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Cocktail Celebration – Tequila Sunrise

by | Bride, Inspiration Boards


cocktail tequila sunrise Cocktail Celebration Tequila Sunrise

tequila sunrise Cocktail Celebration Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

2 shots  tequila
A glass of orange juice
1 shot grenadine

Pour tequila into chilled highball glass filled with ice cubes. Fill up with orange juice stir and pour grenadine on top so that it will sink to the bottom. This gives a great colourful sunrise effect in the glass.

Cocktail from Barmano, recipe from Foodaholic

tequila sunrise board Cocktail Celebration Tequila Sunrise

Gown from Nicole Miller, flowers from Artfool, Pomegranate seating cards from Martha Stewart Weddings,  Photo from The Knot, Cocktail from Barmano, Mexican wedding flags via {frolic}, Mexican wedding cookies from Learning How To Cook, photo from The Knot, Tin star from Direct From Mexico, flowers from Artfool, Favors from Rebecca Thuss.

Two ideas for your wedding theme spring to mind. You could go with the ‘Tequila’ element of the drink as inspiration and use colours that we associate with Mexico of  hot pinks, oranges, limes and aquas with terracotta, using the pomegranate as an added theme in food – icecreams, salads, syrups or on the tables.

Branches of pomegranates look stunning in vases with their coloured leaves as accents – they are a late summer/autumn fruit. Tin stars, punched tin candle holders with tiny tealight candles glittering within, terracotta vessels holding sweets, favours, desserts, branches. The orange juice and grenadine also provide lovely colours as inspiration for invitations, graduated colours on your bridesmaids frocks, shoe colours, flower colours – think red and orange orchids in vases.

You may consider the ‘Sunrise’ element of the drink. Think soft dreamy colours of blues, lilacs, greys, soft pinks, apricots. Choose a few of these colours – say blue, mauve and grey to build your wedding scheme around. Make sure that one of those colours is the main one with two others being used as accents. For instance pearl grey dresses and table cloths, with blue napkins tied with lilac ribbon. Pewter vases and dishes, silver cachous adorning cupcakes, grey leafed foliage, soft mauve and blue flowers.  Simplicity is key here with your femininity shining through. Think textures too with this scheme – satin, linen, cotton, furry leaves, waxy flowers.

An orange, deep red and storm grey scheme would be a daring and different – picking up the theme of the sunrise and the drink itself. Again as above, play with textures as well as colour to enhance your ‘look’.

One special touch could be that a member of the wedding party or your family who has a special talent for photography could photograph the sunrise for you on your wedding day. Alternatively you could give disposable cameras to some of your guests who could get up at dawn to capture the beads of dew on a spider’s web, the frost on the leaves, the sun rising over the waves or the mists on the mountains. Collate them all after the wedding and frame them or place them as a special touch in your wedding album.

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Handsome Hydrangeas

by | Bride, Flowers


picture 11 Handsome Hydrangeas

Rachel and Mike’s Wedding

Hydrangeas are old fashioned flowers often found in our grandmother’s gardens during our childhoods, but becoming more popular today because of their gorgeous colours. In hues of blue, mauve, pink and white with many smaller flowers forming a much larger round ‘mop-head’ they lend themselves to a variety of uses for a wedding.

a100448 win04 wreath l Handsome Hydrangeas a99769 win03 nskcake l Handsome Hydrangeas

Images From Martha Stewart Weddings

Individual flowers can be picked and showered over the bride and groom as you would confetti, or scattered on a walkway in a garden setting. The larger complete blooms would look stylish in large vases enhanced with sparkling silver or glassware.

411617161 rbyec l Handsome Hydrangeas

Alexis’ and Dave’s Wedding

Imagine a cake enhanced by sugared or real hydrangeas cascading down the tiers. The subtleties of their colours and shapes would produce a delicate effect just perfect for a very feminine feel.

hydray1 Handsome Hydrangeas hydray2 Handsome Hydrangeas

Images from

In bridal bouquets, try the more delicate hydrangeas such as Hydrangea paniculata ‘Grandiflora’  – a white hydrangea with smaller delicate flowers set in almost a cone shape, with tiny white buds at the end of the spray. These will turn pink with age. ‘Lacecap’ hydrangeas are also delicate with groups of tiny buds ranging in colour from soft green to deep purple surrounded by soft coloured fully opened flowers. Team these with other old fashioned flowers with similar colours such as hellebores.

hydr the knot Handsome Hydrangeashydr the knot2 Handsome Hydrangeas

Images from The Knot

One of the most amazing features of hydrangeas is, that if left on the bush into late summer or early autumn, they almost become another flower. From the delicate hues of spring, they transform into dark and moody hues of wine, plums, sage and olive greens flecked with burgundies and mauves spotted with red. Wonderful with tin, pewter and ancient rust or aged copper pots and a colour theme of deep purple reds or olive/sage green. Use the colours of the flowers as your clue as to what will look good together and you will pull a traditional scheme to something quite extraordinary!

Snapshot Sunday – On The Down Low

by | Bride, Photography, Snapshot Sundays


Love this shot of the boys at Marty and Bethany’s wedding (see more here) captured by Linda Truong170109 044 Snapshot Sunday On The Down Low

Photo by Linda Truong

Catherine Martin Designs A Dress

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


We all know Australian Catherine Martin is talented with costumes- she’s won Oscars for it after all (Moulin Rouge anyone?). But this dress that Sasha at Sparkliatti posted is amazing!

catherinemartin Catherine Martin Designs A Dress

See more of Alesia and Charles’ wedding here, here and here by Alisha Brook Photography via Sparkliatti

It’s no surprise that I also adore Catherine’s new range of interiors (available through Porters Paints and Designer Rugs. Many of which are inspired by the Australian landscape. The perfect place to draw inspiration for your wedding.

cm eucalyptusblue Catherine Martin Designs A Dress cm lyrebirdgreygreen Catherine Martin Designs A Dress

cm sparrow with vaseblue Catherine Martin Designs A Dress cmlacefaceonblack Catherine Martin Designs A Dress

Images courtesy of Porters Paints

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