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Bella Figura 2010 Collection

by | Bride, Stationery And Paper Goods


New York letterpress company Bella Figura always blows me away with their range. I’m a lover of letterpress and the attention to detail (beautiful envelopes, coloured edges and that luscious letterpress feel are all very present in Bella Figura’s designs.

The new designers Bella Figura have introduced this year Jessica Hische, Ellie Snow, Sarah Hannah and Erin Jang (to name a few) have added to the Bella Figura mix and created really unique creations.

Once again this year, I was honoured to be asked to pick my five favourite designs for Trendsetter favourites (along with other bloggers like Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs, Nole From Oh So Beautiful Paper, Kathryn from Snippet & Ink amongst others). I spent hours trying to narrow down my favourites which was almost impossible and have changed since I made my final choice. So today, I want to share a few more of the brand new designs (Bella Figura launched over 60 this month) that I adore.

Here’s my selection.






The ones I couldn’t fit in? Hendrix 2, Savannah, Tara, Cotillion, Amelie and Antoinette.

Bella Figura has a sale on sample packs of trendsetter favourites between now and the 16th of January. Each sample pack comes with  five favorite invitations; paper samples; and ink swatches and envelope lining colors if you’d like, all packaged in a keepsake Bella Figura box.100% of the proceeds from the sale of each pack go to charity (Mine go to The Conservation Fund).

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It’s Our Birthday!

by | Blog News, Bride



Today is Polka Dot Bride’s third birthday!

I’ve thought for many nights what I might write today. I can never seem to fully articulate the riches this blog has given my life. But today, it’s another chance to try.

Polka Dot Bride is the greatest joy I could hope to have in my life. You, my readers, are the soul of this blog. You are the ones who I am celebrating today. Your comments, your emails and your feedback challenge us, motivate us, inspire us and move us, it’s the only reason we exist and for that, blessings are counted every. single. day.

The past three years have opened my eyes to some incredible beauty and I am honoured to live a life where I love what I do. However without my support team, I might have stumbled a little more- so Polka Dot Bride is not just from my heart, it’s from the heart of many others. To the silent supporters who hold our hands when it gets too much, who give us brilliant ideas, push us, support our ideas and believe – our thank yous will never be enough – you are very loved.

Our advertisers (please support them!) and vendor friends are our life blood – they allow us the freedom to put everything we have into Polka Dot Bride and inspire us with their amazing talent along the way.

2010 is going to be a big year at Polka Dot Bride, we’re working on a brand new look and really want to push the envelope on what we provide you every day. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

In lieu of a real wedding today, I wanted balloons, I wanted celebration and I wanted to stop and share this milestone with you. I fell in love with this shoot of Austin and Tori and the celebratory nature of it. There is something magical about balloons and I still find myself filled with childhood nostalgia every single time I see them. The lovely Sarah Yates (who would love to shoot a wedding in Australia, so please consider her!) is allowing me to share the photos with you today.

Toast a glass of bubbles (or whatever tasty beverage you have!) with us today to another year of Polka Dot Bride and many more to come!











Photos by Sarah Yates.

Exclusively Bridesmaids

by | Bride, Bridesmaids


Last year, I received a tip off which alerted me to the brilliant idea of a store that I’m sharing with you today.

One wedding task that can prove to be really hard is choosing a bridesmaid’s dress. While recently more brides have been asking their bridesmaids to choose their own gowns, there are still plenty of brides who are dressing their bridesmaids in the same style.


Exclusively Bridesmaids, by brother and sister Gisella and Andrew, launched in mid 2009 in Sydney after over 35 years in the bridal and manufacturing industry.

Instead of focusing on the bride, Exclusively Bridesmaids is all about the maid. The store makes a point to stock a wide range of colours and styles in each size (so you’re not trying on gowns with safety pins and bulldog clips to check the fit).


The Exclusively Bridesmaids service starts with a questionnaire given to the bride. This helps the team understand the type of wedding, formality, theme and colours allowing them to preselect a number of suitable gowns. Henri Josef, Paco and Mori Lee are just three of the labels Gisella and Andrew stock in their store.

The one hour consultation takes place in the showroom where bridesmaids are made comfortable with private fitting rooms, a personal consultant and plenty of comfy seating!

Andrew and Giselle wanted to support a charity with their business, so as an added bonus $5 of every sale is donated to the McGrath Foundation- a charity which touches the hearts of many women, and supports breast cancer.

Exclusively Bridesmaids is located in the Sydney suburb of Miranda or you can visit their website for more information.



by | Blog News, Bride


In December, ANZ Bank approached me with a brand new initiative they’re running next month. In order to encourage women to save, they’re launching an Australian campaign- Febusave.


Febusave invites women to pledge one thing they want to give up (shoes, shopping, treats) for the month of February and setup a savings goal. There will be coaches, tips and tricks to help you out as an added incentive, ANZ is giving three Australian Febusavers $5000 each. At the end of the month, each Febusaver will report back on how they went with their goal.

• Skipping your morning latte can save you around $70 per month
• Bringing your lunch from home just 3 days a week can add up to $1,560 in your pocket

The month is part of the bank’s Being Money Confident program, which is designed to empower women and enable women to be smarter with money. As we know weddings, money, saving, marriage can be a controversial issue and with the recent discussion of money on the blog, I wanted to be a part of the initiative not because it’s run by a bank, but because I really believe in everyone (and not just women) becoming more in touch with their finances and more confident with money.

The research ANZ did prior to the campaign showed:
• 58% of women have less than $5,000 in savings and 33% have less than $1,000
• 56% of Australians do not save money on a regular basis
• 52% of women claimed they know they should have a financial plan but keep putting it off
• Only one in ten women are very confident in managing their investments, financial planning and superannuation
• Less than one third of women surveyed said they were very confident about managing everyday finances.

My thought is this- by pledging the savings during February and taking a deep breath and talking about it on Polka Dot Bride, you may be able to afford the vendor that is really important to you, or a honeymoon, or a house deposit, or even more importantly go into your marriage without debt.

By talking about Febusave on the blog, perhaps we can promote a little more thinking about why some of us (because I know Polka Dot Bride readers are smart) struggle with being confident when it comes to creating our own financial plans and dealing with financial security.

Febusave-1 Febusave-2

I pledged to give up snacks and treats for the month of February and have set my own savings goal.

In addition to saving through the month of February, we’re going to make the first week all about money. I have a few features and exciting people coming to visit us, so hopefully we can inspire each other to save! To register for Febusave check out the website here.

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