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Felicity and Scott’s Sydney Woodland Wedding

by | Australia - New South Wales, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Felicity and Scott

Today’s wedding reminds me a little of a fairy tale- the bride looks like she’s stepped out of the forest to marry her prince and the reception? Filled to the brim with sweet touches like porcelain deer and handmade nests. The wedding has so many simple, sweet details that just add so much atmosphere to this beautiful day.

Felicity recounts how the couple met. “Scott and I met while at university, we were both studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music – Scott on jazz saxophone and me on classical violin. When we met we were like two magnets, we’ve been inseparable ever since. I was only 19 at the time and had never been in love, but I knew almost instantly that we were meant to be. We chose to include a Winnie the Pooh poem in our wedding invitations that sums us up: ‘Wherever I am there’s always Pooh, there’s always Pooh and me’. We’re like two peas in a pod.”

Photos today are by Milena Dekic of I Love Wednesdays who has such a grace to her photos, a peace to them and she captures everything just so beautifully. (You can check out the engagement shoot of Felicity and Scott we featured earlier here) Felicity wrote such a beautiful passage about Milena I had to share some of it with you today. “ Milena was incredible, all of our family remarked on how pleasant and helpful she was, and how she really knew A LOT about cameras and photography. She helped Scott style his hair on the morning of the wedding, pinned both the fathers’ corsages to their suits, got the bride juice whilst she had her makeup done, and even drove us to our wedding night accommodation after the wedding! On the wedding day it was an incredibly hot day and our hire car, being a vintage Rolls Royce, had no air conditioning. So as you might well imagine I was quite flustered and hot after the ceremony. Milena kindly let Scott and I sit in her air conditioned car to cool off before having our portraits taken. It was really sweet and I was so grateful. She went above and beyond and was an integral part of our wedding day.”

A wooden sign was made by Felicity’s father and placed outside the church entrance. Felicity wore a gown from Collette Dinnigan and customised silver ballet flats from Diana Ferrari with decorations from Etsy seller LindenLovebirds while The Flower Scene created the beautiful bouquets. Felicity’s bridesmaids wore yellow knee length gowns from Maubourg . Scott wore a suit from Anthony De Mano from  The Gentlemen’s Club in Chatswood.

Felicity and Scott were married at St Peter’s Chanel Catholic Church, Woolwich. Felicity walked down the aisle to “Sea Of Love” by Cat Power. Felicity made all the stationery for the wedding including the invitations (which she printed using an antique letterpress she taught herself  to use). She printed each guest’s name on the last page of the Order Of Service booklet. “On the last page of the order of service booklet I included a ‘thank you’ page that listed the names of each and every guest and also the names of the wedding vendors that had contributed to making my wedding day a reality.”

Scott is the Musical Director of one of Sydney’s live wedding jazz bands called Jazz Fever. The band performed at both the ceremony and the reception. For the ceremony there was a jazz pianist & female vocalist. They learned Catholic hymns for all the guests to sing along with. For the reception there was an instrumental jazz trio. Scott’s mother made a ring pillow for a ring warming ceremony, while both mothers were included in a candle ceremony.

After Felicity and Scott were farewelled from the ceremony (each guest waved a ribbon wand made by Scott’s mother using dowel and ribbon from Spotlight ) Felicity and Scott snuck away. Felicity says, “After the ceremony, Scott and I made a secret escape for about half an hour. Nobody knew where we’d got to. We instructed the driver to take us somewhere so we could have a few brief moments together as a newly married couple, just the two of us alone. The bridal party and photographer had no idea where we’d got to and were in quite a panic until we showed up. It was a bit cheeky I admit, but I really cherish those moments we had away from the craziness of the wedding.”

In the gap between the ceremony and reception (when the bridal party went off to have their photos taken), the bride’s parents put on drinks for all the guests at Clarke’s Point Reserve, just down the road from the church, which has a spectacular panoramic view of Sydney Harbour. They purchased the bottles of champagne in bulk. The bride’s uncle and aunt were in charge of serving the drinks.  Many guests remarked that they found it the most enjoyable part of the day. It was a chance to mingle, relax and take in the amazing view whilst sipping on champagne.

Felicity and Scott held their reception at one of their favourite dining spots. “Le Pain Quotidien is one of our favourite restaurants and because they don’t do many weddings they were willing to work within our budget and were flexible with regards to timings and requests. We liked the French rustic décor, open plan layout and long communal dining tables. The restaurant also has floor to ceiling windows along one wall which meant lots of natural light for the photographs. They were much more reasonably priced than of the reception venues we looked at, and they were flexible to our needs.

