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Alex & Andrew’s Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding

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Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding093

Alex & Andrew

The stunning Gold Coast hinterland sets the scene for today’s mountain top wedding of Alex and Andrew captured by Adam Ward Photography. Those views are enough to make anyone run for the hills!

Alex starts off with the story of how she and Andrew met, even though they were living as almost neighbours! “Unfortunately it isn’t a romantic one. We were both at separate parties on the Gold Coast and after quite a few drinks, stumbled across each other at a bar. I approached Andrew after noticing his (not so) killer dance moves and later discovered that we lived only a suburb apart and both frequented the same gym. It is likely our paths crossed many times prior to us actually meeting.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding027Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding028

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding037

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding008

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding040

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding046

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding049

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding050

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding051Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding052

Alex had her gown made by a friend, she notes, “I couldn’t quite find what I was after in stores but had a clear vision in mind, so I opted to go with a private dress maker (a family friend). Even when I was younger I always imagined a simple, ivory lace gown – nothing puffy or extravagant as that has never been my style. My gown was french ivory lace, halter neck with a low back and small train. As the back was really the feature, I chose a birdcage veil which I sourced online.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding053

“We really wanted our guests to be relaxed and able to enjoy the surroundings. They were greeted with champagne (or beer), offered blankets and given a little time to take in the music and admire the view.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding056

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding058

The Paper Flowers played the bride down the aisle, she remembers, “We chose an instrumental version of Romeo & Juliette by Dire Straits. Our duet played it live.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding059

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding060

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding063

Alex and Andrew chose mountain top venue O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat, explaining, “The ceremony was held at Moonlight Crag – an intimate, three tiered deck which extended off the side of a cliff and offered uninterrupted views of the valley and mountain ranges. The trek to get there was a little hairy and our guests were transported via 4WD buses, but all insisted that the view was worth the bumpy ride. Lots of greenery, fresh air and blue skies made for the perfect ceremony.   When Andrew and I walked out onto the deck at Moonlight Crag, we were speechless. We looked at each other and just knew that this was the spot.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding064

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding067

Pastor Jake Smith officiated the ceremony, the bride remembering, “Having attended A LOT of weddings over the past couple of years, we knew we didn’t want a long ceremony but it definitely had to be personalised. A close friend gave a reading by Albert Einstein. Our dogs name is Einstein so not only did the script resonate with us, but it was our own quirky way of including him in the Ceremony. We wrote our own vows (which included a couple of jokes), laughed, cried and genuinely enjoyed every moment of it.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding070

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding073

“The best part though, was when Jake pronounced us husband and wife, and used my MAIDEN name. He quickly corrected himself but as you’ll see by the photos, everyone erupted in laughter!”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding076

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding079

“As the photo locations were all over the place, Andrew and I went in a private Car while our bridal party followed in a van. Unfortunately the windy roads didn’t agree with my Matron of Honour who had to stop several times. She still thinks the photos were worth it though.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding081

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding083

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding084

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding087Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding088

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding096

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding097

Of their photographer, Alex notes, “Adam Ward was amazing – neither Andrew or I wanted super “Posey” photos. Having worked with Adam for our engagement shoot, we knew his style and knew that he would capture the moments, which is exactly what he did. To be honest, we don’t remember him even being at the ceremony or reception – he just did his thing. Our photos tell a story and we can’t thank him enough for that.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding099

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding101Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding103

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding104

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding105

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding017Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding023

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding018

The couple chose Ivy & Bleu for their styling, the bride tells, “The reception was held at the Lost World Day Spa which faced west and offered the most magical sunset. The venue provided inside and outside space – a large deck with gas heaters and bar tables leading to a grassy area with fire pits and all surrounded but fairy lights. Inside was cozy and had a separate section for our photobooth, family table and punch bar. We didn’t want people to feel confined to their seats so we made sure there were multiple spaces to mingle.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding021

