Her parents gifted her pearl earrings for the wedding.

Liz and Tim had a first look, walking side by side down the vineyards together. Caroline of Woodnote Photography recalls, “It was hilarious to hear their first words to each other on their wedding day be, “Did you remember to put sunscreen on, Lizzy? The sun is pretty intense today, you don’t want to get a melanoma!” Ahhh, they’re so perfect for the medical field. 😉 ”

The couple had photographs at home. Liz explains “We had photos with “Tully” my and my mother’s horse – were divine! It was so much fun flitting around home in a wedding dress! Only when Tully decided to do a big nose blow!!!!!! Ek!!!!!!!!! Black horse goooooooo on my dress! Mum kept us calm and exclaimed- just let it dry and it will come off easily! Hero mum! It did! phewwwW!”

Tim wore a suit from Kenneth Blake NY .

Of their photographers, Liz recalls “Caz and Jaydes were and are just spectacular!- from the pre wedding photo shoot to the post wedding discussions and putting together of an album….it was such a breeze! Together they made our morning/lunch in groovy wedding cars, train stations, sunny horse paddocks and gardens a true delight. Then the ceremony and reception to follow just flowed as if they were a part of a natural process that unfolded around us… They were so fun and vibrant- encouraging and allowing us the freedom to make the day our own- yet gave us enough direction to feel comfortable- a perfect balance!

The photos were taken with ease. We were so excited to have a ‘first look’ described to us by Caz so we could take photos pre ceremony meaning more time with family and friends post ceremony! Totally what our weekend was all about. Being with our family and friends.”

The Tran-Hyde family string trio played the music at the ceremony.

Liz’s bridesmaids wore red gowns from Two Birds Bridesmaid. The flowers were styled by Gisborne Cottage Flowers.

Liz and Tim were married at Cleveland Grange Winery . Liz recalls ” Cleveland Grange is a rustic yet stylish winery with beautiful wooden sheds where old meets the new. Views in the upstairs reception room across the Lancefield ranges are to die for. It felt like home for Tim and I- living in the Macedon Ranges and wanting to get married at a venue that felt like we could share a piece of ourselves with those we love most.” The couple were married by Tim’s father, a minister.

The reception continued at the wintery.

The cake was made by Tom- the couple’s 12 year old nephew.

Liz recalls one of the stories of the night. “The head chef had an anaphylactic reaction and was rushed to emergency. Dr Tim overheard the reception staff talking about the saga— OOoppS! He didn’t tell his bride— wise move as who would of known! The head catering staff ‘Lalieni’ took over and the kitchen ran smoothly- thank God for chefs and prep work!”

Liz describes the wedding as “A weekend of many things: heat and sun, cool changes, colour, fun, family, long speeches and Elvis serenade’s (grooms speech was a song! Ek!) ” The reception florals were arranged by a local lady. Liz explains “Marianne- local Lancefield women working for Cleveland made up centre pieces and reception arrangements on day of wedding according to what she found in her garden and on her morning walk that day! Splendid! ”

The first dance was to, of course, and Elvis tune. Liz remarks, “Tim was great- quietly confident (especially after conquering his serenade “I just cant help falling in love with you”)- unpractised yet very sweet. ”

Congratulations Liz & Tim! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Woodnote Photography for sharing today’s photographs with us!


Photographer: Woodnote Photography / Bride's Dress: Raffaele Ciuca / Bride's Shoes: Collection / Groom's Attire: Kenneth Blake New York / Bridesmaid Dresses: Two Birds Bridesmaid / Venue: Cleveland Grange Winery / Ceremony Officiant: Peter Phillips / Flowers & Decor: Gisborne Cottage Flowers / DJ: Aaron Nott / Hair & Makeup Artist: Mark Djilas
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Ruche Bridal Collection

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Online store Ruche has always been a favourite of mine with their vintage inspired gowns and when they released their bridal collection I knew it was going to be something special.

The collection is magic- from vintage shapes to vintage detailing. Lace, embroidery, fabrics, they all echo the beautiful vintage eras that Ruche is so good at revisiting. From tea length gowns to the more typical full length ball gowns, Ruche has a collection of eighteen wedding gowns to kick off the collection. Audrey is an absolute favourite.

Even the bridesmaids get a look in- with fun patterns and jewel tones (and most are priced at $100) and come in so many different shapes that you can get the best look for different body shapes.

Of course the collection isn’t just apparel. Ruche has produced beautiful hairpieces, shoes and jewels to compliment your wedding day look.

Ruche have also released a DIY Bridal Guide packed with stylish tips. DIY projects and beautiful imagery

Images from Ruche

Vendor of the Week – PictureBook Photographics

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Happy Monday Dotties! It’s a quiet one with most of us having the day off, but we still have posts going up for you! So kick back with your chocolate, relax and enjoy!

It’s first cab off the rank though with an introduction to this weeks vendor of the week from Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

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I’m pleased to introduce you to our vendor of the week this week! PictureBook Photographics A regional Victoria photographer studio, PictureBook Photographics captures classic moments at beautiful weddings, using the landscape and the wedding’s surroundings to make the most of the photographs!

We asked Jacqueline of PictureBook Photographics five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?

I love a tequila sunrise on a special occasion. It does taste like a sunrise, y’know?! Yumm.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Perricoota Vines Retreat in Moama for the ducks on the lake over the villa and the vineyard views. Resplendent!

Favourite restaurant?

The Afghan Gallery on Brunswick St in Fitzroy. You sit on cushions in a tent style room and the food is incredible I had my 30th birthday there and converted all the guests to the Afghani menu. Delish. I should also mention that a close second is a cheese restaurant that my French husband once took me to in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Every single dish was cheese based. Every. Single. One. Need I say more?

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

My hubby cooks up a mean omelette. But if he’s sleeping in, I’ll dash off to the local cafe and have organic scrambled eggs on rye and a soy chai latte. Oh how I wish every day was Sunday (sigh).

Your favourite wedding story?

At the risk of sounding shallow, I read about Tori Spelling’s second wedding recently. Her first had been a grand affair worth millions and the marriage failed, but her most recent wedding, she eloped with her man and exchanged vows at sunset on a little tropical island. I’m just dying for Dannii Minogue and her baby daddy to tie the knot. She would be a spectacular bride and they seem so in love. And the wedding singer? Hello Kylie! Oh how I would die to photograph that wedding.

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Snapshot Sunday – The Bunny

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Photo by Michelle Leigh Photography