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Katie and Kevin

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Katie & Kevin

I have a beautifully classic elegant Sydney wedding for you today.  No reception – just the ceremony. But beautiful, simple and elegant. Katie and Kevin were married at St Michaels Church Vaucluse with a reception following at the Crystal Ballroom, Luna Park.

Kevin tells the story of how he and Katie met. “I used to play amusement games at this shop called Playland.  My mate said he knew the girl that owned the place being Katie he suggested we go and ‘scam’ some free games. On our way up to Playland we happened to run into this girl called Katie. First impressions were mixed. No doubt she was a good-looker, suave and petite, but she was in the arms of her boyfriend, let’s mention no names, and I was introduced to her as Katie. I didn’t know she was the girl we had to scam for free games! I think Christo introduced her by her whole name and I saw my chance. Back then it mattered little if girls had partners, everyone was fair game…such is the arrogance of youth.

I was Greek, she had a Greek sounding name so with a common denominator I figured I was in with a shot. The best pick-up line I could come up with was “do you speak Greek??” Now before you roll over laughing keep in mind I was a shy boy unrehearsed in the ways of woman. I honestly thought my attempt at snatching her off her boyfriend was a legitimate tactic by using our shared heritage. Her response…”nah…can’t speak Greek, don’t care”. And with that she was gone. Shattered that my advances had little impact I trudged up to Playland and actually had to fork out my hard-earned to play games. Double Whammy!

Honestly, from the first time I saw her, I was always intrigued by Katie. In subsequent years our path’s did cross in obscure places and in obscure ways. They say things that happen are meant to be. It’s easy to be a skeptic. Fate isn’t always an easy philosophy to buy into. In my experience, you cannot find a better example than us!”

Today’s photographs are by gm photographics.








Katie’s flowers were by Plaza Flowers.


katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding012 katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding013

Katie’s gown was by Soma Design


katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding015 katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding016


Katie was supported by her bridesmaid, brides men and flowergirl. Her bridesmaid wore Lisa Ho, while the men wore suits from Boulevard Workshop in Paddington.






katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding029 katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding030

katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding032 katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding033


katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding035 katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding036





Katie made the order of service booklets herself.

katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding045 katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding047

The one thing Katie knew from when she was a little girl was that she would walk down the aisle to Beethoven’s Symphony Canon in D. Accent Strings played her down the aisle.



One of Katie’s favourite memories was from the wedding rehearsal. “Oh dear this sounds terrible but when we had our rehearsal at the church the week prior, as a joke when it came time for me to say my vows I wouldn’t say “for poorer”! We had traditional vows and at the time it was this big joke that us, our minister & our bridal party had a good laugh at but on the day as I was saying my vows as I was just about to say “for poorer” my husband starts laughing, from this so did my bridal party, the minister and myself well no one knew why we were all laughing and after we re- grouped and I finished our vows, we spent the remaining of the day explaining to everyone why we all started laughing…. it was a moment that to this day makes us smile.”


katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding051 katie-and-kevin-sydney-city-wedding052

Thank you Katie and Kevin for sharing your wedding day with us today! Congratulations on your marriage! Thank you also to gm photographics for sharing the photographs with us today! We’ll have Katie and Kevin’s fantastic reception photos for you to see in an entry soon.

Photos by gm photographics.

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Last Days For Our Reader Survey!

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Are you looking forward to the weekend? Although we’ve had a fabulous week here at Polka Dot Bride (with more to come) I really can’t wait!

Our reader survey closes on Monday and we still have our $200 prize of a Baci gift pack up for grabs!

If you haven’t filled it out already- could we trouble you for a few minutes of your time? We’re taking onboard all of the feedback and having a great time reading through the responses! You can fill out the 2010 Polka Dot Bride Reader Survey here.

Katie and Morgan’s Picnic Lunch Engagement Party

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Katie and Morgan

I’m so excited today! I have Katie of A Little Bird Told Me. So. sharing her gorgeous engagement party photos with us! Katie and Morgan decided to have their engagement party in their backyard in Sydney and the details were so much fun, so thought out and so beautifully crafted I asked Katie if we could share them on Polka Dot Bride today!


There are so many fun details of this party, so let’s start at the beginning! Katie and Morgan made their invitations to fit with the relaxed and fun style they wanted.

Their words for their style?

a little country
picnic style
a red & orange colour theme
and a M+K= <3 theme (which many of our guests cleverly used too!)

Katie and Morgan set up games around the yard with chalkboard signs.


Katie designed and made her own Twister game using fun and bright fabrics. The playing mat was actually a quilt- backed in squares of the same fabrics, Katie’s intention is to use the mat in the future for picnics together!





Amongst the other games were boules, a relationship quiz (written by Morgan) and hopscotch.



Instead of a traditional guest book, Katie and Morgan setup a guestbook display. Guests wrote messages on brightly coloured squares of paper and pegged them to string hung between two palm trees. Already pegged to the string were some of Katie and Morgan’s favourite shots from their engagement shoot.






Deciding to get in on the fun DIY guestbook trend, Katie headed to Spotlight and found some cheap and cheerful fabric. The fabric was hung and pinned between two tees and Katie made moustaches on sticks for guests to pose with.




katie-and-morgan-backyard-picnic-lunch-engagement024 katie-and-morgan-backyard-picnic-lunch-engagement029

The food! Katie and Morgan served chicken Caesar salad and lamb salad in paper noodle boxes. Guests were treated to homemade red punch, champagne, homemade lemonade and a tea & coffee bar. Jars tied with ribbon and a paper label were filled with lollies and strategically placed around the garden for guests to feast on.


Guests were invited to write their name on a paper flag to keep track of their drinks.


Clean jam jars made great glasses for the bride and groom!


Katie made over 200 cupcakes with her family in the days leading up to the party, Each was iced and decorated with red or yellow sprinkles. Homemade paper tokens with m+k+E> (In keeping with the rest of the stationery). Guests also enjoyed homemade peach and berry pies made by Morgan’s mother and fresh rockmelon and watermelon cut into stars and love hearts by Katie’s aunt.


Katie made the thank you notes with paper left over paper from the guestbook.

Visit Katie at A Little Bird Told Me. So to find out more of her plans as she goes along!

Cheese Wedding Cakes

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I am the biggest cheese fan – give me good bottle of wine, a block of cheese and it’s the perfect Friday night.

Cheese cakes are something I’ve noticed are popping up more and more as an alternative for sweet cakes. Big rounds of beautiful cheeses served with fresh figs, fresh fruits and beautiful crackers.Perfect for foodies and those who lack the sweet tooth, cheese cakes are a tasty alternative.

I stumbled upon the website of Sydney based Fromage To You recently- who create wedding cakes out of beautiful cheeses. The team (who is made up of four catering & event professionals, including the head chef at Quayside Restaurant)  will create a cheese cake based on your style, feel and season of your wedding and use cheeses from Australia and around the world. Creating contemporary to rustic looks, each cake is tailored to the couple.

Fromage To You selects the right cheeses (so your cake doesn’t collapse), creates the cake for you and even deliver it- setting it up so it looks as glorious as the pictures below.

fromage-to-you-cheese-wedding-cakes005 fromage-to-you-cheese-wedding-cakes003

fromage-to-you-cheese-wedding-cakes004 fromage-to-you-cheese-wedding-cakes002

Check out the Fromage To You website for more cheesy goodness.

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