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Real Weddings Style – Country Spell

by | Bride, Magazines and Books


Yesterday I wrote about the new issue of Real Weddings Style. After saying I loved the “Country Spell” celebration, the lovely Meg emailed me the spreads to share with you today!

What a lovely Friday morning treat! Not only is it a beautiful Autumn wedding, with French country touches, but the bride and her bridesmaid wore Akira Isogawa, the amazing designer I featured on Monday.

Click on each image to enlarge it!

real weddings style magazine country charm001 Real Weddings Style Country Spell

real weddings style magazine country charm002 Real Weddings Style Country Spell

real weddings style magazine country charm003 Real Weddings Style Country Spell

Check out Real Weddings Style magazine for more delicious weddings!

Spread by Real Weddings, photographs by David Fowler Photography.

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Princess Lasertron Bouquet Kits

by | Bride, Flowers


Princess Lasertron has certainly been making a name for herself since her gorgeous polka dot wedding. Meg is such an inspiration in how she does business- not only is she immensely talented, but she’s down to earth with a great sense of style and fun!

After massive success with her button bouquets, Princess Lasertron launched DIY bouquet kits for brides who want to create their own! The kit allows you to have a little more input into your button bouquet without any of the difficulties with sourcing materials.

princess lasertron bouquet kit 001 Princess Lasertron Bouquet Kits

Meg sent me a mini kit (normal sized kits come in a Princess Lasertron gable box) a little while ago to trial for Polka Dot Bride. I’m no pro when it comes to sewing – in fact I believe I still have a few clothing items I never did finish in Year 10 textiles lurking in a cupboard somewhere. For some reason I get very impatient with sewing! Meg and I figured I was the perfect person to try out a kit, to show you don’t have to be a sewing pro to make a beautiful bouquet!

There are so many goodies inside and my kit was only enough for four flowers! Meg cuts all the flower and leaf shapes in your chosen colours. The kit also includes lots of buttons (oh those were my favourite part) threads, wire, satin ribbon, needles, floral tape, pearl headed pins and of course instructions. Meg also included a pre made flower for me to use as a reference guide. You will only need wire cutters, fabric glue and any of your own special buttons you want to add.

princess lasertron bouquet kit 002 Princess Lasertron Bouquet Kits

If you’re worried the instructions aren’t thorough, they are! From hand drawn diagrams to a little stick figure Meg offering extra tips and tricks. Every step is written in an easy to understand way.

For my little review, I’m going to show you how I created my first flower. The process took me about an hour and I will admit most of that time was spent trying to thread the needle! The second, third and fourth flowers took less time as I got used to the process!

One of the most creative parts is figuring out which colours and shapes you want to use for each flower. It reminded me a little of those 2D felt scenes we used to play with as children. I, of course, broke out the buttons to see how they’d look (again, patience in sewing is not my strong point!)

princess lasertron bouquet kit 003 Princess Lasertron Bouquet Kits

The first step involves sewing two leaves together. One of the suggestions Princess Lasertron makes is to vary your sewing style- so running stitch might work on one leaf and you might do blanket stitch on another. After this, it’s time to start sewing the layers of the flower together.

princess lasertron bouquet kit 004 Princess Lasertron Bouquet Kits

I’m going to introduce you to Meg’s favourite fabric glue. I bought this on eBay from the USA as I wasn’t able to find an online stockist in Australia. Fabri-Tac is the recommended fabric glue, but you can use your favourite too. Once you’ve glued in all the right places (or alternatively sewed, it depends on the look you’re going for and the time you want to spend) You choose your button centre piece and insert the wire. This becomes your button flower stem.

My finished flower is in the bottom right hand corner. What do you think? I was pretty impressed with how it came together for a newbie fabric flower maker!

princess lasertron bouquet kit 006 Princess Lasertron Bouquet Kits

I only have two additional tips to mention to avid bouquet makers that don’t come on the instructions (or maybe logical thought would have helped me). If you’re going to sew detail on the leaves, do it before you sew them together- your fingers will thank you! You’re also probably not going to get the wire to twist in a perfectly neat straight line (I tried everything including pliers) but once the stems are wrapped into a bouquet or popped in a vase you don’t notice! Plus it adds a little quirkiness.

