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Tiara and Robby

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robby tiara wedding 351 Tiara and Robby

Tiara and Robby

It’s a bumper wedding Wednesday with two beautiful weddings for you today! They’re both full of colour and sunshine and perfect for coming into Australia’s spring season!

The first wedding is the wedding of Tiara and Robby who married in Ellerslie, Georgia on Robby’s parent’s lake at Ellerslie Lodge. One week before the wedding, the couple adopted a puppy (pictured above) who was their ring bearer on the wedding day.

Here’s how Tiara described their meeting:

“I (the bride) grew up in California but have always wanted to try living somewhere else. So, back in October of 2006 I packed up my car and moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to live near a friend from high school with no job and housing for only a month. At the same time Robby (the groom) who had been living in Georgia for three years decided to move back to his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, also without any job prospects. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale within a week of each other and met three weeks later on November 6th at a Bible Study.

Robby had just returned from a trip to Haiti where he’d caught Dengue fever, and had only stopped by because the guy who ran the Bible Study went to high school with his sister. Robby was only in the door a moment when our mutual friend brought him over to meet me. I thought Robby was uncomfortable when we met, but he told me later that after he left the Bible Study he went to a friend’s house and told his buddies that he had just met the woman he was going to marry. A month and a half later (January 31st) he proposed and we were married on June 6th, the 7-month anniversary of the day we met!”

Photos this morning are by Daniel Lateulade.

robby tiara wedding 8 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 10 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 11 Tiara and Robby robby tiara wedding 12 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 13 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 14 Tiara and Robby

Ellerslie Lodge provided the perfect backdrop for the wedding & reception with several guests even picking up a line and fishing during the reception.

robby tiara wedding 15 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 17 Tiara and Robby robby tiara wedding 20 Tiara and Robby

Tiara chose a gown from Alfred Angelo, Her bridesmaids also wore Alfred Angelo gowns.

robby tiara wedding 22 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 25 Tiara and Robby robby tiara wedding 26 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 29 Tiara and Robby robby tiara wedding 30 Tiara and Robby

Tiara walked down the aisle to one of Robby’s favourite songs “Love and some verses” by Iron & Wine, while her bridesmaids preceded her with “Be Thou My Vision” by Pedro The Lion.

robby tiara wedding 31 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 32 Tiara and Robby

It was important for the couple to honour their family traditions, so they wed under a chuppah, Robby broke a glass at the end of the ceremony and they did the traditional chair lift dance during the reception! Tiara made a lot of the wedding decor herself including the chuppah, wedding invitations, programs and even hand painted little boxes for the bridesmaids containing their jewellery for the wedding day.

robby tiara wedding 33 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 34 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 36 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 38 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 39 Tiara and Robby robby tiara wedding 41 Tiara and Robby

The white, aqua and yellow cake was made by Columbus Corner Bakery.

robby tiara wedding 42 Tiara and Robby robby tiara wedding 43 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 44 Tiara and Robby robby tiara wedding 45 Tiara and Robby

Tiara and Robby danced their first dance to “I will hold you in my arms” by Ray LaMontagne.

robby tiara wedding 47 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 49 Tiara and Robby

robby tiara wedding 50 Tiara and Robby robby tiara wedding 51 Tiara and Robby

Congratulations Tiara and Robby on your love filled wedding day and marriage! Thank you to Daniel Lateulade for sharing the wedding with us today!

Photos by Daniel Lateulade

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Highlight Films Winner Announcement

by | Bride, Competitions


A quick little announcement before we get into today’s weddings!

The lovely team at Highlight Films have chosen the winner of the $1300 loveshoot!

The winner is Brooke!

I rarely like ‘traditional’ wedding videos. When fiancé and I saw a highlight films clip – love happened. We’re interesting people and want a clip that captures that. We’ve dabbled in filming our scooting adventures, and even bought helmet cameras. But – we are participants, not producers. Share our ‘Vespa love story’.

Congratulations Brooke and thank you to all of our entrants!

Don’t forget to enter to win a $300 Xiomara shoes voucher! See full details here.

What Would They Know? Anni Payne of Milk & Honey Photography

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Photography


wwtk anni payne What Would They Know? Anni Payne of Milk & Honey Photography

Today we’re joined by one of the bubbliest ladies I’ve met! Anni hails from Sydney photography studio Milk & Honey Photography and joins Polka Dot Bride today to share the secrets behind her camera!

What was the catalyst for starting Milk and Honey? How did you all meet?

I had a business called ‘Moo photography’ (with cows on the business card) and I joined forces with Deb Joyce who had a business card with a bee on it (Deborah means queen bee!) when we joined together we became Milk & Honey Photography (the cows and the bees – he he get it?!!)

That was in 1999 and since then Deb has moved back to Melbourne (where we both originally were from) Matthew has taken over as partner of the business with a background in filmmaking ( and married IN to the business!!) Samantha works with us in the studio full time as studio manager, she has been with us for 5 years and is an amazing photographer. Laura freelances for us and has also been with us for five  years and George is an award-winning photojournalist who also freelances with us on weekends.

