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Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration

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Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration034

This dreamy magnolia bridal inspiration shoot comes to us all the way from beautiful Poland today. The beautiful blossoming magnolia trees adding a sense of silence, of the beauty of nature, the trees humming as their buds bloom, the gentle blooms casting their magical shapes throughout the shoot. Quite the way to inspire a wedding don’t you think?

Photographer Marifoto  teamed up with Love Prints Studio, Moons Varsovie, Decolove, Slodka Gospocha and models Sylvia & Eve to craft an inspiration shoot inspired by this beautiful blooms in a botanical garden near Warsaw. The magnolia tree alley taking centre stage as the beautiful vintage style picnic and vignette turned into a focal point to enhance the beauty of the blooms.

Shoot producer Love Prints Studio tells, “I’ve always dreamt about organizing a photo shoot which will carry a note of mystery with itself, one where not everything will be immediately obvious, one that will charm with its effortlessness. Nostalgia, sensuousness, a tale where feeling plays the main role. To collaborate I invited a wonderful photographer Marysia, who as it turned out wished to create a story like this as much as I did. And it is through her fantastic intuition of emotion and scenery that our mutual dream actually became reality and the two models Sylwia and Ewa – through their delicacy turned the looking at the pictures into a journey to a far away, dreamy world. ”

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration016

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration019Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration001

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration005Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration020

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration018

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration021Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration022

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration023

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration026Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration028

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration030Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration029

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration032Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration003

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration033Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration035

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration040Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration041

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration045

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration046Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration053

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration054Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration055

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration066

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration070Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration071

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration072

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration078Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration079

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration087Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration088

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration091Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration095

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration090Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration101

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration102Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration104

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration002Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration106

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration108

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration110Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration111

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration117

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration119Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration120

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration124Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration125

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration126Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration127

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration128Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration129

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration138Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration131

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration135Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration136

Dreamy Magnolia Bridal Inspiration142








Photographer: Marifoto / Shoot Production: Love Prints Studio / Invitations & Stationery: Love Prints Studio / Bridal Gowns: Moons Varsovie / Crowns: Decolove / Sweets: Slodka Gospocha / Models:: Sylvia & Eve
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Lady Petrova “As You Wish” Bridal Collection

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With dreams of fairy-tales and whimsy the debut bridal collection of designer Lady Petrova takes its inspiration from that classic line from The Princess Bride “As You Wish”.

With her own whimsical fashion label many years in existence, designer Petrova Hammond struggled to find just the right whimsical, romantic wedding gown that reflected her own personality when she married her teenage sweetheart earlier this year. Her dreams and desires led her to accidentally design an entire bridal collection, one which we are so happy to debut today!

Designed with the urban princess in mind, the collection is filled with the dreamy fabrics of vintage lace, tulle, point d’esprit and elegant silks. Petrova’s signature quirkiness coming through in tiered tulle skirts, capes, pockets and  gauze sleeves.  If the current collection isn’t quite your style, Lady Petrova can create something completely custom just for you.

The gowns will be available to order from the Lady Petrova website.

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Photographer: Raphael Ruz / Model: Millicent Lambert / Makeup Artist: Raeoni Davies / Set Design: Megan Greenwood / Styling: Petrova Hammond / Assistants: Matilda Baker / Assistants: Ashleigh Dondio / Paper Art: Amanda May Lee

Vendor of the Week – Dapper Events

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Happy Monday Dotties! I hope your Winter woolies are on and you’re ready to dive in another week because we can’t wait!

With all the rain around lately, I’ve been pondering rainy day weddings. Do you love the light and the images your photographer will capture? Do you have a ‘Plan B’ in case it pours? Or do you just love being inside and looking out on the raindrops falling? Our Directory is filled with gorgeous vendors who will know just what to do in the event of rain. Ms Polka Dot’s Directory is the go to place to choose your wedding vendors for your wedding day.  We have Flowers, we have Entertainment, we have Cinematography and Venues – we even have Mobile Bars & Drinks Catering and Celebrants! Our Directory is filled to the brim with vendors eager to help you on your wedding day.

Check out Ms Polka Dot’s Directory for wedding vendors who will love your wedding as much as you!




Photography by Devine Photography

Who doesn’t just love to leave the organisation of a major event to a planner? South Australian brides have Yvette from Dapper Events to call on to plan a stress free wedding or event. With superior organisational skills, creative flair and a passion for event planning, Yvette will ensure that your wedding day is just as you dreamed it would be – with fresh ideas to make your wedding as unique as you are.

We asked Yvette of Dapper Events five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite after five drink?

Gin & Tonic.

Your favourite weekend getaway?

Port Willunga Beach.

Favourite restaurant?

Press Food & Wine.

What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Crepes with lemon and sugar and a cup of English breakfast tea.

Your favourite wedding story?

All my couple’s weddings are my favourite as they are so special and unique in their own way. I love every single one of them!

Visit Dapper Events’ page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Dapper Events is a member of Ms Polka Dot’s Directory.

Snapshot Sunday – Special Love

by | Bride, Snapshot Sundays


Todd Hunter McGaw Photographer 1

Image by Todd Hunter McGaw Photography

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