Here are my four flowers (the full kit comes with enough materials to make a 30″ bouquet or about 16 flowers. Meg provides full instructions (and again materials) to bind your bouquet together. But with just four stems, I’m arranging mine loosely in a vase.

princess lasertron bouquet kit 007 Princess Lasertron Bouquet Kits

While I am the first to admit these come nowhere near close to the perfect stitching and professional finish of the original Princess Lasertron bouquets, I do think they’re a great option!

The package works out cheaper, you’re able to choose your own combination of buttons and stitching, but most of all you get to put a little bit of your heart and soul into them. It makes it all the more personal when you pull your bouquet out to show your children and grand children, with the glowing beam that says “I made my wedding bouquet!”

Princess Lasertron Felt Button Bouquet Kits are available through Princess Lasertron’s website and etsy store.

On Sale Now..October

by | Bride, Magazines and Books


real weddings style On Sale Now..October

Real Wedding Style Annual 2009/10

Lovable Bits

– Virginia and Maurice’s nature inspired wedding on Page 72

– Stacey and Shane’s shades of yellow wedding on Page 86

– Claire and Jame’s Great Gatsby inspired celebration on Page 93

– The country charm wedding of Pippa and Jaime on Page 161

– Gorgeous green theme story on Page 194

wedding style guide On Sale Now..October

Wedding Style Guide No 12, 2009

Lovable Bits

– Tangerine Dream colour feature on Page 36

– Modern Love them story from Page 91

– Fiona and Mark’s “High Style” Chandelier styled wedding on Page 106

– Sam & Iain’s soft lilac “Ray Of Sunshine” wedding on Page 154

Jennifer and James

by | Bride, International, Photography


jennifer and james 030 Jennifer and James

Jennifer & James

Oh I am thrilled to share today’s second wedding with you! Beautiful sun flowers and the most gorgeous details! The lovely Nancy Liu Chin of Nancy Liu Chin Designs sent us today’s wedding, Nancy created the most beautiful floral arrangements for the event!

The wedding of Jennifer and James took place in Beaulieu Vineyard in the Napa Valley, California. Event design was done by Gloria Wong of Sash & Sugar and the event coordinator was Jubilee Lau Events.

Photography this afternoon is by Gertrude & Mabel.

jennifer and james 001 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 027 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 028 Jennifer and James

Jennifer and James chose invitations from Good On Paper Design. Jennifer wore a gown from Vera Wang.

jennifer and james 019 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 017 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 016 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 015 Jennifer and James

Jennifer’s favourite hobby is cooking, while JC  counts his number one hobby as eating! The wedding was filled with special touches that reflected the couple’s love of good food! The floral arrangements contained fresh herbs.

jennifer and james 013 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 014 Jennifer and James

During cocktail hour, Jennifer and James had a “marketplace” set up for guests to “shop” in.  Guests could choose from recipe boxes, fresh sunflowers, flip flops and fresh fruit.

jennifer and james 012 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 011 Jennifer and James
jennifer and james 020 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 021 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 010 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 009 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 006 Jennifer and James

Jennifer and James asked guests to contribute a recipe for a good marriage.

jennifer and james 007 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 008 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 018 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 004 Jennifer and James

Guests were given favor boxes filled with cards featuring Jennifer’s favourite recipes and a muslin sack of thyme, her favourite herb. The top lid of the kraft colored favor box was rubber stamped with “Good Cookin’ with Jenny and JC”.

jennifer and james 005 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 003 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 002 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 022 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 033 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 029 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 026 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 025 Jennifer and James

jennifer and james 024 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 023 Jennifer and James

The reception, catered by Paula LeDuc Fine Catering featured a Fromage Station (Jennifer’s favourite food) and also a Popcorn Station (James’ favourite food). Comfy outdoor seating areas were st up with Jenny’s favourite cook books placed on the coffee tables.  Stella Pastry Cafe provided their famous Sacripantina cake for the couple to cut.

At the end of the night, guests were offered a late night snack which involved Jenny and JC’s favorite… In-n-Out burgers and Boylan’s Soda!

jennifer and james 032 Jennifer and James jennifer and james 031 Jennifer and James

A big congratulations to Jennifer & James on their marriage and a big thank you to Nancy Liu Chin of Nancy Liu Chin Designs for sharing this beautiful wedding with us today!

Photography by  Gertrude & Mabel.

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