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Karen Willis Holmes Vintage Garden Bridal Shoot

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


I am really loving the beautiful shoots coming out of Australian bridal designer Karen Willis Holmes. Her latest, with a theme of “vintage garden” is such a gorgeous backdrop for her beautiful creations. Not only does it make me excited for Spring and the beautiful outdoor weddings it will bring,  the background of Mother Nature is always so utterly perfect.

The soft elegance of Karen’s creations never wavers – liquid silk, soft layers of tulle, floaty fabrics and feminine lines. Karen designs with the female form in mind- the gowns accentuate rather than overwhelm the wearer and the little details make the gowns something special.

Photos by Karen Willis Holmes

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Vendor Of The Week – Blue Print Photography

by | Blog News, Bride


Happy Monday Polka Dot Bridettes! Are you having the day off today? Or are your back at work?

Let’s start this chilly Monday with a look at our fabulous Ms Polka Dot’s Directory members! Check out our categories- we have florists, photographers, wedding dress designers, wedding stylists, wedding planners, hair & makeup artists, stationers and so much more! We’re adding more vendors every week! So visit Ms Polka Dot’s Wedding Directory to find the some of the world’s best vendors waiting for you!

Drumroll! Today I’m introducing one of our newer directory members- a fantastic photography studio run by  husband and wife team Chris and Gina Blue Print Photography. Blue Print Photography capture classic, styled images of your wedding day. Images that are artistic, yet stylish and capture the intensity and style of the occasion and could almost be lifted from the pages of a fashion magazine.

To learn a little more about Blue Print Photography we asked Chris five questions in five minutes!

What is your favourite after five drink?

A Manhattan only because it reminds me of New York.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Well I would like to say New York but it would take me the whole weekend just to get there. You might have noticed I have an obsession with this city. Second choice would be Daylesford with it’s tranquility, great food, endless photographic opportunities and my kids love the place.

Favourite restaurant?

La Luna in Carlton, especially their petite four desert which usually ends up with Gina and I dwelling for the crème burley. They also do a brilliant Duck and Pork crackling to die for.’is one thing I haven’t been able to master in the kitchen.

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

Either at Bean Counter in Fairfield for their Eggs Benedict or St.Ali in South Melbourne for their my Mexican cousin. Poached egg on corn fritter with spinach and haloumi. Now I’m hungry.

Your favourite wedding story?

I was touched deeply late last year photographing Reshmi and Kevin’s wedding. They had a Indian ceremony at the Hindu Temple that left me buzzing with all the tradition, colour and the endless photo opportunities as I documented their story. The following weekend was the Catholic ceremony at St Ignatius that also had me on fire capturing Reshmi and the girls getting ready in the morning and ending it with a Panoramic of the Melbourne Skyline, with the bridal couple, from the roof top of the Langham Hotel. It was the special connection that Reshmi and Kevin had that seemed to be increased due to what was going to happen the next day, The main reason why it was a very emotional experience was because Kevin was flying out, with the Australian Army, to Afghanistan, the next day and he wasn’t going to see Reshmi for 3 months. Truly made me feel privileged to be their on the day. It was brilliant catching up with them both, early this year, to design their Album.

Visit Blue Print Photography‘s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week! Blue Print Photography is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

Snapshot Sunday – Secret Smiles

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Photo by Inlighten Photography

Leza and Graham’s Casino Inspired Engagement Shoot

by | Bride, Engagements


Leza and Graham

How’s your luck today? Feeling like a gamble? Are you wearing your lucky socks? I loved this casino inspired engagement shoot of Leza and Graham. Gemma Clarke, the photographer behind these creative images, got permission from the poker room manager at Star City Casino and went through various security measures so they were able to pull it off!

Leza our bride, tells her story and why the casino inspiration was so relevant to them as a couple. “Firstly we met at a club in south-west Sydney in the first week of January 2004 when I bumped into him on the dance floor and grabbed his muscly bicep to steady myself  – ‘mmm nice’ I thought.  We have been inseparable ever since.

What we love about each other (and have in common) is our sense of humour and quirky ways.  Even when I’m frustrated with Graham he has a way of making me laugh. ‘You’re a nutter’ is a common phrase in our house.  We both love our dance music and quite often bounce around our home together at high energy.  We don’t have much in common interest wise – he loves his sport, whereas I’m more of a creative ‘hands on’ kind of person, but this seems to work well for us.  He is a very placid Libran and I am a free spirited Aquarian, we balance each other out beautifully.  We absolutely idolise each other.

The reason I chose this theme is because Graham loves poker and the casino, and being that I have organised the majority of the wedding I wanted to do something that was about him and something he would enjoy.  We have also both watched the movie Casino together at least 10 times!  The 1920’s gangster/flapper outfits came from my love of the Roaring 20’s fashion, I just love dressing up!

The location for our wedding – Palm Cove, was chosen because I wanted to get married on a beach in Cairns.  So when I first set eyes on the purpose built beach chapel at Angsana Resort & Spa in Palm Cove, I was instantly sold.

A big thank you to Gemma Clarke for this photo shoot and for the inspiration to ‘think outside of the square’, she truly is an exceptionally talented photographer.”

Photos by Gemma Clarke Photography

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