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Antonia Kidman on Being Money Confident

by | Bride, Finance


antonia kidman febusave005 Antonia Kidman on Being Money Confident

An Australian journalist and TV presenter, Antonia Kidman is never far from the spotlight. She’s presented two TV series, The Little Things & The Bigger Things on issues surrounding raising children and is currently appearing on Foxtel’s Lifestyle You channel.

As the ambassador for Febusave, a mum, an engagee and someone who has recently taken charge of her finances Antonia Kidman is joining us today on Polka Dot Bride to share her thoughts on money!

Why did you become involved with ANZ’s Be Money Confident Program and subsequently Febusave?

A couple of years ago I experienced change in my life and realised that I needed to have more of a plan in place when it came to my long-term finances. It was an area that I wasn’t too confident about. The language and terminology of finance can be daunting and sometimes it’s easy just to put it to one side and deal with it later, which of course is never. I decided I needed to tackle it head-on and so I began to educate myself and learn as much as I could. I also made a commitment to take complete responsibility of my money. It is a wonderful feeling, very empowering!

What have you learnt about money and finances since you joined?

So much, where to begin? The most important lesson is to take the first step. No matter how small just writing down some goals, seeking help on how to achieve them and then implementing that advice can be wonderfully reinforcing. Once you know you can do it then it grows from there.

Are you a budgeter or do you just cut down on your spending?

I’m a total budgeter. I always have been. I guess I’ve inherited that from my parents. I’m very capable of sticking to a budget. I’ve always been able to manage my day-to-day budgets my lack of knowledge relates more to the long-term stuff like investments and putting strategies in place to ensure my future financial security.

Do you feel more confident in dealing with your everyday finances?

I’ve always been pretty good at that. I can cut down when necessary and put money aside too. It is great to ‘set and forget’ by having your savings automatically transferred into another account so you don’t get tempted to spend it – and then get a pleasant surprise when you see how much it has grown over time!

Do you have your own financial advisor or are you relying on your fiancés?

I have my own financial advisor.

Do you have an estate plan in place to look after your children if you become incapacitated or pass away?

Yes, I do. I have all that stuff up-to-date which gives me great peace of mind. It is so important.

As someone who has been married before and is planning her second marriage, what is the greatest lesson you have learnt about money and marriage?

I think no matter what situation you are in married, dating, single or widowed it’s important to be part of the decision making process.

Is it important to maintain this during a marriage/relationship? Why?

I think it’s important for both people in a partnership to share responsibility for most things and money is one of those things.

How do we maintain it – some practical tips?

I’m no expert but I guess it’s like anything communication is critical.

How have your perceptions of money and weddings changed?

Weddings are very personal so it’s important to set a goal that reflects both party’s desires. Above all they are occasions that should be full of love, happiness and hope.

Did you set a budget for your wedding?

Like planning for anything setting a budget is a good idea, and keeping track of all expenses as they occur.

antonia kidman febusave003 Antonia Kidman on Being Money Confident

How did you prioritise what was important to you (with wedding spending)?

Categorizing items or tasks helps determine what is important and it’s also a good way to manage your time.

Where have you splurged?

Some of the best weddings I’ve been to have been very simple affairs. What have made them so unique are the people, the love, the speeches, the dancing!

Where have you saved?

It’s important to remember…”don’t sweat the small stuff”.

How do you think we can empower ourselves with wedding spending?

Set a goal and a budget and work out the most effective way to marry the two.

What discussions do you think are important to have about finances with your fiancé? What discussions have you had?

Talking about finances can be difficult it’s not an area many people feel comfortable discussing. It’s about trust, honesty and sharing responsibility.

Thank you for joining us today on Polka Dot Bride Antonia!

So the question to you dear readers is – have you talked about finances with your fiance? Was it something you needed to do or did it just happen? Have you talked about future planning? Is money uncomfortable for you too?