The bride’s love of popcorn was bought to life at the reception, she explains, “As a long time lover of popcorn, I decided to include a popcorn buffet which included caramel, coconut butter, strawberries and cream, Mexican and plain flavoured popcorn. It was a hit with guests!”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding110Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding111

“The staff at O’Reillys went above and beyond with regards to every aspect of the day. The correspondence, the menu tasting, accommodation, support on the day and general running of the event – nothing was ever a hassle and they all seemed genuinely excited to help. I would recommend the event team at O’Reillys to anyone!”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding115

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding113

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding119

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding122

Of their first dance, Alex remembers, “We chose a slow acoustic version of “How Sweet it is to be Loved by You” originally by Julia Stone. Once again, this was played live by our duet, The Paper Flowers. Most of our song selections were older songs as we both seem to connect with them more. The dance floor was adorned with helium balloons and whilst the strings did get in the way a little bit we think it made for some awesome pictures.”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding125

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding126

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding127

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding132

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding133

“At the end of the night, every guest was given a floating lantern to release – they were a beautiful end to the evening (even though some didn’t quite take off).”

Relaxed Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding134

Thank you for sharing your story with us Alex and Andrew! Congratulations! Thank you also to Adam Ward Photography for sharing today’s wedding!

Photographer: Adam Ward Photography / Styling: Ivy & Bleu / Bride’s Dress: Custom Made by a friend / Bride’s Shoes: Nina Vinnie / Bride’s Jewelry: Michael Hill / Groom’s Suit: Michael Innis Menswear / Groom’s Shoes: Michael Innis Menswear / Groomsmen Attire: Michael Innis Menswear / Groomsmen’s Shoes: Michael Innis Menswear / Bridesmaid Dresses: For Her For Him / Bridesmaid Shoes: Nina Vinnie / Bridesmaid Accessories: Michael Hill / Hairstylist: KR Bridal Hair / Makeup Artist: Liz Lange / Flowers: Florabunda / Invitations & Stationery: Minted / Venue: O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat / Ceremony Officiant: Pastor Jake Smith / Ceremony Hire Items: Ivy & Bleu / Ceremony Musicians: The Paper Flowers / Reception Hire Items: Ivy & Bleu / Band: The Paper Flowers / Favors: Custom Favours / Cake Baker: Quattro Sorelle Of Ivy & Bleu / Photo Booth: The Photopod / Wedding Rings: Bakker Diamonds
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Honouring Your Partner While Planning Your Wedding

by | Bride, Wedding Planning



Photo by Love, Katie & Sarah via Claire & Jason’s Modern Yarra Valley Wedding

I am about to make the most unbelievable statement to you. Sometimes the one person that gets left behind during wedding planning is your partner. Yes – it does happen!

It’s not how it should be, it’s not how anyone wants it to be, but somehow, while the stress of decision making, budgets and guests lists takes over your life, the very reason for it all can fall by the wayside.

I am a firm believer in keeping your very special love story at the centre of it all and there a few key ways you can ensure this keeps you sane, together and happy long after the final pop of confetti has been sprung.

Set A Wedding Mission Statement

Sit down together and envisage what you both dream of for your wedding day. How do you want your guests to feel? What is something you won’t compromise on? Do you both want fabulous music? Do you want a beautiful gown and well tailored suit? Do you dream of flowers? Name the top three things and write down how you want your wedding to feel. As stress grows, use this to come back to and remind yourselves of your core decisions. The decisions worth fighting for and others you can delegate or let go will all be there in black and white.

Take Wedding Free Time

There comes a point in wedding planning where it seems like the appointments are endless, the emails never ending, information never stops and all you talk about when you each see each other after work is the wedding. It’s enough to drive anyone bonkers! My biggest and best tip? Take wedding free time! Plan a night at the movies or dinner, or a simple picnic where you declare a ‘no wedding talk zone’.

