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Leah and Rana’s Intimate At Home Wedding

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Leah and Rana

A wedding by the water is made even more special when it’s a wedding at home like today’s handmade, beautiful celebration. Leah and Rana had their family and friend’s pitch in for everything – helped by the fact Leah’s brother is a professional photographer! The couple also included plenty of nods to Rana’s Indian heritage.

Leah recalls how she met her Rana. “I love Indian food, and would frequently go to an Indian restaurant in my area where Rana worked for the past few years. I was a very shy person, and Rana was very outgoing. Whenever I went there, he would always say something nice, but I couldn’t understand him because of his accent. His English is perfect but his accent can be a little tricky. Some days I could and some days I couldn’t make out what he was saying. One day he asked me if he could have my Facebook so that he could contact me. I gave it to him, and once he added me, I looked at his profile and at a few of his pictures which I liked. That’s when we started talking. He eventually asked me out for a coffee. But, being LDS, I don’t drink coffee, and so that is what I said, which could have been a little awkward. But then I added that I would be happy to have a milkshake instead. The answer caught him off guard, and since then we have been together.”

Today’s photographs are by Tim Coulson. I love the fresh take on photography Tim has- interesting angles made for different perspectives which made the story of the wedding unfold in a really interesting way.

Leah’s family were involved from the get-go. Leah explains “My Eldest sister, Karina did my hair for me (as well as the flower girls, mum’s, and pretty much the rest of the family’s) and she bought my shoes. Karina’s twin sister, Alisa helped me in so many ways. She came with me to try on the wedding dresses, and came to all the fittings. She organised my Hen’s night in which we all had fun (but I was sick after everyone left because I had eaten some bad chicken for lunch that day). She just put in so much effort and I love her for that. “

Rana and his groomsmen wore suits from Tarocash.

Rana’s Indian heritage was incorporated into many aspects of the wedding, including Leah’s accessories. My jewels were from Lovisa, and again, some where handmade and sent over from India by Rana’s family. The bracelet was from India and the headpiece was from Lovisa”.  Leah wore a gown from The Bridal Outlet.

Of her photographer, Leah says “The photographer was my brother. He doesn’t like to edit his photos much, he likes keeping them as they are, capturing the natural beauty of the day. He lets the people do as they like.”

The bride and flower-girls arrived by boat. Leah explains, “I asked my Dad to drive me to the ceremony in his boat as we were getting married on Mum and Dad’s wharf.”

Flowers were by Kesh Coulson. Leak remarks “Tim’s wife Kesh did all the flowers, and got up at 3am to go to the markets. I had so many people come up to me and say how much they loved the flowers.

It’s easy to decide on an at home wedding with a home with a view like this! Leah explains “The venue was my parent’s house. It is a house on the water with beautiful views of the island across from us. It has it’s own private jetty, which is the place we were married.”

Leah walked down the aisle to Brian McKnight’s “Back At One”. “I had 2 of my nieces as flower girls. They were both so cute, but they both got nervous. I had previously told them that they need to walk down the aisle slowly, and we had practiced. They did so well while practicing, but when it came to crunch time, they were both nervous and were trying to hide behind each other. We eventually got them to start walking down, but they were sooooo slow. It was only about a 5 or 6 metre walk, but we didn’t get to the end of the aisle until the end of the song (3 minutes!).”

Special guests were part of the best memories of the day for Leah. “My twin sister, Rachel. She came all the way up from Melbourne and missed uni that day just so she could be there for me. She also made her boyfriend come too. Jess Tucci, my brother’s sister in law was amazing with everything she did in planning and organising.”

Leah describes the wedding as “Very beautiful, made possible by many talented people and a combined effort.”

The wedding was catered by The Fat Goose ” The food was excellent, they were very professional and easy to have a conversation with. They made sure everyone was fed (including me and the groom, as we had gone away for photo’s and they made sure they saved some for us).”

The cupcake wedding cake was made by dear friends Crystal D’anastasi and Leah Pollard.

Leah says “Pretty much the whole wedding was DIY haha. We did absolutely everything ourselves and with our family and friends.”

