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Snapshot Sunday – It’s Like Rain…

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Photo by Stewart Leishman

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Sharon and Andre’s Sunny Engagement Session

by | Bride, Engagements


Sharon and Andre

Oh how I love today’s engagement session- the bright summer colours, the soft golden light and the very in love and happy couple! Yena of Sugarblush sent over this engagement shoot, which took place on the Gold Coast. Yena explains, “Sharon and Andre met in 2007 in Surabaya, Indonesia.

They were introduced by Sharon’s friend who also worked in the same office as Andre. Actually Sharon’s friend was the one that has a crush on Andre. At the time nothing happened between them and she only saw him every now and again whenever she came by to visit her friend. After nearly a year her friend requested Sharon to come and help him out at work for a short while, but there’s still nothing between them, they’re just workmates. Life went on later that year for both of them until mid 2009 when Andre and Sharon came back in contact and they finally starting to get to know each other. Andre finally asked Sharon on a date on 8 January 2010 and after many dates and getting to know one another, Andre told Sharon That He Loves Her and proposed to her!

They went on a family trip to Australia last August and decided to take two days off their tour to do pre-wedding in Goldcoast and Brisbane. We were worried before the session because its been raining the whole week and the forecast was not looking good either. But luckily it didn’t rain during the two days and we had great sessions, followed by rain the for rest of the week!!”

Photos by Sugarblush

Polka Dot Bride Mixtape – The First Dance

by | Bride, Entertainment


After our last Polka Dot Bride mix-tape, I wanted to end the week with some romantic tunes to help ease you into the weekend. This time, I thought I’d tune into some of our featured bride’s first dance choices. From the romantic, to the happy, to the different- we’ve showcased it all! Here’s a little inspiration for your own day- I’ve linked each song title to a version of the song, so all you have to do is click to listen!

Bel & Dodge Photo by Sayer Heffernan

“We danced to “Love Me Tender” by Norah Jones, in an open part of the courtyard, under a big tree, fairy lights. By that point of the night I had ditched my shoes, so it was a barefoot waltz – which for those who know me well, know how appropriate that was! The videographer even got a great close up shot of my bare little toes in his highlights reel. After our waltz, and half way through the dancing with the rest of the guests it started to rain, but I think that only added fuel to the fire! We all had too much fun busting a move with the rain sprinkling down.”

Natalie and Shayne Photo by Lakshal Perera

“We danced to Bob Marley and Lauren Hill’s Turn Your Lights Down Low”, not the most usual song choice, maybe a little sexy but it has always been ‘our song’, since Shayne first put it on a mix-CD in 2001.  We did a modified Rumba we had been working on which didn’t go exactly to plan but was fun and touching all the same.”

Rowan and Michael Photo by Natalie McComas

“We danced to Al Green, ‘Let’s stay together’. It was the only dance of the reception – we didn’t have a dance floor because we just booked part of the restaurant.”

Sarah & Stewart Photo by Feather + Stone Photography

“We used the lyrics from our first dance song on the front of our invitation (We could fly, you and I, on a cloud – Kissing’ by Bliss). We also incorporated ‘A journey of the heart’ throughout our stationery which are also lyrics from the same song.”

Hayley and Dene Photo by Mint Photography

“Our first dance was to Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together. We did our first dance on the deck below as our guests cheered us on from the balcony above. Never dancing before we amazed ourselves with our how well a few youtube dance lessons in the living room could transform into something incredible, we did dips and spins and shared a laugh as we moved around the dance floor without tripping over each other (much to the surprise and delight of our family and friends), we were quickly joined by friend and family to dance the night away with a little bit of something for everyone.”

Lexie & Will Photo by Dan O’Day

“Our first dance was to “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol, and one of the most memorable moments of the evening. We were so focused on each other that for a few minutes, it felt like we were the only two people in the room.”

Aleks and Aaron Photo by John Benavente Photography

“The first dance was to ‘Spend my life with you’ by Eric Bennet and Tamia which was a long time favourite of the bride. We could not help but sing to each other throughout the dance.”

Leah & Gerard Photo by Todd Hunter McGaw

“We danced to ‘Sail Away’ by David Gray on the balcony of the cottage.”

Libby & Harley Photo by Amanda Thorson

“Our first dance was Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. I collect vintage records and it is one of my all time favourite love songs.”

Lindsay & Tim Photo by Natasja Kremers Photography

“We danced to “Everything” by Michael Buble…it was great fun but also a bit nerve-wracking – we had learnt a routine  which involved lots of lifting and twirling, and could have gone horribly wrong in lots of places…luckily it all went fine and we’re pretty sure we heard lots of ‘ooohs’ & ‘ahhhs’ from our family and friends…”

Claire & Steve Photo by David Robertson

“It was impromptu, to our favourite song Collide” by Howie Day and everyone joined in, turning the first dance into a celebration of bringing families and friends together.”

Emelia and Anthony Photo by Pobke Photography.

