The Dish with Mr Herringbone – Cheat’s Chill & Sage Sausage Rolls


Sometimes, it’s just faster to cheat. I don’t mean hitting a drive-through, or picking up a frozen pack of pastizis – I’m talking a shortcut for some tasty finger-food when guests pop round or family turn up unexpectedly. When you like to cook for people, this brings a level of expectation for whatever you serve – so I’ve found some quick and easy ways to get around serving great tasting food whilst keeping the time and effort to a minimum.

These sausage rolls can really be tailored to what you like. Don’t eat chilli? No problems, perhaps a strip of bacon and some pepper. Got some vegos to look after? Substitute the sausages for soy-sages. The sky is the limit!


1 x pack of frozen puff pastry

1 x pack sage leaves

1 x red chilli

1 x pack of gourmet sausage (I chose Free Range Pork)

1 x glass of water



1. Preheat an oven to 200C and prepare an oven tray with baking paper

2. Cut the chilli finely. Do this by slicing it finely one way, then dicing


3. Have your water and a brush ready to go


4. Lay out a sheet of pastry, and place two sausages lengthways, leaving approximately one sausage-width at the top of the sheet for rolling. Cut your sage leaves in half, and place along the top of each sausage. Add the diced chilli


5. Baste the pastry before you roll it to cover the sausages.


6. Roll the pastry! This only needs to be rolled until it is one full circle, then baste to bind the pastry together, and then cut.


7. Slice up your rolls, you should be able to get about four out of each line of sausages. Cut these almost all the way through (this ensures no exploding in the oven and keeps them nice and neat).

8. Baste some water across the top of the roll, finish the rest, and pop into the oven!


7. Chuck these into the oven for approx. 20 minutes or until golden brown.


8. Serve! I reckon throwing a couple of different sauces out for the folks, perhaps a gourmet BBQ sauce or a relish. Just to give it that home-made feel. Enjoy!

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Inspired Words – Claire

inspired words1

We LOVE it when brides impart their valuable knowledge after they have planned and enjoyed their own big day! At Claire & Jeremy’s Rustic Lavender Farm Wedding, the devil was in the detail as Claire pulled together a gorgeous day. She now generously shares her advice with us today!

Claire’s tips:

  • You can never plan anything too much – yes it is painful but it is worth it!!
  • Use a caterer that has worked the venue before.


  • Weddings do not have to be expensive – look around in magazines and wedding blogs for decorations you would like, then make them! Write up a Bill of Materials and purchase everything then organise a few craft weekends with your friends.
  • Do your research on vendors!! I searched through hundreds until I picked the ones I thought most suited the atmosphere I was going for. Don’t worry if you upset them – they probably expect it just apologise later 😉

inspired words4


  • Tell your vendors exactly what you want – don’t assume they will be able to read your mind. Print and leave a running sheet out for each vendor (see above if you think this will upset them).
  • DON’T upset the vendors that are doing you a favour eg friends of friends or family. Remember to thank them.

inspired words7

  • If you do not have an MC, allocate someone to make sure the day runs smoothly. Of course, if you choose a reception venue that specialises in weddings you will be fine…. but beware you will not be able to customise very readily!

inspired words2


Images by Kirralee Ashworth

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