Guests continued celebrations at Leah’s parent’s home. Leah explains “The reception was held in the pool area and the downstairs room connected. It was good having it there, as it gave mum and dad the motivation to get all of their renovations and gardening finished, instead of procrastinating like they usually do. Seriously though, haha.”

Every family remember was involved with Leah’s brother acting as MC for the day.

There was a highlight at the reception for Leah, she explains “A special part of the wedding for me was the part where my dad, uncle and sister sang a song for me and my husband. It was titled “I loved her first”. There are a couple of photo’s where you can see dad singing, and there honestly wasn’t a dry eye in the house afterwards.”

Leah and Rana used the same Brian McKnight song for their first dance. She remarks “We also danced to Back at One by Brian McKnight. We had rehearsed it only a couple of times, and the music actually started while we were cutting the cake. That means that we missed the beginning of the dance, but everyone loved the finale at the end where Rana dipped me over backwards and we kissed. It was perfectly timed.”

There were a few surprises too. Leah says “At the end of the wedding, some of the groom’s friends had put together a Punjabi dance for everyone, and that made our wedding our own, and very special.”

Congratulations Leah and Rana! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Tim Coulson for sharing today’s photographs!

Photographer: Tim Coulson / Bride’s Dress: The Bridal Outlet / Bride’s Shoes: Payless Shoes / Hair Accessories: Lovisa / Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Tarocash / Flowers: Kesh Coulson / Catering: The Fat Goose
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Beth and Anthony’s Delightful Daylesford Wedding

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Beth and Anthony

A splendid country winter wedding for you today – at one of the most amazing regional eateries in Victoria! I love the bride and groom’s style which weaves it’s way through the photographs and the elements of their day – a feather bolero? A lovingly restored car? Lots of laughter and love? That’s the formula for the beauty of today’s wedding!

Beth recalls how she and Anthony met. “We met 8 years ago, working in a cafe in Geelong and were good friends for many years. We fell in love and have now owned our own cafe in North Melbourne for nearly five years. We live together, work together and still are each other’s favourite person!”

Photographs today are by Louisa Bailey, I love Louisa’s fun, candid way of capturing a wedding. There are always images of candid laughter and plenty of style and romance.

Beth wore pale pink Sandler shoes and carried a bouquet styled by Denise Robinson from The Lake House.

Of their photographers, Beth remarks ” Louisa (and her assistant Erinna) took the most amazing photographs, exactly what we had hoped for. All very natural, not contrived at all or posed, made everyone feel very relaxed and managed to capture the day perfectly. Her relaxed manner was so reassuring, and calming.  She understood how important it was to us to capture images of our families and friends all enjoying themselves, and their personalities really shine through. The photographs taken during the morning are particularly special to my family as it is the first time we have all been together for five years (brothers live in the UK).”

Beth wore a champagne coloured gown Charlie Brown dress with an ostrich feather bolero from Linda Gorringe.

Beth remarks “We designed and printed our own invitations, took a LONG time, but they were beautiful and worth it in the end. We used a 70’s designed sheeting set as inspiration, featuring a woody tree line, which now makes a beautiful wall hanging in our sunny dining room.”

Beth arrived to the ceremony in a very special car. She explains “I was driven in Dad’s very newly restored Morris Minor, Gladys. He had spent many years restoring it to all it’s glory and the wedding day was her maiden voyage. She  performed beautifully, and was a real hit.”

Beth and Anthony married at Lake House, Daylesford. Beth remarks “Beautiful old country hotel, renowned for it’s amazing hospitality and award winning restaurant. It is a special place for us, we have visited several times for weekend getaways, and wanted to share it with family and friends.”

Beth remarks “It was an 11am ceremony followed immediately by a finger food luncheon. All wrapped up by 4pm.”

Beth describes the wedding as “A relaxed winter wedding in the country surrounded by everyone we love, with amazing food and wine.”

In  lieu of a traditional wedding cake, Beth and Anthony chose a Croquembouche with vanilla creme patisserie, spun sugar and flowers to match Beth’s bouquet.