It is a great mix of a team, everyone brings a little twist of creativity to the Milk & Honey formula!!

milk and honey photography 009 What Would They Know? Anni Payne of Milk & Honey Photography

What is your business philosophy?

To produce creative and beautiful, high quality photography, whilst creating a fun, friendly and warm experience for our clients. We are very dedicated to our clients and love our job.

How would you describe Milk and Honey’s photography style?

Relaxed, creative, fly-on-the –wall, combined with getting the essential shots for grandma and creating something unique from every wedding.

Your website is beautiful and gives an impression of fun, simplicity and professionalism.  Do you see a place for a blog on your site, that will further capture a couple’s imagination and reveal your personalities?

We are currently working on a blog which we are VERY excited about, we are hoping to launch it next month. (you will be the first to know)

milk and honey photography 003 What Would They Know? Anni Payne of Milk & Honey Photography

What do you love about Australian brides?

The thing I love most about Australian brides (and grooms) is their individuality and bravery to do something that suits their personalities and cultures which are often so varied in this wonderful country. I love NSW couples for their imagination in finding gorgeous venues around  the state both in the city and outside. They are so lucky to have such an amazing choice.

What do you look to for inspiration? Do you have a ‘feeling’ about each bride you photograph and then plan the photo shoot accordingly?

The inspiration is often driven by the individuality of the couple and the details and little stories bursting out of the day.

A lot of your shots seem casual and relaxed. How do you encourage a bride and groom to feel relaxed about having their photo taken?

We get to know them so that they feel confident in trusting us and knowing that we will capture their beauty as it unfolds, we try to get them to FORGET about us!

milk and honey photography 008 What Would They Know? Anni Payne of Milk & Honey PhotographyWhat sets you apart from others?

We always work with two photographers who are fully qualified and bring a Milk & Honey flavour to everything they shoot, we are friendly, personable and  trustworthy.

How do you keep on learning?

We keep involved in the artistic community, constantly visiting galleries and being inspired by artbooks and photography seminars, etc. We challenge ourselves to enter awards and compete with each other to keep exciting work coming through the studio.

How do you keep your product fresh and different?

We are always looking to see what is out there and experimenting with various trends, however, we are also very loyal to the ‘classic’ exquisite quality, hand bound custom-made leather albums and quality printing

What wedding details do you love to shoot?

We love all details and theme-ing that we can create beautiful images from, stationery, cakes & table settings are fun

milk and honey photography 010 What Would They Know? Anni Payne of Milk & Honey Photography

What is in the future for Milk and Honey?

We have recently moved to our boutique studio in Rozelle, we are loving our 1882 building in this pocket of the world.

We are developing strong relationships with our beautiful clients from years gone past and are now meeting their babies as we photograph their growing families, it is so lovely to be involved in this social study and to see real people in this lovely time of their lives

What is your number one tip for brides?

To ENJOY the day, once the wedding day arrives there is nothing more to be done, sit back and enjoy it happening around you (not without a lot of planning beforehand!)  Comfortable timing is essential. Meet with the ACTUAL photographer who you will be spending the day with, remember that they are the person that you spend the MOST time with on your wedding day, make sure you like them.

What are your favourite wedding photography ideas?

I love to see couples matching their personalities to their wedding day, lots of theming/detailing helps and a style of an event that matches their style. For example, fun bright crazy colours for a large, happy wedding full of dancing and celebration. Subdued/vintage colours for a more casual country styled wedding.

Do you travel anywhere in Australia to do a shoot?

We LOVE to travel! We have photographed weddings overseas as well in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Bali.

The Aussie weddings can be just as exotic though, from a hidden restaurant on the Hawkesbury (Peats Bite) to the Guillames restaurant in the heart of the city. Kangaroo Valley, the Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley are also favourite places to photograph.

Thanks for sharing your words with us today Anni! Be sure to check out Milk & Honey Photography website to see their beautiful photographs!


Akira Isogawa

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride


We are so lucky in Australia to have such amazing designers. Akira Isogawa is extraordinary in his talent. While many of his floor length creations are suitable wedding gowns, he launched four bridal gowns in his “Tough Love” collection in March.

Akira Isogawa has an almost architectural beauty to his collections. They’re simple in shape but breathtaking in construction- from hand embroidered cottons and silks to beautifully placed collars.  His eastern influence translates into amazing detail like origami folds and hand painted silks.

Akira Isogawa Bridal 013 Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa Bridal 012 Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa Bridal 011 Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa Bridal 010 Akira Isogawa

Here are some others from his previous collections – beautiful for a bride.

Akira Isogawa Bridal 009 Akira Isogawa Akira Isogawa Bridal 008 Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa Bridal 007 Akira Isogawa Akira Isogawa Bridal 004 Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa Bridal 001 Akira Isogawa Akira Isogawa Bridal 014 Akira Isogawa

Akira Isogawa Bridal 015 Akira Isogawa Akira Isogawa Bridal 002 Akira Isogawa

Photos from Akira Isogawa

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