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Vendor Of The Week – Funkified

by | Blog News, Bride


Good morning Polka Dot Bridettes! It’s the start of another week! We’re inching ever closer to November too- how did that happen? I can’t remember much of the past few months! I can however remember we’ve been full of amazing weddings!) Let’s kick off our Monday with our normal tradition of showcasing a randomly selected vendor from Ms Polka Dot’s Directory! Our little directory keeps growing and growing full of wonderful vendors who are eager to work with Polka Dot Bride readers (and from all reports you’re an imaginative, stylish bunch!).

So do have a look through our vendors, they keep the lights burning here at Polka Dot Bride and we couldn’t do it without them!

This week’s vendor of the week are Funkified. Based in Sydney, Funkified represent all kinds of entertainment for your wedding – from the beautiful string quartet as you walk down the aisle to the pianist that plays during cocktail hour and the band that keeps your dancing until the next morning. They have so many acts to choose from, I’m pretty confident they’ll have the one you’ve dreamt of!

Booking a wedding with Funkified includes an on site manager, sound and lighting, a complete sound check and even a dedicated wedding consultant so you get that professional touch when it comes to getting your guests on the dance floor!

To learn a little more about Funkified,we asked Caitlin five questions in five minutes! What is your favourite after five drink? Definitely a glass of red or a little creatures pale ale (it depends who you talk to!) Your favourite weekend getaway? The Hunter Valley – to recuperate supply of after five drinks! Favourite restaurant? Group – Ichi Ban Tepanyaki in Sydney Romantic – Sailor’s Thai in Sydney What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning? Depending on how many jobs going out that day, anything from an Up-and-Go to cheese on toast! If it’s a rare Sunday off, definitely an eggs benedict. Your favourite wedding story? We recently had a couple book a full 10-piece covers band (The Usual Suspects) for their wedding, so that that the complete horn section could enter their reception along with bridal party, performing a live rendition of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Uptight’. It turned out that all the groomsmen were ex-gymnasts, and they proceeded to back-flip into the room, which was highly impressive until the best man nearly ended up in the drum-kit! Visit Funkified’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week! Funkified is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

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Snapshot Sunday – Everyone Nose

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


I love this gorgeous photo of Nicole with her pageboy before she marries her groom Patrick (see more here) by Lachlan Burrell.

Photo by Lachlan Burrell

Rona and Mike Engaged

by | Bride, Engagements


Rona and Mike

A visit from San Francisco this afternoon! Full of soft, dreamy captures and lovely moments.

Rona sent over her engagement shoot from the Golden Gate Bridge and told me all about it !”The day began as everything we could possibly ask for. It was pouring rain the entire week, but on the day of the shoot, the sun suddenly smiled big for us. We flew Shannen up from LA and fell in love with her the minute we met her at the airport. She exuded warmth & confidence. It was an instant friend connection!

After the first set of shooting, we returned to my car to get our second outfit from the trunk. As we were scrambling to find everything, someone alerted us that we were actually parked on private property and the tow truck was coming. You have to understand that this is SF and parking can get confusing, but being towed means at least $400 fines. In our freaked out state, the trunk was quickly closed with the car keys, everyone’s wallets/phones, and Shannen’s camera. To make the long story short, it took us nearly 2.5 hours to finally unlock the trunk. By this time, the sun was already setting & we had about 30 minutes for the last session. Needless to say, I was VERY stressed, but Shannen was 110% professional and still managed to snap amazing pictures (I’m wearing the red dress in the 2nd set). Definitely a memorable time!!”

Photos this afternoon are by Shannen Norman Photography.

Photos by Shannen Norman Photography.

Katherine and Tim Engaged

by | Bride, Engagements


Katherine and Tim

I thought we’d do another double header of engagement goodness today! First up we have Kat and Tim who took over one of Perth’s abandoned fairground with photographer Emma Pointon for a laid back fun shoot!
Tim told the story of how they met and his gorgeous, romantic proposal! “Katherine and I met at High School through the school bands.  She was the cool chick up the back playing the bass, and I was the down the front cranking out the tunes on my saxophone.  We actually first became “an item” when we both attended a school function which was pretty much like a ‘host your own murder night’, where the plot of our characters  brought us together as we (our characters) had to get married.  Now 11 and a bit years on, we are getting married for real! :)

In our eleven years we have had many adventures, the latest of which where we rode a motorcycle from Perth to Sydney, and then followed the south coast all the way back to Perth.  If two people can be that close for that long, then we must have something right :)

My proposal was a very public one, as it was on St George’s Terrace in the city.  Katherine’s office has a window which looks down on the terrace, and I thought I would use that as an opportunity to do something fun:)  There I stood down on the terrace with ten great big signs that I had spent the last two days making, then called Katherine in her office.  She was a little unimpressed that I had called as she was very busy, but I managed to convince her to look out of her window.  A long story short, I had ten signs that warmed her up for the last one which said, “will you marry me?”  By this time there were a lot of bystanders gathered witnessing what was going on, as well as many faces in the surrounding buildings windows.  Katherine disappeared from her window and in what seemed like a lifetime came running out of the building straight across the road and jumped at me with a yes!  This was met with many cheers from the bystanders.

We will be getting married within the Yanchep National Park just North of Perth, with the reception being held in a cave lit mainly by candles.  There will also be some cool pics at a local abandoned theme park in the area.  Katherine as a second job makes amazing cake creations for all occasions, and our wedding cake will be no different.  She has got a secret or two up her sleeve for our creation!”

Photos by Photography By Emma Pointon

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