Beth and Anthony not only handmade the stationery, but also the favors for their guests. Beth explains “We made little jars of either homemade tomato relish or homemade fruit compote, along with a little pouch of seeds collected from Anthony’s grandmothers, for guests to plant in their own gardens, and be reminded annually of our wedding. The seeds are “Snow on the Mountain Top” and they are a family favourite, that we thought we would like to share with everyone.” Guests were entertained throughout the afternoon by Carneval Strings


Beth accessorised her gown with “Several strings of pearls, all miss-matched, some new, some borrowed from my Mother and a vintage style pearl brooch to secure my ivory sash from Linda Gorringe

And the most splendid part of the story? Well, this is Beth and Anthony’s story after all so perhaps I’ll let Berth tell it. “The most wonderful part of our wedding in June is that now we are expecting a honeymoon baby! Not only did we share our wedding celebrations with our all our loved ones, we also started our own family at this very special time. Couldn’t be more perfect!”

Congratulations on the next stage of your life together Beth and Anthony! Thankful to you both for sharing it with us today on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to Louisa Bailey for sharing today’s images.

Photographer: Louisa Bailey / Bride’s Dress: Charlie Brown / Bride\\\\\\\'s Bolero: Linda Gorringe Couture / Bride’s Shoes: Sandler / Jewellery: Linda Gorringe Couture / Flowers: Denise Robinson from The Lake House / Venue: Lake House / Music: Carneval Strings

Angela and Ehsan’s Classic Dunbar House Wedding

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Classic, black tie elegance weddings never fail to make me fall in love with them and classic Sydney weddings have a certain beauty to them, a style unmatched.

Angela recalls how she and Ehsan met. “We met in the Island of Naxos in the Greek Islands. I (bride) was holidaying in Greece with a friend and he was holidaying there with friends from his home country Austria. After talking for only 3 hours that night, we exchanged emails and I met him one year later when I stopped by Vienna, Austria during a 3 month European vacation. Although we knew there was something special during our first meeting in Naxos (despite our vastly different backgrounds), it wasn’t until I reached Austria one year later that our romance blossomed.”

Photos today are by SugarLove Weddings – I love the classic nature of SugarLove’s shots and their attention to detail.

Bride Angela wore a gown from Watters. Later on, at the reception, she changed into an Alex Perry lace gown. She paired her gown with shoes from Gary Castles Sydney and jewels from Harlequin Market, Paddington

Angela’s bridesmaids wore navy gowns from Bridesmaids Only with red velvet shoes from Alannah Hill. The girls carried green bouquets by Anemone Flowers. Angela remarks “My bridesmaids were simply fantastic – I couldn’t ask for better friends (and they looked so cute too in their ruffle navy dresses and wine coloured velvet shoes)!”

Angela and Ethan were married at Our Lady Star of the Sea, Watsons Bay.

Guests were delighted during the ceremony by a string trio Accent Strings. The groom wore a suit from Harrolds.

Angela loved “The fact that people had traveled so far to be with us. Ehsan’s family travelled from Austria.”

The touches at the reception were very personal to Angela and Ehsan. Angela explains “The bonbonniere were little calico bags which were stamped with ‘thank you for sharing our day’ and ‘love is sweet’. They held Austrian chocolates to reflect Ehsan’s homeland.” A three tier square cake was made by a friend, Amanda. Angela recalls “The cake was amazing! It even had silver foil!”

Angela and Eshan held their reception at Dunbar House. Angela recalls “Dunbar House exceeded our expectations. Jodie Williams (event organiser) was more than happy to assist me in any way leading up to the day. Rob Young (venue manager) was also fantastic and super attentive and made the whole evening go like clockwork.”

The stationery was designed by Cheerup Cherup. Angela recalls “Each table was named after a city we have lived in or visited around the world (e.g. Naxos, Amsterdam (where we lived for 1.5 years), Sydney, Paris, New York etc.”

The speeches were one of Angela’s favourite parts of the day. “The Best Man (Ehsan’s brother) surprised us with his fantastic speech which had everybody laughing. He had organised an overhead projector to play which showed a video of Ehsan’s friends in Austria (who were not able to attend the wedding) giving their well wishes to us! It was a complete surprise to us!”