Make Decisions Together

I will never forget how much I hated it when vendors would completely ignore Mr. Polka. It made me feel so uncomfortable and was something I couldn’t understand. We plan our life, together – weekend adventures, holidays. Why would I be solely responsible for the wedding? So on this note, do it together. Head to the appointments together, make the decisions together. There are of course elements each of you will care about more than the other, but making decisions together gives you both input to create a day that is truly yours together.

Recognise Each Other’s Traits

Those traits you love and hate about each other? They’re going to blossom even more under the microscope that is wedding planning, so recognizing and understanding those traits you each have and how they will affect the decisions and emotions of planning, is really important.

You, for instance, might have difficulty standing up for what you want with your family, your partner might struggle when it comes to being around a lot of people. There are ways you can accommodate this when you’re able to remember the little nuances and help your partner by advocating for them in situations.

Take Time For Your Vows

Often, the wedding ceremony is left to the last minute. So many things sound louder and can make themselves more important, that your vows can get lost by the wayside. But spending time on your wedding ceremony together is one of the most important ways you can truly honour your soon to be marriage.

Firstly choose a ceremony that is in line with your values as a couple. If marrying in a religious ceremony are you both familiar with the words that will be used, and what they will mean to you? And if using a celebrant are you both comfortable with their style and their care of you?

Mr. Polka and I chose a Sunday afternoon and sat down with a cold cider to plan our ceremony, a laptop open to Google and a very brilliant book on wedding ceremonies. We chatted about what we wanted our guests to feel, the messages we really wanted to get across and what we wanted the ceremony to say about us. We chose identical vows, both feeling too nervous to keep them from each other and labored over each word.

The process was consuming and time heavy but it isn’t one I regret because every word of that ceremony was exactly what we wanted and so ‘us’.


I feel like planning your wedding can take you through this epic journey of trying to figure out how to navigate the world together. It’s completely new, this experience and celebration that is supposed to reflect you, but is so tied up in emotion, relationships and money and everyone’s wants and needs. How did you take the time to honour your partner during your wedding plans?

Jane & Tom’s Modern Garden Party Wedding

by | Australia - Queensland, Bride, Inspired Weddings,


Modern Garden Party Wedding069

Jane & Tom

There is a simple elegance to Jane and Tom’s day that I just adore. The couple met through mutual friends in year 12 and decided for their wedding day that they wanted an occasion that was simple and classic and I think they checked every box! The beautiful images today are by Quince and Mulberry.

Modern Garden Party Wedding002Modern Garden Party Wedding013

Modern Garden Party Wedding015

Modern Garden Party Wedding017Modern Garden Party Wedding018

Jane chose The Babushka Ballerina  for her wedding gown, remembering, “I chose the first dress I tried on – Josephine from Babushka Ballerina. My main objective was to find something comfortable where I would still look like me. I customised it with some additional lace detail. It was perfect.

I went to try it on twice – once with my Mum and Maid of Honour and the second time again with my Mum and bridesmaids. Both times there were tears and laughter; Louise and her team made it such a fun experience! I bought matching pearl bracelets for myself and my bridesmaids from Oroton, wore earrings from Samantha Wills and the most amazing silver shoes.”

Modern Garden Party Wedding019

Modern Garden Party Wedding020Modern Garden Party Wedding021

Modern Garden Party Wedding024Modern Garden Party Wedding025

Jane and Tom chose Wild Canary Bistro  for their wedding ceremony and reception.

Modern Garden Party Wedding039Modern Garden Party Wedding041

Modern Garden Party Wedding037

Modern Garden Party Wedding043

Jane walked down the aisle to This Old Love by Lior.

Modern Garden Party Wedding045

No Fuss Weddings  officiated the wedding, Jane remembering, “We worked with Angela from No Fuss Marriages who made everything so easy. We wanted it to be simple and classic, which is exactly what it was.”