My sister Bronwyn enlisted the help of 10 of her friends to unpack all my boxes of DIY decorations. I also hired a wedding coordinator for 1 hour to supervise the decoration setup. She was from Girl Friday Weddings. She instructed the helpers on how to set everything up according to my instructions, and made sure it was all completed within the 1 hour of allotted time. When I arrived at the reception everything was exactly as I had imagined it.”

The wedding cake was also French inspired. Felicity recalls, “The macaron wedding cake was incredible! Nadine Ingram from Cookie Couture assembled it at the venue on the day. But when we were called up to cut the wedding cake we suddenly realized there was nothing to cut into! It was a styrofoam cone with macarons stuck to the outside of it so we kind of ‘stabbed’ at the Styrofoam which everyone found hilarious.” The cake was placed on a log which was cut down and shaped by Scott’s father.

The DIY details were the highlight of the reception. Felicity explains the place settings. “The Flight of the Conchords is Scott and my favourite TV show. One card was put on each guests’ place setting, and they were all different. The show is about  two musicians, and since Scott (the groom) is a musician by trade, and a lot of the guests at the wedding were too, the quote cards were especially relevant. It was fun to watch all the guests reading the cards and having a giggle. I designed them in Photoshop, printed on our home printer. I designed the ‘Nuts About Each Other’ labels in Photoshop and printed them at home too. The brown Kraft paper bags were purchased from eBay.” Guests were also given music as a gift in cases designed and printed by Felicity.

Felicity’s father purchased the nuts in bulk and assembled the nutbags. Felicity also designed the thumb print tree  guest book in Photoshop and framed it in an antique gold frame she found on ebay. Guests tables were numbered with mini chalkboards bought from etsy seller gfout.

Even the napkin rings were a decorative touch thought through by the couple. Felicity says, “We purchased napkins online from Caterers Warehouse. The white & blue ribbon tied around each napkin was purchased from Spotlight and the napkin tags were designed by the bride and printed on her home printer. The mother of the bride tied the ribbons and tags around all the napkins. The napkin tags contained food-related quotes by Homer Simpson such as:

‘Can’t talk…eating’

‘Ah, beer. My one weakness, my achilles’ heel if you will’

‘Marge, prepare the emergency ham’

There was a different quote on each napkin tag, so it was fun to watch guests chuckle whilst reading them, and pass them around the table.”

Scott’s sister acted as MC for the reception and the speeches remain one of Felicity’s favourite parts. “The speeches were very moving and heartfelt. I wrote a poem listing all the reasons I love Scott.”

Dotted around the reception were little woodland inspired touches. Felicity days “The figurines purchased from eBay for approx $200 total. Most of these figurines were gone by the end of the night, guests took them home as keepsakes. We used apothecary jars purchased from Brown Button Trading for around $200 total, fake birds purchased from eBay for about $10 total.

Felicity says, “I’m glad that we did everything ‘our’ way, even though we encountered many raised eyebrows and pressure to conform with tradition. I was not willing to compromise my vision for our wedding, nor was I willing to go over budget. It took a lot of hard work, but we managed to stay under budget AND have very little detail exactly as I’d imagined. I stuck to my overall concept and many people have remarked that our wedding was very ‘real’ and ‘heartfelt’. That makes me smile. I did not want a cookie cut wedding. I wanted a wedding that represented who we are, and that had included a lot of fun and whimsy.”

The first dance was a romantic one. “We danced to ‘Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap. This song has special significance for us. The Temper Trap are my favourite band and a few years ago Scott surprised me with front row tickets.”

The “tunnel of love” wasn’t the end of it for Felicity and Scott who headed back to The Establishment Hotel Sydney for their wedding night. Felicity says “After the reception, Milena insisted we take one last detour on the way to our wedding night accommodation, to visit a dingy dark alleyway in Surry Hills. Scott and I looked at each other in trepidation but trusted her judgment. There were people yelling at us from their apartments up above us. But those portraits of each of us leaning against the doorway in the alleyway turned out to be my favourite shots. Milena has an incredibly sharp eye and a creative approach to photography that amazes me. I highly recommend her to all brides.”

Thank you to Felicity and Scott for sharing their wedding day with us on Polka Dot Bride! Congratulations on your marriage! Thank you also to Milena Dekic of I Love Wednesdays for today’s photographs!

Photos by Milena Dekic of I Love Wednesdays

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Shannon and Peter’s Quirky Engagement Session

by | Bride, Engagements


Shannon & Peter

Good morning Wednesday! Do you remember that supremely cool competition Feather + Stone Photography ran last year for a wildly creative engagement shoot?

Does this ring a bell?