The Usual Suspects entertained guests during the reception, including playing the first dance for the newlyweds. Angela recalls ” We danced to ‘You’ve Got the Love’ by Florence and the Machine.”

The male guests received a little treat for after dinner. “On the table which had the Guest Book and box for cards, we also had boxes of Cigars for each male visitor with a sign next to them saying “For the Gentlemen”. The guys enjoyed them on the balcony at the reception after dinner.”

Congratulations Angela and Ehsan! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to SugarLove Weddings for sharing today’s photographs.

Photographer: SugarLove Weddings / Bride’s Dress: Watters / Bride’s Shoes: Gary Castles / Flowers: Anemone Flowers / Reception Venue: Dunbar House / Ceremony Music: Accent Strings / Reception Music: The Usual Suspects / Groom’s Attire: Harrolds / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridesmaids Only / Stationery: Cheerup Cherup

Wedding Magazine Roundup Out Now November 2011

by | Bride, Magazines and Books


It has been so long since I’ve done a roundup of my favourite wedding magazine goodies and with all the brand new titles on stands this month I couldn’t resist revisiting that old haunt and doing a wedding magazine roundup!

Real Weddings Style Annual 2011/12

Loveable Bits:

– “Tree Of Love” Page 63 I love the plethora of flowers and greenery at this wedding of Seija and Matthew, along with the bridesmaid’s beautiful patterned gowns

-” Walking On Water” Page 73 Such gorgeous water side inspired styling and a sense of humor to Gabrielle and Michael’s wedding

– “Vibrant Love” Page 121 I love the neutral colour scheme of the weddingof  Sarah and Nicholas with the incredible colourful blooms and floral chandelier.

-“Recipes For Love” Page 137 Classic, food inspired country wedding to celebrate the marriage of Maria and David

– “A Novel Idea” Page 159 Polka Dot Made’s own contributing editor Alicia has her wedding pictures come to life in her library inspired wedding


Bride To Be Volume 158 November- January 2012

Loveable Bits:

– “Romantic Charm” Page 58 – What happens when a wedding magazine editor tiers the knot? Editor Sarah shares her wedding to zJustion (so beautiful!)

– ” Carnival Party” Page 70 A Carnival inspired wedding of Zoe and Craig- streamers, pinatas and coloured jewels!

– “A Sweet Ride” Page 77Fiona and Robert’s winery bike inspired wedding

– “Ethereal Muse” Page 150 A beautiful fashion feature focusing on dreamy soft gowns and accessories

= “Bridesmaid Style Guide” Page 190 So many options, colours and prints for your special girls


Cosmopolitan Bride Summer 2012

Loveable Bits

– “Miriam and Tim” Page 61 This grazing at Gundaroo wedding is so relaxed and full of joy  – I love the spring centrepieces.

– “Autumn Glow” Page 88 Ora-Tali and Noam’s Victoria Autumn wedding with the most divine lace bodice on the bride’s gown.

– “A History of The Wedding Dress” Page 97 A look back at wedding gowns over the years

– “Secrets To Happy Ever After” Page 139 Wise words from married couples

– “Carolyn and Michael” Page 152 The bride wore silver in this grey and yellow urban Melbourne wedding


The Knot Magazine Summer 2011

– “Turning Tables”  Page 91 Three weddings stylists take one table and create three very different but gorgeous looks

-“Rustic at Sunset” Page 100 Kristaly and Marc’s seaside sweet wedding

-“Ballroom Grandeur” Page 102 Laura and James’ classic Sydney wedding

– “Mismatched Elegance” Page 106 Annaliese and Clarence’s golden hued winery wedding

– “Quirky In The Countryside” Page 112 Tiara and Nelson’s country wedding

Other titles I’ve been reading this month include Southern Weddings Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Dream Weddings Bali Style, Complete Wedding Sydney & Modern Wedding magazine which are all full of ideas I have yet to pour over (cup of coffee needed stat……and a biscuit or three)

What have you been flicking through? What are you loving?


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