“It was to ‘Arithmetic’ by Brooke Fraser, we made sure the bridal party, parents etc came up pretty quickly to take the attention off our dancing. It was really difficult to move around in my dress.”

Mish and David Photo by I Love Wednesdays

“We’re both huge music lovers and as such don’t have “our” song, as we have about a thousand we both love and adore that remind us of special moments shared, some not ideal/appropriate for a first dance. The night before we were still um-ing and ah-ing over the first dance song – we had a list of about 10 we both loved. But we managed to cull it down to 3 and had a little boogie in the lounge room to work out which one suited our dance style (which is a mash up of waltzing, twirling and dips – no real structure, just going with the flow), long story short – we ended up dancing to Maroon 5’s version of Frank Sinatra’s The Way You Look Tonight.

Kimberley & John Photo by Jonas Peterson

“We ended up dancing to the song that was to be the church entrance song – an acoustic version of “Hysteric” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It turned out to be the most perfect song. We were encouraged to get up on stage for the dance and even though everyone was watching, we honestly were completely lost in that moment”

Olivia & Nathan Photo by Luisa Brimble of Serendipity Corner Photography

“Nathan chose Coldplay’s ‘Til Kingdom Come and as he asked his new wife to dance after his speech and as the guitar strums started my tears started rolling  – I was a hopeless dancer but loved every second shuffling around the dancefloor laughing and crying together.”


What did you dance too or are planning to choose for your first dance?

Friday Roundup

by | Blog News, Bride


Ryan & Kim’s Winter Wedding Photo by Studio Eclectic

Phew what a week! We have been working really hard this week to improve the load time of the new site and make everything work smoothly while we prepare to transition to a new server. it’s been an interesting week full of new opportunities and exciting developments and as always, we here at Polka Dot Bride are reveling in the new site!

On our specialty blogs this week:

Julian gives all the grooms out there excellent tips on getting the right fit for your suit on Polka Dot Groom

Pina Fiorenza joins us to tell us about herself and her beautiful Fiorenza gowns on Polka Dot Wisdom

Funkified Entertainment gives us the essential guide on organising your wedding music on Polka Dot Wisdom

Pre wedding beauty tips? Katerina from Adore Beauty has it covered on Polka Dot Wisdom

Ms Floral tells us all about the Ultimate Wedding Planning Party 2011 on Polka Dot Wisdom

I take you to the Land of Oz with her very own ruby glitter shoes tutorial on Polka Dot Made

Colourful shoes, socks and bubbles feature in Samantha and Chris’s wedding on Polka Dot Weddings

Sarah writes an ‘oh, so handy’ post on Demystifying Dress Codes for Polka Dot Weddings

And we share in the gorgeous winter wedding story of Ryan and Kim on Polka Dot Weddings

Patagonia, Chile anyone? Share in Kyle’s adventure there on Polka Dot Honeymoons

Around the wedding world this week….

Henry Roth is holding a massive blowout sample sale at their Sydney studio next week! Wedding dress prices start at $299 and evening gowns from $50. The sale will be held on Thursday October 27 from 8am to 5pm at  the Henry Roth Studio Sydney, Level 2, 87-89 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills NSW. Visit their website for more information.

Gorgeous US brand DwellStudio has hit Australian shores with The Wedding List Co. Based in NYC, and as seen on Sex & The City, Dwell have have now made their gorgeous range of luxurious bedding and accessories available to Australians. The best part is you can register for it or buy it yourself through the company’s gift store. Wedding List Co will even be holding “bed styling” events in the new year (if you’re like members of my family who don’t understand the meaning of pretty pillows, you might need to attend this one!)

Wedding Gifts Direct has a great registry offer for the month of October! If you sign up for your registry during October you will receive a FREE* Tribe Design Movie Set Stage Floor Light in Black valued at $795, a Plumm Glasses & Decanter Set valued at $179, OR a Bodum Knife Block valued at $99.95 (the gift you receive is dependent on the value of your registry so check the T&Cs as always!). Oh and the extra special kicker? You! Yes you my polka dotties get an extra special gift if you mention Polka Dot Bride when signing up and you will receive a free Bohemia Crystal Vase (valued at $49.95) with the delivery of your wedding gifts, Visit the website for more information.

Have you signed up to the Polka Dot newsletter yet? We’re launching in a little while and can’t wait to get you even more inspired goodness into your inboxes! Sign up here.

Rebekah of Thats Life! magazine has put the call out to Polka Dot Bride readers for different kinds of weddings – those with a story from the unique, the quirky, the unusual.  She wants to hear about it and feature it in the magazine! If you’d like to retell the story of your day for the magazine, just contact Rebekah on rebekah.scanlan at

Brent Quincy Buchanan of The Grindhouse (remember the video he shot back in April?) shared this special he shot of Mike & Inga called “Soundtrack Of Their Lives”. He’s shot many more in this series now too which are nice, sweet little snippets.


Have a wonderful weekend! See you back bright and early Monday morning for another Polka Dot Bride week!

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