Modern Garden Party Wedding046

Modern Garden Party Wedding048Modern Garden Party Wedding049

Modern Garden Party Wedding058

Modern Garden Party Wedding059

Modern Garden Party Wedding061Modern Garden Party Wedding062

Modern Garden Party Wedding064

Modern Garden Party Wedding065

Modern Garden Party Wedding068

Modern Garden Party Wedding070Modern Garden Party Wedding071

Modern Garden Party Wedding074

Modern Garden Party Wedding076

Of their photographer, Jane notes, “We adore our photographer; Kate from Quince and Mulberry. We (well Kate and I) bonded over our love of cats and I think we laughed the entire way through both our engagement and wedding shoots. Kate was so easy to work with, it felt as though we were spending time with a friend straight away.”

Modern Garden Party Wedding078Modern Garden Party Wedding079

Modern Garden Party Wedding080Modern Garden Party Wedding081

Modern Garden Party Wedding082Modern Garden Party Wedding085

“We made sure we had half an hour just for us. We left the venue to go to a private residence with our photographer Kate from Quince and Mulberry for some couple photos. At the end of the shoot we stole away for 10 minutes to enjoy a glass of bubbly and practice the dance one more time before ‘the big show’!”

Modern Garden Party Wedding087

Modern Garden Party Wedding027

Modern Garden Party Wedding028Modern Garden Party Wedding029

The modern botanical styling was carried throughout the day, says Jane. “Tom and I styled our entire wedding. He designed the invitations for both our engagement and wedding, and carried the design across the invitations, menu cards, signage etc. My friend, and emcee, Elissa inspired me to sew bunting which I started and Tom finished.We now have quite the collection for future events!”

Modern Garden Party Wedding030Modern Garden Party Wedding031

“Tom and my Mums, and his grandmother, spent the day before the wedding arranging flowers and herbs for the table arrangements – the flowers came from the markets and the herbs came from my Mum’s garden.”

Modern Garden Party Wedding034Modern Garden Party Wedding036

Jane notes, “I love planning. The day after the wedding I started planning Tom’s 30th as I was having withdrawals already. We kept everything simple and involved each other in every decision which made the whole process rather intimate.”

Modern Garden Party Wedding089

Modern Garden Party Wedding090Modern Garden Party Wedding094

Modern Garden Party Wedding100

Modern Garden Party Wedding101

Modern Garden Party Wedding103

Modern Garden Party Wedding104

Modern Garden Party Wedding108

Modern Garden Party Wedding116

Modern Garden Party Wedding121

Of the first dance, Jane remembers, “We spent months choreographing and practicing our dance. We sought inspiration from several YouTube videos and spent hours trying different routines and mashing together custom routines inspired by Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Grease and Bruno Mars to name a few. We chose You and Me Song by the Wannadees. It has been a favourite song of mine since Baz Lurmann’s Romeo and Juliet. The lyrics “We always watch TV until we fall asleep” represents us a little too well!”

Congratulations Jane and Tom! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Quince and Mulberry for sharing today’s celebration!

Photographer: Quince and Mulberry / Bride’s Dress: The Babushka Ballerina / Bride’s Shoes: Midas Shoes / Bride’s Jewelry: Oroton / Bride’s Jewelry: Samantha Wills / Groom’s Attire: Zara / Bridesmaid Accessories: Oroton / Hairstylist: Sheree Berg Hairdresser / Makeup Artist: The Ballerina Bride / Flowers: Phoebe Stephens / Invitations & Stationery: Groom / Venue: Wild Canary Bistro / Ceremony Officiant: No Fuss Weddings / Cake Baker: Bride's Mum / Transport: Ozscott Limousines

20 Tulle Skirts For Wedding Day Whimsy

by | Bridal Fashion, Bride, Bridesmaids


There is such a sense of fun with a tulle skirt and today. I’m rounding up 20 tulle skirts just right for wedding day whimsy. Whether you wear a fluffy skirt all day, or add it to your look to dance the night away, they make such a fun statement.

Everything from polka dot (of course!) to gorgeous tones of wine, blush, pale blue and even black. Short, mid length and sweeping with trains. Click on through to see my picks!

Tulle Wedding Skirt Roundup

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