“He is Pete. She is Shan. Together we are Pete and Shan.

Shan noticed him across the bar one night at a work function at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney. She made her way round to just ‘casually’ strike up a conversation….. and here is where the story path diverges. According to her, she ensnared him with her witty charm and eyelash-fluttering ways. According to him, he picked her up with his entertaining stories and charming ways.

“Ignoring the conjecture surrounding the relationship’s beginning, we quite quickly became enamored with each other. She had just begun a job as a tour guide, traveling all over Oz, and poor little Petey played the part of War Wife and had to sit at home, waiting for his Missus to return from gallivanting. *Insert mushy, romanticy stuff here…*

The relationship withstood the tyranny of distance and one winter night in Japan, Pete popped the question. She said yes and they intend to live happily ever after (with Oscar the terrier mutt and Frankie, the craziest cat in the world).


There shall be no mushy, cheesy “gazing-longingly-into-each-others’-eyes” photos in our engagement shoot. We have banned photos that involve us both looking in the same direction into the distance/toward the future. We want our engagement shoot to be quirky, goofy, unconventional and romantic. Kinda like the romantic but unconventional love story that unfolds in the movie, Juno.

Using Juno as our inspiration, we want our shoot to be set to a song from the movie. (Movie inspiration seems quite apt given that our first date was to the Drive-In. So very Grease-like.) Our shoot would capture us, in our general goofballiness, acting out the lyrics from this song…..

This shoot will involve props. Many props. Once the shots are developed we want to create a montage set to the song. Ok, so that is just a fancypants way of saying we want to create a slideshow with our shots portraying the lyrics.

I am not sure I have quite sold you on how exceptionally cool this idea could be, so please see attached my very unexceptional sketches which could help get the idea across…..

Well we are finally able to share the finished product on Polka Dot Bride! Feather + Stone say “After our competition we semi-officially met the lovely Shan + Pete on Skype and had a face to face (pyjama) clad catch up.

They told us about themselves as a couple, how they met, how they got engaged and we chatted about their concept. Over the next few weeks they sent us photos updating us with their photos shoot “finds”, an old television they found on the side of the road (score), a few old chairs, their beloved framed painting of Mt Fuji (where Pete proposed) and other various bits and bobs.  After flights and hotels were booked we flew down to sunny Sydney and were greeted in our hotel with 2 lovely bottles of wine and a sweet card.

The following day we finally met the lovely pair in the flesh and caught up over a cup of coffee.  Rearing to go we jumped in their cars, (trampoline firmly attached to the roof of one) and we set off to Centennial Park.  We then unloaded the “living room” which they’d put together and it went from there ”

Photos by Feather + Stone Photography

Polka Dot Bride Mixtape – The Processional

by | Bride, Ceremony


When Ainslie married Rohan, she walked down the aisle to Sea Of Love – Cat Power (Photo by One Fine Day Photography)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a mixtape (my favourite mixtape service shut down!) but we’ve had so many requests lately, I thought it was time for another one! This a Polka Dot Bride mixtape filled with ideas for your processional.

The best part? They’re tried and true and all have been used by real life Polka Dot Brides as they’ve walked down the aisle to meet their loves.

Bella- Angus & Julie Stone

Iron & Wine – Peng 33

Hello Sunshine – Syd Matters

Everlong – Foo Fighters

I Love NYE – Badly Drawn Boy

Sea Of Love – Cat Power

She – Elvis Costello

All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

José González – Heartbeats

Down In The River To PrayParis Wells

What a Difference a Day Makes- Dinah Washington

The Way I Am- Ingrid Michaelson

All My Days – Alexi Murdoch

Beautiful To Me- Little Birdy

I’m So Glad – Royal Wood

Amazing Love- Chris Tomlin

It Feels Like Home To Me- Chantal Kreviazuk

Wedding Song – Old Man River

Forrest Gump Theme-Alan Silvestri

Ben Harper – Forever

Be Mine- David Gray

Café Del MarLux (Northern Lights)

I See Love – Passenger

Happy Ever After In Your Eyes – Ben Harper

Beautiful Bridal Hairpieces

by | Accessories, Bride


The girls at Bride + Groom store sent over this gorgeous shoot they did to show off their new bridal hairpiece collection for Summer 2011. Don’t the images just scream gorgeous garden wedding to you? I can almost smell the beautiful bouquet of peonies and hear the tinkling of glasses of Pimms and plates with strawberries and cream!

The photographs were shot by Jemma Keech Photography at Tannamurra Homestead in Swan Valley, Western Australia. The girls collaborated with Samantha Wynne who provided the gowns.

Photos by Jemma Keech Photography for Bride + Groom Store

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