Vendor of the Week – Amy Nelson-Blain Wedding Cinematography

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Dotties! What a weekend it has been, May for some reason is always an insane month in my life and this May? Well it’s already started off with a bang! More on that soon!

Kicking off our Monday with a peek at the members of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory!

Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is full of fantastic wedding suppliers who can help bring your wedding day to life. From Photography, Favors & Decor Accessories, Cakes, Bridal Gowns and even Stationery & Paper Goods Check it out and see what you might find!

I am the sentimental sort, so I think wedding films are an essential to a wedding day. Nothing is quite the same as hearing your wedding vows, seeing loved ones who have passed dancing, to your favourite song and even showing this most precious day to your future children. I will happily watch anybody’s wedding film knowing each one is a sacred moment in time and full of so much love and so many memories.

So with that, today I introduce our vendor of the week Amy Nelson-Blain Wedding Cinematography. Amy captures beautiful films, not only of weddings but of engagements and everything in between to help you relive your wedding day.

To learn a little more about the face behind the business, we asked Amy of Amy Nelson-Blain Wedding Cinematography five questions in five minutes –

What is your favourite after five drink?
A hot milky cup of tea! That is, if I am relaxing at home.

Recently while I was out to dinner with friends, I tried a “Purple Haze” cocktail, which included Gin, Violette Liqueur, Lemon Juice and Egg whites – It was divine and such a pretty violet colour!

Your favourite weekend getaway?

A secret cottage nestled in a mountain valley. Far away from the hustle and bustle, drinking wine and listening to good music.

Favourite restaurant?

That’s a tough one. My favourite Sushi restaurant is Sagunja, and Spice Temple is probably the best Asian cuisine restaurant that I have been to in Sydney.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Rye/Wholemeal pancakes with maple syrup, cream and fruit! And a hot chai latte!

Your favourite wedding story?

My favourite would have to be something that occurs in the editing room, whilst scrubbing through the wedding footage; the bride and groom wear lapel microphones during their ceremony vows, I love listening to the sweet nothings that they whisper to each other that no one else can hear, but the tiny microphone picks it up. It is so precious!


Visit Amy Nelson-Blain Wedding Cinematography’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Amy Nelson-Blain Wedding Cinematography is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

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Snapshot Sunday – Hold Me Tight

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Photo by Love, Katie & Sarah

Bree and Beau’s Photos Under The Trees

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Bree & Beau

Leisa from White Fluffy Cloud sent over this sweet engagement session of Bree & Beau. It makes sense for their photographs to include the gorgeous green of the trees as sleeping under the trees is one of their favourite things to do together! Bree says “Sleeping under trees is the best. We also like going to gigs together. We think live music is awesome and we support it as much as we can. ”

The couple met online. Bree explains ” We were housemates! In fact, Beau found my ad on easy (ironic much?) we got on really well straight away- just had such a similar sense of humor. And I’ll admit, I even chose him to move in over some other candidates because I thought he’d look good mowing the lawn …. ”

Their favourite date? “Our first date. We tried to go to a movie at Southbank, but it was sold out, so we walked across the bridge and into the city, to go to the Myer Centre cinemas. We got a little distracted and ended up drinking lots of coffee and then having a war of throwing balls of wool at each other in Lincraft. Perfect really.”

Australian Farm Wedding Inspiration – The Launch Of Etsy Weddings

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1. Treehouseherbs 2. BeaconLane 3. NutfieldWeaver  4.EidelPrecious   5.magdalinenHome 6.Modred12  7. vintagenelly 8. palomasnest  9.TheLonelyHeart

A wedding that takes place under gum trees with a reception in a nearby shearing shed.

The bride wears a soft, relaxed gown with a sparkly hairpiece. She carries an unstructured bouquet of sweet smelling lavender, gum leaves and Australian native blooms.

Her bridesmaids wear soft lilac gowns and the groom wears a beige or pale grey suit. His tie/shirt is a subtle check to echo the check of shearer’s shirts.

At the reception, strung from open beams are tiny, glittering fairy lights. Empty picture frames hang from the walls. The wool-classing table has been used for cakes and guests are seated at rustic wooden tables. Food – Australian farm food of course – sponge cakes, lamingtons, billy tea, hearty roast meats and vegetables with an elegant twist. Each wool bin is made a feature of with rustic farm implements, large arrangements of gum leaves and native blossoms, etc.

Napkins are hand tied with brown string, or baling twine and a sprig of lavender and green kangaroo paw flowers tucked underneath. Tables are decorated with grouped candles of varying heights, small pots, old cooking vessels to hold flowers, piles of warm, crusty bread, hessian cloths (to echo wool bales),  tiny moleskin bags to hold homemade treats. The farmer’s wool stamp decorates the hessian cloths.

Gum trees, native blossoms, a shearing shed complete with wool bales and simple rustic farm touches make this wedding so Australian.

See more of my favourite Australian Farm Wedding picks here.

I was so delighted a few months ago to be asked to curate a rustic wedding collection for the brand new Etsy Wedding site which launched this week.  After diving into Etsy for hours, I came up with my favourite picks (which you can see on the Etsy Trends page here).  The brand new site sorts items into trends and features regularly updated real weddings, trend pieces and informative articles.

Plus, my favourite part? Etsy has introduced wedding registries! So if you’re perhaps the couple that might have bought your traditional housewares, you’re looking for something a little different or you want something to compliment your more traditional wedding registry, Etsy allows you to register for artisan products on the site, give the link to your guests and receive beautiful handcrafted gifts. They even organise selected items into groups (electronics, kitchen, lifestyle etc) to help give you a head start. Check out the Etsy Wedding Registry page for more.