Lia and Andy: A Long Lost Love Story

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Lia and Andy

It’s hard not to believe in fate when you hear a story like Lia and Andy’s. Two people who went to school together, were separated across oceans, great distances while pursuing their own lives, careers and dreams. But then, for some moment of serendipity, they come together again and fall in love. That’s the story of Lia & Andy and the story I will share today to compliment their lovely Sydney engagement photos by Myka Photography.

Photographer, Tommy says “Andy is this super duper confident person with a great sense of humor. He jokes constantly and always jumps up and down exactly like those energizer bunny. I think that’s probably one of the reason why Lia fell in love with him. He always teases Lia and make her laugh. You can tell straight away, how much he adores Lia.”

Tommy explains, “During our conversation with Andy & Lia, Lia told me that they’ve known each other for more than 20 years. They went to the same primary school, but then Lia moved to Singapore and then to the US, while Andy stayed in Semarang, Indonesia.

Thank God for technology, Facebook has a funny way of randomly connecting people that we haven’t seen for ages. So after Andy added Lia as his friend in Facebook, he started his campaign to win Lia’s heart.”

Photographer: Myka Phjotography
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Jo and Johnny- A Sweet Fitzroy Love Story

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Jo and Johnny

Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter what you may be doing today, may it be filled with a moment or two of love, of snuggles and of counting blessings. I thought today was the perfect day to share other people’s love stories (something I adore reading) and there’s something about love stories while couple’s are newly engaged. There’s a giddyness, a newness, an anticipation of years of love and laughter to come. So today I’ve going to share a mass of beautiful love stories that touch my heart. I hope they make your Valentine’s Day sweet!

Scout & Kat of It’s Beautiful Here captured the engagement photos of Jo and Johnny at their Fitzroy home. The couple chose their home as the location for their photographs – not only because they don’t find themselves to be too mushy or romantic, but also so they could include their cats Captain and Pucci. They then hopped on their bikes to Merri Creek to capture the beauty of the afternoon.

Jo tells the story of how Johnny proposed. “Johnny took me away for a weekend away in Phillip Island, we hadn’t been able to go away forever so finally had a free weekend.

Johnny had organised it all, he left work early to buy champagne and pack the car and get everything ready for our trip and hide it all from me, slight hiccup he locked himself out of the house, the first time he had ever done it and had to wait for me to come home. So he was quite nervous by the stage I got home.”

“We finally got to the house, we had mussels and oysters for dinner and a bottle of  wine, it was still quite early and Johnny seemed a little on edge, I still had no idea that anything was going on. We had finished dinner early and was about to sit down and watch TV when he suggested we go for a walk to the beach around the corner, it was horrible and windy outside but I thought ok why not, so he ran off to the room and thought to himself what a perfect chance and grabbed the ring!”

“We got to the beach and it was windy and cold and were about to walk back, but then the most gorgeous thing happened when the sun started shining out of the clouds, I turned around and Johnny had my favourite ring in the world and asked me to marry him, I just cried and hugged him…he then asked if that was a yes, and I said of course!”

“We then went back to the house, rang our families and friends and popped the champagne, it was such a fun night we stayed up talking and dancing for hours and the rest is history….

Photographer: It's Beautiful Here

Karen Willis Holmes Ready to Wear 2012

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Is it really any wonder Karen Willis Holmes continues to delight me when she produces images such as these? These photographs of her latest Ready To Wear collection are stunning.

Elegant, classic silhouettes, feminine, sweet detailing and glamour which is nothing but stylish. What a beautiful choice for your wedding day.

Images by 35mm Fashion Photography for Karen Willis Holmes

Vendor of the Week – Paper Tree Photography

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Happy Monday Dotties! What did you get up to over the weekend? I can’t believe it’s already Valentines Day week! Isn’t the year going fast?

So let’s start our week of with a fantastical, talented vendor, a spotlight on a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory

We love our Polka Dot Directory members- flooding in are florists, makeup artists, photographers, cinematographers and of course, wedding planners. There are so many different styles, so many different personalities that you’ll be sure to find a vendor who can help make your vision become your reality.

Sydney couples rejoice! This week’s vendor of the week and splendid photographer Paper Tree Photography! Owner Samantha was inspired to start her photography career when she fell in love with it while traveling.

Samantha’s images are dreamy- candid moments, stolen glances shot in an editorial fashion. She loves natural light, being as unobtrusive as possible and insanely beautiful locations. Which if you’re a Sydney bride is a pretty delightful combination!

We asked Samantha from Paper Tree Photography five questions in five minutes.

What is your favourite after five drink? 

A nice drop of vino

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Jamberoo. Friends of mine have the most gorgeous property, surrounded by rolling hills and Kiama beach is just 10mins down the road. You get the best of both worlds, its paradise!

Favourite restaurant?

Aww thats a tuffy… I love food, ummm favourite restaurant… well I’m going to cheat and give you two. The best meal I have ever eaten was at Tetsuya’s and the place I like to go regularly is Busshari in Potts Point (NSW).

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Ok, muesli, sliced fruit, yoghurt, honey and a dash of milk is stat. But when I’m feeling like a hot brekky it would be poached eggs, on toast with avocado, bacon, rocket and lemon.

Your favourite wedding story?

It’s yet to happen. I want to photograph my best friend’s wedding at Jamberoo. Maybe this will encourage them to get hitched. Here’s hoping…

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