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Febusave and Polka Dot Bride

by | Bride, Finance


 Febusave and Polka Dot Bride

When I was first approached late last year to be a blog ambassador for Febusave I was a little apprehensive. I tend to stay away from money on Polka Dot Bride (as mentioned previously) because I believe inspiration is not dependent on budget. It was like a big white elephant in the room though I know it’s an issue for so many of you and one that is swept under the carpet, or discussed heatedly.

My belief has always been that inspiration is not about the money spent, but the ideas presented and that somehow if you want a little piece of that look, translating it into your own day in a way that is comfortable for you.

Febusave is an initiative by the ANZ Bank to encourage saving. After doing research, the bank found that less than 51% of Australian women have enough savings to last three months out of work, 1 in 3 women believe they wouldn’t last longer than a month if they lost their job tomorrow and 1 in 4 women are not at all confident about their future financial security.

I know this topic isn’t going to be relevant to some of you. I know it’s a little uncomfortable (to the point I feel tense while writing this). However I am a part of Febusave because I believe in empowering not just women, but everyone in saving. In having financial plans, in talking about financials before you get married, in planning for the unexpected and expected financial hiccups, in staying in control of our own finances. I struggle with money- I am fearful of it and I am determined to change my thinking and get empowered. (My pledge is to give up snacks and treats for the month!)

Febusave 3 Febusave and Polka Dot Bride Febusave 2 Febusave and Polka Dot Bride

I know this month of Febusave is supported by a big bank. I know it’s a corporate and they can afford to advertise instead of promoting through word of mouth. I however, am choosing to address what I believe is the bigger issue. That people (and women to be specific for this blog and this month) owe it to themselves to be empowered and knowledgeable about their hard earned money. Simply put, how much peace of mind will you have when you take control of your finances, instead of checking your account and wondering, yet again, where and on what, your money has gone? To us, it is not a question of where you spend your money (that is always an individual decision), or of not having fun with your money. It’s about not letting your money control you and planning for a robust financial future together.

We have a week of posts lined up – an interview with Antonia Kidman (the ambassador for Febusave and ANZ’s Being Money Confident program designed to empower women to be confident in issues surrounding money), posts from fun bloggers, some addressing an issue that completely frustrates me and some just purely focused on really thinking about our attitudes to money.

I hope you take some time in your busy day to read these posts (they’ll be a bit more wordy than usual!). You might find an idea that really inspires you to save, invest or free you from debt.

Snapshot Sunday – Hold My Balloon And Touch The Sky

by | Bride, Photography, Snapshot Sundays


Another “iconic” wedding image! I think a lot of wedding bloggers were blown away when they saw the work of Max Wanger.

This shot is from his engagement shoot of Joanna (aka A Cup Of Joe) and Alex. Not only did it start a flood of using balloons at weddings & engagements, but for me, it also made me stop and look, really look and appreciate the moment.

Max Wanger Photography Snapshot Sunday Hold My Balloon And Touch The Sky

Photo by Max Wanger

Kristin and Jacob Engaged

by | Bride, Engagements


Do you have a thing for planes? Today’s engagement shoot of Kristin and Jacob  may be just up your alley! Planes, balloons and a whole lotta love!

Happy Saturday!

Today’s photos are by Corey Ann Photography.

kristin and jacob engaged001 Kristin and Jacob Engaged kristin and jacob engaged003 Kristin and Jacob Engaged

kristin and jacob engaged002 Kristin and Jacob Engaged

kristin and jacob engaged004 Kristin and Jacob Engaged

kristin and jacob engaged005 Kristin and Jacob Engaged

kristin and jacob engaged006 Kristin and Jacob Engaged

kristin and jacob engaged007 Kristin and Jacob Engaged

kristin and jacob engaged008 Kristin and Jacob Engaged

kristin and jacob engaged009 Kristin and Jacob Engaged kristin and jacob engaged012 Kristin and Jacob Engaged

Photos by Corey Ann Photography.

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